Madrid 2011

We hope that those of you who joined us in Madrid enjoyed our 52nd congress.

Madrid 2011

Madrid 2011

We hope that those of you who joined us in Madrid enjoyed our 52nd congress.

We certainly had a full programme and we enjoyed a real variety of speakers from many different sectors of the advertising business and indeed different parts of the world. Thank you to all of you who made the event so enjoyable.

Thank you particularly to our speakers who provided some really inspirational papers ,and made many of us take a different view of how we operate. Thank you also to the 9 exhibitors who joined us and shared information about their products. There was a great atmosphere of an industry truly working together for the great good.

We say a fond farewell to Christian Kauter who has been our President for 6 years and thank him for him valuable input over that time, and we give a warm welcome to Barry Sayer who has become our new President. We look forward to his leadership over the forthcoming period.

We will be visiting Milan for our 53rd Congress next year - so watch this space for dates and further information.

Here are links to the pdf presentations from the speakers at the 52nd annual FEPE Congress in Madrid. Click on each link and the pdf will open in a new window.

Gerd Leonhard, The Futures Agency - The next 3 years in Media and Advertising; Digital OOH meets SoLoMo (Social, Mobile, Location)

Download Gerd's presentation here

Antonio Morales, CEMUSA, Spain - Spain overview

Download Antonio's presentation here

Annarita Rondelli, Vodafone Italy - OOH in Italy, The Vodafone approach

Download Annarita's presentation here

Gerry Thorley, Eye Corp Australia - EYE on the future

Download Gerry's presentation here

Marco Pareschi, Komma, Italy - Outdoor for brand awareness; The 2011 Scavolini case history

Download Marco's presentation here

Simon Crisp, Kinetic Worldwide - Collaboration and market fit

Download Simon's presentation here

Lech Kaczon, Polish Economic Chamber for OutdoorAdvertising - I am driving, I am sober; The power of outdoor advertising

Download Lech's presentation here

Steffan Postaer, USA - Outdoor: A sign of the times...forever!

Download Seffan's presentation here

Rob Atkinson, Clear Channel UK - Writing our future

Download Rob's presentation here

Rafael Urbano, MPG Group, Spain - Out should be in: The role of Outdoor in media strategies

Download Rafael's presentation here

Hamish Pringle, IPA,UK - Where OOH fits within the media flow

Download Hamish's presentation here

Glen Wilson, Posterscope UK - The future is here

Download Glen's presentation here

Ralf Kaebe, Unitymedia Group, Germany - Customer expectations on OOH media or how to get more money out of your customers

Download Ralf's presentation here

Anna Reeves, CBS Outdoor International - Europe on the move

Download Anna's presentation here

Andrea Cimenti, Acqua Group, Italy - Outdoor and proximity

Download Andrea's presentation here

Greg Grimmer, HMDG, UK - Out with the old and into the new

Download Greg's presentation here

Oliver Grey, EASA, Belgium - Ensuring your future license to operate; the role of effective self regulation

Download Oliver's presentation here

Nigel Clarkson, Primesight, UK - Beyond the poster; Utilising new technologies for creative, posting and research

Download Nigel's presentation here

Pierre-Henri Bassouls, Prismaflex, France - The latest update from Prismaflex

Download Pierre's presentation here

Barry Sayer, FEPE President - Closing summary

Download Barry's presentation here