FEPE Out of Home News 11th August 2016

FEPE Out of Home News 11th August 2016



UK: Media Owners Collaborate for an Equality Campaign

Primesight, Clear Channel and Outdoor Plus partner with artist Martin Firrell for identity equality campaign.

As part of the All Identity national public artwork campaign, Primesight has partnered with pioneering artist Martin Firrell and media owners Outdoor Plus and Clear Channel, to create a series of thought provoking and inspiring artworks throughout the UK. Firrell, cited by the Guardian as “one of London’s most influential public artists”, aims to provoke thought about how we regard identity.

The art will highlight themes of misconceptions and stereotyping and freedom of expression, to encourage debate around the emerging concept of identity equality.

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UK: Currys PC World Create Giant Fan to Cool Down Commuters

Leading electrical retailer Currys PC World has teamed up with Dyson, to create a giant fan installation, in the hope to cool down commuters in London Victoria train station.

The installation went live on the 3rd August and will be there for two days, it contains 88 Dyson fans, with 16 located in the floor.

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UK: Starbucks switches digital for out-of-home to create noise around UK Teavana launch

Starbucks has switched up the marketing strategy around its Teavana range in the UK, ‘dialling up’ its outdoor spend instead of leading with digital in the hope that a high impact launch will pitch tea alongside coffee as part of the fabric of the Starbucks brand.

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Germany: In Germany, Ambivalence About Digital Out-of-Home Ads

Nearly 50% of internet users in Germany use their mobile devices to receive information on products and services from billboards or screens that offer digital content, according to a February 2016 survey from Fachverband Aussenwerbung, PosterSelect and Research Now.

Another 40% said that while they currently don’t, they’re not against doing so. Another 40% of internet users in Germany say they’re already participating in discount campaigns and redeeming coupons from billboards and screens via their mobile device, and another 40% would be open to doing so, though they currently are not.

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UK: KBH signs Eurostar to new digital platform

On-train advertising company KBH has signed Eurostar to its new KBH digital platform Union Street.

Union Street allows advertisers to track key information about passengers including demographics, travel patterns, behaviour and lifestyle. The Eurostar media contract creates a new international presence for KBH Digital and its advertisers. It includes advertising, content and sponsorship opportunities on the Eurostar onboard entertainment portal, on-train screens and off-train pre- and post-travel e-mails and boarding passes. In 2015 Eurostar carried 10.3m passengers.

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Ireland: Data Set to Drive OOH’s Future

Access to quality data will become increasingly important to delivering on the possibilities that OOH can deliver and this includes better consumer data, writes Colum Harmon.

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USA: Video Everywhere Summit’s Agenda for Oct. 27th, Roosevelt Hotel, NYC

The DPAA Video Everywhere Summit is the largest event dedicated to multi-screen engagement. Brands, agencies, media, ad tech, mobile and location data, research and technology partners attend to discuss the latest innovations in the video space and hear from advertising and media thought leaders. The Summit also provides hands-on learning via experiential exhibits and special sessions.

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USA: Eyes not necessarily on the road: How driverless cars will revolutionize OOH advertising

As driverless cars ascend from Elon Musk’s lips to God’s ears, the out of home industry is on the verge of a renaissance perhaps unseen since President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the interstate highway system in 1956.

That’s because captive consumers who no longer have to pay attention to the road are prime targets for advertising and the static OOH assets that might otherwise have gone the way of the dinosaurs suddenly have renewed potential. Here’s how OOH asset providers and ad tech companies plan to make the most of this moment.

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Brazil: Rio to Have Beacons Network for OOH

Clear Channel launches first beacons network in Latin America

The project is being implemented in Brazil, in order to send and capture mobile data to be applied in out of home (OOH) campaigns using mobile apps. Clear Channel are working in a partnership with Aurea, specialised in geolocated marketing, which will allow interactive campaigns targeted to specific audience segments after crossing different data sources.

Initially, 200 beacon points will be installed in Rio de Janeiro: both in digital clock and water dispensers in the city. They expect to expand the network to other cities in the country and later in other countries in Latin America.

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Australia: BMF, oOh! Media Enlist Cynical Fortune Teller For New MLA Campaign

BMF and oOh! Media have come together to invent ‘Miss Fortune’, the latest character in the ongoing ‘You’re Better on Beef’ campaign for Meat and Livestock Australia. The palm-reading campaign aims to promote the value of beef in providing protein, iron and zinc.

The digital homage to the famed-old Zoltar machines are tactically positioned in major shopping centres nationally, and use motion sensors to beckon passers-by to have a palm reading done.

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Kenya: Advertising Firms Fined Sh11.6 Million for Fixing Minimum Rates

The competition watchdog has fined eight advertising firms a total of Sh11.64 million for setting minimum advertising rates on billboards, a restrictive trade practice.

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has penalised market leader Magnate Ventures Limited (Sh5 million), A1 Outdoor Limited (Sh114,000), Live Ad Limited (Sh2.5 million) and Adsite Limited (Sh2.39 million).

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India: Monitoring outdoor ads remains an issue

While the industry needs to come together to form a common body, some say monitoring has to be better in smaller cities and some feel geo-tagging can help

Monitoring outdoor advertisements has been an issue for a while now. It is an issue in most of the media, apart from television, where a set body determines the statistics. But what makes monitoring in outdoor difficult is the fact that a lot of manual effort goes into it unlike in other forms where ads can be monitored via digital means.

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Malaysia: Prospects in the outdoor market

Posterscope Malaysia aims to maintain lead despite competition

As consumers spend more time out of their homes, advertising and communication agencies are scrambling to compete for a larger slice of the out-of-home (OOH) advertising market. According to a recent global research, consumers spend 25% more time out of their homes than a decade ago.

This is a boon to OOH players seeking to strengthen their balance sheets by tapping on the latest technology to stay ahead of the game.

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China: Eyesore, unsafe billboards taken down in clean-up drive

Urban management officials have removed hundreds of illegal outdoor advertising boards since Changning District began to enforce relevant rules last year. To date, 73 large outdoor billboards have been demolished and 23 of them once stood along the elevated Yan’an Road W., totaling 12,000 square meters.

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