WHAT'S NEXT?: Celebrating 20 Years of DREAMMEDIA, Shaping the Future of Out-of-Home Advertising in Portugal

WHAT'S NEXT?: Celebrating 20 Years of DREAMMEDIA, Shaping the Future of Out-of-Home Advertising in Portugal

WHAT'S NEXT?: Celebrating 20 Years of DREAMMEDIA, Shaping the Future of Out-of-Home Advertising in Portugal

Last Thursday, January 25th, in the Tejo Room of Altice Arena, Portugal's largest entertainment venue, DREAMMEDIA commemorated two decades of innovation and excellence in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising with the event "WHAT's NEXT?". The event, attended by over 800 participants, marked not just a celebration but a visionary glimpse into the future of outdoor advertising in Portugal and globally.

Hosted by Catarina Furtado, one of the most charismatic and esteemed personalities in portuguese television, the event led hundreds of professionals on an innovative journey through the "City of the Future", spotlighting the latest trends in OOH and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH).

20 Years Shaping the Future of OOH

In its 20th year, DREAMMEDIA showcased its evolutionary journey in the OOH sector. The Portuguese company, now the second-largest OOH operator in Portugal, has transformed the outdoor advertising paradigm from classic billboards to dynamic, interactive platforms. This celebration marks not only a milestone in longevity but a testament to ongoing innovation and a deep understanding of market and brand needs.

Launch of Portugal’s First 100% Programmatic Platform: DREAMMEDIA ADS

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of DREAMMEDIA ADS, Portugal's first fully programmatic pDOOH platform. This groundbreaking development enables advertisers to create flexible, highly targeted advertising campaigns, revolutionizing how outdoor advertising engages audiences. With Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology, ADS ensures cost-effective impressions, making campaigns more accessible and effective.

LISBON GATE: The Country's Largest Digital Billboard

One of the most anticipated moments was the launch of the country's largest digital billboard, inaugurated by some of Portugal's most prestigious brands: Betclic (via OMD), Super Bock Group (via Initiative), Hyundai Portugal, Licor Beirão, and Castro Eletrónica.

The Lisbon Gate®, a true masterpiece strategically located at Lisbon's main entry point, guarantees over 3.5 million monthly impressions. Part of the Collection family, this unique format with its own personality offers exclusive digital communication for brands aiming to make a statement in Lisbon's key access artery.

Launch of Digital Prime Network: Revolutionizing Large-Format Displays

DREAMMEDIA also announced the new Digital Prime Network, a unique initiative in Portugal covering major traffic axes with large-format digital displays. This network signifies a significant evolution in the OOH market, offering brands unparalleled presence and unprecedented visual impact.

Noteworthy Contributions from National and International Speakers

The event featured notable speakers, including Tom Goddard, President of the World OOH Organization, sharing valuable insights on global sector trends. Contributions from Daniel Redondo and Mariana Néri (Licor Beirão CEO and Marketing Manager), Paulo Faustino, Regina Santana (Artha Group), and Halisson Pontarolla, Vice-President of the Brazilian Outdoor Advertising Association, offered diverse perspectives on the future of OOH and DOOH communications.

Memorable Entertainment Moments

The event transcended the traditional, offering an immersive, interactive experience with performances by renowned Portuguese artists, including a captivating concert by Pedro Abrunhosa and the Comité Caviar, and a performance by magician Mário Daniel.
DREAMMEDIA demonstrated its unique ability to connect people, technology, and creativity, reflecting the spirit of innovation that characterizes its 20-year history


"WHAT'S NEXT?" celebrated 20 years of DREAMMEDIA's visionary, passionate legacy but also served as a catalyst for the future of OOH in Portugal, showcasing the most innovative market trends. With these significant launches, insights, and knowledge sharing, DREAMMEDIA also sets the paradigm for the next era of outdoor advertising in Portugal.


DREAMMEDIA's history has been in-step with that of the out-of-home Industry in Portugal. It has taken the lead in the static billboard segment, digital transformation, area of advertising totems, and in activation and roadshows since 2004. The brand offers the market over 30 communication solutions and more than 7000 premium strategic locations, allowing to offer customised outdoor advertising campaigns to a bigger audience. In 2021, DREAMMEDIA entered the street furniture sector and became the first 100% Portuguese operator in this segment and to compete in the first line with multinational operators. In the same year, it launched the first and only national network of digital billboards, with over 400 positions throughout the country, reinforcing its leadership in this segment. It invests in the New Generation of outdoor communication equipment and networks, based on four pillars: innovation, audiences, location, and design. DREAMMEDIA holds a unique position in the national landscape.


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