FEPE OOH News 21st September 2017

FEPE OOH News 21st September 2017



UK: Primesight’s advertising contract with BT’s payphones in Northern Ireland goes live

Primesight have announced that the BT advertising contract in Northern Ireland has gone live today. With over 1,100 payphones and 220 BT6 faces, the inclusion of Northern Ireland into the rest of the UK BT estate is a first for the contract and further cements Primesight’s expansion into new markets and environments.

Coupled with the 18,000 payphones and 2,250 BT6 faces on the UK mainland, the addition of the BT advertising contract showcases Primesight’s broad national coverage in small format, generating over 90% coverage of the UK’s population.

Keith Lammie, regional director at Primesight said: ‘this fantastic addition to our every expanding portfolio is hugely exciting for us in a year where we’ve established ourselves as No. 1 for coverage and No. 1 for billboards across the UK.

We’ve listened to the market and know that offering clients the static inventory that forms the backbone of their brand building efforts is key to their success.’


UK: Digital Out-of-Home now reaching nearly half of UK population

The Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising market now delivers over 1.3 billion weekly viewed impressions, with JCDecaux contributing 637 million, according to the latest data release from OOH industry audience currency, Route.

Digital is revolutionising the industry, providing limitless creative scope for targeting audiences with DOOH’s dynamic, innovative and interactive solutions. This growth in digital is largely facilitated by the high simplicity, high impact format of portrait screens (9x16 and 2x3), which allows creative copy to transition between mobile and DOOH seamlessly. Portrait format currently delivers a total of 80% of weekly viewed digital impressions.

As part of its mission to reach #onebillioneyeballs per week, JCDecaux has made a number of significant additions to its digital portrait screens in key locations, including the launch of the National Towers Channel as well as digital upgrades to the London Waterloo Gateline Channel.

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France: JCDecaux wins the smart street furniture and self-service bike rental contract for Lyon Métropole

JCDecaux has announced that following a competitive tender, it has won the 15 year smart street furniture and self-service bike rental contract for Lyon Métropole (population: 1.3 million).

This contract covers the design, installation, upkeep and maintenance of: 2,530 bus shelters, 640 city information panels (CIPs), 150 of which are 8m² and 490 of which are 2m² panels 5,000 self-service bikes and 428 Vélo'v stations. This smart street furniture has been designed to facilitate and encourage soft mobility, in line with Lyon Métropole's policy. Specifically, 1,500 of these street furniture items will allow users to access the "Info Grand Lyon" app and view on their smartphone information around active mobilities (guidance, mapping and marked routes) in addition to available public transit options in the Métropole.

Furthermore, several hundred street furniture panels will display active mobilities maps and 120 of the 2m² CIPs will include information on marked pedestrian routes. Each street furniture item installed by JCDecaux will therefore become a connection and communication point, offering unprecedented mobility services and information.

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Ireland: John McGee: Digital's boost for great outdoors is sign of times

A little bit of advertising history was made last month when the world's first 3D robotic advertising billboard was unveiled on the iconic Times Square, the midtown-Manhattan shrine to the thriving out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry.

Consisting of 1,760 independently moving LED screens, the 68ft-tall billboard belongs to Coca-Cola, a brand that boasts a 100-year presence on Times Square which has a daily footfall of over 300,000 people.

Such is the lure of Times Square to brands, that it costs anything between $1m-$4m a year to advertise there. While Coca Cola certainly tops the charts in terms of cut-through, companies like Toshiba, Anheuser-Busch, Dunkin' Donuts and Sony swear by their investment in its costly, but alluring, advertising inventory.

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UK: It's all about 'data, data, data' in out of home advertising says Maxus creative director

As data is increasingly being used to inform out of home campaigns, digital is making small leaps in terms of the way it is bought — and changing in respect of its capabilities to help inform the creative message.

Jen Smith, global creative director at Maxus spoke to The Drum ahead of her appointment as a judge for the Creative Out Of Home Awards on how data trends are invigorating the out-of-home (OOH) industry and the prospects of location tracking when it comes to balancing out the ethics.

What do you think the key trends are right now?

Data, data, data! Everybody has gotten excited about all the data feeds that can now feed into out-of-home posters. Everyone is excited by what is possible with data, programmatically via their outdoor campaign.

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USA: Hurricane Response Shows Speed and Reach of Out of Home Media

By Nancy Fletcher, President & CEO at Outdoor Advertising Association of America Response to back-to-back hurricanes showcased the speed and reach of today’s out of home (OOH) media.

In Florida, the well-organized state outdoor advertising association sent multiple, localized emergency templates for digital billboards BEFORE the storm.

Here’s what happened inside the OOH industry as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida.

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Canada: OMAC Members Reinvest $24 Million in Canadian Communities

In 2016, over 120 Canadian non-profit organizations and charities across Canada benefited from free advertising space totalling over $24 million dollars that was contributed by OMAC’s OOH members.

“The support provided by the OOH companies is vital for these organizations as it helps to raise awareness of specific causes and assists in fundraising, empowers youth and supports arts and culture,” said Rosanne Caron, President; OMAC.

The 2016 Community Report highlights several campaigns including Cure Foundation, Hema-Quebec, Myseum of Toronto, Unity Charity, Crime Stoppers, Centraide, Water Aid Canada and Fraser Health.

To view the Community Report please click here.

Canada: Lamar Advertising Company wins ten-year advertising contract at Ontario International

Lamar Advertising Company has been awarded a ten-year exclusive advertising concession for Southern California’s Ontario International Airport.

The out of home media company will launch a comprehensive airport advertising programme which will include indoor and outdoor advertising displays within Terminals 2 and 4. It will also cover airport parking venues and new billboard signage on airport property. New advertising opportunities will include in-terminal airport advertising displays.

These are digital displays in concourses and baggage claims, backlit tension fabric signs and banners, sponsorships, marketing and branding packages, wallscapes and floor-mounted displays.

Advertising displays outside airport terminals include wallscapes, branded welcome signs and light pole banners.

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USA: Male on hurricanes, tech, mobile and increasing yields

Outfront CEO Jeremy Male addressed the Goldman Sachs Communacopia on Wednesday. Here are the highlights from the Seeking Alpha transcript. You can listen to Male’s talk on Events page of the Outfront Website.

On the impact of the hurricanes Harvey and Irma:

So, as we look around, we were very fortunate in Texas and Houston. We only lost one board — we hurricane proofed a number of boards in the early 2000s, which has obviously helped significantly. In Florida… we were around 35 boards down, we still haven’t got all the way down to Keys so there will be more boards down there. But it’s going to be I would guess somewhere between 35 and 100, something like that… So, the total capital cost associated with that… is not going to be much more $1-1.5 million…one of the reasons that we have so few boards down out of the thousands of boards we have in the region, is that we take down the copy, so that it doesn’t form a windbreak. So, we take down all the copy before on the exposed board and then we put it back up once the hurricane has passed through…So, we lose some display time there between the up and the down… but I would guess, it’s maybe a couple of million dollars of revenue, something like that we may be exposed to.

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USA: Reilly on revenues, hurricanes, who likes digital and who doesn’t

Lamar CEO Sean Reilly gave a terrific presentation at the recent Goldman Sachs Cornucopia Conference. You can read the entire interview at Seeking Alpha. You can listen to the audio webcast here Some highlights from the Seeking Alpha transcript:

On why the out of home industry is growing by only 1% this year versus a historic norm of 3%:

I think this year, given how much political came in last year, I think it’s playing a role in that. For us, in the back half, it’s going to cost us about 1% of what would otherwise be organic growth. So, if we had the political this year and haven’t had such a large political leap year last year, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation.

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USA: Havas Media Imports Its Global OOH Unit To The U.S.

Havas Media has unveiled its out-of-home division Adcity in the U.S., following its rollout in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Media and OOH advertising veteran Alissa Ananieva has been tapped to run the U.S. operation as director. She’s been in the post since May, leading preparations for the rollout here. Previously, Ananieva was director of growth programs at UK OOH media company Exterion Media, where she led the adoption of automated and programmatic trading.

Earlier, she worked at Telefonica Digital, investment bank MESA and Merrill Lynch. The shop’s U.S. operation will be based in New York and will be aligned with Havas Media here to serve U.S. clients.

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Canada: OUTFRONT Media's Canadian Business Launches Out-of-Home Analytics Platform

OUTFRONT Media Inc. has announced that its Canadian business launched an out-of-home analytics platform in Canada.

The platform is powered by national cellular network data and technology under an exclusive Canadian agreement with Cellint (www.cellint.com), and provides anonymously aggregated analytical data of consumers passing directionally by OUTFRONT's digital billboard locations in key Canadian markets, under an agreement with Manifold Data Mining Inc. The platform also provides hourly impression numbers for these billboards, as well as the percentage of unique and repeat impressions.

"Our relationships with Cellint and Manifold are hugely advantageous to OUTFRONT Media Canada and demonstrate our commitment to the advancement of our digital assets and technological offerings in Canada. We are the first out-of-home company in Canada to use data to define audiences reached by our digital assets versus those living around them, which is the current industry standard. These true line-of-sight analytics can provide advertisers with better targeting and a more robust understanding of the geographical reach of a single digital billboard location or grouping of locations," said Michele Erskine, CEO – Canada.

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Australia: goa launches community partnership for Queensland charities

Community organisations in South East Queensland could get part of a million dollars of outdoor advertising space in out of home advertising space being donated in goa’s community partnership program, the company has announced.

Queensland outdoor media provider goa are once again welcoming applications from community organizations far and wide looking to share their message with South East Queensland via THE goa GRID and THE ICONIC SERIES, Australia’s most advanced digital billboard network.

Each year, goa chooses a number of community organizations through their Community Partnership Program to partner with and share in a whopping $1million worth of free media space. The program is an opportunity for community organizations to think creatively to execute a campaign that engages with an audience of over 500,000 people in South East Queensland every day.

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