An important new horizon - welcome to the 2024 Hong Kong WOO Annual Congress

An important new horizon - welcome to the 2024 Hong Kong WOO Annual Congress

Speakers / Panellists

  • Katrin A. Robertson: blowUP media GmbH
  • Sylvain Le Borgne : JCDecaux
  • Fung Ching Ting, Teresa: Hong Kong Transport Services, MTR Corporation Limited
  • Annie Rickard: OOH Capital
  • Srikanth Ramachandran: Moving Walls
  • Chris Ngan: The Trade Desk
  • Sheldon Silverman: SmartBomb
  • Laetitia Lim: Quividi
  • Vincent Lam: Asiaray Advertising Media Ltd.
  • Stephen Joseph: Ocean Outdoor
  • Anna Bager: OOH Advertising Association of America (OAAA)
  • Jean-Christophe (JC) Conti: VIOOH
  • Emma Hegg: oOh!media
  • Gideon Adey: GurOoh
  • Tom Goddard: World Out of Home Organization
  • Martin Corke: Clear Channel UK
  • Lindsay Rapacchi: Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Daewon Kim: PODO Media Network
  • Ben Milne: dentsu
  • Dino Burbidge: DIONVA LTD
  • Doris Li: Absen
  • Gavin Lee: Broadsign
  • Michael Provenzano: Vistar Media

An important new horizon - welcome to the 2024 Hong Kong WOO Annual Congress from Tom Goddard, WOO President

Since the World Out of Home Organization was formed in 2019 there have been a number of new horizons for the Organization - and the global OOH industry of course.

In 2020 the horizon became noticeably murkier as Covid struck but since then the industry has recovered strongly and, from a WOO point of view, come together as a unified global force.

Now we reconvene in Hong Kong, another new horizon as it's the first time the WOO Annual Congress has ventured to Asia although we have hosted two Asia Regional Forums in Kuala Lumpur and Bali. 

Why Asia this time? The region is a massive global economic force with China vying with the US for biggest economy (and biggest national OOH market) and many of the developments we're seeing in Asia will become the reality for the industry in the rest of the world too, notably the growth of digital OOH and the use of Artificial Intelligence (A!).

At this year's Annual Congress we will look to cover many of the themes impacting on OOH including:

  • The impact of AI on many aspects of our businesses
  • Sustainability – still the Elephant in the Boardroom, for some 
  • The growing importance of Retail Media
  • Audience Measurement evolution – still front and centre as an issue for OOH
  • Making OOH easier to buy with AdTech and how we tap into the omnichannel dollars

These are the forces shaping the global media market in 2024 and beyond and all of them pose formidable challenges for OOH. Retail media, in particular the exponential growth of retailer websites from the likes of Amazon and Walmart, may seem a world away from OOH but it's a phenomenon we have to find a way of competing against and potentially complementing; just as we did, for decades, with television.

All of these will be explored in depth in Hong Kong via a stellar line-up of speakers and panellists from all sides of the media industry and the planet (see gallery).

So we look forward to welcoming you to the 2024 WOO Annual Congress. As FEPE International we began these Forums in 1959 and I need hardly tell you that we have since navigated seismic changes in the media industry, a number of global economic crises and a geopolitical scenario that switches constantly from alarming to (relatively) benign.

In that regard nothing much changes. But the OOH industry is changing dramatically, and Hong Kong 2024 will help us to navigate the challenges this brings. So, we look forward to seeing you all in Hong Kong on June 5. 

Click on here for the draft programme

The programme is currently being finalised with further announcements to follow.

I look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong.

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