FEPE OOH News 30th March 2018

FEPE OOH News 30th March 2018



UK: Out of Home Gathers to Pay Tribute to Dennis Sullivan

More than 200 people from around the world gathered at London's Dorchester Hotel on Tuesday March 27 to celebrate the life of Out of Home pioneer Dennis Sullivan.

Dennis died recently at his home in Italy aged 69.

Dennis joined the UK's first specialist outdoor planning and buying company Portland Outdoor in 1977 and played a leading role in building up the Out of Home medium in the UK and then around the world.

The company, by then 29 per cent owned by Sullivan's POA Holdings, merged with Poster Publicity to establish a worldwide network with $250m in billings and was eventually sold to WPP to become Kinetic, now the world's biggest Out of Home specialist.

Tributes to Sullivan, a truly larger than life character, were led by Dennis' son Dale and concluded by partner Gilly Love with contributions from, among others, former Y&R media director Chris Dickens, who conducted proceedings, FEPE president and Ocean Outdoor chairman Tom Goddard and media independent pioneer and ID Comms chairman John Billett, who chose to celebrate Dennis' life in song, adapting West Side Story.

Dennis would have appreciated that and also that the tributes and many comments from around the Dorchester Ballroom concentrated not just on his business achievements - which were substantial - but on his personal qualities too.

A formidable salesman and business builder he was also a celebrated raconteur and wit, warm and kind. One time president of London's prestigious Solus Club where he secured former Heinz boss and legendary rugby player Tony O'Reilly as a speaker, he had friends across the spectrum. Dennis never forgot, and was proud of, his first job in Out of Home: as a bill poster: manipulating paper and paste with, no doubt, his trademark flair.

A fearsome opponent in business when the need arose, he treated Portland and the people there like family.

Tuesday's event was his wider family, representing the worldwide Out of Home industry, coming together with his own loved ones to celebrate the remarkable life of a remarkable man.

UK: Exterion Media hires Nigel Clarkson as chief revenue officer

At the out-of-home media company, Clarkson will be leading all commercial and marketing elements of the business to drive development and transformational growth.

He will head Exterion's newly-created commercial board which brings together all the commercial functions of the business.

Clarkson departed Oath last December after an internal investigation found that he had "breached" Oath's standards of "business conduct and Oath values". Prior to Oath, Clarkson has held senior leadership roles at both Clear Channel and Primesight, and was commercial director and then managing driector at Weve. His appointment follows that of Andrea Marsh,

Exterion Media’s new digital transformation director, who joined the business in January.

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UK: Talon Outdoor: a new manifesto for Smarter as Standard out of home planning

At Talon we pursue a Smarter as Standard approach, which means taking the best of digital advertising techniques and applying them to OOH.

Delivering Smarter as Standard means a shift towards data-driven campaign planning, dynamic creative, automated execution and outcome-based measurement. But it also means never losing sight of how and why Out of Home advertising works. OOH may no longer be dominated by “paper and paste” ad units, but it still does what it has always done; it helps advertisers to reach large audiences, quickly, with unobtrusive and unmissable brand advertising messages. In these times of change, it can be tempting to accept a paradigm shift.

But we don’t believe that treating OOH as just another set of “impression” generating billboards and screens serves the interests of the advertisers who value the medium. Bigger data sets, smarter advertising technologies and easier buying processes support more targeted, automated and measurable campaigns, but they won’t change how people experience classic and digital screen ads in the real world.

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UK: Ebay Gets Tactical with Weather-Driven Digital OOH Spring Campaign

Today, eBay brings colourful shopping inspiration to the streets in a nationwide digital out of home (DOOH) drive designed to bring the online retailers vibrant product lines to life. Popular springtime pursuits and product lines are aligned to real-time weather conditions in a UK-wide campaign that spans transit, retail and roadside environments and runs until the 8th April.

The campaign taps into those activities ritually undertaken at the start of the spring season and encourages passers-by to “shop like nobody else” and to “make springtime spectacular.” Colourful product offerings are then matched to real-time Met Office data, for example, promoting their range of gardening products during sunny days, or suggesting a wardrobe overhaul, or some home improvements during wet and cloudy conditions.

The automated campaign is agile, adapting to Britain’s turbulent springtime weather to contextualise its offering. Dynamic content is managed and delivered by QDOT, using the ad tech platform OpenLoop to analyse real-time Met Office data and distribute to multiple screen formats and networks across the UK.

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UK: Microsoft hit Piccadilly Lights

Ahead of the launch of Rare’s Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 20th, Microsoft chose Piccadilly Lights to share enticing videos of the game and encourage pre-orders.

The UK gaming industry is the fifth largest in the world; in a competitive space with no shortage of games on offer, how do gaming brands reach their target audience?

Microsoft has a strong track record of choosing some of the biggest brand-building sites in out-of-home advertising.

Piccadilly Lights is no exception – a site visited by 100 million people a year, featuring only six brands at any one time and offering a full screen domination for 40 seconds every twenty minutes is exactly where the world’s biggest brands should be.

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UK: World’s Number-One Biscuit Brand Dispenses Oreos from Interactive Out-of-Home Game in The Great Oreo Cookie Quest

Oreo has launched an out-of-home (OOH) campaign across London to drive purchase and participation in its 2018 Great Oreo Cookie Quest promotion.

The focal point of the OOH campaign is a specially built, interactive digital poster within a fully wrapped bus shelter on London’s busy New Oxford Street. It offers passers-by the opportunity to find hidden cookies in a version of The Great Oreo Cookie Quest game and win a free pack of Oreos, dispensed directly from the poster site.

The OOH game comes complete with its own bespoke mobile interactive game with location-based targeting around the dispenser to lead users to the OOH site and encourage participation in the quest. The Great Oreo Cookie Quest is an on-pack promotion offering customers the opportunity to win a grand prize of a trip to California along with daily prizes.

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UK: Primesight celebrates 100 InLinks

Primesight has announced it has reached its latest milestone of deploying 100 InLinks across the UK, providing advertisers with the opportunity to reach an estimated 36 ½ million impacts in two major UK cities through 200 digital screens.

In just eight months, InLinks have showcased over 35 campaigns with key brands such as Facebook, The Guardian, O2, Bulmers, Barclays, Amazon and Deliveroo. InLinkUK from BT goes above and beyond other digital out of home services offer by providing unique, innovative solutions that enhance public connectivity.

It offers the fastest free public Wi-Fi in the country, community content on the screens, tablet use and charging points. Primesight’s latest eye-tracking research has found that InLinks receive a 92% engagement rate compared to 87% for digital bus shelters, demonstrating their prominence within the DOOH environment[2]. InLinks offer advertisers increased opportunities to hit consumers in a targeted and hyper contextual way which, in turn, helps to deliver more effective campaigns.

A key example is TfL - the first brand to encourage audiences to use the free InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi to download their new ticketing app. InLinks are continuing to connect consumers at an ultrafast pace, with more than 1 million Wi-Fi sessions to-date.

InLinkUK from BT is on track to rollout 1,000 InLinks nationwide, with InLinks currently operating in seven London boroughs and Leeds City Centre and planning consents granted to install InLinks in many other major cities across the UK. Local communities have embraced the new technology with:

  • Over 49,000 unique subscribers to ultrafast, free InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi
  • Over 239,000 tablet sessions;
  • Over 305,000 phone calls; and
  • Enough data used to download over 7 million songs[3].

Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, said: “We’re thrilled to have reached yet another milestone in our journey towards providing smarter, more intelligent out of home solutions to advertisers. We look forward to continuing our rollout plan across the UK, and in welcoming new advertisers on board to deliver new and engaging experiences.”


USA: Geopath Launches Pilot Program to Provide Out of Home Measurement for the Place-Based Advertising Community

Geopath today announced the launch of a pilot program to develop a place-based advertising measurement solution.

Over the next six months, Geopath will work in partnership with its member companies, representing different corners of the OOH industry, and Intermx, a geolocation data enablement solutions provider, to ultimately deliver a comprehensive audience measurement tool for place-based members by the end of 2018. “In recent years, the OOH industry has made tremendous progress in developing and establishing roadside and transit audience measurement,” said Kym Frank, president of Geopath.

“With advertisers demanding greater transparency and visibility, the time has come for us to extend that measurement capability to the place-based inventories that comprise the broader OOH marketplace. As a result of this pilot, the OOH community will be able to provide to brand marketers and their agencies an even clearer and truer understanding of the value received for their OOH investments.”

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USA: JCDecaux CEO says Clear Channel takeover 'would make sense' but plays down any immediate plans

The chief executive of French OOH giant JCDecaux has not ruled out bidding to take over its US rivals Clear Channel or Outfront Media, however the he said company has no plans to do so in the immediate future.

The firm's boss, Jean-Charles Decaux told French finance weekly Les Echos-Investir that while a takeover of either "could make sense" nothing is planned in the short term.

He added: “We have risen to the highest rank in all geographical areas except the United States, the world’s largest advertising market, where we are number four. "If we had to do a structurally important deal, it would probably be in the United States, which has the potential to become our top geographical area."

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USA: Broadsign goes programmatic on Harmon Corner with digital out-of-home campaign

Broadsign, the leading digital out-of home marketing platform, has launched a new digital out-of-home campaign, bought, sold and delivered through automated programmatic bidding.

Through an integration with the Broadsign Reach SSP, the campaign is running on Branded City’s iconic Harmon Corner screen. The campaign was booked through the OutMoove DSP specialized in digital out-of-home.

To accommodate the large, 18,600 square feet screen, Broadsign worked with digital out-of-home content specialists, Voodooh, to create videos for the campaign.

“While we’ve been involved with programmatic digital out-of-home for a little while now, it was exciting to really be part of the action this time,” said Vince Banks, VP of programmatic sales operations. “Having experienced the transaction from both the buy and the sell side now, we're even more confident of the strong future programmatic has in the digital out-of-home industry.”

For more information on the campaign, visit DSE booth 1731 to talk to the Broadsign team.

USA: Daktronics Offers the OOH Industry Operating Flexibility

Daktronics is making their latest software solution—Venus® Control Suite—available to all Daktronics digital billboard operators.

Venus Control Suite offers a secure, web-based experience that allows users to operate from anywhere on any device. Daktronics customers who control their display using Visiconn Display Management can contact their Daktronics sales representative to schedule this free software upgrade to take advantage of the enhanced features of the new Venus Control Suite. If operators are using other control options for their digital displays, Daktronics offers an easy integration solution.

Whatever the scenario, Daktronics will work hard to accommodate all clients’ needs. “Venus Control Suite comes with a variety of features to help our customers generate more revenue and operate their businesses from anywhere,” said Collin Huber, Daktronics Out of Home market manager.

“We also understand that some customers may already have a control solution in place, or need to use additional software to achieve their business goals. We strive to offer operators more options and make it easy for them to implement.”

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Australia: Ad Spend In Australia Grows 2.6 Per Cent To $16 Billion In 2018: Report

Australian ad spend is projected to rise 2.6 per cent this year to $16 billion, according to research from Zenith. Global growth is projected to be 4.6 per cent in 2018.

By 2020 Zenith expects online advertising to account for 44.6 per cent of global ad spend. Amid growing industry speculation about cuts to digital advertising budgets, Zenith has found no evidence that advertisers as a whole are shifting budgets away from online advertising.

According to the research, online advertising’s share of global advertising expenditure has continued to rise. Zenith forecasts that advertisers will spend 40.2 per cent of their budgets on online advertising this year, up from 37.6 per cent in 2017, according to the Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report for 2018. The rise in Australia ad spend can be attributed to the strong online classifieds sector and marginal growth in metro TV in the last quarter of 2017, according to Zenith.

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Australia: APN Outdoor announces 2018 Young Lions Competition

The newly appointed Cannes Lions Festival Representative in Australia, leading Outdoor media company APN Outdoor has announced today that entries are now officially open for the 2018 Young Lions Competition.

The competition will cover three of the seven Young Lions categories including Media, Digital and Marketer. The entries are open to all industry professionals 30 years and under. APN Outdoor’s General Manager Marketing, Charlotte Valente says: “The Young Lions competition provides a unique opportunity to showcase home-grown talent on the global stage.

At APN Outdoor, we are extremely excited to be a part of such a renowned opportunity and encourage all eligible media, marketing and creative professionals to embrace the challenge and the unique opportunity it offers. We wish all entrants the best of luck and look forward to seeing what fantastic ideas are once again representing Australia in Cannes.”

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South Africa: Tractor Outdoor install first ever real-time drought analytics on their Cape Town Digital Network

Released by AUX Studio in January, TapOff is a free mobile app that not only provides Capetonians with real-time updates on the city’s water consumption, but inspires them to make positive changes that will have a lasting impact.

The app goes even further to encourage participation, gamifying water-saving with suburb leaderboards where residents can display their consumption figures. With water levels dropping it has become imperative to continue motivating Capetonians to save water on a daily basis.

This is why Tractor Outdoor decided to partner with AUX Studio to get the message out there as widely as possible.

“We are committed to raising awareness around the devastating drought which is currently crippling the Western Cape. Trevor and Roy at AUX Studio have built an incredible app which updates itself real-time from the City of Cape Town’s drought data, and we have optimized our digital screens so that as and when this information is updated it is fed instantaneously across our network, ensuring that Cape Town’s residents are kept up to date with all the relevant information pertaining to the current crisis we find ourselves in.” Says Simon Wall, Managing Director at Tractor Outdoor.

TapOff’s public API feature allows the digital screens to make a clear emotional connection with Capetonians about the current overall water consumption, putting the city’s progress quite literally front and centre serving as a constant reminder to keep up with our water-saving efforts.


Pakistan: Why billboards are under attack in Pakistan’s business capital

Gone are the 20ft-long bars of Dairy Milk. Gone the models with Veet-shaven legs. And gone the handsome cricketers, inviting you to open a refreshing can of Pepsi.

Over the past 20 months officials have stripped Karachi, Pakistan’s throbbing business capital, of all billboards on public property. On a drive through its traffic-clogged streets, fresh views of concrete highways and pedestrian overpasses greet the eye. “The city is barren by comparison,” beams Sumaiya Zaidi, who campaigned for the purge. The clean-up jars with Karachi’s reputation, for two reasons.

First, the local government usually fumbles even basic tasks. Mafiosi sell water to many of the city’s 15m residents, driving tankers down pot-holed or unpaved roads. Second, the megacity is the heart of Pakistan’s retail market, whose latest annual growth of 8.2% is about the fastest in the world, according to Euromonitor, a market-analysis firm. Keen to hawk their wares within its bounds are the country’s biggest businesses and its most outrageous hucksters (including one entrepreneur arrested for painting stray dogs and selling them as pedigree chums).

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South Korea: Samsung unveils South Korea's largest LED signage

Transforming the area into the ‘Times Square’ of Seoul.

Samsung Electronics has finished installing the country's largest light-emitting diode (LED) signage in Korea’s capital city of Seoul transforming the area the place into the Korean version of New York's Times Square.

Samsung said the new signage which is 81 meters wide and 20 meters high, with the brightness standing at the industry's best 9,000 nits is installed on the outer wall of (convention, exhibition, and shopping complex) and World Trade Center area in the city’s business district of Gangnam-gu.

The new signage took nearly seven months to install. The company claims the resolution is also two times better than Ultra HD displays. According to the Korean tech giant, the Signage is four times the size of a basketball court with a total surface area of 1620m².

This was made possible by connecting two LED displays together by a curved edge. The scale of the curved display demonstrates vivid colour representation and clarity even in the brightest sunlight, thanks to the SMART LED Signage usage of around 9,000nit.

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