84 Hours of Meetings for the OOH Industry in Latin America

84 Hours of Meetings for the OOH Industry in Latin America

84 Hours of Meetings for the OOH Industry in Latin America

The longest meeting in the history of OOH will bring together the entire outdoor advertising market in Latin America for eight days of permanent connection. 

From Monday, October 19 to Monday, October 26, the agenda promises an intensity rarely seen not only because of the amount of content and diverse options, but also because of the prestige and global level of its speakers: there will be more than 60 speakers who will share their experiences and contributions. They are from 16 different countries across the world: Peru, USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, India, Lebanon, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Colombia, Canada and China. 

THE ALOOH LIVE FORUM 2020 is the alternative to the important regional meetings that ALOOH (The Latin American Association of Outdoor Advertising) held in recent years in Bogotá and Buenos Aires and the meeting, the fourth to be held in Sao Pablo, Brazil in 2021. 

More than 1000 entrepreneurs, agents, planners, strategists, creatives, advertisers, media owners, agency leaders and media centres will enjoy the impressive content agenda proposed by ALOOH.

It will be 34 hours of unique and different content distributed in a schedule with repetitions and alternatives in some cases. As a result: 2000 minutes of content covering 84 hours over 8 days.

All in one place: www.alooh.org

The unprecedented event offers an intense agenda with 20 live sessions via the Zoom platform, in which there will be seven global key note speakers and three interviews of the same level, the stand out being the stellar presence of Sir. Martin Sorrel, who was the iconic CEO of WPP for many, many years and today leads S4 Capital and MediaMonks.

There will also be representatives of: Coca Cola, Google, Unilever, Shell, Banco Itaú among others.

Also live, five thematic panels will be developed: one with important advertisers, another with the most important media agencies in the region, another with the presidents of the chambers and associations of advertisers, another on OOH audience measurement and the final surprise panel including the presence of the mayors of a number of important cities in the region.

In some of the meetings via Zoom you will be able to enjoy another five important speakers sponsored by supplier brands to our industry.

Unilumin Group, the giant provider of digital devices from China is the MAIN SPONSOR of the event  joined by Broadsign, Hivestack, Daktronics, Doohmain, Admobilize, AdsMovil OOH, Scopesi, Mediakeys and LatinAd / Publinet. The technology giant Intel will be joining the event as a Technology Sponsor.

The participation of the most important organizations for our industry: such as the WOOHO (World Out of Home Organization) will be a guarantee coverage of the main challenges facing the industry globally. Jeremy Male from Outfront Media and Tom Goddard from Ocean Outdoors will take the floor in turn.

Anna Bager, President and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, the giant American association known as OAAA, will also take part: as well as Sheldon Silverman of the Digital Signage Federation / DSF, an inescapable benchmark for the industry, with global influence. Also Barry Frey, President of the DPAA, Digital Place Based Advertising Association will join us.

Audience measurement and research is an unavoidable subject for ALOOH, which is why world leaders always join us: Kym Frank, President of Geopath will give character to reflections on these issues.

Another 22 speakers have produced and edited their content especially for the event's broadcast platform and will give an unimaginable volume to the LIVE edition of the ALOOH ANNUAL FORUM.