FEPE OOH News 25th October 2018

FEPE OOH News 25th October 2018



UK: The digitisation of OOH and TV - The answer to 'The Brand Gap'?

As the two brand-building broadcast media of TV and OOH continue to digitise, ‘The Brand Gap’ predicts a new era for media, delivering a balance of branding and activation. Download the Brand Gap report here
In a new report from Work Research, media agencies cite the media that is ‘on the up’ as: Online Video (52%), VOD (46%) and Social Media (43%), with DOOH (74%) the highest of all.  Download the Brand Gap report here

Unveiled at JCDecaux’s Upfronts, ‘The Brand Gap’ explores the gap between what brands know and how they behave and while Binet and Field’s 60:40 (brand: activation) ratio is widely noted, the pressure of the short-term makes this hard to achieve.  The Brand Gap suggests that the digitisation of the big broadcast media may be the answer, enabling activation and branding to be achieved by OOH and TV.

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UK: Interview with Jean-Christophe Conti, CEO, VIOOH

“Many industries have been disrupted by OTT strategies, but it is a winning bet for marketers to always start their thinking process from consumer behavior.”

Tell us about your role and journey into technology. What made you join VIOOH?

I have spent the majority of my career in the technology and advertising field, most recently as VP in charge of the Publisher Business Unit for EMEA at AppNexus and VP of Global Partnerships at Yahoo. 

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Spain: Exterior Plus acquires Impactmedia and becomes leader of DOOH in Spain

Exterior Plus enters in shopping mall business with the acquisition of Impactmedia, the company number one in mall advertising in Spain with an estimated audience of 630 million visitors shared among 91 malls. For Exterior Plus, this operation is a big step forward, and sets the company as a leader in digital outdoor advertising, with a highly competitive portfolio and reaching many different target audiences.

Current shopping malls are real cities, icons of modernity and social coexistence where very different audiences spend their leisure time. Impactmedia is a well-known leader in digital advertising and ambient marketing in malls. It is remarkable their digital network with more than 1.200 screens throughout Spain. In addition to that, they have recently added Carrefour supermarkets to their portfolio, installing more than 700 new screens which will impact more than 180 million annual visitors. With this acquisition, Exterior Plus guarantees a relevant commercial presence at retail areas, a key factor demanded by the market.

Exterior Plus owns more than 25.000 advertising panels in Spain. Including the shopping malls, Exterior Plus commercializes more than 1.600 digital screens. Besides, it’s an growth opportunity in an area where real time communication, content delivery, omnichannel strategies and interactivity are becoming more an more important for advertisers.

“Impactmedia is a great company, leader in its area and fits perfectly in our business plan, enrichens our offer with and added value for our clients”, says Pablo González Ayala, CEO of Exterior Plus.

Exterior Plus is a company part of the HIG Capital’s portfolio.

UK: What is an API in OOH?


Connectivity is an amazing thing. We live in a world where everything is connected, where we can purchase, post or plan anything with the tap of a button.

But how does this work?

How do platforms written in different coding languages, calling things different names, and formatting data differently send and receive information they both understand? Furthermore, as each pursues its own agenda how do you keep up with changes, at scale, to keep the conversation flowing?

The answers lie in just three letters. API.

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Czech Republic and Romania: Minority Report-inspired billboards will target shoppers with tailored ads

A pair of entrepreneurs who were inspired by the film Minority Report have signed a deal to roll out their futuristic billboard technology across Europe.

Abdul Alim and Shaz Mughal launched Bidooh in 2014 after watching computerised billboards adjust and personalise content for Tom Cruise’s character in the 2002 sci- film.

Taking inspiration from Hollywood, the Manchester-based pair then spent 18 months of their spare time "locked away in their garage, building what they believe to be the worlds first dynamically changing personalised billboard screen."

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UK: US and UK join up to tackle ad fraud, a $50 billion problem

The U.S. and U.K. are working together to tackle ad fraud, a huge problem for brands that has meant they are potentially wasting billions of dollars online.

Companies that buy advertising programmatically via automated systems that involve numerous online processes between ad exchanges and publishers, are at risk of having their ads "clicked" on by bots instead of humans. It's a problem that the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) estimates could cost businesses $50 billion by 2025, and is one of the easiest and most lucrative forms of digital crime, according to a 2016 report from Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

Online publishers have even had bots create fake versions of their websites, meaning marketers pay for advertising that nobody sees.

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USA: Do Billboards Speak?

By Nancy Fletcher OAAA President and CEO

Do billboards “speak?”

Yes, said a judge in Cincinnati who invalidated the city’s new targeted tax on billboards.

After six days of testimony, Common Pleas Court Judge Curt C. Hartman issued an injunction October 17 that blocked Cincinnati’s billboard tax. Billboards communicate speech, and, therefore, should not be singled out for unique taxation, the judge said.

On June 27, Cincinnati’s City Council voted 6-3 to impose a 7 percent tax on billboards or a calculation based on square footage, whichever is greater. Norton Outdoor Advertising and Lamar Advertising Company sued the city on constitutional grounds.

Lawyers who represented Norton and Lamar will explain the case in detail at the OAAA Legal Seminar on November 14 in New York City.

This article breaks down key arguments in the case:

Do billboards speak?

The city said they do not.

“The rental of billboards to show messages on behalf of paying clients may thus be distinguished as a commercial transaction that does not involve fundamental rights,” the city said in its 43-page court brief.

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Canada: COMMB hires DOmedia for OOH planning software

COMMB has hired DOmedia, a leading technology company, to develop new software that will be used to manage OOH audience data and provide a new analytics suite for agency, advertiser and OOH company members.

“COMMB is currently testing a new measurement methodology for outdoor and street level formats that will produce comprehensive audience information at the face level,” commented Rosanne Caron, President of COMMB. “There are plans to integrate the enhanced dataset into a new analytics suite that will include all of the indoor and outdoor formats measured by COMMB.”

While COMMB members currently have access to market level planning tools, the new analytics suite will offer users detailed audience information at the face level with mapping capabilities and a project briefing interface to facilitate and streamline the planning of OOH campaigns. COMMB buyer and seller members are actively involved in the software development to ensure that the analytics suite meets their needs.

“COMMB is really leading the way for the OOH industry,” said Ken Sahlin, CEO of DOmedia. “We’re very happy to be working with them and coming up with new ways to push this global industry forward.”

USA: Will smart cities mean smarter out of home?

By 2021, digital will account for more than half of all US advertising spend, with mobile accounting for almost 80% of all digital spend. Identified by eMarketer, this trend has led some to regard location as the cookie of the digitally integrated world.

This is due to the diminished ability of advertisers, hamstrung by legislation such as GDPR, to use established data points such as cookies to target media placements.

However, increases in the amount of digital signage on the market, along with developments in artificial intelligence, have prompted many to speculate that out-of-home (OOH) media may be the latest format to benefit from the digital revolution.

The eMarketer report cited above suggests that OOH’s share of overall ad spend will soon drop. However, an increasing number of alliances between digital outfits, and names more traditionally associated with the outdoor sector, aim to address this.

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USA: Behind the Billboards: For Freedoms on the 50 State Initiative

Last week, artists Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman launched the 50 State Initiative, a campaign to bring 52 artist-designed billboards bearing thought-provoking messages to all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. It’s the most recent project by For Freedoms, a non-partisan platform devoted to promoting civic engagement, discourse, and direct action through art founded by Thomas and Gottesman in 2016.

Harnessing the scale and ubiquity of the billboard as a vehicle for public art, Thomas and Gottesman—whose individual art practices engage with themes of identity, politics, and popular culture—hope to spark open civic dialogue about freedom and equality

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Australia: Steve O'Connor appointed CEO of merged JC Decaux and APN Outdoor business

JCDecaux has announced its Australian CEO, Steve O’Connor, will assume leadership of the merged JC Decaux and APN Outdoor businesses in the region.

The news comes just hours after APN CEO James Warburton announced he would be stepping down from the company following the completion of JCDecaux’s acquisition.
On Monday, APN Outdoor shareholders resoundingly approved the $1.2bn offer by French out-of-home giant JC Decaux to acquire the business.

The acquisition of APN Outdoor and O’Connor’s appointment will be effective from October 31.

Steve O’Connor, CEO of JCDecaux Australia said: “I am excited to be assuming the expanded role of CEO at a time when the out-of-home industry is experiencing rapid change and growth. The combination of our two businesses will result in increased investment in product innovation and technology, enabling us to further roll out our digitisation strategy more widely.

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Australia: Sydney Airport sports largest building wrap in Australia

Sydney Airport has partnered with digital out of home company Wideopen Platform to unveil Australia’s largest building wrap billboard.

The building wrap spanning 1957 square metres covers the entire western face of the Airport’s T1 International multi-storey car park. According to Sydney Airport, the out-of-home (OOH) installation is currently the largest of its kind in Australia.

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Australia: OOH bucks the traditional media trend

The rapid growth of online media in the past decade has seen “traditional” media – television, print, radio and Out of Home (OOH) – lose some of its once lustrous reputation in the marketing industry. Yet one of those traditional media, OOH has been able to buck the trend and reinvent itself in the digital era. And in doing so it has increased its audiences, and revenues.

OMA, the OOH advertising industry body in Australia, recently announced the sector’s eighth consecutive year of revenue growth. As it edges closer to being a $1 billion annual industry, just over 47 per cent of that revenue is now in digital billboards and signs. oOh!media, one of the biggest players, now has more than 8,000 of its 20,000 sites digitised, delivering 64 percent of its revenue. With its recently completed $570m purchase of Adshel from HT&E, that will only increase.

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Australia: CMO interview: Tackling transformation of APN and out-of-home advertising

It’s been one hell of a year for APN’s general manager of marketing, Charlotte Valente.

Having gained an executive-level leadership position earlier this year at the out-of-home player, she’s cemented a complete brand relaunch, taken the company’s first in-house data and insights offering, Dn’A, to market, overseen changes to the marketing team and its go-to-market strategy, and innovated the way marketing collaborates across the organisation.

Now, with APN shareholders officially approving the $1.2 billion acquisition of the business by French out-of-home giant, JCDecaux, the Australian OOH player is set to experience even more transformation and change.

While the team waited for the JCDecaux’s takeover to be finalised, CMO took the opportunity to catch up with Valente to talk career, transformation of the APN business in 2018, and how data and audience personalisation is changing the nature of how outdoor advertising is sold.

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OOH Industry Snapshot by Habib Wehbe, CEO, Hypermedia

What effect will technology have on the OOH market?

One of the most exciting aspects about technology and the reach of OOH is the ability to better target specific sub groups. For example, thanks to facial recognition, digital mall signages can now match ads to the appropriate gender and age. This can greatly affect the successful reach for brands, while also connecting interested parties to products and brands. There is also more versatility and flexibility with a digital screen in terms of content; you can upload a new ad much quicker and incorporate several ads on the same OOH outlet. And while static displays still carry a high success rate, digital media in malls and other spaces really stand out above the crowd with captivating and eye-catching displays.

How will the way OOH is planned and bought change in the coming years?

The onset of digital media has already provided a more versatile platform for companies to showcase their ads, whether it is timed ads or specifically targeted ads for people on the move. Additionally, with the increasing rise of online shopping, there are more avenues to communicate with shoppers on the move and engage them to interact with a brand or make a purchase.

Planning for OOH spaces now includes looking at different segments of shoppers and their habits when they are out and about, with a more in-depth ability to plan for specific sub targets. The new metrics mean that planning for OOH has become more fluid in that we need to constantly assess the trends of target markets and make necessary adjustments, but this also helps us be much more successful in connecting brands to people.

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