FEPE OOH News 7th December 2017

FEPE OOH News 7th December 2017



UK: John Ellery wins Lifetime Achievement Award at DailyDOOH Gala Awards

John Ellery, former Executive Director and now Lifetime Ambassador of FEPE, has won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the DailyDOOH Gala Awards.

The award marks John’s immense role in developing the global Out of Home industry and helping to steer it into an exciting and prosperous future.

John was one of the pioneers of international outdoor, establishing and managing important international networks at Portland Outdoor and then Poster Publicity, later Kinetic.

A tireless worker and the ultimate global networker in his roles with FEPE, John has since done much to expand our industry into new territories and build connections and relationships between industry practitioners across the world.

John joined the OOH industry in 1968, with London and Provincial Poster Group. Training in the first six months included Billposting. He worked in all sections of the contracting business – and focused on developing the street furniture side of the medium. He became Marketing Director of Smiths and Masons – bus advertising in 1976, and joined the Board of L+P and Adshel in 1977.

In 1981 he joined the outdoor specialist Portland Outdoor as Buying director , and eventually became Deputy Chairman. He developed the International division until 1995 when he joined Poster Publicity, opening up its International division. PPL and Portland then came together to form Kinetic in 2004.

John had always been involved with FEPE, the then European Outdoor Association, and in 2004 began working as a consultant, significantly growing membership and taking it global. He was also awarded FEPE International’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016, sharing the honour with the OAAA’s Nancy Fletcher.

John Ellery says: "It's great honour to receive this award from the DailyDOOH, although it makes me feel a bit like a monument. Really it's a mark of how far FEPE has come in recent years and the role it now plays in the global OOH industry.”

FEPE president Tom Goddard says: “John has been and remains an important driver of the international Out of Home industry and this award is a timely recognition of his many achievements and his standing in the industry.”

A montage of John's career can be seen here

Ireland: Digital OOH Changes Consumer Expectations According to New Research

Exterion Media and PML Group have launched “Digital Effect 2: The New Normal”, a study that explores digital Out-of-home advertising (DOOH) and its impact on brand perception from the consumer’s perspective. The study combines the views of the advertising sector and those of the consumer and explores the optimum opportunities that create impact and engage with audiences through digital screen advertising.

The study found that digital is transforming each and every aspect of society which in turn has irrevocably changed consumer behaviour. Consumers now expect more from brand communications and these expectations extend to the Out-of-Home sector. “Digital Effect 2” explored how the choice of DOOH content format is vital in order to optimise communications.`

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UK: Burger King's UK marketing boss is planning for a future where DOOH is hyper-personalised

Burger King's UK vice-president of marketing, Renato Rossi, has hinted at the fast-food chain's ambition to invest more in personalised digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns in order to connect the dots between what costumers are doing online and on the streets.

"To us, [DOOH] becomes interesting when it can become fully connected to each of our individual customers,” he said. Speaking at ad:tech London this week (29 November), the marketer hinted that in the coming year Burger King’s "dynamic" ads could be linked to feedback and complaints the brand receives on social media. He said this would allow it to target specific customers on their commute home, or at the bus stop, to offer discounts or promote new products.

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UK: How Daktronics built a 146′ wide curved digital billboard

In October 2017 Daktronics completed the installation of a massive new curved digital billboard at London’s Piccadilly circus.

The display is 17.6 meters high and 44.6 meters wide (that’s 57 feet by 146 feet). The sign curves around the corner of the building and can show a large piece of content or multiple sections of different content. Insider talked with Patrick Halliwell, managing director Daktronics UK about the project.

How do you manufacture a 146 foot wide sign?

One module at a time. The display is made up of 11,858,400 LEDs on 5,856 modules. Each module measures 14.4 inches by 14.4 inches square. They are put into 640 different sections. Each section is assigned to a specific location within the overall display to match the curvature of the structure to create the final product – a massive single display in Piccadilly.

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UK: Open Canvas: the best in outdoor (November 2017)

Two experts pick their favourite out of home campaigns and explain why their chosen work makes the most of the medium.

Will Sharples, strategist, WCRS

Britain certainly isn’t the most welcoming place right now. A recent Ipsos MORI study reveals anti-immigration feeling as the main cause of the Brexit outcome. But it’s also a time when many people are looking for leadership to champion a more positive, progressive set of values.

In a void of such leadership, brands have an opportunity to step up. Making a political statement with clarity and authenticity is no easy task. That is why Jigsaw’s recent OOH takeover of Oxford Circus Tube station stands out. It’s immediate, relevant and left me a little happier about the world. The posters are refreshingly direct. “♥ Immigration” is plastered in front of ethnically diverse models against quintessentially British rolling hills and heritage homes.

The message is clear: immigration doesn’t threaten “British values’’. Then there’s its manifesto poster, which reads: “There’s no such thing as 100% British.”

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USA: The Advertising Club of New York’s Tenth Annual OOH Conference Showcases the Medium’s Continuing Relevance in a Digital World

The Advertising Club of New York, a non-profit organization for corporate and individual members in the advertising, media, marketing and ad-tech industries, hosted the industry’s tenth annual Out of Home (OOH) Conference on November 29. The event brought together the most influential thought leaders in the OOH industry to discuss the latest news and technology impacting the space.

Highlights of the day’s activities included a keynote address by Avi Javetz, Product Lead D-OOH for Oath which focused on the use of location data in tandem with OOH, as well as an address from Tai Adaya, Marketing Manager for Casper, who spoke about the keys to success for the mattress company’s OOH campaign efforts. A recent Nielsen research study commissioned by OAAA was also presented, comparing OOH’s ability to drive online activation versus other media channels, and an announcement of the 2017 winners of the OAAA’s Media Plan of the Year Awards.

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USA: Shamrock invests in OOH media company Branded Cities

Branded Cities (“BC”), a digital and spectacular Out-Of-Home media company, announced today a large minority investment from Shamrock Capital (“Shamrock”), a Los Angeles based media, entertainment and communication focused investment firm.

Shamrock partners, Steve Royer and Andy Howard, will join the BC board.

Formed in 1998 and led by industry veteran Steven Ellman as its Founder and CEO, BC has significantly expanded its OOH platform and has become one of the leading digital players in the industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. BC has created strategic alliances with Panasonic Corporation of North America and ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales in the U.S. and expanded its international reach with sales partnerships including DEFI (Europe and Asia) and Ocean Outdoor (UK). BC’s current management team, headed by Steven Ellman and Vaibhav Gupta, and Adam Butterworth, BC Canada President, will continue to manage the business.

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USA: JCDecaux Launches First Digital Street Furniture Program in Chicago

JCDecaux SA has announced that it is completing the installation of 150 digital animated screens in the City of Chicago. The new digital network of 86-inch LCD screens with 4K resolution includes 118 digital City Information Panels, as well as 32 digital screens on Rapid Transit Bus Shelters, providing unique access to the City of Chicago for the first ever coordinated street furniture public communication network.

The new program will provide advertisers the best digital out-of-home coverage of the Central Business District, including the Loop, Financial District, and iconic North Michigan Avenue, home of the world’s most renowned global brands and largest U.S. department stores and one of Chicago’s top destinations.

It also offers the City of Chicago an enhanced medium to reach its constituents and visitors with community, cultural and social messages, as well as on-demand city maps and the ability to take over the screens to broadcast emergency messages.

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USA: Magna predicts global ad spend will grow 5% in 2018 thanks to sports, politics

Magna Global expects ad spend to grow by 5.2% to $535 billion in 2018 thanks to the FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympics, and the U.S. mid-term elections.

If these events were neutralized, growth in 2018 would fall to 4.1%, Magna said, which is closer to Group M's prediction today of 4.3%. "The classic quadrennial drivers (FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympics and U.S. elections) will offset the underlying slowdown of the global advertising market in 2018 to generate decent growth," said Vincent Létang, EVP of global market intelligence at Magna and author of the report.

However, Magna, which is run by IPG Mediabrands, is far less rosy on the U.K., predicting the ad market will only grow 2.3% in 2018, far less positive than Group M's forecast of 4.8%.

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USA: How Spotify Makes Its Data-Driven Outdoor Ads, and Why They Work So Well

It’s usually British TV spots that are wowing people at this time of year. But for our money, the most entertaining holiday ads of 2017 so far have been Spotify’s global out-of-home ads, which crunch user data and cleverly transform it into witty headlines—riffing on the ups and downs of our suddenly unhinged world.

We posted a bunch of the ads on Wednesday. With the theme “2018 Goals,” they serve as comical New Year’s resolutions come early—using Spotify listeners’ habits from 2017 to humorously suggest strategies for dealing with life in 2018.

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Australia: Out of Home audiences grow by 23 per cent

MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) has released the results of its annual data update. The results show that in 2017 audiences grew by 2.2% outstripping population growth which grew by 1.7%. Cumulatively, since MOVE’s launch in 2010, the national audience for Out of Home (OOH) has grown by 23.0% versus 14.9% population growth for the same period.

“While other traditional media channels see their audiences fragment or decline, OOH’s audiences continue to grow. This is great news for advertisers who are looking to reach large audiences with their products and services. What’s more, we know that when people are out of home they are primed and ready to take action. In fact, our neuroscience research shows that people are 2 times more likely to respond to something they see when they are outdoors,” said Charmaine Moldrich, CEO, OMA and MOVE.

MOVE is the audience measurement currency of the OOH industry in Australia. Its 2017 update incorporates a range of new data including: updated Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015) data; population and employment levels across more than 17,800 separate travel zones; changes to transport infrastructure; changes to public transport routes; new signs and updates to trip attractors in each travel zone including shopping centres and school enrolments.

Following the update of the system, MOVE has announced that OOH advertising can now reach 12.6 million people daily, that is a growth of 200,000 people, on average, in OOH environments each day when compared to last year’s numbers. Australians are making 52 million trips across the five markets measured (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney), increasing exposure to the 81,980 advertising faces measured by MOVE.

“Changes in technology has enabled us to deliver our numbers each month. This is a massive shift for the industry and a win for both advertisers and MOVE members to move from one update a year to monthly updates of our audience numbers,” continued Moldrich.

Audience growth is representative of the industry’s massive investment in digital signs and the added benefits of immediacy and flexibility those signs bring to the channel. OOH has grown exponentially since the introduction of MOVE with revenue nearly double from $400M in 2010 to $789M at the end of 2016.

Australia: oOh! Media doubles large format digital footprint

oOh!media has doubled its large format digital billboards in the past 12 months, with more than 260 in market by the end of the year.

This month Australia’s leading Out Of Home company will commission new digital roadside billboard in Adelaide and key regional locations plus digital full motion EVOKE screens in high footfall shopping centres such as Canberra Centre in the ACT, Westpoint in Blacktown, Castle Towers and Melbourne’s Eastland shopping centre.

oOh!’s extensive large format digital billboard inventory, the largest in Australia, now reaches more than 60% of metro Australians within a two-week period across Road, Retail and Airport and represents more than half of the total Out Of Home sector’s large format digital inventory.

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Australia: QMS acquires leading digital specialists Digital Commons

QMS Media is pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of a majority stake holding in Digital Commons, New Zealand’s leading third party digital representation agency.

This acquisition broadens QMS’ digital media channel and brings to life our continued strategic focus on connecting audiences through multiple touchpoints and customised content. Digital Commons have an experienced team specialising in online and mobile media and have built an enviable network of trading desk relationships. They represent a valuable portfolio of internationally recognised publishers.

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Australia: Adshel wins Melbourne Metro trains

Adshel has confirmed it has secured the seven-year contract for Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM).

From April 1 2018, Adshel will add MTM’s 15 rail lines and 218 stations to its existing offering across Sydney Trains, creating a single network to connect with the bustling traveller in both cities. The win is good news for Adshel after earlier this year losing part of the Yarra Trams business.

Adshel is promising to extend its leadership in commuter media and bring a host of new scalable digital features to market.

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South Africa: OOH for Good: Primedia Outdoor brings smiles to children in need of reconstructive surgery

Primedia Outdoor is helping to bring smiles to the faces of South African children in need of reconstructive surgery through a donation of R350 000 worth of outdoor advertising to the Smile Foundation.

The donation will allow the Smile Foundation to run an educational Rank TV OOH campaign to reach out to the parents of children in need of reconstructive surgery.

Over the past 17 years the Smile Foundation has helped more than 2500 children and has grown from being active in only one academic hospital in Gauteng to operating from 11 academic hospitals across five provinces.

Said Hedley Lewis, CEO for the Smile Foundation, “Our mission is to positively transform children’s lives by assisting as many children as possible in need of reconstructive surgery.

“Our strategy with this campaign is to create awareness within the communities and encourage parents / guardians to step forward and contact us so that we can assist them. We are trying to reach out to people who are not on medical aid, people who need our help. RANKTV is an incredible medium for reaching the masses and creating much needed awareness.”

Rank TV is a South African outdoor commuter channel with large LED (and LCD) screens situated in over 12 sites, nationally. With a viewership of around 2 million a month and programming aimed specifically at the day-to-day public commuter, the platform operates as a channel for the people, through vibrant local content that is relevant to a specific community.

“We are delighted to be able to help the Smile Foundation to reach members of the community who might not know that this kind of assistance is available to them,” said Dave Roberts, CEO at Primedia Outdoor. “RANK TV is an incredibly powerful medium to get a message across in communities and we feel positive that the Smile Foundation will achieve their aim with this campaign.”

Kenya: Nairobi puts outdoor ad companies on notice over debts

The county government of Nairobi has put on notice some outdoor advertising companies over Sh234 million debt.

County executive in charge of Lands and Urban Planning Wachira Njuguna said the companies had accrued the debt over a year’s time after failing to pay the required fees. “We are embarking on a campaign to make them pay all the outstanding signage fees for both the small formats and billboards, said Mr Njuguna, adding that the country will remove billboards belonging to the defaulters.

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China: PSI explore the psychology driving the Chinese travel consumer

China’s growing love affair with international destinations has seen a significant increase in air travel and overseas spending, with numbers predicted to rise exponentially by 2023. Inviting you to explore the exciting opportunities this offers, PSI, in collaboration with strategic partner ForwardKeys, shares a tantalising slice of insider data and outlines just some of the psychology now driving the Chinese travel consumer.

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