China - Travel Rebounds Over China’s Golden Week

China - Travel Rebounds Over China’s Golden Week

China - Travel Rebounds Over China’s Golden Week

Since the 2020 China's annual Spring Festival travel rush this year, the Chinese tourism market has fallen sharply due to the Covid-19 epidemic. As the epidemic is under control, people's lives have returned to normal. Starting from October 1st, the 8-day holiday period and the depressed tourism demand for 9 months were released in one go. The tourism market gradually recovered as expected.

More than 637 million people traveled within China over the past week in celebration of the country’s annual “Golden Week,” the country’s government said on Oct. 9th. 

According to statistics from the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the 8-day National Day holiday, the country received 637 million domestic tourists, a 79.0% recovery on a comparable basis; domestic tourism revenue was 466.56 billion RMB, a 69.9% recovery on a comparable basis. 

From October 1st to 8th, the national civil aviation carried a total of 13.26 million passengers, and the average daily passenger traffic returned to 91.07% of the 2019 National Day holiday

The government report shows that among the people traveling during the National Holidays, more than 60% of the "post-90s" and "post-00s" born after 1990 and 2000 are the main force in this wave of travel in China.
今年中国自2020春运以来,受到Covid-19疫情影响,旅游市场大幅下滑。随着疫情受到控制 ,人们生活恢复正常,从10月1日开始的8天连假,被压抑9个月的旅游需求在这8天内一口气释放,旅游市场如预期逐渐回温。