FEPE Out of Home News 26th March 2015

FEPE Out of Home News 26th March 2015


FEPE 56th Annual Congress in Budapest: Another Speaker Announcement!

In addition to Dave Trott, Nancy Fletcher and Annie Rickard, FEPE are very pleased to announce another speaker today.

Margit Kittridge, Vice-President and Digital Director of Titan360 will be appearing at FEPE for the first time to tell us about Titan's digital strategy in the USA and in particular, their digital kiosks in New York City.

Margit joined Titan in March 2014 to lead the digital business development efforts and strategic growth of Titan’s digital out-of-home portfolio. She is tasked with overseeing Titan's digital transit advertising network, as well as running the digital ad ops team. In addition to enhancing Titan's digital sales and marketing efforts, Margit also establishes new trading platforms, network partnerships, and advises on new software integrations.

Prior to joining Titan, Margit served as Executive Director of Marketing and Digital Business Development for The Wall Street Journal Office Network. During her tenure at WSJON, she provided strategic and tactical leadership for the evolution of WSJON’s business into emerging digital planning and buying platforms. She led the development of WSJON/Bizo new office product to re-target viewers of WSJON lobby screens via digital display ads served to their desktop browsers. In her role at WSJON, she also oversaw the market research function, including audience and campaign effectiveness research.

Previously, Margit worked as Client Strategy Director for Annalect, the data and technology unit of Omnicom Media Group, where she drove the new Annalect offerings for Midwest clients. Prior to that, she was Manager of Strategic Marketing and Analytics at the Tribune Media Group in Chicago and lead development of integrated, cross-channel solutions leveraging TMG’s versatile assets across digital, print and broadcast platforms. Before joining TMG, Margit worked in various positions at Starcom Media Group in Chicago after being transferred over from Budapest, Hungary, where she was the Media Director for Leo Burnett Budapest.

The 56th FEPE congress, titled "Your Audience is Waiting", will be held between Wednesday June 10th and Friday June 12th at the Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest.

There will be 2 days of presentations and high calibre speakers from across the world, all of whom will be bringing their unique viewpoints on Out of Home and wider media and advertising industry insights.

There will be an exclusive exhibition area attached to the main congress hall, and spaces are running out fast. We already have at least two new exhibitors signed up with more under consideration. If you are a supplier who wishes to get your product in front of an audience of global OOH decision makers please email us soon so we can hold a space for you. The cost for exhibition spaces is lower this year, to offer best value to our industry suppliers.

The Thursday night Gala Dinner, in keeping with the FEPE tradition of finding special locations, will be at the Buda Castle, one of Budapest's most iconic buildings, and the Friday night social evening will be at a dinner cruise down the river Danube, taking in all the sights of Budapest for 3 hours.

As usual we have negotiated a special delegate rate for the hotel rooms and delegates are able to pay by credit card or bank transfer, which we hope will make bookings easier for some overseas delegates.

Delegate fees are unchanged from last year (and several years before) at €1500 for members and €1600 for non members.

You can register by following the link on the FEPE homepage and FEPE members all receive an additional €500 discount so if you are considering attending with colleagues and are not a member, please get in touch so we can organise the most cost effective package for you.

We will announce further speakers in coming weeks.

UK: Less than a third of marketers aware of 'new levels of digital sophistication' offered by OOH advertising

Less than a third of marketers are aware that out of home (OOH) advertising offers contactless technology, motion detection, and QR and NFC integration, according to research which suggests the sector must do more to educate marketers on emerging technology.

The ‘Look Again’ report from Clear Channel UK, a survey of more than 200 marketing professional, revealed that ‘innovation’ was the top buying consideration among marketers looking to find new ways to reach mass audiences.

“We are at the point where many marketing professionals’ perceptions are at odds with the new levels of digital sophistication available across the OOH medium,” remarked Sarah Speake, chief marketing officer at Clear Channel UK.

“In the UK, millions of pounds worth of investment in digital over the last few years has created a medium that is capable of delivering broadcast reach, measurability and brand fame at a national and regional level. It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s top brands are already taking advantage. It’s now paramount that we educate the masses on the new digital opportunities available as well as reiterating the strengths of our traditional formats.”

Of those surveyed NFC/QR technology was dubbed as the ‘most exciting’ new technology by 72 per cent of respondents, followed by environmentally friendly technology (70 per cent), contactless technology (70 per cent) and motion detection technology (67 per cent).

“Today Clear Channel is transforming bus shelters into tweet-activated vending machines and ad-serving aeroplanes. There’s a wealth of sophistication available across the medium to tap into. It’s our job to shout louder and champion the new capabilities on offer to help our customers engage their audiences on a deeper and more meaningful level,” Speake added.

Aside from digital the out of home industry has also invested heavily in audience planning, intelligent content and data platforms such as Clear Channel’s Play IQ.


Germany: This Audi Emits Nothing but Water Vapour, So Its Billboards Are Made of That Too

Innovative products deserve advertising that itself is innovative—embodying the promise of what's for sale in the way it's being sold.

This Audi campaign from German agency thjnk does a nice job of that.

The Audi A7 Sportback h-tron uses a fuel cell coupled with a hybrid battery and additional electric motor in the rear. Notably, nothing but water vapour comes out of the exhaust.

And so, Audi created billboards that similarly leave nothing behind. It's clever and intriguingly produced, though it's not quite clear how the effect is achieved.

In any case, it's perhaps most reminiscent of 2012's "Invisible Car" campaign for Mercedes, which also promoted zero-emission fuel-cell technology—by draping the car with an LED "costume" that made it look invisible.

Watch the video here


Denmark: LCD Media Selects BroadSign International, LLC Digital Signage Software for Retail in Denmark

In-store communications company standardizes on BroadSign platform.

Copenhagen, Denmark. March 26, 2015. Scandinavia's leading provider of intelligent digital in-store solutions, LCD Media, has chosen to standardize on BroadSign International, LLC’s digital signage software platform for retail initiatives in Denmark. LCD Media’s primary focus is on 300 of the top retail stores in Denmark.

Its larger customers include PWT Group, which has 170 shops with a minimum of two players each, and JACK & JONES. Installations consist of videowalls and LCD displays ranging from 10” to 86” placed in strategic locations to facilitate increased impressions and enhanced communication between the consumer and the brand.

“LCD Media services large-scale retail chains and smaller speciality boutiques, and we required a digital signage software platform robust enough to suit the different needs of both customer profiles,” said Thomas Nielsen, Service Manager at LCD Media.

“The level of education and support provided by BroadSign has greatly assisted in our deployment.” While the objectives and types of content vary from brand to brand, a store’s typical content loop lasts two to three minutes and campaigns are increasingly using touch solutions to augment interactivity.

“LCD Media possesses a portfolio of esteemed brands and as such, continuously raises the bar to deliver a unique in-store experience to affluent customers,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at BroadSign.

“We are confident that BroadSign’s feature-rich software will satisfy the digital signage component of LCD Media’s initiatives and look forward to a partnership of creating novel experiences in the retail vertical.”

UK: Oreo, Chupa Chups and Samsung Capitalize on Europe's Solar Eclipse

An almost total eclipse of the sun in Western Europe this morning prompted a flurry of tactical marketing activity from brands -- particularly the circular ones.

Oreo was typically on the ball, with a digital poster in London's Picadilly Circus featuring a black Oreo cookie crossing its white circle filling, with the caption "You won't have to wait another 11 years for another one," as well as a cover wrap with "The Sun" newspaper (geddit?). The work was done through PHD and FCB Inferno.

Meanwhile, Chupa Chups and BBH were inspired to create a digital version of a poster at London's Waterloo station on a similar theme, in which a Chupa Chups cola lollipop slowly crossed a lemon lollipop.

Elsewhere, Samsung and Cheil created a print, social and outdoor campaign that features its new Galaxy S6 eclipsing the sun, accompanied by the line "Next is all others eclipsed."

Watch the video here

UK: London Digital Signage Week

FEPE members are once again well represented at a major industry speaking event.

Exterion Media Shaun Gregory will keynote The DailyDOOH Media Summit which takes place in London on Tuesday May 19, 2015 and recent Clear Channel UK hire, Sara Speake will present on the afternoon of the same day.

Sarah was previously ITV’s director of commercial marketing and research and strategic marketing director at Google so it will interesting to hear her angle on our industry and why she joined it!

This one day event, now in its second year, has quickly established itself as a must-attend event in the UK industry calendar.

NEC Display Solutions’ Showcase 2015, now in its seventh year, takes place Wednesday May 20, 2015 and Thursday May 21, 2015 at Vinopolis in London.

The Business Breakthrough Event 2015 will bring together industry leaders to explore how conferencing and collaboration solutions are changing the future of the enterprise workplace. It takes place at The Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD, Thursday May 21, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM BST

Registration isn't open yet but more information can be found here http://www.dailydooh.com/london-digital-signage-week

Switzerland: New Clear Channel online booking tool for SMEs

Clear Channel is launching an online booking tool to simplify campaign planning and billboard booking for small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to make more use of out-of-home advertising and benefit from its advantages.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Swiss economy. From bakeries through machinery manufacturers to IT start-ups, SMEs constitute the overwhelming majority of businesses and provide two-thirds of the jobs in our country.

They make a decisive contribution to entrepreneurial creativity, economic growth and national prosperity. To make it easier for such companies to access billboard advertising, Clear Channel is launching an online booking tool for poster campaigns.

This easy-to-use buyers' platform allows SMEs to put together their own poster campaigns and book them online. The tool covers around 10,000 Clear Channel street and filling-station display sites. The guiding principle is: first come, first served – the tool shows the availability of the poster sites in real time. The budget limit per order is CHF 25,000. To enable SMEs to get a clear idea of the poster site, the tool not only has a picture of every display, one click takes users to Google Street View, which shows them the location in greater detail.

Oliver Schönfeld, Marketing Director Clear Channel Switzerland, explains: “Many SMEs advertise in their local daily or on local radio. They know these media and their representatives and are familiar with the booking processes. Their attitude to poster advertising is different. SMEs often harbour prejudices about poster advertising, believing it to be expensive and complicated: ‘How does it work? Where can I get a poster printed? And where do I book a poster site?’ Our new online tool is aimed specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises, giving them easier access to the poster medium, so that they too can benefit from the advantages of this unique medium and use it to give their business fresh momentum.”

And he adds: “Geographically, out-of-home advertising can be focused precisely on the intended catchment area. In many cases, other media, e.g. radio and the daily press, generate a high degree of wastage or achieve only patchy coverage of the targeted catchment area – an unsatisfactory and inefficient situation in both regards. Out-of-home advertising has the power, in a short time, to build high-impact campaigns and repeat contacts.” In addition to its launch in Switzerland, the tool will also be introduced in Belgium.

You can access the new online booking tool here: clearchanneldirect.ch

Netherlands: Exterion Media wins The Hague Outdoor advertising contract

Exterion Media Netherlands has been awarded the contract to operate street furniture advertising in the Hague area. For the next five years Exterion will be able to offer brands exciting new opportunities to reach audiences in the region, which includes the municipalities of The Hague, Delft, Westland and Central Delfland.

The contract, which covers over 2,500 advertising spaces on 2m2 format within the Hague region, greatly strengthens Exterion’s proposition within the Netherlands. Combined with its 3,300 2m2 faces in Greater Rotterdam and NS Rail concession, this makes Exterion the leading OOH provider within the valuable Randstad region, which includes Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Marcel den Hoed, Sales Director at Exterion Media, commented: "Exterion Media Netherlands is delighted to have won this contract. Over the last two years we have seen the company grow due to increasing demand from the market, and there are clear signs that the OOH market will continue to expand. By increasing our portfolio through The Hague contract, we can make our offering even more relevant for the growing number of brands who are turning to the power of Outdoor advertising for their campaigns.”


UK: Outside Insight: Primesight busts the myth that Out of home is not a lead medium

Want to wind up an outdoor advertiser? Tell them that Out of Home isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things.

Carat and Posterscope invited Primesight to bust the myth that OOH is not a lead medium… here Jess Baldwin, Account Manager at Primesight, explains how they responded.

At Primesight we love a challenge, so when Carat and Posterscope invited us to become their myth busters for a day we jumped at the chance.

We knew it would be hard work, but boy, were we ready to bust that myth! You see, for us proving that OOH IS a lead medium wasn’t the challenge... fitting the ever-growing body of evidence and theoretical support in to just 10 minutes was!

Inspired by renowned TED talker, Simon Sinek, we decided to begin in an unorthodox manner, as many of the world’s leading brands do, and look at our task from the inside out. Starting not with what fantastic campaigns we had run, or the brilliant stats and formats the medium had to offer, but... with the power of WHY.

As strange as it may seem, our first board didn’t even touch on out-of-home; instead it focussed entirely on WHY the world’s most successful brands had made it to the top of their category.

A widely accepted marketing truism is that the need to generate brand trust is key. We referred to Daniel Kahneman’s System 1 and System 2 thinking to emphasize that the vast majority of the time, our purchase decisions have been made long before we step foot in a shop. We have been exposed for days, weeks and often years to the brand before we part with our cash.

Those billboards that we have been passing twice a day for as long as we can remember have been working their way in to our subconscious day after day, familiarising us with the brands they display, reminding us to go in store and gradually driving us to make that purchase.

So, having covered WHY successful brands have become number one in their field, we moved on to HOW out-of-home is perfectly positioned to help deliver these key brand qualities: scale, familiarity and trust.

Having worked across various media channels, I always find it fascinating how different mediums encourage you to absorb the same copy in different ways. You could see the same car advert at home as you relax in front of the TV, on the train as you head to work, or on that billboard that you cycle past each day, but no media can offer the environment that out-of-home can, and I am not talking about a park or a pavement, I am talking about ‘the active space’.

Full article here


Canada: Astral Out of Home Introduces New Digital AMT Terminals Network in Greater Montréal Area

  • New digital offering for the Centre-ville and Longueuil terminals, as well as Lucien-L’Allier station
  • LCD screens and Bell’s fibre-optic and mobile LTE technologies leveraged to reach and inform AMT users

Astral Out of Home announced today the addition of the Réseau AMT Digital Terminus (“Digital AMT Terminals Network”), a brand new product from its Transportation division.

The Réseau AMT Digital Terminus is provided in the Centre-ville and Longueuil terminals, as well as Lucien-L’Allier station, all operated by the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT).

This new digital network offering includes two types of cutting-edge signage products:

  • Fourteen digital faces (column format), each with 70-inch (177.8 cm), single and double-faced, high-luminosity LCD screens. These columns, located in high-traffic hallways at the Longueuil terminal and Lucien-L’Allier station, will loop six, 10-second messages.
  • Thirty-nine digital displays featuring 42-inch (106.68 cm), 55-inch (139.7 cm) and 70-inch (177.8 cm) LCD screens, which display bus and train schedules, an advertising loop of six 10-second messages, as well as information for users, such as AMT announcements, news headlines, and weather reports.

“These new screens provide the opportunity to reach target audiences during wait times,” said Éliane Tremblay, Director, Transportation Products, Astral Out of Home. “Combining user information with advertisements gives an undeniable edge for advertisers as they reach a very substantial audience of daily commuters.”

“The Réseau AMT Digital Terminus is the perfect combination of Astral Out of Home’s know-how with regard to digital products and the AMT users’ information needs,” said Benjamin Mathieu, Director, Business Development, Transportation and Technologies, Astral Out of Home. “This new product is powered by Bell’s fibre-optic network and 4G LTE mobile technology, and features cutting-edge, high-luminosity LCD screens.”

According to Lynne Gagnon, Marketing Director at AMT, “The installation of these new screens reflects our desire to constantly improve the quality of information we provide to our customers. The deployment of these display screens, which will be made at no cost to the AMT, since financed by Astral Out of Home, will also increase our advertising revenues while adding to the range of information tools available to our customers.”

With over 29 million users passing through the Centre-ville and Longueuil terminals and Lucien-L’Allier station each year, the Réseau AMT Digital Terminus guarantees optimal impact and frequency to reach the target audience. Through the quality and quantity of its offering, Astral Out of Home confirms its leadership position in digital solutions.

As part of the Transportation division’s overall offer, the Réseau AMT Digital Terminus is the latest addition to Astral Out of Home’s digital product line, which includes Digital Columns and the Digital Network in Montréal.


USA: The Heyday of Rock 'n' Roll Billboards On The Sunset Strip

Before video killed the radio star—and the Internet killed the video star—billboards were used as a major promotional tool. In the capital of entertainment and car culture, they were conversation pieces for commuters and pedestrians. So where better than on the city's most famous street for record companies to erect 14 ft. versions of their biggest artists?

Head of Elektra Records Jac Holzman realized this in 1967 when he hired an outdoor advertising company to create a billboard for The Doors’ eponymous debut, featuring the album’s back cover. It was the first rock ‘n’ roll billboard. It cost Holzman $1,200 a month; today, that number can be as much as $100,000 a month.

The Skirball Cultural Center is displaying photos of some of these masterpieces in their exhibit Rock & Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip. Culled from L.A. photographer Robert Landau’s 2012 book of the same name, the 15 images survey nearly 20 years of billboard art in L.A. from the psychedelic late ‘60s to new-wave early ‘80s. (It's part of a upcoming trio of music-related exhibits, including Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution and The Singing Posters: Poetry Sound Collage Sculpture Book.)

In the 1969, Landau was a 16-year-old wannabe photographer living with his dad in an apartment above Tower Records. “I didn’t have the patience to paint or draw, so I got a camera pretty young,” says Landau. “When I’d walk down the strip looking for things to shoot, there’d be these giant billboards and I’d see these guys painting them. So that’s what got me photographing them.”

That year, Landau took one of his first photographs of a billboard of the Beatles’ Abbey Road, which was painted by Mario Rueda, and featured the Fab Four’s heads extending above the board. (In his book, Landau includes interviews with many of the billboard artists of that era). It was also the year that rumors of Paul McCartney’s death were circulating, which inspired a couple of high school pranksters to climb up the billboard and saw off McCartney’s head.

Capitol Records never replaced it, playing up the rumor and gimmick two-fold.

Full article here

Canada: Canadian DOOH operator draws up sketchy exhibition


Canadian out-of-home advertising company Pattison Outdoor Advertising has launched its annual "Sketching the Line" exhibition of drawings. As part of the company's "Art in Transit" initiative, Sketching the Line is an exhibition focusing on drawings of commuters sketched by other commuters — a select group of artists chosen particularly for this exhibition.

It explores the creative process of artists as they capture moments with distinct artistic styles, then showcases their works on digital signage in the public transit environments they traveled through. The works of established and emerging artists, as well as those who enjoy drawing as a hobby, will be featured on digital screens in Toronto's TTC subway stations and Edmonton's LRT stations.

Debuting on March 2, sketches will be featured until April 26. Sixty drawings contributed by 10 artists, including TTC employee Marek Badzynski, who has been sketching transit commuters for several years, will be shown every five minutes on digital screens operated by Pattison Onestop (Pattison Outdoor's digital out-of-home advertising agency). "Sketching the Line is a popular public transit exhibition that has been successful in bringing a range of compelling artistic voices to transit commuters," said Sharon Switzer, national arts programmer and curator for Pattison Onestop, in the announcement.

"This exhibition explores the medium of drawing as well as the social context that the artists worked in, and the influences that affect their practice. Sketching in public is not only a useful tool for observation, it is a raw and immediate expression of the artists' unique vision.

We are proud to be presenting Sketching the Line for another season and thank the 50 artists from 16 countries that submitted work for consideration."



Nigeria: Nigerian outdoor advertising practitioners head to US Varsity

In furtherance of their goal to give Outdoor Advertising its rightful place in Nigeria, members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) have mapped out a series of capacity-building training programmes, starting with an Executive Education Workshop in the United States of America.

Focusing on the theme, ‘The Art and Science of Outdoor Advertising in the Age of Digital Media’, the five-day training will hold from April 12 to 17, at the Department of Communication, North Dakota State University (NDSU), with resource persons drawn from American Universities and American Professional Outdoor Advertising Practitioners.

The curriculum for the training, which was drawn up by OAAN members and NDSU Advertising Professors, shows that participants will be exposed to a wide range of topics that include; Business aspects and return on investments in outdoor advertising, Managing the creative process, Working with governments and public institutions.

Other topics are: Innovations in outdoor advertising practice, Media relations for outdoor agencies, and Leadership paradigms for outdoor agencies etc.

Professor and Chair of NDSU’s Department of Communication, Dr. Mark Meister, said his team is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with OAAN in co-hosting the special training, which demonstrates the university’s commitment to serving its publics, locally and internationally.

He added that since communication coursework started at NDSU in 1907, making it one of the pioneers in providing university-level education in communication, the emphasis has always been on leveraging Professional practices with high quality academic instruction.

On his part, OAAN President Mr. Charles Chijide expressed optimism that the forthcoming training will be very beneficial to OAAN members and their clients in all areas of marketing communication in Nigeria.

Chijide is confident that participating OAAN members and their clients will benefit immensely from the experience in the US, where the outdoor advertising association was established in 1891.

OAAN Secretariat is handling the registration for the training on behalf of its members and all others who may want to participate. Interested prospective participants can contact the General Secretary of the association for additional information.



Asia: Kinetic Active hires Asia lead

OOH marketing agency Kinetic has appointed Charlotte Birley as head of Kinetic Active in Asia.

Kinetic Active is the newly launched, full-service creative and production division of tenthavenue’s Kinetic Worldwide.

Birley will head Kinetic Active’s multidisciplinary team of creatives, developers, strategists and project managers throughout Asia and will lead collaborative efforts with its tenthavenue partners, including CandySpace, Joule and Spafax. She joins the Kinetic network from ArcLondon, where she led experiential marketing as board account director.

Birley began her career at JCDecaux, where she developed a core skill set in out-of-home and special build projects. She then moved over to the live brand experience arena, where she specialised in experiential channels, developing campaigns for such brands as BMW, British Telecom, McDonald’s, Electronic Arts, Nintendo and Kraft Foods.

“Our Kinetic Active division will combine creative thinking, technology expertise and production technique to help brands target audiences across the emerging range of digital media opportunities and physical environments across the globe,” said Dennis Kuperus, CEO Benelux and Nordics and global head of Kinetic Active.

“The medium is rich with creative opportunity but is still in the early stages in terms of having mature processes, platforms and standards. Additionally the market is in constant flux as new inventory and technologies come into play. It is a fantastic space for creativity and innovation but requires specialist support for brand and agencies,” he added.

The agency, in a press statement, said it aims to raise the creative bar in out-of-home marketing, place-based communications, brand experiences and mobile technologies. Currently it operates in China, Southeast Asia, India, the US, UK and Germany. Kinetic Active provides in-house support, offering creative services, production, digital, experiential and special builds plus mobile activation and social engagement.


India: JCDecaux lends muscle to tourism boards’ OOH campaigns

Ahead of the upcoming summer vacations, JCDecaux Citylights have been sprucing up the out-of-home strategies of leading tourism brands as they gear up to woo the upwardly mobile and connected audience of Delhi.

Actively interested in any travel related information, the new generation of travellers is a key target group for tourism boards and similar players from the industry.

“To reach the right TG, all that a brand needs is the exposure at the right place, and that’s exactly what our network of Citylights offers to clients,” said Olivier Heroguelle, Managing Director, JCDecaux.

Installed in tactically selected areas, JCDecaux CityLights claim to ensure maximum reach and frequency for a tourism brand’s communication on roads to and fro airports, railway stations, tourism offices, in and around tourist spots like the zoo, heritage sites, museums, religious spots, amusement parks, high shopper concentrated areas, business hubs and affluent residential areas. Tourism boards like South Africa, Uttar Pradesh and Daman & Diu have selected the network of CityLights to match their TG and are currently running their OOH campaigns in Delhi.

The South African Tourism Board, a brand that relies very heavily on OOH, has recently unveiled their #MeetSouthAfrica advertising campaign on JCDecaux CityLights in shopping areas like Sarojani Nagar Market, the airport bound stretch on Old Palam Marg, the heavy traffic stretch in Andrews Ganj and so on. The Tourism Board had earlier executed campaigns on JCDecaux Citylights in 2012 and 2013.

One of the latest entrants in the tourism market, Daman & Diu Tourism has chosen to target the salaried audience in commercial business districts like Nehru Place and Connaught Place, as well as affluent audiences in areas like Malviya Nagar, Saket, Press Enclave and Greater Kailash. The Tourism Board is currently promoting the destination as the ‘Isle of Calm’. Uttar Pradesh Tourism has largely adopted a more tourist-centric approach, having chosen CityLights on way to major tourist sites in Delhi, including Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Jai Singh Road, YMCA, ISBT and Barakhamba Road.

Endorsing their recently developed ‘Heritage Arc’, the brand has also occupied sites in Nehru Place, South Extension and Lajpat Nagar.

Some of the past advertisers from travel and hospitality industry that have advertised on JCDecaux CityLights include West Bengal Tourism, Taiwan Tourism Board, Tourism Australia, Visit Britain and Rendezvous France.