FEPE OOH News 14th September 2017

FEPE OOH News 14th September 2017



UK: London's Piccadilly lights set to unveil new-look screen

After nearly nine months of renovation, London's famous Piccadilly lights will soon be switched back on with a new-look digital screen that updates its mosaic appearance.

Samsung, Coca-Cola and Hyundai are continuing their presence on the site; three more permanent slots have yet to be filled ahead of the autumn launch.

On the new screen, the brands will switch between each position in a 30-minute cycle. At the end of each run, one ad will take over the entire site before the rotation begins again. Each of the six brands will take over the full screen in turn.


Sweden: FEPE – Reaching the world of OOH*

Paul McCormack, Head of Planning at Rapport, reflects back on this year’s FEPE conference, held in Stockholm this June.

FEPE is out-of-home’s (OOH) international advertising community, with members spanning from over 50 markets. Paul had the pleasure of attending the conference, where both he and Barry Louth, Sky’s Head of Media Planning and Strategy, had been invited to share their views on the current state of OOH in the UK. As Sky’s long-term media partner, I had the honour of representing Rapport by joining him on stage to share our opinions with approximately 350 attendees, from sales companies, ad tech, and investment and buying agencies.

Having worked in the UK OOH market for over 16 years, I have always been intrigued by FEPE and the mainly C-Suite attendees who were present. Some of my previous bosses have been heavily involved in the setup, so this was my chance to not only attend but participate too. I was surprised about the depth of the information shared by speakers who had the opportunity to be somewhat cagey with sensitive information. On this occasion, I sensed that people were being much more candid and collaborative.

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Germany: Ayuda Implements Deep Integration with Hivestack

Ayuda[x] has a been rebranded Hivestack. The Web site is www.hivestack.com and the Twitter handle is @hivestack.

Leading out-of-home advertising ERP company completes integration with programmatic partner enabling new revenue streams for its clients

Ayuda Media Systems Inc. (Ayuda), a leading ERP company whose technology is used globally to run out-of-home (OOH) media companies announced today at DMEXCO 2017 that it has integrated with Hivestack Inc., a location-based martech company specializing in garnering new programmatic revenue streams for the digital OOH (DOOH) industry.

Luc Filiatreault, President of Ayuda commented, “We are thrilled to have completed a deep integration with our programmatic partner, Hivestack. Our clients will benefit greatly from this work as our Splash CMS and Player now have first-class support for programmatic campaigns.”

As part of the integration, Splash uses the Hivestack Exchange APIs to make ad requests from all unsold spots in a loop of a digital unit. If Hivestack has demand for the unit, it responds in realtime with a VAST file that envelopes the creative. In addition, Splash uses the Hivestack Exchange API to retrieve 24 hours of creative for every unit bought through Hivestack, and then the Splash Player pre-caches the creative locally. Finally, the Splash Player reports back POP by calling a VAST impression URL after creative is played so that Hivestack can keep track of plays.

A synchronization process keeps inventory, campaign and audience impression data synchronized between Splash and Hivestack.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Hivestack commented: “Ayuda’s integration with Hivestack enables media owners who use Splash as a CMS / Player to monetize their unsold inventory. In addition, thanks to a realtime avails integration with Splash, Hivestack SSP can verify impression availability of packaged deals prior to publishing to DSPs. This deep integration between CMS/Player/SSP functionality truly readies digital OOH media owners for new revenue streams from programmatic demand.”

UK: Virgin Trains coaxes drivers out of their cars with roadside ambushes

Virgin Trains has attempted to coax drivers from their cars with a roadside advertising campaign employing real-time traffic data to illustrate how much time could be saved by jumping on board a train instead of hitting the road.

The digital OOH campaign will directly compare journey times to London, Birmingham and Leeds by road and rail on giant roadside displays from today until 1 October.

Conjured up by Manning Gottlieb OMD and Anomaly and produced by Grand Visual, the real-time campaign is managed and distributed through OpenLoop by combining raw API transport data to deliver geo-targeted information which accurately reflects local congestion.

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Czech Republic: Motorway billboard ban to take effect in September

Around 3,000 roadside billboards around the country should disappear this month, though the actual removal process may take longer.

About 3,000 billboards standing by motorways and first class roads in the Czech Republic should be taken down by September 1. An amendment banning such advertising was passed a full five years ago. The unusually long period before implementation was intended to allow time for the resolution of potential disputes with operators.

Now that the deadline has been reached, the authorities will be required to take a number of steps if owners don’t remove billboards voluntarily. Operators must first be ordered to take down individual hoardings within five days. If they fail to do so, the Road and Motorway Directorate, the body that oversees the national road network, will then remove them and force the billboard owners to cough up the cost. If they cannot be identified, the owners of the land they stand on have to pay.

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Netherlands: CHANEL creates huge Giant Poster with blowUP media at The Meir Antwerp and Museumkwartier Amsterdam

CHANEL will be the absolute centre of attention in Antwerp’s Meir and the prestigious Museumkwartier area of Amsterdam, during September.

From the Meirbrug side of Benelux' busiest shopping street, a huge Giant Poster of no less than 1400 m2 overlooks the shopper audience, while a three-sided Giant Poster dominates Amsterdam’s Van Baerlestraat .

The fashion house launched beginning of July a new perfume ‘Gabrielle’ for the first time in 15 years, named after the real name of founder Coco Chanel. As part of an international campaign around Gabrielle, CHANEL announces in big format that the new fragrance is currently available in perfumeries, including in Belgium and the Netherlands.

For the realisation of the three-sided exposure giant, CHANEL worked with blowUP media, Kinetic, Mindshare, and l’agence PLUS. The Giant Posters will be visible during September.

“Campaigns like these set the tone for out-of-homeadvertising. CHANEL claims the surface of two landmarks on the Meir and Museumkwartier with a huge area of impact, connecting an aspiring brand with an overwhelming amount of passers and top locations that connect seamlessly with the brand. The tireless effort that has been put into the construction and premium finish of this project, resulted in two beautiful creations.This CHANEL campaign is an absolute highlight for us”, says Ernst Vos, CCO of blowUP media.

Estonia: Outdoor political ads banned beginning Monday ahead of elections

The active campaigning period ahead of the Oct. 15 local government council elections began on Monday, during which political outdoor advertising is prohibited according to the law.

According to the Local Government Council Election Act, political outdoor advertising is prohibited as of the final day of candidate registration, which this year is Sept. 11.

During this period, the advertising of independent candidates, political parties or candidates running on a party list, election coalitions or candidates running on a coalition list, their logos and other distinctive imagery may not be advertised on a building, construction, inside or outside public transportation vehicles or taxis. Other forms of political outdoor advertising are banned as well.

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USA: The DailyDOOH Investor Conference Agenda

The Ministry of New Media last week announced the full agenda for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference which takes place on Tuesday October 31 during New York Digital Signage Week. The announcement included a whole raft of prestigious sponsors; Title Sponsor Dentons, Gold sponsors Ayuda Media Systems and Civiq Smartscapes alongside AdSemble, Ayuda[x], Bluefox,io, BroadSign, Creative Realities Inc., FastPay, Loud Hailer and Mereo.

The Agenda follows a familiar pattern for Ministry of New Media events, with each speaker usually being given 30 minutes to get on, their message across and get off (again) but with plenty of networking time and space for those Q+A that always follow the brilliant speakers that they seem to manage to get – after their given 30 minutes, no speaker is ever cutoff if there is good Q+A from the audience – Ed.

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USA: What's The State Of Digital Out-Of-Home In 2017?

OOH revenue is at an "all time high," says Geopath's Kym Frank. And geo-data powered digital ads are a big reason for the current renaissance.

Out of home is one of the oldest forms of mass advertising — and the literal first form of location-based messaging. As OOH has largely adopted the contemporary use of digital through mobile advertising and geo-data to strike a balance between mass marketing and one-to-one personalization, the industry is experiencing what Kym Frank, the president of Geopath, calls a “renaissance” in terms of spending, technology strides, and creativity.

Originally known as the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement Inc., Geopath is a non-profit organization governed by “a tripartite board comprised of advertisers, agencies, and media companies.”

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USA: Ultravision International and Lighting Technologies Agree to Settle Patent Infringement Claims

Legal resolution results in new licensing fees for Ultravision

Ultravision International, a world-leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of LED displays and LED lighting, and American Lighting Technologies, Inc., dba Lighting Technologies, Inc., have reached a mutual agreement to resolve Ultravision v Lighting Technologies and dismiss two patent infringement litigations pending in the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

As part of the settlement, Ultravision agreed to license Lighting Technologies certain patents pertaining to LED lights for use in the billboard industry. Both companies currently offer a range of LED lighting products that provide for uniform illumination of outdoor billboards, reduced cost for operation, and increased longevity.

“We are pleased to resolve this patent infringement litigation and look forward to licensing Ultravision’s technology in LED lighting products to Lighting Technologies for their customers across the country,” said William Hall, CEO and co-founder of Ultravision International. “We intend to aggressively pursue any companies that infringe on our patents.”

Canada: BroadSign Successfully Completes SOC II and ISAE3402 Service Auditor Reports

Rigorous third-party audit ensures strict information security policies to protect customer data

BroadSign has announced that it has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) II and ISAE3402 audits. These audits set standards for security, availability, process integrity, confidentiality and privacy for SaaS and cloud-based companies.

As digital signage network operators increasingly leverage cloud services to store data, compliance ensures that service providers follow strict security policies and procedures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of their clients’ data.

“We are proud to lead the digital out-of-home industry in obtaining the SOC II and ISAE3402 Service Auditor Reports,” said Burr Smith, Chairman, CEO and President at BroadSign. “We have always emphasized internal security rigour, but the audit and certification provides the third-party verification that our customers want.”

Conducted by BDO Canada LLP, an independent, internationally recognized professional services firm, the auditors evaluated BroadSign’s internal controls for organization and administration, physical and environmental controls, information security, system development, client implementation, system availability and disaster recovery.

“BroadSign is showcasing its commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security and confidentiality amongst SaaS and cloud-based companies” said Carlo Mariglia, Partner, Advisory Services at BDO Canada LLP. “With the successful completion of the audit, BroadSign customers now have third-party verification that the security of their data meets the rigorous globally accepted standards.”

Security in the digital signage industry is important, especially given the public nature of the screens and the prominence of cloud-based services. In a recent survey conducted by BroadSign, security and reliability ranked amongst the top three concerns that digital signage media owners have for their networks


Australia: OOH creative bringing ideas to life

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has today announced the quarter two winners of its 2017 Creative Collection competition. The Creative Collection competition recognises and celebrates the most creative and innovative Out of Home (OOH) campaigns in Australia. Launched in 2013, the competition continues to gain momentum, with winners appearing in the biennial publication OPEN – an anthology of Outdoor creative from Australia and around the world. Campaigns are judged across the following categories:

  •  Best creative execution 
  •  Best use of a special build 
  •  Best use of technology/innovation 
  •  Best traditional use of the OOH medium

Quarter two attracted 36 submissions from OMA members including Adshel, APN Outdoor, goa, JCDecaux, oOh!media, Paradise Outdoor Advertising, TorchMedia and QMS Media.

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India: Why digital OOH matters now more than ever: Shriranga Sudhakara, Vyoma

It is recorded that once every decade, most industries undergo a transformation and facelift that is radical in nature. The transformation leads to organizations reassessing the way things are being done and imagine the possibilities. There are many examples that showcase innovation by using technology to disrupt markets, break through the clutter and leave a lasting impression.

Back in early 90s when the term ‘digital signage’ was accidentally coined in reference to a video wall in the UK, marketing pundits across the world may have envisioned a similar metamorphosis for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising landscape, which has now become a reality.

Rise of Digital OOH

With technology-driven innovation creating growth and improvement across industries, OOH has been no exception. From modest static signage, to the highly intuitive data-led intelligent digital screens, the outdoor advertising landscape, more specifically in India, has responded to the rapid advancements in technology albeit at its own pace. While it may not be inaccurate to suggest that the outdoor transformation journey has not been entirely smooth, the aspect of discovering innovation has never been compromised.

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Taiwan: Shuttle Announces Quividi Partnership to Bring Industry Standard Audience Analytics to its Digital Signage Players

Taipei, Taiwan- Shuttle announces its partnership with Quividi, the industry standard for Audience Analytics in digital signage, to offer Quividi-compatible digital signage players.

Created in 2006, Quividi provides a privacy protecting computer-vision technology that helps screen networks, retailers, and brands finely measure and classify their audience. The system determines, in real time, the number of viewers, broken down by demographics (age, gender), facial attributes (glasses, beard) and mood, as well as the opportunities to see, and the viewers' attention time. Retailers and brands can also design customer-engaging experiences, by contextually triggering content against Quividi’s real-time analytics (i.e. dynamically display a content on a screen if a customer is female, wearing glasses and/or smiling...).

Shuttle’s DH110 media player has been officially tested by Quividi, ensuring its full capability of running Quividi’s VidiReports software in a single screen/ single camera mode, as well as in a dual screen/ dual camera mode.

Built-around Intel® H110 chipset, Shuttle’s DH110 is a versatile, high-performance XPC slim which supports Intel® Skylake LGA1151 65W processors. With Intel® built-in HD graphics engine, the DH110 can support 4K UHD content playback on up to two screens via HDMI and DisplayPort. Featured with Shuttle’s exclusive heat-pipe cooling module with smart fan, the DH110 can run reliably cool and stable for a long time operation.

“Quividi provides digital signage networks with unique audience analytics, helping them optimize their communication and customer engagement,” said Andy Cheng, Sales Vice President, Shuttle, “The combination of Quividi’s affordable and easy-to-deploy audience measurement software with Shuttle strong processing performance XPC makes for a highly valuable offering to digital signage applications.”

"The partnership with Shuttle, a global leader with an extensive network of subsidiaries, resellers, partners, and suppliers, perfectly aligns with Quividi’s vision to bring computer-vision technology to every screen," said Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, CEO Quividi. “We are looking forward to designing with Shuttle new vertical applications”.

The 43mm form-factor of the DH110 is one of the powerful and scalable media player models of Shuttle XPC slim family. With VESA Mount capability and built-in USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RS232/422/485, and PS/2 interfaces, this allows broader connectivity options and more diverse applications to digital signage and kiosk.

The future of Shuttle and Quividi lies beyond the co-operation on the DH110 player. The two companies will build tighter links to continue in their endeavor to add value to digital signage customers.