Sustainable LED digital screen hardware from Absen. Next Member Webinar on Tuesday October 10th at 1.00pm UK (BST) 2.00pm CET

Sustainable LED digital screen hardware from Absen. Next Member Webinar on Tuesday October 10th at 1.00pm UK (BST) 2.00pm CET

The webinar

Introduction: Global climate change has increased awareness of the need for LED digital screen manufacturers to provide environmentally sustainable, and where possible, carbon neutral solutions. Absen, as a public company in China and leading worldwide LED display solution provider has acknowledged and accepted the social responsibility that comes with this requirement. Key questions to be addressed include: 

  • How do we decrease the carbon emission from LED display hardware? 
  • As an LED display manufacturer, what are we doing to support the OOH industry in its desire and requirement to provide sustainable LED display solutions? 

During this short webinar we will provide some initial answers to these questions along with information on the developments and progress Absen as a Chinese manufacturer has made to become one of the industry leaders for sustainable LED display technology.


The Absen hosts for the webinar are Doris Li & Ross Burling:

Doris Li

Absen Global Key Account Director and Absen Lead for the ‘Absen Green’ Program

Doris is the Absen Global Key Account Director with more than 10 years’ experience in the LED industry. Focused on the OOH industry, Doris has ownership and responsibility within Absen for the development and management of the partnerships, collaboration and relationships with all of leading global OOH companies.

This experience in the OOH market, made Doris the natural choice to take the lead in establishing the Absen OOH Eco-system chain with the goal of providing complete sustainable LED solutions for our clients. 

In 2021 Doris was assigned the position of Absen Lead for the ‘Absen Green’ Program. In the last two years, Absen has made significant financial and resource investments to ‘Go Green’ including:

  • the development of energy saving products (30% lower consumption when compared with like for like products in the market),
  • using green power in the factory (solar panels currently generate around 20% of the factory electricity requirements),
  • achieved TUV carbon footprint verification for Absen A series products to support carbon neutrality,
  • introduced a tree planting programme to compensate for carbon emissions
  • created a new Absen Energy company focused on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of energy storage products for residential, commercial, and industrial markets

In the coming years Doris will continue to lead the Absen Green Program with the goal of bringing greater environmental and sustainability value to the market.



Ross Burling

Absen OOH Industry Development Director

Ross is an AV industry veteran having started his career in 1989 selling Barco CRT projection technology until 1999 when he was part of the team who launched Barco full colour LED display technology. The last 20+ years have seen Ross working for a number of leading LED manufacturers focused exclusively on LED display technology.

As an Industry Development Director within the Absen GCD Team, Ross has been focused on the DOOH & Sports markets, with an overall responsibility for the Absen strategy and development for this vertical across Europe.





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