FEPE OOH News 11th January 2018

FEPE OOH News 11th January 2018



FEPE: FEPE Launches its 2018 Awards with new Rising Star category

FEPE International is inviting nominations for its Annual Awards - to be presented at its Annual Congress in Sorrento from June 6-8 - and is adding an important new category, the Rising Star Award.

This will be awarded to someone aged 30 or under who has made an outstanding contribution to the Out of Home industry. Nominated individuals should be directly employed in the OOH industry, working for a media owner, specialist or technology company.

As in previous years there will be awards for

Lifetime Achievement: someone who has devoted his or her lifetime career to the OOH medium and who is widely respected and recognised by his or her peers;

Leadership: someone who has distinguished themselves by continually demonstrating leadership through a pioneering approach to OOH and is an inspiration to others;

Technical Innovation: A supplier or OOH company that has developed a new product or breakthrough technology that pushes the industry forward;

Creative: as in 2017 there will be two Awards: Classic (static traditional posters) and Digital that demonstrate a brilliant use of the OOH medium to produce a memorable and effective piece of work.

Last year's Creative Awards marked the first time the Award had been divided into Classic and Digital. The Classic winner was Twitter in the US for an in-house campaign showing how the major conversations of the day, in politics and elsewhere, are united by hashtags (pictured) while the Digital Award went Universal Pictures' ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ featuring a captivating creative treatment from MediaCom and Ocean Outdoor.

FEPE International President Tom Goddard says: "As well as celebrating leaders in our industry and outstanding creative executions we should also look forward. The new Rising Star Award is an appropriate way to honour the young talent that is transforming our industry and leading Out of Home to an even brighter future."

Nominations can be made by any FEPE Member or recognised National OOH Association. Closing Date for all Nominations is March 15th 2018. For a nominations form see www.worldooh.org For further details contact Richard Saturley richard@worldooh.org

UK: Innocent Drinks experiments with programmatic OOH buying to promote Super Juice range

Innocent Drinks is trialing a fresh digital out-of-home (DOOH) programmatic buying method that will allow it to target audiences based on geo-location data.

The UK brand is the first to use the automated trading desk technology that has been developed by its media planning agency, MediaCom.

The campaign will light up DOOH screens in cities such as Manchester, London and Birmingham to promote the smoothie makers' new Super Juice range. It will use anonymised audience data to inform the optimum times creative should be displayed on-screen, with each unit provided with a unique schedule by day and hour.

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UK: Turkish Airlines is First Airline to Advertise on New Piccadilly Lights


Landsec has signed a deal with Turkish Airlines which becomes the first airline to advertise on the iconic new Piccadilly Lights.

Turkish Airlines, which flies to more countries than any other airline in the world, launched its digital out of home campaign on Tuesday. The advertising deal was struck by Ocean. The carrier is using the state-of-the-art screen to showcase its new #TakeMeThere campaign.

As part of the campaign, Instagram users are invited to take a selfie in front of the iconic display as it shows Turkish Airlines’ latest campaign, using the hashtag #TakeMeThere and tagging @turkishairlines to tell the airline where they want to travel to.


Winners are picked at random weekly, and notified shortly afterwards, before jetting off to their chosen destination. Turkish Airlines is offering 18 winners in all the chance to fly to the destination of their choice this winter.

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Germany: JCDecaux signs a new 15-year exclusive contract with Berlin

JCDecaux SA has announced that its German subsidiary Wall, based in Berlin, signed a new 15-year exclusive contract for all back-lit and digital advertising street furniture excluding bus-shelters following a competitive tender.

This new contract includes at least 700 2m² panels, 900 4m² panels and 330 9m² panels which will be either back-lit static, scrolling or digital. This franchise will commence on January 1st 2019, by replacing all existing structures with new ones specifically designed for Berlin. The 4,500 advertising bus-shelters in Berlin which are operated by Wall (West Berlin until 31/12/2018 and East Berlin until 12/03/2020) will be subject to a separate tender from BVG (Berlin Transport Authority).

Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, saidin Berlin today on signing: "Berlin with 3.6 million people is the most important city in Europe's largest advertising market. We are very pleased to continue to be Berlin's exclusive partner for all back-lit and digital advertising street furniture which is one of the fastest growing segments of the overall advertising market in Germany where OOH now represents more than 6% of advertising spend. This new contract will pave the way for increasing the digitisation of our asset portfolio across all formats (2m², 4m², 9m²) which will further enhance the attractiveness of our OOH/ DOOH network for national, regional and local advertisers".


Ireland: Lighting the way for advertisers puts company on a fast-track

With innovative technology that uses solar power and LED lighting to illuminate bus shelters and advertising displays, Dublin technology start-up Solar AdTek is aiming to make a breakthrough in global markets this year.

The company, established in 2014, specialises in providing energy-efficient lighting for advertising. It has already installed solar lighting systems for bus shelters in 20 locations, including seven in Ireland. as well as some in Sweden and France.

“We will shortly have solar advertising units in the UK, Italy, Dubai and Belgium and expect to have installed a minimum of 200 by the end of the year,” said Solar AdTek co-founder and chief executive Eoin O’Broin. The company also provides LED lighting systems which have been specifically designed for grid-connected advertising displays and already has customers for these in eight countries.

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Ireland: Irish Media Market Set to Decline Again in 2018 According to GroupM Forecasts

TV and out-of-home (OOH) are the only other media that are likely to see growth in 2018, according to GroupM’s forecasts.

The Irish media industry should be bracing itself for another difficult year in 2018 with total media spend by advertisers forecast to fall to €719m according to GroupM. This compares to the estimated outturn of €722m in 2017 and represents a 0.4% decrease year-on-year.

According to GroupM’s “The 2018 Media Marketplace,” digital spend is expected to increase by 6% to €226m in 2018- representing around 31.4% of total spend. Of this, €121m is likely to be spent on search while €105m will be on display advertising, including the likes of Facebook and social media platforms.

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USA: Billboards Are a Hot Property

By Nancy Fletcher, President & CEO at Outdoor Advertising Association of America

The Golden Globes on NBC began with Seth Rogen touting the power of one billboard to hype a film called “The Room”and ended with director Martin McDonagh accepting the Best Picture award for his billboard movie. Billboards are a hot property, like an award-winning script in Hollywood.

McDonagh’s “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” swept four Golden Globes on January 7, after also winning Best Picture from the Australian film academy two days earlier. It won People’s Choice at the Toronto International Film Festival, sometimes an Oscar precursor.

The plot of McDonagh’s dark comedy and Seth Rogen’s riff about a single billboard promoting an obscure film share a common point about media messaging: billboards are effective communication.

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Canada: Branded Cities and Signpatico Partner to Offer Agencies and Advertisers the Second Largest DOOH Network in Western Canada

Branded Cities, a premier Out-Of-Home and iconic media company in North America, and Signpatico, a leader in Western Canada’s digital Out-of-Home media, have signed an exclusive sales and marketing agreement to offer brands an expansive and impactful digital signage network across Western Canada’s major markets.

The existing Branded Cities inventory in Western Canada will receive a significant boost with the addition of Signpatico digital assets, which includes over 250 digital faces throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. The partnership will provide advertisers with the broadest digital footprint, reaching valuable audiences across the expansive geographic area of Western Canada. Signpatico digital signage locations have been strategically selected for their high reach and frequency of consumer visit, creating maximum impressions for advertisers.

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USA: NYC is marketers' playground as out-of-home experiences swing high

From a sparkling water event that stoked the senses to a pop-up forest in Times Square, brands cavorted around the Big Apple throughout 2017.

New York City residents and tourists were treated to a flurry of fun and often unusual brand installations last year that stoked the senses and gave marketers a way to build more tangible relationships — a crucial factor in an age when many young consumers like millennials are favoring experiences over products.

As temperatures rebound from their current chill, more such sponsored activities are likely to bloom in 2018 alongside spring's flowers to provide a roadmap of where experiential marketing is heading next.

With consumers showing stronger signs of digital ad fatigue, marketers are moving to shake up out-of-home (OOH) strategies with immersive ways to share their stories. New York City has frequently been a focal point of these efforts, thanks to its busy streets, bright lights and smells that, wonderful or not, make people's senses come alive to create a real-world impact that breaks with the ephemera of digital.

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USA: New study outlines OOH opportunities in smart cities

The development and implementation of smart cities will create opportunity for the out of home (OOH) advertising industry, according to a new study released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Connected technologies matter most for OOH as the future of smart cities evolves. “The smart cities phenomenon is creating real opportunities for the OOH industry,” according to the report, prepared by Gordon Feller, Meeting of the Minds, a group that brings together urban sustainability and technology leaders.

“As cities embrace for big changes wrought by the digital wave, city leaders are making investments in ‘commonplace’ physical assets: streetlights, traffic lights, parking meters, bus stops, and more. A consequence of becoming smarter creates business opportunities for the OOH industry.” “This report fills a big gap in our industry's existing knowledge about OOH’s role in smart cities,” said OAAA’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. “These insights point the way to new opportunities, which key companies will be anxious to pursue this year and beyond.”

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USA: DSE 2018 Seminar to Present “The Case for Digital Signage: How to Sell Digital Out-of-Home Against Other Media”

Digital Signage Expo (DSE), the world’s largest international trade show and educational conference dedicated to digital displays, interactive technology and digital communications networks, announced today that its Digital Signage DOOH Operators Seminar Program at DSE 2018 designed specifically for Digital Out-of-Home Network Operators, will feature an hour-long session titled, “The Case for Digital Signage: How to Sell Digital Out-of-Home Against Other Media.”

On Wednesday, March 28 at 4 p.m., Stephanie Gutnik, Vice President of Business Development for Broadsign, will present a session that will explore why media buyers have neglected this medium and suggest ways that media owners, salespeople and consultants can effectively pitch DOOH against other media.

The goal is to attract new advertisers, grow the industry’s share in media budgets and increase overall revenue. “Digital and mobile media have become MVPs over the past few years, leaving DOOH to sit on the bench,” said Gutnik. “When given the opportunity to participate, however, DOOH proves to be a team player and can really knock campaign goals out of the park.”

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Australia: Goa launches first digital billboard on Gold Coast

Queensland-based out of home company Goa has launched its first billboard on the Gold Coast.

Australian out-of-home media provider goa has announced the addition of another billboard to its growing GRID network and the first on the ground onthe Gold Coast. goa’s digital billboard network has long been situated in the greater Brisbane area on prime advertising real estate; however, with this addition, it now extends into Queensland’s major tourist destination and reaches a collective audience of over 900,000 people per week.

The site at Olsen Avenue is already a crowd favourite with both advertisers and the local community as it employs the same principles of goa’s ICONIC SERIES, boasting luminescent features within the structure that change depending on the artwork and site landscaping all of which adds to the visual amenity of the space and the visual impact for goa’s clients.

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Australia: Out of home in 2018: The Sydney tender, brand safety and a return to print

As the City of Sydney tender hangs over the out of home industry's heads, Adshel's David Roddick takes a look at what 2018 has in store.

The Australian out of home sector will continue to be a great place to be in 2018. The appetite for a truly broadcast medium with growing audience, which advertisers can target using digital ad serving technology, will remain undimmed; though the double-digit growth over the last several years is likely to slow.

Small format will be big business With so many prime billboard sites and retail locations already converted to digital, 2018 will be the turn of street furniture to digitize at even greater scale, and be the driver of out of home growth.

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South Africa: New outdoor advertising by-laws may soon be reality

JOBURG – The City believes adherence to new outdoor advertising by-laws will save the City of Johannesburg’s infrastructure from accelerated wear and tear.

Through the proposed by-laws, the City aims to reduce the number of illegal signs around Johannesburg and help the industry realise maximum value on approved signs. Photo: City of Johannesburg New outdoor advertising by-laws which will hold companies criminally liable for illegal advertising, may be approved before the end of June.

The draft bylaws are still being considered by various committees including the mayoral committee and Section 79 oversight committee, after which they will likely make their way to council for final approval.

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India: Mera Hoardings launches mobile app

Mera Hoardings, an outdoor online booking company launched a mobile app ‘Mera Hoardings’, which gives access to billboard- advertising marketplace.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the app allows agencies to set up their own marketplaces. Different hoarding companies and agencies can sign up and register themselves to sell their vacant billboard and hoardings for their customers.

“The Mera Hoardings OOH Multi Agency board- booking module is a one-stop solution for billboard space buyers. They can access billboard spaces from different firms,” Saikrishna Gajavelly, Founder and Chairman of Mera Hoardings said. The firm has operations in 20 States with an aggregate offering of over 10,000 billboards and hoardings from over 5,000 vendors.

India: ‘We are very bullish on potential of Indian DOOH market’

Liseanne Gillham, Vice President - Marketing, Broadsign, asserts that DOOH media is primed for rapid expansion in the Indian market. Liseanne believes that media owners are definitely interested in adopting digital. They clearly see the benefits and ROI of moving to digital

What were the key challenges for Broadsign in the year 2017 and what were the major achievements?

In 2017 Broadsign’s biggest challenge and achievement was in transitioning from being a single product company to having multiple products and becoming a DOOH platform.

We have made significant progress in this area, having launched two new products to help media owners generate more revenue. The first, Broadsign Direct, simplifies the direct sales process by enabling sales teams to view real-time ad inventory availability and create proposals on the fly. The second, Broadsign Reach, is an SSP that enables media owners to access digital media buyers and sell excess inventory programmatically.

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India: Adidas India creates 3D face of Paul Pogba for latest OOH campaign

Adidas India has rolled out an out-of-home campaign with a 3D face of Manchester United star Paul Pogba to promote its latest product, Adidas Predator.

The month-long campaign has been conceptualised by Posterscope India and aims to reach out to football players and fans across the subcontinent. While the creative was digitally converted into a 3D file used for print production, detailing and painting of the final piece was done by hand.

The campaign showcased a nine-foot-long 3D face of Pogba protruded on a billboard to ensure long distance visibility.

Sharad Singla, senior manager for omnichannel marketing brand communication at Adidas, said: “As a brand we wanted to make a bold statement,that was also in line with our product relaunch. We identified a powerful execution for outdoor which had an element of innovation, it brought to life the predatory instincts through the Pogba 3D execution on few sites.”

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