FEPE Out of Home News 25th February 2016

FEPE Out of Home News 25th February 2016


57th FEPE Congress in Barcelona: Early Bird bookings close on Feb 29th

Content of the Congress this year will be markedly different to previous years.

We will be having a series of round table panel discussions which will allow us to bring in many other OOH and industry voices to give their opinions and insights into a range of subjects.

The first of these sessions we are announcing is:

"The transformation of an OOH media owner from traditional to digital"

This panel will follow a short introductory presentation by Tim Bleakley, CEO of Ocean Outdoor and will be moderated by FEPE Vice President, Brendon Cook of oOh! Media. The panel members will be announced later.

There will also be a session featuring representatives from many of the National OOH Associations. 

Taking part will be Nancy Fletcher of the OAAA (USA), Rosanne Caron of OMAC (Canada), Charmaine Moldrich of OMA (Australia), Alan Brydon of Outsmart (UK) and  representatives from the German and Indian Associations (TBC).

There will also be two 30 minute breakout sessions on the first day. One on Transport advertising and the other on OOH research. Details of these sessions will be announced later.

Early bird bookings for the 57th FEPE Congress, which will be held between Wednesday June 1st and Friday June 3rd 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fira Center, Barcelona will close on Feb 29th.

The link for the booking form can be found on the FEPE Homepage, at www.worldooh.org

Further details will be announced on the FEPE website, and in future newsletters.

UK: Primesight strikes 'hyperlocal' digital targeting deal

Outdoor advertising is continuing to make the most of digital with the news that real-time programmatic company Crimtan has signed a multi-year partnership deal with out-of-home ad specialists Primesight.

Crimtan's technology will allow Primesight clients to "amplify" their OOH campaigns with location-based digital display ads by targeting web and app users in the same locations.

Crimtan's so-called 'hyperlocal' targeting delivers ads to any postal sector and uses additional wi-fi, e-commerce and GPS data. All data is entirely anonymous.

The deal means an advertising client could run a poster in selected postcodes around the UK and Crimtan would then deliver the client's digital ads to mobiles, tablets and PCs in the precise locations where the posters are displayed.

Crimtan is also able to optimise a campaign to users actively in market for a particular product or service, helping join the dots between OOH and digital.

"We have a long tail of direct advertisers that use our billboards but are unaware of the benefits of targeted web and in app advertising," said Naren Patel, Primesight's CEO.

"We are encouraging our advertisers to amplify their OOH campaigns with digital display advertising. Crimtan's technology allows us to plan and deliver connected media campaigns to users in targeted locations close to our billboards which makes their campaigns work harder."

Crimtan's CEO, Neil Alldrit, said campaigns using offline media have usually been planned separately to online, but his company is working with adjacent media sectors to bring them new revenue streams by opening up the ability for them to offer their clients digital campaigns that amplify the results of their offline activity.


UK: Asda to digitise OOH media estate and give advertisers its data to create “hyper-relevant” campaigns

Asda is to overhaul its outdoor billboard and poster sites, including the digitisation of up to 300 superstores and 200 supermarkets after partnering with Clear Channel.

The seven-year contract will also see Clear Channel able to utilise Asda’s sales data and customer insight information to help advertisers create hyper-relevant and contextual campaigns.

After Clear Channel takes over the seven-year contract in July, it plans to install of hundreds of 70” portrait digital screens located at the entrance of Asda Superstores nationwide, with a smaller variant to be designed for Asda Supermarkets.

The upgraded screens will be powered by Clear Channel’s content management system, Play iQ, which also offers advertisers live availabilities and campaign reporting.

Justin Cochrane chief executive of Clear Channel UK said: “Converting hundreds of advertising panels to beautiful digital screens, underpinned by intelligent technology, will allow us to offer brands and customers advertising experiences that are relevant and right for them.”

Clear Channel has invested heavily in a digital transformation project, which includes the on-going nationwide expansion of its digital 6-sheet product, Adshel Live, as well as the roll-out of digital billboard ‘Wrap’ in the UK’s biggest cities.

It comes as Asda gets increasinly savvy with its media. The retailer revealed to The Drum last week that in a first for the European market it had woven Nielsen’s Brand Lift technology into its mobile programmatic activity. It claims this has given it the ability to connect its digital campaigns to in-store sales.


UK: Outdoor Plus Secures ‘The One’ in a Landmark Development for the DOOH Sector

In a major new acquisition for the out of home industry, Outdoor Plus has secured the rights to develop two state of the art digital screens under the prestigious Hyde Park Corner in London.

The One, a brand new development located next to Hyde Park and positioned at either end of the Piccadilly Underpass in Knightsbridge, promises to be a spectacular and exclusive addition to the London digital landscape with the two high definition screens providing access to an enviable upmarket audience in an area of true media scarcity.

Launching in autumn 2016, The One will target London’s most affluent and high profile addresses; Mayfair, Belgravia, St James’ and Knightsbridge. In addition to London’s AB commuters, The One will deliver a global audience due to the concentration of luxury hotels in the area and the proximity to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason. The two screens will have a fortnightly reach of over 2.1 million.

Since launching the Eye at Holborn in 2011, Outdoor Plus has been committed to developing the very best iconic digital out of home in London and is now market leader in this sector with a 30% share. The launch of The One is Outdoor Plus’ nineteenth landmark location, providing brands with the most valuable public communications network in London.

The site, designed by Wildstone on behalf of Westminster City Council, will significantly improve the underpass and introduce a new display berth for public art.

Jonathan Lewis, managing director at Outdoor Plus, said: “The development of The One signals another significant investment from Outdoor Plus and we are delighted to be bringing London’s most elite advertising location to market. At a time when advertisers have more media choices than ever, we are excited to be able to offer them a truly unique opportunity to target a highly coveted global audience in the very heart of Central London.”

UK: Exterion Media powers London buses with Shazam for Kung Fu Panda 3 release

First Campaign to utilize newly completed London Bus beacon network Exterion Media has partnered with Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, and Fox to bring the first beacon-enabled advertising campaign to London buses for the release of Kung Fu Panda 3

Promotion of the film will commence on 22 February with T-sides and Supersides on buses across the capital, before coming directly to commuter mobile devices on the day of the movie’s launch on 11 March. Passengers using the Shazam app will be served bespoke content including the trailer, and have the ability to book cinema tickets directly via their device whilst en route

“This is a fantastic, engaging campaign that exemplifies the potential of beacons – something we’ve been championing for a long time. Until now, pedestrians have been the predominant beneficiary when it comes to bus advertising; but now we can directly reach commuters during the millions of bus journeys being made every month with relevant, timely and engaging content in an unobtrusive way,” said Mike Wood, Product and Innovation Director at Exterion Media, who was appointed to the role 12 months ago

“We’ve been working toward this moment, which fully realises our digital capability, for a long time. With beacons we are able to deliver engaging, informative and entertaining content directly to millions of Shazam users. Our ambition is to extend this capability across our national portfolio, which creates inspirational experiences for 92% of UK adults every week.

Sam Woods, VP International Strategic Partnerships & UK Sales at Shazam, said the partnership demonstrates the app’s evolution and potential: “As one of the first ever apps in the Apple Store, Shazam has been at the forefront of mobile innovation for as long as there have been smartphones. Bringing Shazam enabled moments to London bus users is a hugely exciting milestone for us, and precedes our expansion into other environments – creating a huge opportunity for us, our users, and partners.

Fox Marketing Director, Chris Green, said the partnership is a strategic move that allows the company to speak directly to moviegoers in a format they are already engaged with: “Working with Exterion Media and Shazam in this way allows us to reach and engage the audience at a deeper level than the traditional outdoor executions. What is also very attractive is that the technology will return accurate data on which audiences are engaging with the campaign, which will be valuable to both this and future campaigns.”

UK: Emirates' Colossal Campaign

To brighten up the commute and get travellers dreaming about exotic destinations, Emirates Airline and JCDecaux have deployed an unmissable LED-lit special-build campaign on the Clapham Colossus, Europe’s largest backlit billboard!

The large-format panel, informing commuters about the Emirates A380 that will now be travelling three times a day from Gatwick airport, stands at a phenomenal 15ft high by 200ft wide and is located outside the busy Clapham Junction station. Not only does the campaign feature the iconic Emirates red branding, but a 2D A380 has also been installed along with three sparkling trails of unmissable LED lights; the first time these have ever been used at this site.

This campaign was implemented by JCDecaux’s very own Creative Solutions team, and is part of a long-term hold by Emirates.

Steven Dennison, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux, said: “This is a fantastic special-build campaign to catch the attention of London commuters. Clapham Junction is the perfect station for reaching the affluent South West London as well as travellers to and from Gatwick Airport, providing Emirates with unrivalled visibility.”

The campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux through Havas and Posterscope.



USA: Enabling Private Marketplaces, by John Laramie

The goal of technology is to help make life easier. In out of home (OOH), workflow software is beginning to automate the administrative and data entry components of the buying and selling process, allowing sellers to spend less time filling out templates and more time building relationships with buyers, who can now focus less on organizing spreadsheets and more on strategizing smart ad campaigns.

As buyers and sellers begin to rely more on technology to improve the efficiency of their transactions, even greater timesaving possibilities emerge. One example is a private marketplace, where sellers provide trusted buyers with direct access to their inventory. Sellers continue to maintain full control over their inventory — managing availability, setting prices and creating transaction rules — and buyers can quickly secure ad space when they know exactly what they want.

Private marketplaces are valuable because in many cases (repeat or annual buys especially), experienced OOH buyers know precisely the inventory they need for a campaign. In these situations, why cling to the formal RFP process? It forces sellers to spend time entering data into proposal templates, and buyers to sift through that data to identify what they want to purchase. On the sell side, that time could be far more meaningfully devoted to driving new business. And buyers could replace time spent on data processing with more attentive client service.

However, not all OOH transactions fit the private marketplace model. Often, greater collaboration is needed between buyer and seller. Workflow automation software helps make such transactions easier today, and lays the foundation for the emergence of private marketplaces in the near future.

By first bringing the OOH buying and selling workflow online, and then developing the tools to automate it, many tech firms are beginning to power private marketplaces that will represent a transformative step forward in our mission to make OOH easier to buy and sell.

I am extremely excited about the opportunity to create new, innovative modes of selling for the industry. Anything that can be done to remove unnecessary effort from the buying and selling process makes everyone’s lives more efficient and increases the capacity to grow more business. And when technology enables greater collaboration between media partners in this space, advertisers come away with a better OOH experience.


USA: Pandora Jewelry taps OUTFRONT Media Mobile Network to Boost Customer Engagement in Miami

OUTFRONT Media today announced the results of its advertising campaign which successfully drove traffic to four franchise-owned PANDORA Jewelry stores in Miami, Florida.

This campaign leveraged the initial deployment of the OUTFRONT Mobile Network, which provides location-based mobile marketing capabilities through a custom geo-fencing solution powered by xAd, a leader in location-based marketing. In turn this enables marketers to reach the right people based on the real places they visit every day.

As one of the largest jewelry companies, PANDORA used two powerful mediums, mobile and out-of-home, to expand their loyal customer base and increase engagement.

“We are attributing this success to a combination of the out-of-home priming effect on mobile, the contextual relevance of the holiday season and our featured promotions,” said Franchise Owner, Girish Mirpuri.

In total, PANDORA secured 1,134 consumer engagements as a result (including directions, click to call, Facebook follows and clicks to the website). By utilizing a multi-platform approach to their campaign, PANDORA successfully reached consumers during the busy holiday season by connecting with them everywhere they go – on their desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and out-of-home. This behavior showcased a 135% lift above the mobile alone benchmark for the standard Secondary Action Rate (SAR).

Running from November 16, 2015 to January 10, 2016, the campaign included nine billboards in Miami and a geo-fencing area that consisted of a five-mile radius around the nine out-of-home assets owned by OUTFRONT Media.

“We are thrilled with the results of this partnership with PANDORA, whose innovative approach led to a significant increase in awareness,” said Jodi Senese, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

“We continue to believe that the integration between mobile and out-of-home is an important next step in connecting advertisers to their intended audiences. Being able to deliver such great results and drive increased customer engagement in this case with PANDORA is only the beginning.”

USA: SILVERCAST Media Enters OOH Advertising in NYC

New, independent media company, SILVERCAST Media, has launched this week with an unmatched portfolio of digital and static signage in New York City.

SILVERCAST Media is co-founded by well-known out of home (OOH) advertising veterans Gary Grossman and Justin Rinko. With a combined 32+ years in the Outdoor Advertising business, Mr. Grossman and Mr. Rinko's careers have now coalesced to launch an unprecedented new venture in outdoor media. SILVERCAST Media is the sole media company in the market currently offering the largest and only 4K HD Resolution Digital Sign Spectacular in the heart of Times Square.

SILVERCAST Media has announced a striking portfolio with a dominant inventory footprint reflecting the most highly trafficked areas of Manhattan. Mr. Grossman and Mr. Rinko both started their esteemed careers at Van Wagner where they began as account executives and grew to become equity partners. Mr. Grossman and Mr. Rinko were part of an amazing team that was forward thinking, entrepreneurial, and constantly redefining all aspects of the Outdoor Advertising industry.

Working together for over 16 years and spanning Manhattan, Chicago, Boston, and other top markets, both partners have earned impressive backgrounds in all facets of the OOH industry including sales, sales development and strategies, management, as well as inventory and market development. SILVERCAST Media will uphold the business ethos held by Mr. Grossman and Mr. Rinko as a media company that is deeply customer focused and service oriented.

SILVERCAST Media is a new Manhattan-based independent media company specializing in outdoor advertising in the form of premier digital and static oversized billboard Spectaculars. Launching with a focus in New York City's most highly sought-after signage areas, SILVERCAST Media maintains operations in Times Square, Penn Plaza & Madison Square Garden, among others. Founded in 2016, SILVERCAST Media plans to grow in NYC as well as other markets in the US.


Canada: BroadSign Invests Further in its Sales Team for International Growth

Skip Beloff and Maarten Dollevoet promoted to Senior Vice President and Vice President, EMEA, respectively.

BroadSign International, LLC, continues to invest in its Sales team to best maintain its leading position in the industry while managing a quickly growing customer base.

Skip Beloff, BroadSign’s Vice President, Sales for the past six years, has been named Senior Vice President and will be responsible for the sustainment and acquisition of key accounts. He will also guide the team dedicated to BroadSign’s coveted relationships, focusing largely on North and South America.

“BroadSign’s major accounts contribute greatly to our high standard of innovation and brand equity,” said Burr Smith, Chairman, President and CEO at BroadSign. “Skip’s skill set, professionalism and strength in relationship building will be key in expanding the organization’s horizons and enhancing one of our main values: incredible customer service.”

Simultaneously, Maarten Dollevoet, BroadSign’s Regional Sales Director, EMEA, has been promoted to Vice President, EMEA.

“Maarten has spent seven years establishing and advancing BroadSign’s presence in the EMEA region,” said Jean Beaudry, COO at BroadSign. “He has a deep understanding of the DOOH industry along with the unique requirements of EMEA market players and will be crucial to BroadSign’s practice of thinking globally while acting locally.”

Beloff, Smith, Dollevoet and Beaudry will all be present at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo. Meetings held at the BroadSign booth can be arranged in advance here.


Australia: oOh! wins online advertising rights at Melbourne Airport – delivers news and weather on the big screens

Australia’s largest reaching Out Of Home company, oOh!media, has announced that it has won the rights to new mobile and online opportunities as part of a new long term contract win with Melbourne Airport including the new domestic terminal – T4.

In a first for oOh!, the company has won exclusive rights to sell advertising for the airport’s consumer facing digital assets, including the Melbourne Airport website, Mobile app and its Wi-Fi offering across the precinct.

Also under the contract, oOh! not only extends its exclusive advertising rights for Melbourne’s T1, T2 and T3, but has won the rights to deliver state of the art digital external and internal signage for the new T4, giving it full coverage of the Melbourne Airport precinct that is expected to deliver 15 million passengers each year.

One of the new signage innovations being delivered for the new T4 complex is a state of the art hanging cylindrical digital banner with directional audio, via a sound shower.

oOh!’s Group Director - Fly, Robbie Dery, said the digital opportunity was consistent with the company’s wider digital strategy of building up its portfolio of integrated online and offline products.

“The airport has been experiencing record utilisation of their digital assets, with more than 600,000 online visitors each month and more than 150,000 downloads of its app,” Mr Dery said. “This coupled with our inventory gives advertisers a valuable way to reach the highly sought after fly audience.”

“By bundling the online digital assets with digital signage, we are able to deliver on the shared vision of providing the ultimate customer experience across all channels that can reach flyers, all while generating further revenue growth.

“This new contract further strengthens oOh!’s market leadership in the airport Out Of Home environment in Australia. We look forward to continuing to innovate to keep one of Australia’s busiest passenger airports as one of the most digitally advanced in the world.”

The agreement will also see oOh! upgrade digital and static inventory for the international terminal in the coming month, with ongoing development opportunities across the airport precinct over the contract term.

Melbourne Airport’s Executive Customer, Andrew Gardiner, said Melbourne Airport’s decision to extend its relationship with oOh! reflected its vision of delivering more convenience and choice to customers.

“oOh! is a clear leader in Out Of Home in the airport environment and has shown a commitment to delivering leading digital innovation to enhance our customers’ experience,” Mr Gardiner said.

“We look forward to working closely with oOh! to further innovate the gateway to Melbourne and Victoria all whilst oOh! continues to deliver Melbourne Airport with world leading solutions.”

Australia: The lifecycle of a digital billboard

Damien Rath and Paul Peters of APN Outdoor give us a sneak peek into the life of a digital outdoor site.

The process of bringing a digital billboard to life is complex and meticulous, from the initial idea to the go live date there are many boxes that must be ticked, parties involved and considerations to be made.

1. Strategic fit assessment

APN Outdoor places emphasis on ensuring every digital asset has a clear and concise strategic fit and purpose within the business.

Our cities, roads and freeways are dynamic and constantly changing, so careful consideration is given to the placement of digital assets and how they are expected to perform in the future.

Our digital signage generally needs to span a life cycle of time up to 15 years, so getting the fundamentals right is critical.

Our assessment of strategic fit will include the proximity of other digital assets to ensure an even distribution of our digital assets relative to forecast sales demand, demographics and proximity to the CBD or major hubs in which we can capture and measure our audiences. Other considerations include traffic volumes and whether any planned freeways, tunnels or bypasses might affect traffic volumes in the future. Planned building developments or redevelopments can also block viewing of signs, so we also look at worst case scenarios.

At a macro level we ensure we have proportional distribution of digital assets across the cities in which we operate. This can be challenging as certain states are faster to embrace new technology.

2. Commercial feasibility

We spend a great deal of time making sure we have the right inputs into all business cases, which is often a delicate combination of historical data with careful predictions of how the sign is likely to perform in the short, medium and long terms.

Typically, each business case will include analysis around forecast sales, media rates, rotation and duration of ads and a detailed estimate of forecast capital and operational expenditure.

Each sign resides on a host property so in all cases the operator, such as APN Outdoor, will enter into a property-related lease or licence with the land concession holder. The level of rent becomes a critical aspect of commercial feasibility, as these agreements can span anywhere from five to 20 years.

Full article here

Australia: oOh!media, APN Outdoor ride the outdoor digital revolution

Outdoor advertising rivals APN Outdoor and oOh!media expect investment in digital billboards will underpin strong growth for the rest of the year.

The two companies, both of which listed towards the end of 2014, presented full-year profit results on Monday that well exceeded forecasts the companies made in their prospectuses.

While other media have struggled in the face of digital disruption and audience fragmentation, out-of-home advertising has outperformed. Last month's SMI figures, which measure agency ad bookings, showed an 8 per cent rise in outdoor ad revenue in January.

"I think that we're genuinely surprised on the upside of the market conditions," APN Outdoor chief executive Richard Herring told Fairfax Media.

Both companies have invested heavily in digital platforms, which, once rolled out, can reduce costs and enable almost immediate updates to billboards to allow for time of day or weather-related advertising.

"We've probably gone from being one of the least immediate media to one of the most immediate," Mr Herring said.

oOh!media chief executive Brendon Cook said the new digital networks they are rolling out are offering the ability to engage with audiences in more-relevant ways, making them more appealing to advertisers who are diverting money away from traditional media such as newspapers and television. "Digital is offering new capabilities and new ways to get advertisers to spend on the medium. The reality is there is structural shift in audience," Mr Cook said.

Full article here

Australia: Qantas brings home creative Grand Prix

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has today announced the winner of its first annual Creative Collection Grand Prix.

Selected from over 200 campaigns, submitted over the past year as part of the OMA’s Creative Collection competition, the Qantas ‘Welcome Home’ campaign was named the 2015 Grand Prix winner, with honourable mentions to Lexus ‘This is the New Lexus’, Melanoma Institute of Australia ‘Stop the Spread of Melanoma’ and Sony Pictures ‘The Walk’.

“It is heartening to see a poster, which I believe has the power to paint a thousand words, winning the OMA 2015 Grand Prix, amid the talk of digital,” said Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the OMA.

“I love that Qantas understands what an important role Outdoor still plays in reinforcing its emotional connection with so many of us. These posters relied almost solely on capturing the essence of ‘coming home’ and the genuine spontaneous moments of a very real family re-uniting,” said Chris Dewey, Creative Director for Lawrence Creative Strategy – the creative agency behind the ‘Welcome Home’ campaign.

“Photographer Paul Blackmore has well and truly proved that a picture, and in this case a poster, can indeed be worth a thousand words. This award is a fitting tribute to Neil Lawrence, the architect of the ‘Welcome Home’ campaign, and a friend who is sorely missed. It is also in recognition of the Qantas marketing team who have been so passionate in driving every aspect of their campaign,” Dewey continued.

Run quarterly by the OMA, the Creative Collection competition recognises and celebrates the most creative and innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns. Launched in 2013, the competition is now in its fourth year and continues to gain momentum, with winners appearing in the biennial publication OPEN – an anthology of Outdoor creative from Australia and around the world.

Commenting on the winning campaign, Julie Faktor said, “We had quite a debate around who should take the Grand Prix and it really was a close call. The execution of the Qantas work was flawless, because of its ability to say so much in the time frame of a glance which just nudged it ahead. The candid nature of the Qantas photography evokes a very immediate and emotional response, which really hits home in an outdoor environment.”


India: Posterscope partners Cheil India for Samsung's Gear S2

Samsung’s media agency Cheil along with Dentsu Aegis Network’s out of home agency Posterscope have successfully executed a high impact and high visibility innovation to celebrate the launch of Samsung Gear S2.

As part of the partnership, the key task for Posterscope was to highlight the core features of Samsung Gear S2 by disrupting the OOH landscape.

The target audience was SEC A1, A2, A3 male within the 25-44 age bracket, people who are early adopters of technology, lead an active lifestyle and always ready to stay connected. Cheil India developed the concept and creative. Posterscope Group India, Posterscope Asia Pacific regional director and MD Haresh Nayak said, “I am extremely honoured to be associated with this campaign.

The world is currently standing in the midst of massive technological advancements and our consumers in India are not just aware but also exposed to these evolutions while sitting at home. Therefore, the campaign that we executed had to be such that it could stand up to a world-class quality. And I am glad that we have stood tall and delivered so well.” While the objective entailed the highlighting of the dynamic features of the watch, it could not be met a vanilla 2D approach towards OOH. Thus, Posterscope recommended the use of LEDs to create an innovative display that would do justice to the objective and serve the required impact.

Adding a layer of efficacy to this innovative campaign was a well thought-out media plan that was designed by Posterscope. Based on their deep understanding of the target consumer, which was derived from their primary research (OCS), patented analytical tools (PRISM) and accumulated understanding, Posterscope zeroed down on specific locations in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi NCR to conduct the project.

Trade points were the focus in Mumbai while it were the IT parks in Bangalore. Innovation was done at DND toll road, which is a major entry point in the city from Noida.