FEPE OOH News 23rd November 2017

FEPE OOH News 23rd November 2017



UK: Hello London switches on new digital media channel across the LU network

Hello London, the media partnership between Transport for London (TfL) and Exterion Media, has today launched DX3, London's newest digital advertising channel.

From the beginning of February next year, there will be 60 new digital displays across the London Underground network, hosting dynamic, full-motion content, which customers will be able to watch when standing on station platforms. Jaguar, LG, Gillette, Tesco and EOS are the first brands to display content across the digital network.

These digital platform displays are a significant investment in TfL's advertising estate, and part of Hello London's wider strategy, which looks at creative new ways to increase revenue and enhance advertising. TfL has seen an increase in its advertising revenue with more than £140m generated in the last year to be invested back in the transport network.

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Ireland: Nightlight Shortlisted in The Drum Creative OOH Awards

Nightlight, the bespoke digital outdoor advertising company, has been shortlisted in The Drum Creative Out of Home Awards for its work with the Heineken-owned Orchard Thieves cider brand.

The Dublin based digital projection and mapping technology specialists has worked with a number of leading brands and agencies over the past few years and its mobile projection work with Orchard Thieves and the brand’s agency Rothco was an Irish industry first.

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UK: Seasonal Big Screens Go Live in Birmingham City Centre

A new network of Elonex Digital 48 Sheet screens was launched in Birmingham City Centre last week.

The three new screens are all located at high footfall visitor areas in the city, and went live to coincide with the opening of Birmingham’s world famous Frankfurt Christmas Market.

Designed and manufactured by Elonex, the screens have been installed to create a powerful seasonal advertising platform for local brands, and a stunning digital backdrop to the city’s festive celebrations.

With the three screens now live, it’s the first time Birmingham City Centre has accommodated a network of large-format Digital Out of Home advertising screens.

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FEPE: Early Bird Booking is now open for the 2018 annual Congress in Sorrento

FEPE International is to hold the next FEPE annual Congress in Sorrento from June 6th to 8th 2018.

The Congress, which will take place at the Hilton Sorrento Palace (pictured) , will welcome more than 300 delegates to a wide-ranging event including a full conference programme covering all the key issues of the day, the announcement of the 2018 FEPE Creative Awards and a full exhibition space.

As ever the Congress will provide superb networking opportunities and a range of challenging and stimulating content exploring the broader and fast changing media environment in which Out of Home is playing a fundamental and expanding role.

With Out of Home taking a greater share of media budgets in many territories across the world, the medium is now recognised as an increasingly dynamic and core element of many brands’ promotional expenditure.

Delegates will have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and gain a worldwide perspective on how OOH is developing.

The importance of creativity will once again be highlighted with a number of awards, including the FEPE Creative Award and further accolades for Life Achievement, Leadership and Technical Innovation.

FEPE President Tom Goddard says: “Every year the FEPE International Congress gets bigger in terms of delegate numbers from across the world and better, we hope, in its content. It’s a unique and uniquely valuable event in Out of Home and we look forward to welcoming old and new friends in Sorrento.”

For further information and booking form visit worldooh.org

UK: Manchester study shows power of full motion Out of Home advertising

A study carried out in Manchester has revealed that full motion digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is 2.5 times more effective than static sites.

It also showed that online video performed better when DOOH was included as part of the media plan.

The research was carried out by Neuro-Insight on behalf of Ocean Outdoor and used brain imaging to explore the neurological impact of DOOH content on audiences. These were benchmarked against responses obtained for television and online video campaigns.

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Italy: Manchester study shows power of full motion Out of Home advertising

Green technology investment company Verditek PLC said on Monday its subsidiary solar cell firm Greenflex Energy Ltd had renewed and extended a deal with Media One Srl.

Solar photovoltaic maker Greenflex, in which Verditek holds a 51% stake, renewed and extended its contract with Media One which is one of the largest out-of-home advertising agencies in Italy. The new deal followed a successful completion of a initial trial contract.

The trial had seen Greenflex install its solar PV technology at a bus shelter in Rimini, Italy during September. Success of the initial trial had resulted in Greenflex and Media One extending the project to 20 further bus shelters along the new Rimini-Riccione bus line as it is completed.

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UK: Steve Payne of Kinetic: how technology is expanding out of home’s ad horizons

Hailed by aficionados as a cinematic masterpiece, the original Blade Runner set out a fascinating vision of the near future when it was released in 1982.

Set in the year 2019, bounty hunter Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is tasked with pursuing human-like androids called replicants in a high-tech, dystopian world where the line between human and machine has been blurred. The film calls into question the very nature of reality and our ability to accurately perceive it.

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UK: JCDecaux expands its National Towers Channel

JCDecaux has announced a further major expansion of its National Towers Channel, a network of high-quality digital screens in premium advertising locations across the UK.

Providing an unbeatable presence in six major UK cities: Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds and Sheffield, the 12 state-of-the-art screens generate a combined 8.5 million weekly viewed digital impressions. Each Tower is architecturally designed to provide a brand safe environment, while the high resolution 10mm pixel pitch screens provide unbeatable quality for brands. The new Sheffield Towers are positioned on Park Square Roundabout, a key arterial route into the heart of Sheffield city centre.

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USA: Set Designer Describes Billboard Power in New Martin McDonagh Movie

“You can’t look away . . .”

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” – the People’s Choice winner at Toronto’s film festival – is an R-rated dark comedy starring Oscar winner Frances McDormand.

The plot: a grieving mom uses billboards to pressure the small-town police chief (Woody Harrelson) to take action on her daughter’s unsolved murder. Production manager Inbal Weinberg explains how and why billboards were used, in this Q&A with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (condensed for space).

Q – Why were billboards used as a communications and dramatic vehicle in this movie?

INBAL WEINBERG: Our director (Martin McDonagh), who also wrote the script, came up with the idea when he travelled through the U.S. quite a while back and noticed a billboard by the side of the road that had a similar message on it. He was really struck by it and that’s sort of what instigated the script. I think the drama in the story is probably the power of the opposition between a private matter and a very public platform.

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USA: FBI, OOH Industry Celebrate 10-Year Partnership

A brainstorming idea 10 years ago from an FBI Citizens Academy – to put fugitives’ faces on digital billboards — has solved dozens of tough crime cases.

This suspect was identified after his photo appeared on digital billboards and was apprehended. “We are always looking for creative ways to enable folks, creative ways to solve the crime, and the digital billboards are a perfect example of that,” said FBI Assistant Director (AD) Stephen E. Richardson (Criminal Investigative Division).

In 2007, a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy in Philadelphia who worked for a billboard company volunteered to display fugitives’ pictures on digital billboards, a new product at that time.

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USA: OOH advertising up 1.9% in Q3 2017

Out of home advertising revenue rose 1.9 percent in the third quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year, accounting for $1.78 billion, based on figures released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Year-to-date 2017 the OOH industry is up 1.3 percent. “OOH is thriving compared to other traditional media because it’s anything but traditional," said OAAA President & CEO Nancy Fletcher.

“As evidenced by the medium’s 30 consecutive quarters of growth, advertisers recognize OOH’s ability to engage mobile consumers in today’s fragmented media environment.” Among the top 10 revenue categories, those posting increases equal to or greater than the quarterly increase of 1.9 percent were Miscellaneous Local Services and Amusements; Restaurants; Financial; Insurance and Real Estate; and Communications.

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Australia: Queensland Writers Centre And goa Show Brisbane The Power Of 8 Words

Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) and leading Brisbane outdoor media provider, goa, have teamed up as a part of the 2017 Community Partnerships program to launch the ‘#8wordstory’ campaign.

Brisbane residents are being asked ‘what’s your 8-word story?’ and entries are flooding in – since launch on the 16th of October, more than 7,500 stories have been submitted, from not only the Queensland area, but the UK and the US as well.

Amongst the entries are contributions from two New York Times bestselling authors, Margo Lanagan and Delilah S Dawson, as well as involvement from leading multinational publishing houses Allen and Unwin, Hachette Australia and Penguin Random House Australia. The campaign is surpassing expectations and striking a chord with thousands of Brisbane residents and beyond.

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South Africa: Primedia launches 'Radio to Road'

Primedia’s Broadcasting and Outdoor divisions have come together to offer a multiplatform client campaign that will be a South African first. Called 'Radio to Road', the offering enables an advertiser to create a campaign that reaches motorists in their cars on two major platforms, simultaneously: radio and billboards.

As the radio promo starts to play, it triggers the same campaign creative to roll out on digital billboards across the region in which the station broadcasts. The first campaign will roll out with Mini through its agency, Vizeum, from Monday, 20 November in Gauteng and Cape Town.

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Azerbaijan: Monitoring of outdoor advertisement launched in Azerbaijan

Advertising, which is the dynamic force of a market economy, a means of linking the producer to the consumer and the basis of secondary production, has become an independent sphere of activity in Azerbaijan.

During the plenary session of the Azerbaijani parliament, the issue of changing the rules of placement of outdoor advertising and its payment was included in the changes proposed to be made in the Law on Advertising.

According to the changes, Article 26.2-2 will be as follows: “To obtain permission for placement of outdoor advertising, the advertising distributor must also enter into an agreement on the use of property with the owner of the advertising medium on which the advertisement will be placed, or with the owner (or manager) of the immovable property on which the advertising medium will be placed.”

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Malaysia: Thailand’s VGI acquires 25% in Malaysian OOH firm for $3.2m

VGI Global Media, a SET-listed out-of-home media provider, has acquired a 25 per cent stake in Malaysian OOH media firm Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd (PBSB) from Redberry Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ancom Berhad, for an initial investment of 13.15 million ringgit ($3.2 million).

The acquisition, done through its subsidiary VGI Global Media (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, is set to be completed by February 2018, according to the Thai company’s statement.

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China: JCDecaux sees China becoming its number one market in 2018

JCDecaux sees China becoming its number one market next year against a backdrop of rising urbanization and demand for its digital products, co-chief executive Jean-Charles Decaux said.

The family-controlled group has posted strong underlying growth so far this year in a stark contrast with that of large advertising groups WPP and Publicis, hurt by the growth of online advertising.

The signing in June of a contract to design, build and operate the advertising concession at China’s Guangzhou international airport from 2018 will drive JCDecaux sales in the country.

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