FEPE OOH News 1st November 2018

FEPE OOH News 1st November 2018



Twitter to appear for the first time on Piccadilly Lights

Iconic site will show giant hashtags and branded content.

Twitter is making its debut on London's Piccadilly Lights with a series of gigantic hashtags, user-focused brand images and a promotion for the upcoming final season of Netflix's House of Cards that take over the entire outdoor site.

Going live today (29 October), an opening sequence will feature brand imagery targeted at Twitter users, while from 2 November there will be a marketing push for House of Cards. Twitter will use the digital out-of-home campaign to highlight trending topics, news and "cultural moments" that feature on its platform, balancing commercial content with user-generated material.

The DOOH activity will run intermittently on the London landmark's ad hoardings over the coming months and into the new year.

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UK: DOOH and connected TV 'will encourage' advertisers to shift money back into brand-building

Marketers will invest more in brand-building, rather than short-term performance, as established media channels such as out-of-home and TV become digitised. 

That’s according to a report by Work Research for OOH company JCDecaux that claims many marketers are still overinvesting in short-term activation such as search and social media, and the report identifies what it calls a "brand gap" because of underinvestment in brand-building.

Justin Gibbons (pictured, below), founding partner of Work Research and co-author of The Brand Gap report, said most marketers are familiar with IPA research from Les Binet and Peter Field that found brands should maintain a 60/40 split between brand-building and short-term direct response to deliver long-term growth, but they are failing to heed that advice.

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UK: Westfield London Awards Major Digital Interactive Advertising Display Contract to Trueform

Trueform is to deploy over 170 interactive digital advertising display screens & pods throughout Westfield’s flagship London shopping centre at White City

Comprising a range of 49”, 55” and 75” digital displays in iconically designed pod housings, the new digital displays will form an important part of Westfield’s £600 million retail expansion that is to be launched in March 2018. The extension will consolidate Westfield London’s position as a world-leading retail and entertainment destination, featuring the best in fashion, dining, leisure, events, services and technology with the customer experience at the heart.

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Russia: Tom Goddard & Annie Rickard awarded by OOH Congress Awards in St-Petersburg 2018

The 10th International OOH Congress in St. Petersburg that gathered the record number of 380 delegates from 14 countries and 40 cities, not only became a platform for effective business communication – but also acknowledged the most outstanding industry achievements at the All-Russian OOH Awards 2018.

However, apart from the winners in 4 nominations that were selected by the Russian Grand OOH Board, the choice of the best performance was given to the audience. According to the delegates voting via Congress Mobile App the prize for the Best Presentation went to Annie Rickard, global ex-president of Posterscope, who delivered a fantastic keynote speech «OOH Transformation & Evolution. Best cases».

Tom Goddard, FEPE President was rewarded with special Support & Co-operation Award presented to FEPE International by the Congress Organizers. It underlines the importance of the global co-operation & information exchange. In fact, Tom Goddard was the first international headliner to attend the Russian Congress back in 2006 when he headed CBS Outdoor. «We’re honored that Tom made time to attend the anniversary event in St. Petersburg & share his insights on the industry strategy & development. On behalf of the Russian industry we appreciate co-operation & information exchange that has become possible thanks to FEPE International», - says Alexander Epin, CEO, TMG.

The Award for Contribution to the Industry Development was presented to Alexander Menchuk, First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Information Policy of Moscow Region.

TNT project with augmented reality effect on the bus shelter implemented by Russ Outdoor rightfully won the Technologies and Innovation Award.

Burger King project (trolling of McDonald’s) of Kleiber agency was acknowledged in Creative of the year nomination that was presented under the aegis of Sostav.ru portal & Igor Kirikchi, BBDO Moscow CEO. 

Advertising campaign of MCС metro branding for Hyundai realized by LAYSA was chosen as Project of the Year.

The Congress is organized by TMG, co-organized by NAVC.

Photo report is available on the web site oohcongress.ru and in Facebook:



For any information on the event please contact Jane Baranova jane.baranova@tmg-russia.ru


USA: DPAA Announces Creation of WE.DOOH Initiative, Women's Leadership and Empowerment Program for Digital Out-of-Home Industry

Global Program Offers Personal Development, Executive Training, Networking and Other Support Activities
In his opening remarks at his organization’s annual Video Everywhere Summit, DPAA President & CEO Barry Frey announced today the creation of an initiative designed to aid and empower women in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry.
Called WE.DOOH™ (Women’s Empowerment for the Digital Out-Of-Home Industry), the initiative will provide a wide range of activities, including personal development programs, educational webinars, networking events and other support services.
Frey said, “In recent years DPAA membership has grown from 28 companies to more than 130, and our entire industry has grown rapidly as well. With growth and influence comes responsibility. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that women are given equal opportunity to advance and lead, especially in light of the many executive positions that will emerge as a result of our industry’s ascendance. WE.DOOH’s goals are to drive personal development, career growth, bonding and executive training, thereby empowering women in the digital out-of-home industry. This is an exciting and extremely important initiative for all of us.”
WE.DOOH (www.we-dooh.com), run by DPAA, has retained Jennifer Willey, global gender equality expert and CEO/Founder of Advance Women at Work, a division of Wet Cement, to consult on the program.    
Open to employees of DPAA-member companies, the first WE.DOOH event will be a live training session, focused on “How to Build Your Personal Board of Directors.” This digital event will allow WE.DOOH members to participate from any location across the globe. To register for the first WE.DOOH webinar event on November 15, visit www.we-dooh.com.

Willey said, “I am honored to join DPAA in its mission to empower women and encourage a more inclusive environment to ensure that the very best talent – regardless of gender – leads the way into the very exciting future.”
The setting for today’s announcement, DPAA’s annual Video Everywhere Summit, is a highlight of New York Digital Signage Week (Oct. 29-Nov. 2). Attending the event are more than 900 delegates representing brands, agencies, DOOH networks, ad tech, mobile/location companies, data firms and others from the full spectrum of multi-screen advertising. The Video Everywhere Summit is the largest one-day event dedicated to multi-screen engagement, mobile/location data and the role of DOOH advertising in today’s fast evolving media ecosystem.

USA: Ayuda Media Systems and Blip Announce Partnership at NYDSW

Ayuda Media Systems, the leading business software provider for out-of-home advertisers, and Blip, North America’s most successful marketplace for driving new, incremental revenue to digital billboard operators, formally announced their partnership today. With the integration recently completed, established OOH operator Jones Outdoor shares its experience as the first Ayuda client to benefit from the incremental digital demand that Blip has generated and successfully executed on Jones’ digital billboard inventory via the Ayuda Platform’s CMS & player.

Jones Outdoor’s Sales Director Christine Rutchik, shares: As a 5+ year customer of Ayuda, running most of my daily sales operations on Ayuda’s platform, including the CMS and player, I was thrilled when they asked me to be the charter client to benefit from their partnership with Blip. I know many media owners who have benefited greatly from Blip; and I am proud to say that, through Ayuda, I am now able to seamlessly allocate and sell any unsold inventory in the Blip Marketplace as well. We are now bringing in new revenue from small businesses whose budgets don’t allow for a traditional buy, but who can benefit from reaching their audience at specific times and places within their budgets. The best part is how it all gets seamlessly scheduled to Jones’ boards through the integration with Blip, allowing us to continue with business as usual.

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USA: 3 way driverless cars will change OOH

Driverless cars are coming. The question is no longer if, but when. Whether the first breakthrough model comes from Google or Tesla or Ford, they’re well on their way. Once this happens, what impact will it have on the out-of-home industry? Here are three ways that driverless cars will change OOH.

Billboard Restrictions Lifted

Most municipalities currently have restrictions on OOH for fear of distracted driving. Outdoor ads can only be so bright. They can only be so large. They can only move so much. These restrictions exist because of legitimate safety concerns. While they may keep people safe now, they’ll have no place in the future where cars drive themselves.

This means OOH will be bigger and brighter than ever. Designs will be allowed to incorporate full motion and movement. We’ll likely get those giant holograms we’ve seen in the movies for years. Instead of being limited so they don’t attract all of our attention, they’ll now be trying their best to dazzle us.

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Australia: OMA launches school mapping tool to prevent promotion of alcohol to minors

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) will switch on a tool to ensure advertisements related to products like alcohol do not appear near primary and secondary schools.

Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure (MOVE)’s newest tool compares the GPS location of an outdoor sign with PSMA data to ensure all campaigns within 150 metres of a school are 100% compliant and brand safe.

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UAE: Campaign Middle East's UAE OOH Guide 2018-19

Welcome to Campaign Middle East‘s second annual Out-of-Home Guide. Here you will find essential details about key suppliers in the UAE Out-of-home market, along with insight and intelligence, and a map of prime OOH properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Download the guide here

Download the guide here


Singapore: Clear Channel moves closer to programmatic OOH in Asia Pacific with launch of Play+

Clear Channel Singapore has launched a new goal-based technology to help brands buy digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisements as it continues to work to make programmatic OOH a reality.

Named Play+ and powered by Lexi, an audience understanding video analytics system, the technology enables the measurement of ‘views’, which are the number of people who has viewed the advertisement and ‘footfall’, the number of people within bus shelters.

Brands are also able to select ‘add-ons’ that include selecting bus shelters in the central business district or heartlands and increased share of carousel to 20 or 30 seconds. They also have the option of a bespoke solution tailored to the advertisers’ need such as a full buy-out, specific sites or a fully interactive PlayLive! solution.

Brand advertisers today are demanding higher accountability and quantifiable goals. Play+ will allow for advertisers to buy guaranteed goals and not just locations; to deliver campaigns from one week to just one day; and increased flexibility where advertisers will have a suite of add-on solutions to choose from.

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China: China-based AirMedia signs agreements with multiple Chinese airlines

China-based out-of-home advertising platform operator AirMedia Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AMCN) has announced that Beijing Yuehang Tianyi Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company, has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Qingdao Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, and Yunnan Hongtu Airlines, the company said.

The Agreements with the airlines outlined detailed plans to establish collaborations ranging from the deployment of Wi-Fi systems onboard airplanes, operational management of air-to-ground satellite communications, development and management of air-to-ground Internet platforms, operational management of in-flight multimedia entertainment and other emerging value-added in-flight Internet services.

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India: Advertisers protest against ban on hoardings in Bengaluru

Members of the Outdoor Advertising Association, Bengaluru, gathered at Town Hall on Thursday to protest against the blanket ban on hoardings and flexes in Bengaluru. The association, which is represented by various media outlet owners, agency employees, painters, electricians and various others involved in the outdoor advertising agency, have also submitted a memorandum regarding the issue to Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

Association president S M Javad, said, “The advertisement bylaw 2006 is comprehensive. However, the now proposed BBMP Outdoor Signage and Public Messaging Bylaw 2018 is incomplete and not suitable for Bengaluru. The industry wants to continue with the existing 2006 bylaw with the addition of advertisement tax, which was subsumed after GST. We want the government to allow legal hoardings in the city, thus saving lakhs of people in the industry from being unemployed.”

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