FEPE Out of Home News 19th May 2016

FEPE Out of Home News 19th May 2016



57th FEPE Congress in Barcelona: Full Speaker Programme available online now

The Final Programme for the 2016 Barcelona congress is now available to download from the FEPE Homepage.

Due to a high demand from last minute delegate bookings, places are now only available by email request to info@worldooh.org and must be paid for by credit card in full at the time of booking

The Gala Dinner will be held at the Codorniu wine making facility, just outside Barcelona. Codorníu is synonymous to the history of a family of winegrowers which goes back to the XVI century. It is the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. It now has 450 years of history behind it.

The 57th FEPE Congress, which will be held between Wednesday June 1st and Friday June 3rd 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fira Center, Barcelona.

One or two exhibition places are still available, so please get in touch if you wish to showcase your company and products in front of a high level audience of OOH professionals.

UK: Jaguar bring the F-PACE to life at Heathrow Airport

One of Britain’s most iconic luxury motor brands, Jaguar, have begun a 4 week campaign at Heathrow Airport to support the global launch of the F-PACE, their first high performance SUV. To bring the F-PACE to life, Jaguar have implemented a unique experiential campaign in the heart of Terminal 5, Heathrow’s busiest terminal welcoming over 16 million departing passengers each year.

Located in the busy departure lounge, the huge 7m x 2.1m unit displays 2 stunning lenticular visuals of the F-PACE at a 1:1 scale, showcasing the vehicle’s superb architecture and spacious interior. 3D motion graphics change with the movement of the viewer, providing depth and animation, truly bringing the F-PACE to life.

In addition to the eye catching visuals, passengers can discover more about the features of the F-PACE by connecting to the dedicated Jaguar Wi-Fi hotspot on their mobile device. After watching a short piece of content, passengers will be directed to the F-PACE website where they can learn more about the technology, features and even book a test drive.

With an AB profile of 51% and an average dwell time of 147 minutes, Heathrow Terminal 5 is the perfect location for Jaguar to reach their target audience of affluent families, while capitalising on their desire for distraction and entertainment by providing an engaging interactive experience. To support the experiential stand and increase their coverage, Jaguar are also running a digital campaign across all Heathrow terminals, unmissable to 100% of the departing audience.

Christopher Wood, National Media Manager, Jaguar Land Rover UK, said: "Our F-PACE campaign is built around a consumer tension we identified which recognises the challenge of balancing the needs of 'me' when your world increasingly becomes more about 'we'. “Our media has been hand-picked to allow us to reach consumers in highly relevant environments. Creatively our F-PACE campaign uses contextually relevant messaging to demonstrate the no compromise nature of F-PACE." Steve Cox, Marketing Director, JCDecaux Airport said: “The airport environment is unique in delivering an affluent, influential audience actively seeking distraction and interaction. What better place to create an engaging installation for a brand as iconic as Jaguar? It’s a fabulous communication opportunity for the client that also adds value for the passenger – a true win/win.”

The experiential campaign will run until 5th June and was booked through JCDecaux Airport by Kinetic and Mindshare.

UK: Return of the billboard: Why the future looks bright for big ads

New data from YouGov Profiles reveals the growing power of interactive billboards to get through to young people If you thought billboards were on the way out, you'd be dead wrong.

Although giant ad displays placed alongside the highway might feel like a relic of yesteryear — especially in a time when all the marketing buzz seems focused on social media and targeted advertising — billboards are getting smarter, interactive, and futuristic. Ad Age reports that as more high-tech billboards become capable of connecting to smartphones, the out-of-home advertising industry is about to enter a renaissance. New data from YouGov Profiles suggests this renaissance may already have started.

Far from being ignored, around one in two people both notice billboards at the side of the road and agree that billboards showing dynamic content, such as breaking news, capture their attention. A growing number of people also use ad blockers when browsing the internet, leaving plenty of online ads unseen. Young people in particular show promise for the next generation of billboards.

For example, when asked if they've ever seen an interactive billboard that can connect with their phone, 33% of those under 30 say that they have — more than any other age group.

Asked directly to choose which they pay more attention to — online ads or digital billboards — for the under 30s its pretty much a tossup. Zoom to the other end of the age spectrum and it's a very different story. Among over 65s, online ads are significantly more noticed than digital billboards.

Full article here

UK: JCDecaux’s Dynamic launches SmartCONTENT and celebrates Shakespeare

JCDecaux this week launches its proprietary content management system (CMS) for digital out-of-home, SmartCONTENT.

JCDecaux’s global digital creative hub Dynamic, which launched in January 2016, focuses on what goes in the screen making it easy for brands to make dynamic, contextual ads.

The global hub has developed its CMS SmartCONTENT providing a managed or self-service platform to serve the right creative, at the right time to the right place. The platform targets by weather, time and location as well as custom data feeds and provides a social media moderation tool. The new system complements JCDecaux’s media planning and buying platform SmartBRICS which allows audience targeting, optimisation and planning of outdoor campaigns.

JCDecaux today kicks off its month-long campaign, which is being delivered using SmartCONTENT, bringing localised weather forecasts and relevant Shakespearean quotes to digital screens across the UK to honour the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

If it’s gloomy in Glasgow, audiences may be treated to: “For the rain it raineth every day” from ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, while sun in Southampton could trigger, “When the sun shines let foolish gnats make sport” from ‘The Comedy of Errors’. The quotes will be served according to the weather and each creative will display the localised three-day forecast and temperature.

Digital out-of-home now reaches half of the UK population and delivers almost one billion impressions across a two-week period. JCDecaux is the market leader delivering 42% of the audience and reaching 37% of all UK adults. These figures are set to increase due to JCDecaux’s digital bus shelter roll-out aiming to install 1,000 new digital screens by the end of 2016.

Alex Matthews, MD at JCDecaux Dynamic said:

“A fraction of all digital campaigns have a dynamic element. At JCDecaux, we strongly believe in dynamic by default for digital campaigns which is the driver behind launching SmartCONTENT. The new global platform makes the process of serving creative based on real-time data for brands much easier and is a huge step forward in delivering contextually relevant ads in out-of-home.”

UK: Taking the Contextual Revolution Outdoor

By Stuart Taylor, CEO of Kinetic UK

Out-of-home (OOH) is set to deliver marketers and their agencies some significant new opportunities, as digital technology improves our ability to offer contextual advertising.

This development has already transformed digital advertising. It’s no longer note-worthy to spot an ad on Facebook for a product we spent time researching online the day before. Bringing contextualisation to OOH offers similar possibilities in a slightly different way – we can use appropriate data to increase an ad’s relevance, based directly on the context around the interaction between consumer and location.

Kinetic’s partnership with Exterion Media, signed earlier this year, is a landmark in this OOH revolution. The initiative will lead to beacons being sited across the UK rail, bus and Underground network, and Westfield shopping centres.

Beacons act as a digital conduit between passengers and shoppers’ mobile phones and the posters they pass by, allowing us to send tailored notifications to mobiles. We could also, for example, customise the digital OOH creative depending on a passing shopper’s app usage (have they downloaded vouchers, for example, or already been to a rival’s store?).

It’s an exciting prospect but needs testing. We want to trial the best uses of beacons and look at what works for both advertisers and consumers.

Exterion is also working with app producers Proxama and Mapway in a collaboration that will offer iOS-using bus passengers real-time travel updates and contextual in-app ads via the Bus Times London app. Android users are already able to access this.

There are also huge possibilities for using aggregated customer data to underpin the creative on OOH ads. Taxi Trails in Stockholm, for example, incorporates journey data to let passengers know of the most-visited places in the city in the form of ads in the taxi. This kind of information use offers so much potential for advertisers to incorporate into the creative of campaigns to elevate their appeal.

Full article here

Ireland: Cashen perfected suited to OOH

Last year UK-based Posterscope bought PML Group, Ireland’s top out of home (OOH) specialist, for an undisclosed sum. Once all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted PML will join the Posterscope network, owned by Dentsu Inc. PML was started in 1982 by Jimmy Cashen, above, and the late Gerry O’Donoghue, to compete with Outdoor Advertising Services (OAS).

The Posterscope deal marks something of a reversal, as eight years earlier PML bought out its Irish operations after protracted negotiations. PML – aka Poster Management – has offices in Dublin and Belfast and comprises PML, Source and the Poster Audit Bureau. Cashen will remain on as group MD, reporting into Posterscope’s global president, Annie Rickard.

When PML began, outdoor ads were called posters or billboards. Now out of home (OOH) is all the go. Cashen looks back with little satisfaction to when the contractors took short cuts with the planning rules. No more. The big worry for the business now is town planners who believe the great outdoors are set to resemble Las Vegas with neons at every turn. PML puts Ireland’s OOH ad spend at €72 million, while Nielsen’s estimate is €107m.

The reason why the figures clash is down to how the data is sliced and diced – basically, rate card values versus reality. Cashen believes the French-owned JCDecaux, Exterion Media and Clear Channel have become far slicker and continue to invest handsomely in new plant. PML annual review shows OOH again grew by six per cent last year. Aside from economic factors, Cashen puts the increase down to the medium’s ‘always on’ nature, improvements in plant quality, format flexibility, innovation and creativity. Diageo was the top spender with a market share of 4.6 per cent, well ahead of second placed McDonald’s on 3.2 per cent.

Full article here

UK: Clear Channel Outdoor boss says 2016 will be a digital 'tipping point' for outdoor advertising

Clear Channel is set to surpass a digital milestone in the UK this year according to forecasts which predict that it will generate more revenue from electronic advertising displays than traditional billboards and posters.

The outdoor advertising giant’s UK operations will generate more than 50 per cent of its revenues from digital displays this year, the first time that digital has surpassed other OOH advertising means.

The figure illustrates the huge leap which the company has made with its digital billboards. In 2015 its digital displays generated 30 per cent of its UK revenues and in 2009 this figure was just 2 per cent.

William Eccleshare, chief executive of Clear Channel’s operations outside of North America, described the shift as a “digital tipping point” and added that “It’s transformational in how we think about the business”. The news is unsurprising given the rapid decline in the cost of electronic screens which outdoor media groups have been quick to capitalise on.

According to Eccleshare a two square metre screen cost around $25,000 five years ago, however that number has dropped to just $5000. Clear Channel’s rivals including JCDecaux and Exterion Media have shifted much of their OOH operations to digital which explains why digital screens have outperformed other traditional media such as newspapers and radio in recent years.

Clear Channel, which buys its digital displays from Amscreen, the company owned by British entrepreneur Lord Alan Sugar, has more than 7600 across 19 international markets and plans to install thousands more in the coming years



USA: OUTFRONT Media Brings Digital Advertising To Minneapolis And St. Paul Skyway System

OUTFRONT Media Inc. announced today the next deployment of its ON Smart Media platform in the Minneapolis and St. Paul skyway systems.

The project joins a growing list of deployments in New York City and Washington D.C., and builds on OUTFRONT's existing presence in skyway systems, providing its advertising partners the ability to deliver live, compelling messages that engage consumers and transform the pedestrian experience.

The new high-definition, addressable screens are currently being installed in high-traffic areas throughout the downtown core of Minneapolisand St. Paul. The Minneapolis Convention Center, U.S. Bank Stadium, Target Center and Target Field are all skyway connected venues.

"We are excited to bring the Minneapolis and St. Paul skyway systems cutting-edge technology that improves the pedestrian skyway experience," said Andy Sriubas, Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development, OUTFRONT Media.

"The skyways have always been a wonderful venue for both local and national advertisers. Our integrated digital advertising ecosystem provides the capability to customize and target messages, resulting in greater audience engagement. With thousands of working professionals passing through the skyways each day, we see tremendous potential to maximize impact for advertisers and the user experience."

The ON Smart displays are rolling out as single units in landscape orientation and CenturyLink, PepsiCo, US Bank, Builders Association of the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Lynx, and Valley Fair Amusement Park will be among the first advertising partners.

OUTFRONT Media currently sells advertising for over seventy transit authorities including Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, San Francisco, and Miami.

Canada: OMAC Announces 2016 OOH Conference - ACTIVEZ

The Out-of-Home Marketing Association (OMAC) is hosting ACTIVEZ, an OOH conference on Tuesday October 18th at Theatre St. James in Montreal.

ACTIVEZ is a half-day conference that will bring together industry leaders to discuss how data and technology are fueling innovation and shaping the future of OOH.

New research will be presented on the value of OOH; its impact on brand metrics and ROI. Hear from marketers and their agencies on how OOH is achieving their goals by delivering targeted, relevant and contextual communication. “ACTIVEZ will provide new ideas and insights on the value and role of OOH in the future”, said Rosanne Caron, President OMAC.

Speakers include:

Denis Gaumondie (pictured) Founder, Digital Media Village, a Paris- based consultancy providing market intelligence services to brands and digital placed-based media. Denis started the online portal Ooh-tv.fr which is now the leading French publication about Digital Placed-Based Media.

Sally Dickerson Founder & CEO, BrandScience, Benchmarketing @Omnicom Media Group, London Sally co-founded The Decision Shop, part of Bates/Cordiant running econometric programs for various clients. She then set-up set up ROI (Return on Investment) when she joined OMD group which became OMD Metrics when it expanded into Europe and the USA.

OMD Metrics was rebranded as BrandScience which today runs hundreds of econometric projects every year. More speakers will be announced soon.

For more information about ACTIVEZ and to register please click here.

USA: Mobile Marketplace Startup Debuts Digital Billboards with User-Generated Content

5miles, one of the U.S.’s largest local marketplace apps, has launched a unique digital outdoor campaign that displays actual items for sale within five miles of a given billboard. Using innovative technology, the campaign will harness the power of real-time, user-generated content to help increase hyper-local transactions between sellers and buyers.

5miles has partnered with Billups, an out-of-home media specialty agency, to facilitate this month-long outdoor campaign with 13 digital billboards around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These billboards will showcase items such as cars, bikes and baby cribs that are actually for sale the very moment they appear on the billboard—a first in the mobile marketplace industry.

“This campaign brings to life the dynamic nature of the 5miles mobile marketplace. It also reflects the true spirit of the business model of the app itself—to buy and sell items, geographically nearby, with ease,” Ruben Avendaño, Marketing Manager at 5miles, said.

“Not only that, but it’s an excellent way to feature some of the quality items that are being sold on the app.” Items featured on the billboards are chosen from within the 5miles mobile marketplace by Billups’ Studio Services team in Portland, Oregon based on global positioning system coordinates. This crucial coordination ensures that an item is actually located within five miles of each digital billboard.

5miles sellers, in turn, are notified when their merchandise is featured on a digital billboard and encouraged to share with their friends and social network(s) what they’re selling using the #SoldOn5miles hashtag.

Full article here

Chile: In Chile, Out-of-Home Ad Spending Grows Among Traditional Media

While nearly every medium in Chile suffered declines in advertising spending from 2014 to 2015, out-of-home spending and cinema spending grew over the course of the year, with out-of-home growth modest, at 7.6%, while cinema spending grew by 48.1%.

That’s according to research from Asociación Chilena de Agencias de Medios (AAM), which indicates magazine spending saw the biggest decline over the year, at 13.5%. Other media saw less substantial spending decreases, with radio shrinking 2.2%, TV 2.9% and newspapers 5.7%.

Overall, spending was down 2.4%. Despite TV’s downturn in spending, the medium still made up 54.8% of the total share in February 2016. While that’s slightly down from its 2015 figure, it’s also slightly up from its 2014 figure, which means that it’s too early to tell if advertisers in Chile are cooling off on TV for good, or if this is just a temporary blip on the radar.

Out-of-home advertising, meanwhile, has encroached upon the market shares of TV and newspapers. For all its remarkable growth, though, cinema continues to make up a minuscule share—just 0.1%.

eMarketer estimates that advertisers spent $1.04 billion on advertising in 2015, and projects a total media ad spending figure of $1.05 in 2016, a figure that will expand slowly but steadily until 2020, when total ad spending reaches $1.13 billion. Growth per year will hover around 2.0% starting in 2017.



Australia: Adshel unveils ethnic targeting initiative in readiness for projected ethnic population explosion

Adshel has today unveiled its ethnicity targeting initiative. The launch follows recently released ethnic urban projections at the Outdoor Media Associations’ ’Future Cities’ event that cited Australia’s urban ethnic population is projected to increase to 40 per cent by 2050.

Adshel offers the ability to precisely pin-point and target ethnic communities giving advertisers the opportunity to run campaigns that better target, reach and, ultimately, engage across a multicultural Australia.

With over 22,000 touch points across all major cities nationally, ethnicity targeting adds to Adshel’s extensive audience profiling capabilities including Roy Morgan Helix Persona and an exhaustive national beacon network allowing advertisers to harness our growing mobile population out-of-home.

Adshel head of marketing, Charlotte Valente said the initiative takes everyday outdoor audience targeting to a new level.

“The proportion of Australians who were born overseas has hit its highest point – 28 per cent of the population, or 6.6 million Australians, were born overseas. With these numbers steadily on the rise, we have seen an increasing demand for targeting audiences from different ethnic backgrounds, ensuring relevant and engaging creative. To be able to communicate with this valuable audience in their own language sends a relatable and impactful message.

“Adshel’s scale allows advertisers to deliver messages with consistent impact coupled with the flexibility of trade to ensure enhanced campaign efficiency. We’re renowned for our national footprint that includes vibrant multicultural hubs across Australia, we have the scale to be precise.”

The official launch follows trials with SBS targeting Chinese communities during Chinese New Year that delivered over 8.5million contacts across Sydney over a 2-week period.

Australia: #CreateWelcome Reaches 1 Million

The #CreateWelcome campaign, created by goa and independent multicultural organisation, MDA, has officially reached over one million people through Instagram alone. The milestone was reached after staggering levels of public engagement and a recent surge of social media support from some leading personalities.

Leading profiles such as Australian actress Jess Tovey, writer Benjamin Law, Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Jamie Young, comedian Tom Ballard, many Home and Away cast members and a host of others from stage, screen, sport and politics, are participating in the #CreateWelcome campaign, using their social media influence to support the project.

“goa has provided its network of multimedia billboard technology to support a positive social environment in Queensland, create an inclusive community and promote welcome from citizens. Through our efforts, along with those of our profile partners and MDA, over one million people have been reached. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome,” said goa Chief Executive, Chris Tyquin.

Anyone can join the #CreateWelcome movement by stepping into a #CreateWelcome Social Booth or ordering WelcomeKits from www.createwelcome.com. The Social Booth can be found at various sporting, cultural and lifestyle events where people can construct their welcome message and upload via Instagramtm using the #CreateWelcome hashtag.

goa then broadcast the image across numerous digital billboards in Queensland, creating a greater a sense of community between Australia and the 46,000 new arrivals who call Queensland their new home each year.

“It has been amazing to see all the messages of welcome from such a broad range of people. These messages represent our shared promise to people seeking a safer life in Australia. Since federation, Australia has welcomed three-quarters of a million refugees. It’s who we are,” said Kerrin Benson, MDA Chief Executive Officer.

“It’s up to the community to shift the narrative. This campaign is providing people with opportunities to take constructive action themselves,” Ms Benson added.

MDA plans to continue the #CreateWelcome campaign into 2017.

Australia: Ooh Media adds 13 new digital billboards

oOh!media is set to expand its digital roadside footprint by almost one third since the beginning of the year, with the construction and conversion of 13 premium large billboards across Australia.

This will take the company’s roadside digital assets to 39, with more digital billboards in the pipeline and expected to be completed by the end of the year. In total, the company has more than 5,000 digital screens across its product offering. oOh!’s Group Director of Road, Noel Cook, said the expansion of oOh!’s digital portfolio was strategically driven, to deliver premium sites that meet key criteria. “We are not simply going out and converting any roadside billboard,” Mr Cook said.

“Primarily we are digitising billboards in premium locations that deliver maximum reach and return on investment for advertisers and complement our leading national digital and static inventory across our eight audience environments. “These new developments, coupled with our data and measurement investment, will further enable us to provide advertisers with the right format, to deliver the right message at the right time and to the right audience.”

The 13 new digital billboards include key sites in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. “Collectively these sites reach almost 3 million Australians, with more than 15 million contacts a week,” Mr Cook said.

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UAE: BackLite Media partners with Bright Green Technology to upgrade their advertising sites on Dubai’s prestigious Sheikh Zayed Road

Bright Green Technology works with outdoor media owners all over the world to improve the quality and sustainability of their illuminated signs and displays.

BackLite Media is a premium supplier of out-of-home media in the UAE, with a portfolio of sites at prominent locations and a reputation for the highest quality display technology. With a demanding customer base of local and global brands, BackLite Media is focused on continuous improvement and investment.

Following detailed technical and economic analysis, working in partnership with Bright Green Technology, BackLite Media decided to trial the Bright Green Matrix LED system as a retrofit of the existing fluorescent tubes. With a 70% energy saving and zero maintenance requirement, the Bright Green Matrix LED system is quick to pay back the capital investment and ensures trouble free, high quality operation.

Following on from this very successful trial BackLite Media is now rolling out the system throughout their network.

“BackLite is continuing to make substantial investments to improve the quality of OOH in Dubai. We are delighted to have found a partner that shares our passion for excellence.”

said James Bicknell, BackLite Media