FEPE OOH News 18th October 2018

FEPE OOH News 18th October 2018



UK: Third Deal In 3 Weeks To Create 'OOH Giant'

Global, Europe’s largest radio group, just bought another Euro Outdoor Advertising company, this time, Exterion Media.  It is the third OOH company Global has purchased in as many weeks.  Primesight and Outdoor Plus were the first two on 20 September.  

The addition of Exterion Media will give Global, now with a division named, Global Outdoor, nearly 35% of OOH share in the UK.  Exterion Media’s operations in Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Spain will expand Global’s reach in Europe. The buy places Global’s footprint in the famous London Tube.  JCDecaux is right up there with a similarly estimated 35% share, Clear Channel, about 18%, and Ocean Outdoor, under 10%.  

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UK: Global hits OOH big time with Exterion - but beware new competitors as posters become broadcast medium

Has Global, now one of the UK’s biggest media owners, overpaid for Exterion Media which handles the giant TfL London tube and trains poster contract?

Global is reckoned to have paid Platinum Equity £450m for Exterion, which also has other smaller out of home operations. Gideon Spanier in Campaign reckons Global pipped Ocean Outdoor to Exterion with a last minute bid. Global owns Global Radio, the UK’s biggest radio operator and recently bought out of home companies Outdoor Plus and Primesight for an estimated £300m.

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UK: BBH and St Luke's Communications take top prizes in Ocean's annual Digital Creative Competition

BBH and St Luke’s Communications have been awarded the top prizes in Ocean’s 9th digital creative competition for digital out-of-home concepts created for the furniture retailer Swoon and The National AIDS Trust.

BBH takes the top brand prize with Swoon – Obsessed, a stylish game which uses Ocean’s responsive screen technology to tap into peoples’ passion for great interior design pieces. The longer people stare at a chosen item of furniture on a screen, the greater their chances of winning it.

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Canada: Digital signage: the face of the smart city revolution

by Jody Smith, Product Manager at Broadsign.

Around the world, smart city projects are popping up with unique solutions to longstanding urban challenges. Some examples include streetlights that analyse the current traffic situation, maps that indicate available parking spaces and street kiosks that deliver city information in real time. These IoT devices and data feeds are the brains of a smart city, helping to acquire data, promote efficiency, and generate revenue for the governments. People, though, are at the heart of these projects, as the ultimate goal of a smart city is to better the lives of citizens.

To that end, cities are embracing technologies that entertain, inform and secure their citizens. This is done by connecting city infrastructure with personal devices such as mobile phones, connected cars and smart homes, as well as through digital signage. These digital signs are a key element of smart cities, as they are an efficient and interactive way to display relevant and timely information to the mass population. Digital screens also play a role in financing smart cities, with out-of-home ad revenue being the main way cities alleviate the hefty costs that come with the smart city infrastructure.

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USA: We Get You America: Outfront Media's Evolution and Reboost

By Jodi Senese

At Outfront, we've learned that our key to growth and evolution is listening to our audience.  Our audience is made up of some of the world's most forward-thinking brands, from leading tech innovators to national consumer brands.

Over the last four years, we've seen how brands' needs have evolved in the digital era, and our out-of-home (OOH) offerings have evolved with them.  While we once offered a blank canvas to deliver a brand's message, today we are taking that initial concept one step farther.  Outfront now provides brands with our creative studios, we are developing technology and Liveboard offerings, access to a variety of transportation and subway locations, and physical space for brands to tell their story and better connect to their audience.

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USA: Netflix goes into billboard business

Netflix Inc. may have modernized home entertainment with its streaming movies and television shows, but the company has turned to an old-fashioned method to promote them: billboards.

The streaming giant has quietly bought 18 or more of the outdoor advertising surfaces on the Sunset Strip, among the most valuable advertising real estate in the country, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Reports emerged earlier this year that Netflix was considering buying Regency Outdoor Advertising for $300 million, but Reuters reported in July that the company opted instead to buy part of the billboard business, focusing on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood in a deal worth tens of millions of dollars.

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USA: Digital out-of-home and privacy: a primer

Online advertising has long been a target for privacy advocates. Between activity tracking, ads that seem to follow you everywhere you go, and lingering fears that big data companies are reading emails or listening to conversations, there has been plenty of mistrust for online marketing. Not all of it is undeserved.

By virtue of the fact that digital out-of-home is in the category of digital marketing, it, too, has gained the suspicion of privacy advocates. Fortunately, DOOH audience data tracking is different from what is done online, meaning many of those concerns are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

DOOH’s “semi-anonymity,” explained

DOOH audience data is collected and stored in a state of semi-anonymity. This means that while audience data is tracked, no individual’s personal information is ever stored.

To illustrate the concept, here’s a comparison between online targeting and DOOH targeting.

Tim uses his phone to go to his favourite blog, and he sees an ad for a new laptop. After clicking on the ad, he’s sent to an online retailer’s website. He then browses the retailer’s site, looking at a number of different products before closing his window.

These activities are all logged and transmitted to online advertisers, who, among other things, now know:

  •     That Tim was on his favourite blog
  •     That he saw and clicked on an ad for a laptop
  •     What he looked at after clicking on the ad

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Australia: Game On: APN Outdoor Celebrates The Invictus Games

With the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 less than a week away, APN Outdoor has unveiled the next phase of its marketing campaign to promote the Games.

APN Outdoor has launched digital billboards in each state displaying a daily countdown to the start of the Invictus Games this Saturday, plus billboards promoting ticket sales and television coverage of the Games on the ABC.

At the same time, APN Outdoor and Sydney Airport have joined forces to use key internal digital sites at the airport terminals this week to run a video welcoming Invictus Games competitors to Sydney.

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Australia: APN Outdoor shareholders give thumbs up for JCDecaux takeover

APN Outdoor Group shareholders have voted in favour of the company’s takeover by global marketing giant JCDecaux, agreeing to a $1.119 billion acquisition that will change the landscape of Australian outdoor advertising.

Investors in the billboard company will receive $6.70 a share by the end of the month, including a 30c special dividend payable by APN and scheme consideration of $6.40 a share paid by JCDecaux ANZ. In total, 99.93 per cent of votes were cast in favour of the acquisition.


South Africa: Primedia Outdoor offers holiday package on Rank TV to celebrate festive season

With the holiday shopping season upon us, Primedia Outdoor has announced a promotional package on its digital Rank TV network, allowing clients the opportunity to reach commuters on their path to purchase journey during the festive season.

As part of this package, clients will receive 32 TV spots for a 30-second commercial per day during the months of October, November and January – with 64 spots in December. The package is designed to deliver optimal exposure amongst a large audience in a captivating environment, frequently.

The commuter market is South Africa’s single biggest market, comprising approximately 15.2 million people who use taxis as a mode of transport during a normal week (TGISA 2017C, Urban sample). Moreover, the Upinion Mobile Research 2017 study depicts that 79% of commuters are the main shoppers in their household, making the final buying decision. In addition, 88% of commuters notice advertising in taxi ranks with 6 out of 10 noticing Rank TV, and are likely to buy products seen advertised on the same day. Rank TV therefore offers a unique ability to influence and encourage purchases.

Primedia Outdoor’s Rank TV network is strategically placed across 15 taxi ranks nationally, in close proximity to essential shopping hubs, and serves as a key touchpoint in maintaining top-of-mind awareness along commuters’ path to purchase journey.

Commenting on the Rank TV offering, Peter Lindstrom, Sales Executive of Primedia Outdoor said, “The temporariness of this discount will give our clients the ideal opportunity to maximise their reach, considering that the Rank TV network has a strong media presence in 15 different locations across South Africa”. He added, “Rank TV as a media platform unlocks a host of opportunities to encourage price and product promotions cost-effectively and proves to be impactful in connecting brands with commuters”.

Sapoa takes on Joburg over outdoor advertising

The SA Property Owners’ Association (Sapoa) is taking the City of Johannesburg to the high court on Monday and Tuesday over new outdoor advertising bylaws it says are onerous and target private property owners for specific fiscal penalties not applicable to council land.

Sapoa CEO Neil Gopal said at an annual media breakfast on Friday that the organisation needed to intervene on behalf of its members. Sapoa has about 1,000 members, including real estate companies, architects, quantity surveyors and property service providers.

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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi signs deal with global urban services provider

The Abu Dhabi Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities (DPM) signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a French firm for the delivery of urban services that will contribute towards a sustainable urban environment in Abu Dhabi.

Falah Al Ahbabi, chairman of the DPM, and Jean-Charles Decaux, chairman of the executive board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, signed the MoU in the presence of Ludovic Pouille, the French Ambassador to the UAE, said a press release issued by the DPM on Sunday.

The collaboration between DPM and JCDecaux, the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world, focuses on research and development that will help enhance the quality of life of residents.

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Dubai: JCDecaux signs 10-year extension to exclusive advertising contract with Dubai Airports Dubai International

JCDecaux SA has announced that its subsidiary JCDecaux Dicon will place the world’s leading international airport Dubai International (DXB) at the forefront of an airport advertising revolution after extending its contract with Dubai Airports until 2028. Building upon a successful collaboration that began in 2008, this new phase of the partnership, signed today in Dubai, covers all the exclusive advertising concessions at DXB.

To support Dubai Airports in its strategic ambitions, JCDecaux will implement an in-depth media transformation plan, including the introduction of iconic digital media opportunities, which will elevate the passenger experience while offering an unbeatable communications platform for brands. JCDecaux will deliver state-of-the-art LED screens and other advertising opportunities located across the airport’s three terminals and four concourses, including a curved digital screen of 70 sq.m and eTrees offering interactive communication. Committed to engaging passengers in the world’s busiest international airport, JCDecaux will deliver enriching and uplifting experiences, that will transform the concourse - making DXB a destination in its own right.

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India: Indira Gandhi International Airport Tackles First-Ever LED Project

Tim Delhi Airport Advertising (TIMDAA) raised its first-ever LED projects at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in Delhi by installing 50 square meters of LED at three vantage locations, targeting 100 percent of the traffic at Delhi Airport. This includes four-sided iconic pillars and two big, eye-catching displays that lend a competitive edge in terms of technology, passenger targeting and maximized revenue.

The current state of the Indian out-of-home industry is a turning point. Advertisers are embracing DOOH slowly and steadily. Since the policies are changing, a big shift from static OOH to DOOH is in place. India is one of the markets where the spending capacity of brands is huge compared to other matured markets; hence we expect that DOOH will take the Indian OOH industry by storm.

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