Future Leaders Delegate Initiative Nomination terms

Future Leaders Delegate Initiative Nomination terms

Future Leaders Delegate Initiative Nomination terms

The World Out of Home Organization (WOO) aim to recognise and support excellence in OOH; by incentivising members to bring their best young talent to learn from and experience the WOO congress.

The following terms and conditions of entry apply to all Future Leaders Delegate Initiative delegates:

  1. Nominations can be made by WOO Members or Country or other OOH Associations.
  2. Members can self-nominate or choose others relevant to the award categories.
  3. Nominations are free and are limited to one per company or, in the case of multinationals, one per territory. 
  4. When a nomination is being provided for another person or people, the nominator must gain the consent of those nominated to put their names and contact details forward for the sole purpose of attending the conference.
  5. Nominations can be made for individuals in any country.
  6. Nominations for a Future Leaders Delegate Initiative delegate pass will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and all applications must be submitted to WOO by April 21st 2024.
  7. Nominations can be made by completing the online forms.
  8. Nominators may be asked to provide additional evidence or materials after submission.
  9. The names, positions and organisations of those who are successful in their application will be published online and will also be published in print and online and may be released in supporting press releases.
  10. Feedback cannot be provided on individual entries.

How we use personal information

Personal data is sourced, held, processed and used by WOO in order to support the administration of the Awards and therefore meets the legitimate interest, lawful basis for data processing under the General Data Protection Regulation. Such personal data is limited to the name, job title and contact details of nominators and nominees and any information about the nominee included by the nominator or requested by WOO to support the nomination process.

We will use the contact details that you give us in your nomination/s before, during and after the congress to engage with Future Leader delegates and promote them via our channels.

After the congress we may send nominees and nominators follow up emails with links to photography or further reading as relevant.

The names of those nominated or shortlisted will be retained indefinitely. Details of the nominations, including any additional personal data that is provided to us, will be destroyed no later than five years after the awards event to which they relate.

If you need any help, please contact us on richard@worldooh.org.