World OOH News December 18th 2020

World OOH News December 18th 2020


That was the year that was - some good can emerge from a global crisis

As most of the world grapples with the latest of several waves of Covid-19 it may seem strange to celebrate achievements but the Out of Home industry is ending 2020 with a number off steps forward and good reason to  look forward to a better future in 2021 and beyond.

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Two leading figures exit Canadian Out of Home industry


Rosanne Caron and Randy Otto, two leading figures in the Canadian Out of home industry, are stepping down from their respective roles at the end of 2020.
Caron has served as the President of OMAC (Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada) for 11 years and in 2015 took on the added role as President of COMB.

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Another Major Chinese media player Xinchao Media joins WOO


Xinchao Media Group Co., Ltd, a leading DOOH media owner in China, has joined the World Out of Home Organization as a corporate member. Formed in 2014, it is currently the leading elevator advertising media owner covering 45,000 communities comprising 200 million middle-class families in China.

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Thank you for the memories, signing off with Brendon Cook


As we sign off 2020 and put the events of the year behind us, we take time to reflect on some of the good that has come out of the year, plus what 2021 has in store for our one and only Brendon Cook.

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2021: This Is the Year of DOOH


Tim Bleakley, CEO of Ocean Outdoor asks if it could be that the stars are finally aligning for a resurgence of out of home and DOOH? What was already a transitional year for Ocean, as we brought our new European businesses into the family fold, turned into a voyage into the unknown.

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How Out-of-Home Advertising Stood Out During the Pandemic


How did OOH continue to add value to marketing plans while consumers were mostly staying at home? That seems to be the question of 2020, as the pandemic eliminated daily commutes and mostly left people sheltering at home. 

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Nick Mawditt of Talon Outdoor: ten themes which will change Out of Home in 2021


Following the testing environment of 2020, Out of Home has adapted to the challenges of reaching consumers on the move. Audiences have shifted rather than disappeared and have shown an appetite for social mobility that will continue into 2021.

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Is offline media becoming the biggest driver of online engagement?

Sponsored Ad-tech company Moving Walls’ founder and CEO Srikanth Ramachandran, recently spoke at DMWF Asia on the topic “Is Offline Media The Biggest Driver Of Online Engagement?” presenting how Moving Walls’ vision was inspired by the big screen. 

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Ad Agency Forecast: Expect The Advertising Market To Rebound In 2021


Three prominent global ad agencies, IPG’s Magna, Publicis’ Zenith and WPP’s GroupM released their ad spending forecast for 2021 and an update on their ad spend estimates for 2020. 

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IAB New Zealand launches the 2021 Programmatic Digital Out of Home Buyer's Guide


IAB New Zealand launches the 2021 Programmatic Digital Out of Home Buyer’s Guide today, in response to a market requirement for clarity and practical advice for advertisers and agencies that are looking to invest in this new and exciting way of transacting digital out of home (DOOH).

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JC Conti, CEO, VIOOH on a bright future of programmatic OOH


In a year when OOH was arguably the sector most hit by the pandemic, the discussion covers areas as such as how advertisers have used programmatic OOH to cope and the huge creative leaps the technology is enabling advertisers to make in OOH.

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Programmatic OOH Predictions: Alys Donnelly, Head of Programmatic, Kinetic Worldwide

NDA has partnered with VIOOH for a series of articles exploring OOH advertising and the role programmatic technologies will play in its development .Next up is Alys Donnelly, Head of Programmatic at Kinetic Worldwide.

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Our 25 Favourite OOH and Billboard Ads of 2020 - Broadsign

2020 sure was something, wasn’t it? Still, even though things were largely weird and unpleasant, the creativity of the OOH industry shone through all over the world. We saw billboard and OOH ads that moved us, that made us laugh, and that reminded us that we were all in this crazy time together, and would make it through together.

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Daktronics says OOH operators are starting to replace the digital billboards that were installed in 2007-2009 (Billboard Insider)

Collin Huber, of Daktronics says one of the trends is that we’re just getting into the first wave of replacing some of the original digital displays that were installed in 2007-2009. 

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How a sales restructure helped Global make better audio and DOOH campaigns


For years, Global has delivered out of home and audio ads but to future-proof, it restructured its sales team to have both working in tandem for top campaigns. Mike Gordon, chief commercial officer of Global, explains how he fast-tracked a restructure by around two years.

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Frontrunner Technologies Partners with Lightbox OOH to Create One of North America's Largest Dooh Networks

 North American technology leader, FrontRunner Technologies, today announced it is entering into a  partnership with leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) media company, Lightbox OOH Video Network, expanding their ability to transform urban commercial WindowFronts™ across the continent into digital video displays.

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Branded Cities launches new digital sign at New York City's 'Crossroads of the World'


Branded Cities, an iconic Out-of-Home media company,  and The Durst Organization, a leading commercial and real estate company, announced an exclusive representation agreement to sell digital advertising and integrated marketing campaigns on a full-motion LED display located on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd Streets in midtown Manhattan.

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Navigating through government restrictions: The tricky path for DOOH agencies in India


Digital out of home (DOOH) has been thriving when it comes to ambient advertising, especially in restaurants and malls. Digital media sites have also been a preferred medium for brands on transit media sites like metros. 

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