African Congress 2022 Keynote Interview with OMG's Celia Collins

Omnicom Media Group’s head of Africa Celia Collins interviewed by WOO President Tom Goddard

African Congress 2022 Keynote Interview

Before joining Omnicom Collins held senior roles at Dentsu-owned Amplifi and Carat and, before that, Publicis’ Starcom. Based in Johannesburg, she is one of the most experienced media professionals in Africa and a leading player in the wider ad industry.
WOO President Tom Goddard says: “We are very fortunate to have Celia for our Africa Forum. She brings unrivalled knowledge and insights to both the Out of Home industry and the wider media marketplace in Africa.” Further speakers and registration details will be announced shortly.
The virtual event is a key part of WOO’s World Tour which already includes highly successful events in Europe and Asia. The World Tour culminates in WOO’s first Global Congress since pre-pandemic 2019, scheduled for Toronto from May 25 to 27.