Australia: Out of home goes programmatic

Australia: Out of home goes programmatic

IPG Mediabrands programmatic buying division Cadreon has joined forces with specialist businesses Brandscreen and Site Tour to launch the sale of out-of-home digital inventory across nearly 1,000 OOH screens networked for programmatic buying.

“Creating a partnership with Cadreon, Site Tour and Brandscreen advances our group’s intentions to have programmatic buying across 50% of our total spend by 2016,” said IPG Mediabrands chief investment officer Victor Corones.

“This development will also allow the OOH sector to compete for new digital dollars that have previously not been accessible to traditional OOH. We are looking forward to seeing how numbers from the first project stack up against other channels.”

Brandscreen is an APAC leader in real-time media trading technology and Site Tour is a pioneer in programmatic OOH advertising. Major outdoor media vendors have signed up for the first phase of the programmatic digital out-of-home (PDOH) project – Adshel, Westfield and Executive Channel – with others to join in the near future.

The new project, which has been dubbed “The 5th Screen” or PD0H, aims to extend the benefits of real-time buying. Some of the new capabilities will include highly granular targeting, digital data to fuel panel buying decisions, rapid deployment/change of creative and flexibility in targeting an advertiser’s desired audience. In the second phase of the project Cadreon will introduce panel audience and behavioural data from the panels.

“This convergence represents a real evolution for both the digital and OOH industries,” said Marc Lomas, managing director of Cadreon Australia. “It is a step closer to replacing mass advertising with personalized communications that add value to people’s experiences and can continue unimpaired by location or screen. “The real benefit for clients using PDOH is that they can reach people at their closest points of purchase, multiple times, on a date and time that fits clients’ marketing and business objectives,” added Lomas.

“We can also deliver highly customised messaging that can change through a 24-hour period to complement the nature of customer traffic passing each individual digital panel. Just as we are used to watching customised content on our four screens – cinema, TV, desktop and mobile – PDOH becomes a fifth and distinctive screen with the advent of programmatic out-of-home delivery.