FEPE OOH News 5th October 2018

FEPE OOH News 5th October 2018


UK: JCDecaux Upfronts - The Brand Gap - Wednesday October 24th 9.00pm

Upfronts 2019 will launch a new report by behavioural economics expert from Work Research, Justin Gibbons, in association with JCDecaux UK, which uncovers the role of brand building in today’s media landscape.
Questioning leading clients and agencies about their attitudes towards branding and activation, the research identifies a ‘Brand Gap’ -  the gap between what brands know about brand building and how they behave.

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UK: The future of advertising and why outdoor is back

Apparently we’re all f**ked. Advertising is dead. Nobody can tell a brand story anymore, vast social media companies are now self-righteous media conglomerates, digital doesn’t work and consultancies buy agencies in the way children would buy kidney dialysis machines. They don’t have a clue how they work, what they do, even how to get them started but they look cool and make futuristic noises.

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UK: Campaign celebrates 50th anniversary with JCDecaux campaign

Portraits of adland's major achievers, specially commissioned for Campaign Magazine’s 50th-anniversary issue, are showcased across JCDecaux’s digital channels in London.

Alan Brooking, Dame Cilla Snowball, Keith Weed, Vicki Maguire, Trevor Robinson, Chris Wilkins and the duo of Lord Saatchi and Moray MacLennan are featured in the campaign, showcased across major rail hubs and on roadside digital screens in the capital.

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Russia: Results of the 10th International OOH Congress in St. Petersburg

The 10th International OOH Congress in St. Petersburg last week gathered the record number of 380 delegates from 14 countries and 40 cities.

Organized by TMG, co-organized by NAVC the Congress became a platform for effective communication of all players of the OOH industry: media owners, agencies, clients, suppliers, research companies & mass media.

Bright presentations led by productive business communication during the two conference days reflected the main topic of the Congress: New horizons: how to keep and expand the share of OOH on the media landscape.

On behalf of the global industry FEPE President Tom Goddard delivered Welcome note at the conference & was rewarded with special prize for FEPE Support & Co-operation at the OOH Awards 2018 Ceremony during the Gala Night.

Annie Rickard was acknowledged for the best presentation at the Congress according to delegates voting via mobile app.

More than 30 speakers shared valuable information on business navigation in such a rapidly changing world. Special thanks on behalf of the Congress to: Gideon Adey from KineticWW , Christian von den Brincken from Stroer, Borja Balanzat, CEO Exterion Media, Spain, Daniel Cuende from Cuende Infometrics, James May from ADV, Igor Kirikchi the head of BBDO Moscow, and speakers representing HAVAS, Russ Outdoor, TMG, LAYSA, Samsung, HD LED TECH,  Vostok-Media etc.

Deepest gratitude to all partners and info partners of the Congress!

PHOTO REPORT is available on the web site oohcongress.ru and social net (#oohcongress)

For any information on the event please contact Jane Baranova

Switzerland: SPR+ integrates posters from WWP Plakatwerbung and Baracom​

The neutral research institute for Swiss Out of Home Media SPR+ and WWP Plakatwerbung AG as well as Baracom GmbH have decided to cooperate. As part of an update in December 2018, SPR+ will bring the number of 772 analogue street panels from WWP Plakatwerbung and Baracom into the media planning tool SPR+ Expert for planning purposes.

From December 2018, the media performance of WWP Plakatwerbung and Baracom will be transparently shown in the SPR+ Expert in addition to the media performance of APG|SGA, Clear Channel Switzerland, Neo Advertising and Alpenplakat. The campaigns of these six outdoor advertising companies will be evaluable and plannable across providers.

SPR+ provides the out-of-home media service for the whole of Switzerland. Geographically targeted campaigns can be displayed and evaluated with visibility adjusted performance values. Individual faces and campaigns can be evaluated for any geographical area, from a single municipality to the national level, and thus be planned exactly according to customer needs. Small-scale control of customer-specific branch areas, including documentation of costs and performance, is possible. This has the advantage that the desired target groups can be reached precisely in the right dosage. Despite this expansion, the license prices for advertising clients and agencies remain unchanged for the time being.
About SPR+:

UK: A day in the life of… head of an out-of-home agency

Let’s find out what Rosh Singh of Kinetic can tell us about this exciting part of the industry.

Econsultancy: Please describe your job: what do you do?

Rosh Singh: My job title is a bit of a mouthful – Director of Digital Innovation / Head of Kinetic Active and KineticX – but, jargon aside, encompasses all things creative and creative technology for out-of-home media specialist, Kinetic.

The most important requirement of my job is to be a passionate and curious advocate for the creative potential of out-of-home (OOH), inspiring advertisers and brands to challenge their preconceptions of what the medium can do. While most in advertising think of posters, billboards and screens when talking about OOH, we see the physical world as a creative playground in which to weave amazing brand experiences through the cities of the world.

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Russia: Moscow Subway Kiosk Demands Riders Give It 30 Squats, For A Free Ticket

The Moscow metro system, presumably in some sports-themed co-promotion with the Visa credit card people, has set up a camera-based sensor on at least one ticket dispensing machine in a station, encouraging people to give it 30. It has some basic machine-learning that, I am guessing, counts peoples’ heads bobbing in and out of its line of sight and hands out a ticket.

The kiosk screens does a visual countdown on the number of squats required.

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USA: How 5G Can Shake Up OOH Advertising

With telecom firms rolling out 5G in more cities, digital advertising may be gearing up for a makeover. Andy Sriubas, chief commercial officer at Outfront Media, spoke to eMarketer’s Ross Benes about how 5G technology will impact digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

eMarketer: How will 5G change OOH advertising?

Andy Sriubas: Today, a lot of the digital infrastructure is passive rather than dynamic. If you pass a digital sign on the highway you’ll see roughly eight flips. So every 8 seconds, a different static ad comes up.

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USA: Publicis Groupe OOH Consolidatio

A note came to our attention earlier this week regarding a change in the process how Publicis Groupe will be managing their Out of Home planning and buying.

The message said: “Starting January 1, 2019, all Publicis Groupe (Zenith, Blue449, Spark Foundry, Starcom) agencies will be consolidating their buying power into ‘Publicis OOH Buying Agency’.”

Zenith is taking the lead and asking OOH Owners to submit future agreements and proposals for OOH plans for the above named agencies for the calendar year 2019.

There does not appear to be any interruption to any OOH Owners business. It is more indication the formal consolidation for the 4 agencies under the Publicis Groupe.

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USA: Surviving the shift from traditional placements to micro-buys

When I entered the advertising industry in the early-2000’s I worked in Account Management at a large – one that did $2.2 billion dollars in billings annually – Interpublic Group firm.

There were three main types of broadcast media discussed with clients: print, TV, and radio.  There was this thing called direct and out of home. “Online” was an afterthought, and nobody really knew what online was.

Those were the days.  Big budgets for everything, a new rich media ad unit being introduced everyday, and homepage takeover roadblocks that turned the front page of popular websites into virtual interactive spots.  It was a frontier. Then a new frontier came – social media. Then another – mobile.

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Canada: PATTISON Outdoor Expands Portfolio to Become Canada’s Leading Digital Office/Elevator Network

PATTISON Onestop, Canada’s leader in the sales and operation of Digital Place-Based Media and a division of PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, is pleased to announce the completion of a major network expansion of its Digital Office Network across Canada.

With a network of office elevator screens that now exceeds 2,200 displays across all eight major markets in Canada, PATTISON Onestop has firmly established itself as the largest digital office network in Canada. This expansive network provides advertisers the opportunity to reach Canada’s most influential working professionals, delivering over 3.2 million viewable impressions daily.

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USA: Billboard Insider’s Top Women Out of Home Execs

Insider has compiled a list of the top 362 women out of home execs.  The list includes women leaders and promising managers at out of home companies, vendors, agencies, tech firms and associations.

Out of home firms accounted for 58% of the women on the list, followed by out of home agencies (22%), out of home tech firms (8%), out of home organizations (4%) and banking and legal firms (3%).

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Australia: HT&E Completes Adshel Sale To oOh!media

Here, There & Everywhere (HT&E) has confirmed it has completed the sale of Adshel to oOh!media for the price of $570 million. As part of the sale, HT&E is offering shareholders a special dividend of 72 cents per share.

Adshel will now be folded into oOh!media, leaving HT&E with radio assets. oOh!media acquired Here, There & Everywhere-owned Adshel for $570 million in late June.

The acquisition followed a bidding war between oOh!media and APN Outdoor for the outdoor street furniture business.

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South Africa: Primedia Outdoor wins Huawei’s P20 mall advertising campaign contract

Primedia Outdoor, the leading outdoor media provider, has been awarded a one-year contract to deliver a memorable and high-impact promotion for Huawei’s newest smartphone, P20.

As part of this landmark collaboration which launched in September 2018, the campaign is currently rolling out in nine different shopping malls across South Africa, in determination to enhance shopper experience and maximise reach through the deployment of high-end advertising solutions including glass lift branding, lift banners, lift doors, interior billboards, escalators and hanging banners.

Commenting on the relevance of this commercial partnership, Zhang Guangda, Huawei’s Device CEG said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Primedia Outdoor and this purely reflects on our confidence in the company’s expertise to offer innovative solutions and drive successful OOH campaigns. With this commitment, shoppers are put at the heart of business for our product to resonate with them by all means and significantly create an experience”.

With a total of 69 advertising panels collectively, the campaign has been scheduled to run in Brooklyn, Fourways, Greenstone, Menlyn, Sandton City, The Glen (Gauteng), Pavilion (KwaZulu Natal), V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk shopping malls which are known to have strong capacities to provide shoppers with an abundance of unforgettable experiences.

Peter Lindstrom, Sales and Marketing Executive of Primedia Outdoor said, “We are delighted to have been chosen as the trusted outdoor media advertiser for this brilliant campaign and it goes to speak to the confidence that Huawei has in Primedia Outdoor to deliver efficient services and high-quality solutions. This partnership will greatly provide added value to our mall portfolio and enhance the attractiveness of our OOH network”.


Hong Kong: HK Tramways, Cody OOH and HKBNES Reinvent Tram Shelters with Free Wi-Fi Service

HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited ("HKBNES") is pleased to announce the successful launch and implementation of "HEREWIFIFREE", a high-speed public Wi-Fi network with high usability and acclaim, in association with Hong Kong Tramways ("Tramways") and Cody OUT OF HOME ("Cody OOH").

This project is a first public free Wi-Fi with unlimited sessions of usage for HKBNES to be conceived and executed in association with a public transport utility, and the longest standing one with a great heritage in Hong Kong Tramways. The service is built around a "Community Wi-Fi" concept, providing convenient and reliable network connections for tram passengers as well as commuters in the vicinity of 9 key Tram Shelters located along the busiest shopping, commercial and residential centers on Hong Kong Island.

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India: The crucial role of outdoor advertising in an increasingly digital world

If you were to read the title of the article completely out of context, you may assume people barely spend any time outside due to which most marketing funds are directed almost exclusively towards social and online media. However, that could not be further from the truth. While screen time has increased, the streets are still busier than ever, and while some are still engrossed with their phones on public transport, others are deliberately limiting themselves from being glued to a screen all the time. This attitude has reflected in the world of marketing as well.

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