FEPE OOH News 26th October 2017

FEPE OOH News 26th October 2017



UK: Ocean and Landsec confirm advertising roster for new Piccadilly Lights

eBay is the sixth and final advertiser to sign to the world famous Piccadilly Lights which are switched on imminently. The global online marketplace is a brand new advertiser and a new category for the iconic Piccadilly display.

eBay will use the state-of-the-art digital screen to showcase its new brand platform ‘Fill your cart with Colour’. The campaign encourages shoppers to break away from “beige” conformity and shop more colourfully.

The deal was signed by Ocean’s Piccadilly Lights commercial team through MediaCom.

Gareth Jones, senior marketing director at eBay, said: “eBay is a marketplace that has vibrancy, individuality and colour at its core. There’s no more iconic and colourful site than the Piccadilly Lights with its new 4K LED screen. We’re excited to see our ‘Fill Your Cart With Colour’ campaign come alive at this innovative site.”

eBay joins British designer labels Stella McCartney and Hunter who have agreed a fashion collaboration for one of the other six rotating advertising slots.

The four other brands completing the line-up are global beauty brand L’Oreal and long standing Piccadilly advertisers, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Hyundai.

Ocean chief executive officer Tim Bleakley said: ““Piccadilly Lights is the world's most responsive, feature rich advertising display and surpasses all other out-of-home sites for its technical and interactive broadcast capabilities.

This is a milestone moment in the history of Piccadilly’s history and to mark it we have a superb line-up of iconic global brands across six categories ready to exercise its scale, its power and its creativity.”

UK: New Piccadilly Lights will incorporate vehicle and emotion recognition technology to deliver bespoke content

A big and flashy new billboard in London’s Piccadilly Circus is joining the trend of targeting individual passersby, both pedestrians and drivers, and then serving ads to them.

The digital LED screen, about 2,600 square feet in size and divisible into six ads, will feature about some 11 million pixels, Wired U.K. reports, and is the largest of its kind in Europe. Built-in cameras will analyse approaching vehicles—make, model and color—and serve pre-programmed ads aimed at the person it presumes is behind a particular kind of wheel.

The billboard will also be able to determine the “gender, age group and even emotions” of nearby pedestrians, too, and “deliver bespoke ad content” to them, according to Landsec, which will manage the board. The company tells The Verge, however, that it won’t collect or store any personal details of passersby.

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UK: Exterion Adds Geo-Targeting Capability to London Buses

In the UK, Out-of-Home advertising business Exterion Media has added digital signage on London buses, to display geo-targeted messages relevant to their location, including nearby landmarks and shops.  Exterion offers a wide-range of data tools promising relevant audiences to advertisers and engagement with consumers on the move.

For the latest initiative, the firm has partnered with OoH media specialist Talon, to unveil the first phase of new digital buses in London. Google is the first to run a campaign that displays geo-targeted messages on the digital screens, to audiences across the capital. Sophie Pemberton, Strategy Director at Talon, says digital buses are a brand new digital channel which can deliver both broadcast and smart messaging.

Dave King, MD at Exterion Media, adds: 'This is a huge moment for bus advertising; the product delivers stature, movement, scale, dynamism and geo-targeting - offering a whole new dimension to broadcast and narrowcast through this hugely attractive channel.

I'd like to thank TfL, Go Ahead and Arriva for making this technically challenging proposition possible - a proposition that is ripe for future expansion'.

UK: Clear Channel International Sign Europe-Wide Deal with Amscreen

Clear Channel International has announced a new partnership with Amscreen that will include the provision of digital outdoor displays for a European-wide deployment.

This new deal will see further expansion across 16 new country markets. This follows 3 years of digital out of home (DOOH) deployments in the UK market where the total DOOH revenue now represents 50% of all OOH revenues. The deal reflects Clear Channel’s move towards greater digitisation of their international network while standardising the technology across countries to deliver more operational efficiencies.

The global outdoor advertising business’s European territories include Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and the UK.

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UK: 3M launches outdoor campaign to highlight the dangers of ‘visual hacking’

Technology company 3M has launched an outdoor advertising campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of ‘visual hacking’ among London’s commuters. 3M is the world’s leading producer of visual privacy filters for desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones to help protect sensitive and private information on screen from visual hackers.

The new campaign, delivered by HPS Group, initially featured a two-week long run of 36 digital escalator panels at Kings Cross and Euston stations, to be followed by further escalator panels, train cards and 4-sheets in early November.

The campaign was supported by PPC driving the audience to the landing page on the 3M website.

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USA: CEN creates North Americas largest DOOH network

The Christie® Experiential Network (CEN), leaders in creating immersive and engaging experiential Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions, is proud to announce a partnership with Times Square Strategies and MVP Interactive. CEN, the world’s first experiential media network in movie theaters, has tapped Times Square Strategies and MVP Interactive to fuel its game-changing and highly engaging mix of branded, interactive content and mobile-based interactions.

The network connects theater owners, brands, agencies, advertisers, and consumers with its unique digital in-lobby environments. In achieving this, the network provides 100 percent coverage of the movie-going audience; delivering multiple exposures and higher dwell times during their visit to the theater.

Kevin Romano, EVP Christie Global Media states, “We are thrilled to partner with MVP Interactive and Times Square Strategies. Moviegoers are spending more time within the cinema lobby environment as the industry continues to build 5-Star venues, complete with club-like lounges and upscale food and beverage service. Our CEN lobby platform provides advertisers with creative engagements that generate memorable experiences and impressions that are designed to be entertaining and relevant to this discerning and hard to reach audience.”

CEN is in alignment with the DPAA principles as its President & CEO, Barry Frey, identifies, “This is such an exciting time as the full throttle capabilities of digital advertising are now available outside the home. We see here another important example of innovative companies delivering increased value to today’s consumers and brands.”

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Colombia: JCDecaux wins 9 year advertising concession for the El Dorado International Airport of Bogota in Colombia

JCDecaux S.A. has announced that it has won a nine year advertising contract for the El Dorado International Airport of Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

From 2018, JCDecaux will display a digital network and manage the advertising spaces of El Dorado airport's domestic and international terminals, as well as outside access roads.

Located strategically for both passengers arriving and departing, these structures will enable JCDecaux to provide premium comprehensive advertising offer that is attractive, innovative and predominantly digital, enabling El Dorado airport to reach the highest international standards and to achieve its commercial objectives. El Dorado International Airport was recognized "Best Airport in South America" in the Skytrax 2017 rankings and is the third largest airport in Latin America behind Mexico and São Paulo with 31 million passengers in 2016.

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Brazil: OOH: Fastest Growing Media Platform in Brazil This Year

OOH is the fastest growing media platform in Brazil Brazilian advertisers are increasing their investment in media out of home (OOH): in the first half of 2017, OOH represented 2.8% of ad spend, according to Kantar Ibope Media.

OOH is also the fastest growing media platform in the country, considering Kantar Ibope Media’s base which covers 200 cities. The main brands investing in OOH are from education, fast food, and public services sectors, representing 20% of all revenue. In terms of geographic distribution, the Southeast region – economically, the most important Brazilian region, where Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are – accounted for 78% of the market.

Yet, the media has to improve its metrics accuracy to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Therefore, three OOH companies in Brazil (Clear Channel, Otima, and JCDecaux) are joining efforts to release a project that will provide solutions and metrics for advertisers and agencies in the campaigns. Called ‘Mapa OOH’, the companies expect to launch the first actions in November following Esomar’s international standards for their metrics, with deals with Ipsos UK, MGE, Route, Ipsos Brasil, Logit, and Telefonica to collect data.

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USA: Rothfelder & Falick on Scenic America vs. Dept. of Transportation

Supreme Court Denies Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Scenic America vs Department of Transportation

On October 16, 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States denied the petition for writ of certiorari filed by Scenic America in a case watched very closely by the billboard industry, Scenic America, Inc. vs Department of Transportation, et al. Billboard Insider asked Houston billboard attorney Richard Rothfelder to explain the factual and legal background of the case, and how it impacts billboard operators across the country.

What ruling did the Supreme Court make in the case on October 16?

The Supreme Court denied the petition for writ of certiorari filed by Scenic America, which sought further appellate review after unfavorable rulings from the federal district and circuit courts. By doing so, the Supreme Court effectively refused to entertain the appeal, thereby letting the judgment and opinion for the Department of Transportation stand.

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India: Kansai Nerolac launches an innovative OOH campaign ‘#ASHADEBETTER’ at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd (KNPL), recently launched an on-ground campaign at the Terminal 1 of the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The campaign, titled – Making our world #ashadebetter, utilizes the luggage conveyer belt at the airport as the primary media. The aim of this campaign is to present the vividness and variety of shades that Nerolac offers.

One of the many conveyer belts present at the airport has been converted to a giant, moving shade card, which not only gives the passengers a break from otherwise boring airport surroundings but also allows them to select their favourite colour for their home or work. Nerolac, as a brand, has always believed in constantly innovating in all facets of business; products and marketing. The airport conveyer belt was selected for this activity as its basic mechanisms allows it to act as a moving shade card (fan-deck) and the entire execution looks very natural.

Even though the conveyer belt was a natural choice, to ensure that colour reproduction was as close to real colours of the paints as possible, Nerolac’s team conducted rigorous testing to avoid poor reproduction of colours, smudges on the media and hassle-free functioning of the conveyer belt. After a testing of approximately four months, they arrived at an optimum solution to carry out this activity.

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Japan: As a traditional medium now at the cutting edge, OOH is poised to create the future of marketing

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which includes outdoor and transit advertising, is seeing an accelerated transformation. Through the adoption of programmatic OOH advertising, we are beginning to witness the emergence of campaigns that achieve very strong results.

Programmatic OOH advertising makes possible the automated delivery of messages that may be customized to reflect how the audience is feeling. This places the traditional OOH media category at the cutting edge of advertising innovation.

Below we explored what is happening at the forefront of this revolution. Digital OOH expected to grow significantly in Japan Within the full range of OOH advertising, the digital shift has begun to accelerate. In this field, the most prominent categories in Japan are Outdoor and Transit advertising.

The global market for digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is estimated to have a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2%,*1 while in Japan the corresponding growth rate has been estimated at 27.8%,*2 exhibiting substantial capacity for growth (2013–20). One research report*3 puts the growth potential of DOOH advertising through 2021 at 86%—a level of growth that outstrips the forecasts for mobile advertising (67%) and online advertising (49%).

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Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s preferred OOH outlets – Media Report 2017

Each year Marketing undertakes one of its most significant research projects to discover the media preferences of Hong Kong’s top marketers. The aim of the Media Benchmarking Survey is pretty simple; to understand which media platforms marketers look to for advertising solutions across digital, outdoor, TV, radio and print platforms. We ask respondents to name the magazine, TV station, digital platform or OOH groups they would use to target consumers across key industry verticals from luxury, local business and finance, news and current affairs, property, travel and consumer electronics.

This article we highlight the top three media platforms across digital in each category, and top 10 in TV and out-of-home.


How did we achieve this?

The media rankings were derived from questions in Marketing Research’s annual Media Spend Benchmarking Survey. Marketing Research employed an online questionnaire and surveyed its database of client advertisers and marketing services agency professionals. All answers given by respondents were considered by Marketing when finalising the rankings.

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