World OOH News December 4th 2020

World OOH News December 4th 2020


World Out of Home Organization schedules first world tour for 2021 - Toronto congress postponed to 2022.

2021 will see the Organization’s first ‘world tour,’ three events, two of which are hoped to be live, to be held in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific in the second, third and fourth quarters of next year. The ‘tour’ will finish with the WOO Congress, scheduled originally for May 2020 and then delayed to 2021 due to the pandemic, in Toronto in May 2022.

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Tributes paid as Tom Goddard steps down from Co-Chairmanship of Ocean


We would like to extend our thanks to Co-Chairman Tom Goddard who is stepping down from the Ocean Board at the end of this month to focus on his other business interests and his work as President of the World Out of Home Organization, the global trade body for OOH operators.

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Anna Bager: The strength of our industry is still there. The power of our medium is still there and we've grown stronger.

Today’s podcast guest  Anna Bager  reflects on an eventful first year as President and CEO of the OAAA. Anna says the the US out of home industry is coping well with covid and she identifies out of home trends to follow.

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How Transparency Drives Value In Digital Advertising

Advertising has never been more important. Ad spending during the 2020 U.S. presidential and congressional elections surged to $14 billion – more than double the spending in 2016. But as ad spending hits new highs, trust in advertising transparency is hitting new lows. 

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The Need for a standardised measurement system for DOOH

In the unprecedented Covid market environment, the adoption of programmatic has been accepted with open arms as DOOH’s future. DOOH caters to a large set of consumers based on their location, gender, shopping preferences and so on with the help of mobile integration. 

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Global ad market will take years to recover from COVID-19


Global advertising spend is on course to fall by 10.2% – $63.4bn – to $557.3bn in 2020, WARC Data predicts, as traditional media have their worst year on record.

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Kym Frank On How Geopath Powers A Smarter Digital OOH Marketplace

Measurement in the out of home advertising industry used to be as low tech as people with clickers, parked on roadsides and busily counting the cars going by. That would give media companies a really basic sense of how many eyeballs MIGHT see a billboard in a given time period.

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What we learned about UK ad spend from GroupM's 2020 media report

WPP agency GroupM has released its annual end-of-year forecast report detailing the biggest trends in media buying. Naturally, 2020 has offered up a lot more talking points than some of its previous iterations.

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Out of Home CPM's by Industry Segment


The PJ Solomon data only uses four segments – bulletins, posters, transit, place-based).  It also shows a cpm range.  Here’s a more detailed table of Out of Home average CPM’sfrom the US provided by Adomni. 

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The Affect of Nature


The affects of COVID-19 have been felt throught our industry, however we’re in better shape than we were at the start of the pandemic. This report will highlight some key considerations.

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JCDecaux unveils programmatic OOH media offering across Singapore


Out-Of-Home (OOH) media company JCDecaux Singapore has launched its first programmatic OOH media offer across 38 digital bus shelter advertising screens in the prime areas of Orchard Road and the central business district.

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Verizon Media DSP Summit: Programmatic DOOH indispensable to brands in the future

Leveraging big data to find the right audience has been challenging but it’s the key to success in every campaign. In the forthcoming cookieless world, what consumers' biggest concerns are, and what benefits they see on data sharing, will be crucial to every marketer.

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'From Digital OOH to OOH Digital': How a digital-first perspective can unlock the creative advantage of DOOH

Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) and the continual evolution of data and technology have changed so rapidly over the last five years, it is no surprise to learn that the level of education and understanding of the creative capabilities of the medium has struggled to keep pace. 

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Tasty Waitrose campaign gets drivers feeling festive on the M4 Inbound

blowUP media, a member of the Ströer Group, has pioneered the Giant Poster business in Europe over the past three decades by giving the world's biggest brands the opportunity to reach their audience with big, bold, compelling advertising messages. 

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Spotify's 2020 wrapped campaign is all about gratitude


No industry has escaped the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic unscathed, but few have been hit as hard as the music industry. That’s why this year, Spotify’s annual Wrapped campaign recognizes the resilience of people across the industry, from artists to sound tech folks working at now-shuttered venues.

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The Role of Marketing


The role of marketing has evolved from creating demand to creating & sharing solutions & enabling conversations that matter. This change could not have come at a better time, than TODAY, during a heavy period of uncertainty.

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APAC OOH media owners run dynamic total recovered campaign to spread cheer


Location Media Xchange, the supply-focussed arm of Moving Walls, is amplifying the creatives on partner screens across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India

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PATTISON Outdoor Raises the Bar in Quality with New Digital Superboards on Toronto's Gardiner Expressway


 Canada’s leading Out-of-Home advertising company PATTISON Outdoor Advertising expands its national offering of premium, large-format Digital advertising displays with the launch of a new dual-sided Digital Superboard located on the Gardiner Expressway, West of Dufferin Street in Toronto, Ontario.

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