FEPE Out of Home News 16th July 2015

FEPE Out of Home News 16th July 2015


FEPE NEWS: The next big challenges for out of home are global reach and delivery

By Mark Flys, General Secretary of FEPE International

For those of us who have worked in out of home advertising since before the digital revolution, the current excitement around the medium – largely but not exclusively sparked by digital – is welcome and, let’s be honest, just a touch surprising.

OOH is the oldest advertising medium (I’m not speaking from direct personal experience here) and has always played a key role in most advertising campaigns, large or small.

The excitement around digital has two causes: the creative potential of real time ads and the new-found ability to identify the OOH audience through smartphone technology.

But challenges still remain and one such is the need to show that OOH can be the main medium for big national, regional and even global campaigns. One of the consequences of the rise of digital in all media is fragmentation and buyers – specialists, media agencies and, ultimately, advertisers – want to find a reliable way to reach these huge but elusive audiences.

We’ve heard much recently about what we might call the digital ‘black hole.’ Back in the day Lord Leverhulme, the founder of Lever Brothers which became part of Unilever, is supposed to have observed that he knew half his advertising was wasted, he just didn’t know which half.

That, essentially, is the dilemma facing digital users. Billions of ads ‘disappear’ through shortcomings in technology, measurement, sometimes even fraud. FEPE’s own research across six markets showed online digital advertising as the least trusted medium. It’s no longer good enough to say that the medium is still cheap and therefore this doesn’t matter. Unilever CMO Keith Weed and WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell have both made this point forcibly recently.

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FEPE NEWS: Budapest videos, presentation material and photos now available

The full, high quality videos of each presentation at the 56th FEPE Congress in Budapest are now available to view online.

All members of FEPE International (or non-members who attended the Congress) are welcome to review and digest again each presentation from the 2 days of speakers.

We have sent out an email to attendees and members with the URL and password for you to watch the videos direct from our website, and to download the pdf presentations. If you didn't recieve the email, please let Mark know by email.

If you are not a FEPE member and wish to have access, please make contact with us to discuss a membership package, which will also entitle you to discounted Congress attendance in 2016.

The photos of the Budapest Congress (and previous congresses) are also available publically under the "gallery" tab of the FEPE website.

Switzerland: New faces and organization in APG|SGA's International Sales to strengthen customer focus

In response to the growing overlap between national and international customers, the International Sales department is to be combined with Key Account Management (KAM).

This move will enable APG|SGA to redouble its knowledge transfer and customer focus. In future, Key Account Manager Tony Mandingorra will be working closely with Media Planner Céline Landert, advising and support-ing the growing, international network of customers.

Tony Mandingorra is taking over Key Account Management International Sales from 1 August 2015. He has many years' experience of out-of-home media, speaks five languages and has all the skills needed to sup-port the international customer network. Mandingorra first joined APGISGA back in 2004 and his roles have included Key Account Manager for eAdvertising, as it was known at the time, which specializes in digital advertising spaces.

"We are delighted that Tony Mandingorra is taking over KAM International Sales and contributing his long experience of outdoor advertising and strong service focus to the growing international business", says Juan Manuel Fernandez, who has overall responsibility for Key Account Management at APG|SGA.

Mandingorra succeeds Manuela Ivone, who is embarking upon a new challenge in the media industry and will be leaving the company at the end of July 2015. APG|SGA would like to thank Manuela Ivone for her excellent contribution over the last eight years and wishes her every success and much fulfilment in her pro-fessional and personal life in the future.

Céline Landert is joining KAM International Sales from Sales, Zurich & Eastern Switzerland Region on 1 September 2015. She will be taking over media planning from Dorit Hirsch, who is changing role at APG|SGA and will be taking over as Head of Marketing Communication at APG|SGA, Allgemeine Plakatge-sellschaft AG with effect from 1 August 2015.

UK: Using behavioural economics to understand advertising impact

The ad industry is using behavioural economic thinking to help stop short-term, post-rationalism as demonstrated by the project Seen and Herd explains Kinetic’s Jennie Sallows.

The ad industry is using behavioural economic thinking to help stop short-term, post-rationalism as demonstrated by the project Seen and Herd explains Kinetic’s Jennie Sallows. Advertising influences behaviour. The scaremongers may point to subliminal messaging and mind control but the reality of how advertising can influence behaviour is far less controversial.

A new research project, Seen and Herd, has proved how understanding behavioural economics can transform the influence of advertising. Kinetic, the world’s biggest out-of-home (OOH) media specialist, has been exploring the relationship between behavioural economics and OOH advertising for more than two years. More recently, it joined forces with #ogilvychange, a behavioural science practice and part of Ogilvy & Mather, to create The Alfresco Labs, which aims to identify new ways to apply the theory to OOH media and guide marketers looking to deliver more effective campaigns and achieve better results.

The Alfresco Labs launched earlier this year with project Seen and Herd, a series of experiments conducted at Lakeside Shopping Centre, Essex. Using simple poster advertising, the experiments successfully influenced the movement of shoppers without their realising – and in one case increased footfall to a specific area of the centre by 75%.

It’s time to break the (social) rules

Social proofing describes the psychological phenomenon by which people simulate the actions of those around them in order to behave ‘correctly’ in a given situation. In project Seen and Herd, our mission was to encourage more people to visit the mall’s food court before noon.

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Ireland: Strong Q2 puts out of home back on track

Diageo continue to be the highest spending advertiser on out of home formats for the first half of 2015, according to PML Group’s latest Posterwatch market report. The drinks company, who own the Guinness brand among others, has increased its ooh investment in 2015 and is ahead of McDonald’s in second place.

The top five advertisers in the sector also include Sky, Mondeléz and Vodafone.

Overall, the Posterwatch report indicates a 2% decrease in the out of home market compared to the same period in 2014. PML Group’s marketing director Colum Harmon puts this down to a poor Q1, relative to 2014.

He explains “Q1 in 2014 was a very strong quarter for out of home and as a result when we compared Q1 2015 the medium was around 10% down. However, Q2 improved significantly on 2014 and was up by approximately 7% and we now estimate the market to be down by 2% at the halfway point of the year.”

Harmon is also optimistic for the rest of the year, saying “We have already made a strong start to Q3 with many cycles sold out at this point. Therefore, we are forecasting that the market will show good overall growth by the end of Q3.”

The categories spending most on ooh so far in 2015 are finance, telecoms and confectionery. Sky, upc, Mondeléz, various banks and insurance companies are among the main players active in these categories.

The report also reveals that approximately two thirds of ooh advertising spend is concentrated in Dublin. Among the top advertisers, Vodafone and McDonald’s have the largest percentage investment outside the capital.

UK: Motorway service operators accelerate use of digital

Airports have long been at the cutting edge of digital signage – but in Britain the least glamorous of transportation hubs are also becoming showcases for screens, as the operators of motorway services recognise their benefits.

Large complexes beside major highways that combine restaurants, shops, petrol stations and sometimes hotels, motorway services use digital signage for applications ranging from menu boards to information on road conditions.

Now one of the major owners, Welcome Break, has underlined its commitment to the DOOH medium by renewing its contract with network supplier Amscreen for five years and also rolling out new digital displays to catering concessions.

The 59 Amscreen displays across Welcome Break sites reach about 600,000 consumers a week. And for the first time, they will now also also be used for internal communications in break areas and team rooms, repurposing content from the Welcome Break Intranet.

Said Karl Jolly, director of people at Welcome Break: “Having already seen the benefits of Amscreen technology in our forecourts and retailers, deploying them in team rooms for employee communications was an easy decision to make. Their digital screens enable us to update internal messaging in real time and talk effectively to our employees in an engaging way.

“Furthermore, the ease of deployment and connection means that the screens aren’t a hassle for us, they just require a plug socket.”

Separately, Welcome Break is installing 90 LG WebOS Smart displays, running on the Signagelive platform and installed by Saville Audio Visual, for menu boards in Papa John’s, Harry Ramsden and Tossed concessions.

Meanwhile, Amscreen has also renewed a similar five-year deal with another motorway services operator, Moto Hospitality. The screens in Moto sites will be seen by 500,000 visitors weekly, but Moto is not yet following Welcome Break’s example in deploying them for internal communications too.



USA: Regulatory trend: States adopting lighting standards for digital billboards

By Ken Klein, EVP of Government Affairs, Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Keeping pace with new technology, a growing number of states are adopting lighting standards that assure legibility while preventing glare.

Puerto Rico and 12 states require digital billboards to adjust brightness to surrounding light. In lay terms, when the sun goes down, the brightness of the digital billboard dials down. Digital billboards are equipped with light sensors that adjust brightness, and save energy.

"As digital billboards earn regulatory acceptance, states and localities are finding a balance to advance new technology while safeguarding against excess brightness," said Nancy Fletcher, president and CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Colorado – the latest state to adopt lighting standards for digital billboards – allows measurement by two commonly accepted metrics:

Foot candles measure illuminance, the amount of light coming from a lit object and striking an unlit object at a given distance.

Nits measure luminance, the density of light emitted from a lit object.

Colorado's new lighting code is typical: Digital billboards "shall not exceed three-tenths (0.3) foot candles over ambient light." Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Tennessee and Wyoming have adopted the standard to limit brightness to 0.3 foot candles above the surrounding light level.

Arizona, Missouri and West Virginia have the same policy goal, but use different measurement methods. Delaware and Mississippi require adjustment of brightness to surrounding light.

Other states are considering lighting standards for digital billboards.

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Brazil: Posterscope Brazil named as official OOH agency for the 2016 Olympic Games

Posterscope Brazil has been appointed by the Organizing Committee of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, to manage the Rio 2016 out of home (OOH) programme prior and during the Games.

It is estimated that approximately R$ 400 million will be invested in OOH media during the event. Posterscope Brazil will support Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games and its sponsors with regards out of home media.

The agency will also advise on advertising placement restrictions in certain places, preserving the intellectual property of the Games and ensuring advertisers convey the correct brand identity of the event in their advertisements, in addition to offering the same opportunities to sponsoring brands. The company was selected by the Organizing Committee of Rio 2016 for its pioneering approach to out of home media in Brazil as well as throughout its global operations.

“We will put in Rio de Janeiro the spirit and the Olympic values, not only in the sporting arena, but also in the importance of the inclusion and citizenship. In addition to being a unique opportunity to explore Brazil in all potential media out of home, at the time when the world spotlight will be on our country, “says Marco Antonio Souza, managing director at Posterscope Brazil.

The OOH media of the sponsors and partner brands will occupy areas surrounding the sports facilities which are located in the regions of Barra, Maracanã, Copacabana and Deodoro, areas of Rio de Janeiro where different modalities will be presented, and outdoor media in airports in the five cities where football will be taking place. “We believe in the success of our work with the delegation of Rio 2016.

Our goal is to collaborate with creative cases to achieve the plurality of the public who follow competitions,” added Souza.



Nigeria: Posterscope enters Nigeria, hosts Out-of-Home media conference on digital

Posterscope, an out-of-home communication agency is set to officially launch in the Nigerian market.

Managing Director of Posterscope Nigeria, Dan Oshodin said in a statement that Posterscope’s arrival in the market is bound to cause a significant shift in how the medium is considered as the company deploys new systems and methodologies that put consumers at the heart of OOH planning and buying.

To herald the entry, Posterscope is partnering with the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) to host key stakeholders in the Nigerian advertising industry in a thought leadership conference where Posterscope experts from around the world will discuss how technology, convergence and connection are redefining the way brands use out-of-home media.

Tagged Pioneering Change OOH Conference, the event which will be held on 21st July 2015, at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos will feature David Gordon, Posterscope’s Global Insight Director, the man who helped midwife Route, the UK’s OOH audience measurement system and OCS, Posterscope’s OOH Consumer Survey which is set to be launched in Nigeria.

Other speakers at the conference include Charles Chijide, President of OAAN, Bruce Burgess, Development Director, Posterscope Sub-Sahara Africa; Vikrant Tandle, Chief Operating Officer of Isobar; and Uzoma Okoye, Managing/Creative Director of Etu Odi.



Singapore: JCDecaux upgrades its ION Orchard OOH offerings

JCDecaux, the exclusive media partner of ION Orchard is upgrading its offerings. The first phase of JCDecaux’s upgrading is complete, with the installation of a network of 80-inch digital screens packaged as the ‘Premium Digital Fashion Network’.

This new and improved digital network, located at prime spots on B1 and B2 of ION Orchard targets both shoppers and commuters from the Orchard underpass all the way through to Wheelock Place, and is part of a comprehensive range of media offerings within the mall.

The next phase of upgrading will be the enhancement of the ‘Digital Lift Lobby Network’. Currently made up of thirty-four 19-inch screens, this network is the only media solution that covers all the lift lobbies within ION Orchard’s eight floors of shopping. The existing screens will be replaced with 24-inch LCD screens in August 2015.

JCDecaux’s digital media offering at ION Orchard now comprises of Interact@ION, Digital Fashion Network, Digital Outdoor LED Billboard, Digital Dragon’s Tail, Digital Carousel, Digital Lift Lobby Network.

“We are delighted to be the exclusive media partner for ION Orchard. JCDecaux has been working with ION Orchard since its launch in 2009, and the expansion of our digital media offerings creates a highly targeted digital media inventory in Orchard Road’s best shopping corridor,” Ashley Stewart, managing director of JCDecaux Singapore said.

The mall’s tenants, Clarins, Mikimoto and Tag Heuer were the first three brands that were quick to embrace the new sites with their campaigns on the newly installed 80-inch digital screens under the ‘Digital Fashion Network’ at ION Orchard since May 2015.



India: Origins Advertising Pvt. Ltd Partners With and Converts to BroadSign International, LLC in India

Conversion consists of 14 large-format LEDs and multiple projects in retail, corporate and government verticals.

Lucknow, India. July 16, 2015. India-based digital signage network operator, Origins Advertising Pvt. Ltd., has announced its partnership with and conversion to BroadSign International, LLC’s automated software platform.

Several integration projects in venues such as shopping malls, high street retail stores and major government offices are underway, along with the switch of 14 large-format LED displays in transit, golf clubs and other prominent locations. The network expects to expand to a minimum of 50 large-format digital billboards and over 1,000 smaller-scale screens in upcoming years.

“BroadSign came highly recommended at Digital Signage Expo,” said Rajneesh Rawat, Co-founder and Managing Director at Origins. “Its campaign-based platform allows us to efficiently and reliably provide our services to a growing number of customers, securing a big competitive advantage in this market.”

Origins is the first and only network operator in North India’s large-format DOOH sector, managing LED screens from 450 to 800 square feet. Indoor network displays begin at 55 inches. All screens feature ad-based content that is innovative, dynamic and responsive to real-time triggers. A typical slot lasts 30 seconds.

In total, Origins-managed displays reach an audience of 25 million and run ads by customers like Toyota, Godrej Group, the government and retail clients.

“Origins is known as a quality integrator within digital out-of-home and other media channels,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at BroadSign. “We are pleased that such an organization is incorporating and promoting our technology in its solution to facilitate growth and advancement in the Indian DOOH industry.”

Indonesia: Nielsen launches Indonesia’s first syndicated outdoor measurement service

Nielsen has launched the first syndicated outdoor measurement system for the Indonesian market.

In partnership with local research firm Fractal, Nielsen is to offer clients effectiveness data, media monitoring, audience profiling, competitor analysis, and location selection and budgeting advice for advertising on what is Indonesia’s third largest medium after television and print.

Agus Nurudin, MD of Nielsen Indonesia, said:

“Outdoor advertising is commonly perceived as a high investment media because of the extra effort required to implement and the lack of metrics on its effectiveness. Having greater clarity around outdoor advertising will help advertisers make more informed decisions on their advertising investments.”

Reza Sjarief, MD of Fractal, called the partnership a “milestone” for the outdoor ad industry in Indonesia.

”We are the first in Indonesia to provide a syndicated out of home media measurement,” he said. “Advertisers have been questioning about the competition, location, audience and investment for their outdoor strategies. That is what we are here for today, and together with Nielsen we are committed to deliver our best services to help our clients win with better outdoor media strategy.”

According to Nielsen, outdoor media penetration in Indonesia is 52 per cent, the second highest penetration level behind TV. More than two thirds of Indonesians (67 per cent) go out on weekends and weekdays, and 25 per cent of their time is spent out of home.



Jordan: AIG Announces Kassab Media as Preferred Bidder for QAIA Advertising Services Tender

Airport International Group ( AIG ) - the Jordanian company responsible for the rehabilitation, expansion and operation of Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) - has announced Kassab Media as the preferred bidder for the provision of integrated advertising services at QAIA.

The company was selected based on a clear evaluation process designed to ensure the appointment of a qualified service provider capable of meeting QAIA's diverse media and advertising objectives. Leveraging over 20 years of advertising experience, particularly in the area of airport advertising, Kassab Media and its international consultant, Clear Channel Outdoor, will be responsible for all indoor and outdoor advertisements at QAIA.

Under its capacity, Kassab Media will create and deliver innovative, effective and comprehensive advertising solutions that will help QAIA connect with travelers and guests alike. "Kassab Media and Clear Channel Outdoor bring to the table longstanding expertise and global insights within the field of airport advertising, which differs vastly from any other form of advertising. We are confident that their joint efforts will help advertisers looking to gain maximum exposure for their brands to better communicate with target audiences visiting or traveling through QAIA," commented AIG CEO, Kjeld Binger.

In turn, Kassab Media Chairman and CEO, Ghassan N. Adra, said, "It gives us great pleasure to partner with AIG for the provision of integrated indoor and outdoor advertising services at QAIA. As proven for more than 30 years, Kassab Media is an innovator and a pioneer within the out-of-home sector, with an unrivalled track record of successfully managing complex advertising operations.

Kassab Media and Clear Channel Outdoor, together with AIG, stand committed to delivering and effectively managing the new world-leading advertising proposition at QAIA, befitting its status as Jordan's premier airport and entry point into the Middle East." A premier provider of media services and solutions, Kassab Media boasts thousands of advertising spaces in various countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

Its extensive portfolio comprises multiple key projects such as the Dubai Metro, among others. Kassab Media leverages the expertise of Clear Channel Outdoor, which is a leading outdoor advertising company with a portfolio of advertising solutions - including an international network of airports - that reach nearly 600 million people monthly across North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.