FEPE Out of Home News 27th April 2016

FEPE Out of Home News 27th April 2016



57th FEPE Congress in Barcelona: Full Programme to be released soon

We are now finalising the last details of the 2016 Barcelona programme. A pdf version will be available to download in the near future.

Other additions to the programme of speakers and panel members we can announce are Abe San of Dentsu, Benjamin Milne of Dentsu and James Mitchell of Mcgarrybowen.

Mr San and Benjamin Milne will be presenting with Annie Rickard and will give us valuable insights into the Japanese OOH market.

Brand Planner James Mitchell will be taking part in the adblocking/audience panel.

We still have some availability at The Crowne Plaza but room availability is not infinite.

We recommend booking as soon as possible if you wishto take advantage of our special rate.

Speakers and panel members already confirmed are Kester Fielding of Bacardi and Stephen Sargeant of Diageo, Tom Goodwin, James Murphy, Michel Sara, Mark Boidman, Bob Wootton, Annie Rickard, Abe San (Dentsu), Ben Milne (Dentsu), James Mitchell, (Mcgarrybowen) Nancy Fletcher, Rosanne Caron, Noomi Mehta, Alan Brydon, Mark Craze, Tim Bleakley and Charmaine Moldrich.

FEPE Board members including Matthew Dearden, Christian Schmalzl, Shaun Gregory and Brendon Cook will also be moderating panels and facilitating sessions along with FEPE President Antonio Vincenti. 

The Gala Dinner will be held at the Codorniu wine making facility, just outside Barcelona. Codorníu is synonymous to the history of a family of winegrowers which goes back to the XVI century. It is the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. It now has 450 years of history behind it.

The 57th FEPE Congress, which will be held between Wednesday June 1st and Friday June 3rd 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fira Center, Barcelona. One or two exhibition places are still available, so please get in touch if you wish to showcase your company and products in front of a high level audience of OOH professionals.

The link for the booking form can be found on the FEPE Homepage, at www.worldooh.org

Further details will be announced in future newsletters.

UK: JCDecaux UK appoints Spencer Berwin and Philip Thomas as Co-CEOs

JCDecaux has announced that it has appointed Spencer Berwin, Managing Director –Sales and Philip Thomas, Finance Director as co-CEOs of JCDecaux UK, reporting directly to its Chairman, Jean-François Decaux.

The new positions take effect immediately and are a reflection of the company’s continued growth and expansion. Following the recent win of TfL’s bus shelters in London and its strategy to make the UK the global capital for digital outdoor, the management structure will be instrumental in the ongoing success of the company.

Jean-François Decaux said

“After three years directly running the UK business and following our recent major contract wins, I have decided to hand the day to day management of the company to Spencer and Philip. I have the utmost confidence in them both to continue the success of the UK operation as we accelerate the investment in our digital transformation strategy with the roll-out of 1,000 84 inch screens to the streets of London.

They have been with the group for a significant number of years and it is this stability of our management team that will continue to be a key strength in our future success.”

UK: Smart cities - creating cities that give back

Smart cities and urban partnerships are big business. In the UK alone, the smart cities industry is predicted to be worth £40 billion, says Michael Brown, managing director of PsLive.

Artichoke founder Helen Marriage, London and Partners' Zanine Adams and CEO of Global Cites, David Adam help me dissect smart cities and what it means for us…

Picture this: You’ve had a bad morning at the office, you nip out for a reflective moment and a park bench senses the dark cloud over your head, returning the skip to your step by playing you your favourite song. On the journey home, a bus shelter dissuades you from getting on the number 38 to Clapton Pond, in favour of diving into a nearby bar because it knows a table for two has recently become available.

Sounds far fetched? Not really, the future is here and these types of initiatives are happening right now, with smart cities already a fully emerged movement.

The government has supported smart city growth in the UK including awarding more than £178 million, from 2013 until 2018, into research and demonstrator projects. This is just a modest indicator of the appetite for investment. Innovate UK’s Future Cities report, launched in November 2015, documented how a grant of £1.5 million, that was divided equally between 30 local authorities in the UK, went on to trigger a further £107 million in investment from other sources, including the private sector.

The bucks then are potentially big, and they are not all spent on what some may consider to be the frippery of lightening a mood, or encouraging people to stay out for a drink. There are worthy causes too, and it’s in those spaces that brands are beginning to see the opportunity for both giving something back to a community and diversifying their product offering for commercial benefit.

Full article here

UK: Visual vanguard: JCDecaux's Spencer Berwin talks hawks, scaling and London's digital landscape

London's landscape is in flux. Almost 120 skyscrapers are in the pipeline, and the proliferation of bright digital billboards in train stations, roundabouts and bus shelters are transforming the capital’s aspect into something altogether more dynamic and enthralling.

Outdoor specialist JCDecaux is behind this massive digital roll-out. After winning TfL’s £300m bus shelter contract last year, the firm has started to build a network of 1,000 digital screens at bus stops in key retail spots in the capital. Chairman Jean-Francois Decaux has said that 50 per cent of the company’s UK ad revenues will come from digital by 2017.

“We used to get excited by someone building something shiny and new,” says Spencer Berwin, managing director of sales at JCDecaux UK. “We’ve moved beyond those first moments of excitement and now, it’s about scale.”

The firm sees London as the centre of the out-of-home (OOH) universe, and has a business to help the capital’s startups develop outdoor advertising for its sites.

And even as the medium moves towards digital, it circumvents a lot of the problems, like ad-blocking, which other channels are grappling with. Berwin tells City A.M. why other media have embraced OOH, and why the poster will be around for some time to come.

Full article here

UK: How data can drive creativity in out-of-home

Brands are using data to bring out-of-home campaigns to life in unexpected ways, writes Kinetic's Dominic Murray.

Google's Eric Schmidt once said that 90% of the world's data has been generated in the past two years. Or was that just articles about data?

But this article is less about the hard side of data that will drive efficiencies or optimise workflow, and more about the ways it is being applied creatively.

In the quantified age, everything from our sleeping patterns to our physical and emotional reactions are being captured and analysed by everyone from data scientists to artists. The opportunity for media businesses is to harness this data, apply it to spark creativity and develop exciting, fun and even peculiar innovations.

This is happening - and being recognised - on a large scale. Last year, Cannes Lions introduced a Creative Data category to celebrate the impact of data on creativity.

In the out-of-home (OOH) industry, brands are increasingly incorporating data into OOH campaigns to bring them to life in unexpected ways. And with OOH leading the way in applying cutting-edge technologies alongside creative uses of data, this is something that brands can really take advantage of.

Offering consumers a helping hand

We know that OOH has the ability to present eye-catching creative while people are searching for that inspirational fix, but thanks to data it can now deliver useful and productive messaging unprompted when they are at their most connected and engaged. Data provides contextual grounding, which in turn leads to understanding consumers' needs and particular behaviours.

Full article here

UK: DOOH: Layering Data Will Reveal Your Audience Like Never Before

Following the recently published piece about how to turbocharge digital out-of-home creative, ExchangeWire were keen to delve into another powerful way of transforming DOOH – data.

Here, Mick Ridley, head of data and technology, Exterion Media, explains to ExchangeWire how leveraging advanced data insight is key to successful OOH campaign planning, execution and measurement, and how Londoners should see a difference in the OOH media they consume throughout the city, thanks to data.

Increasingly, sophisticated use of data is changing the way that Out of Home (OOH) is bought, sold, and consumed. We are no longer restricted to selling a specific format, or time period, but are making a fundamental shift to selling audiences. By fusing locational intelligence with modelled, qualitative, and behavioural data, in addition to a shift towards real-time data, we can better understand audiences in the round – helping advertisers to plan, execute, and measure campaigns more effectively.

As the industry transitions, it will radically change the market, allowing OOH media owners to underpin their investments with revenue growth and enable the medium to take market share from other media channels. Digital channels have raised advertiser’s expectations, so that they now demand a deep level of audience insight that is increasingly used to justify their creative, channel, and media decisions.

OOH is ideally placed to take advantage of the increased insight that is available to deliver more intelligent campaigns, allowing it to compete on a level playing field against online, as well as more traditional media. OOH is becoming a more attractive medium because it can fulfil both the large broadcast-scale needs of advertisers, whilst also having the ability to segment audiences, making it more targeted, relevant, and contextual.

It is now a targeted broadcast medium. However, with so many disparate sources of data, it is only companies with the power to access and layer these effectively who can build a truly accurate picture of their audience.

Full article here

UK: JCDecaux Partners with YouGov

JCDecaux is the first Outdoor media owner to access YouGov Profiles, the powerful segmentation and media-planning product. With 250,000 members delivering brand, media, behaviour and attitudinal data, the ability to understand what the nation thinks at a hyperlocal level is unprecedented.

This adds a new capability to the planning of Outdoor campaigns that has not been previously available. To launch this partnership, JCDecaux and YouGov will unveil a nationwide editorial across digital screens. Going live on 18th April for 4-weeks a specially-created mobile and online game, ‘Locate that Landmark’ will highlight the granular level of the data.

Agencies, clients and the public will be invited to ‘Play the Game’ with a leaderboard highlighting our knowledge of the country. Additionally, JCDecaux will partner with YouGov to add a series of questions to the Profiles’ panel, enabling JCDecaux and their clients to access the data for the first time via Outdoor environments and noticeability.

Chris Felton, Head of Agency Marketing at JCDecaux said:

“If you want to know about how Britain works, then we have access to the database that really matters – YouGov Profiles. Brands will be able to plan their Outdoor campaigns even more effectively, driving consumer engagement with tailored locational messaging. We are the data investors in Outdoor – this partnership follows our recent launch of our 10 thousand strong mobile community My Connections, our continued investment in CACI geographical retail spend data and we continue to be the key contributor to the Outdoor measurement system Route.”

Alex McIntosh, CEO of YouGov said:

“YouGov is delighted to announce this partnership with JCDecaux, the UK market leader. Adding Outdoor questions from JCDecaux to Profiles will enable our data to be analysed from an Outdoor perspective, delivering a truly cross-media picture for media agencies and their clients for the first time. Working with JCDecaux to include retail and rail environments means that clients can understand the attitudes, interests, brand awareness of consumers visiting locations across the UK from Bluewater to Waterloo Station, using our live data.”

To play 'Locate That Landmark' click here.


USA: 5 moments you had to see at TAB/OAAA 2016

It’s no secret… We LOVE Out-Of-Home. And we’re happy to be with others who love OOH just as much as we do! Check out what’s happening at the OAAA #BigPic16 Conference:

Helloooo GEOPATH!

Starting September 19, TAB will be no more.

The Traffic Audit Bureau announced their re-branding as GeoPath. We’re sad to see TAB leave, but applaud this new step. GeoPath reflects the change in the OOH industry and the overall changes in audience measurement.

To be or not to be?

Mike Walsh, Futurist and CEO of Tomorrow, spoke about insights on audience behavior, digital technology, and marketing. He challenged us to embrace the accelerating pace of change and ask “what can media be?” Or, more importantly, what can it not be?

The Best of the Best

We’re sure that all OOH Industry members can agree that OOH is the best. According to Gerry Graf, Founder and COO of Barton F. Graf, there is no other advertising medium that can do what OOH can do. We’re right there with ya Gerry.

Full story here

Watch all the Conference videos here

USA: Here Are the Year's 4 Best Out-of-Home Campaigns, as Judged by the OBIE Awards

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America gave out its 2016 OBIE Awards for the year's best out-of-home advertising in Boca Raton, Fla., this week.

Four agencies walked off with Best of Show prizes—for innovative and beautifully designed outdoor work. Jackson Marketing Group in Greenville, S.C., won the Best Billboard Campaign award for its "2015 Season Kickoff" work for Big League World Series, a baseball tournament held each year in Easley, S.C., for kids 15-18. The series featured photos of kids competing in prior editions of the tournament—in ads that nicely illustrated the drama of playing on a national stage.

Downtown Partners in Chicago took home the Best Multi-Format Campaign award for its "Space is Freaking Awesome" ads for Adler Planetarium. This campaign was colorful and gleeful and packed with cool space facts.

The award for Best Wall Mural Campaign went to MRY and Colossal Media in New York for Adobe's "Make It with Creative Cloud" work. Adobe chose 10 out of 1,600 submissions from female artists in 60 countries to create "The World's Biggest Student Art Show." The winning images were hand-painted on walls in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Full article here

USA: JCDecaux North America Announces the Appointment of Mark Costa as Chief Digital Officer

JCDecaux SA announced the appointment of Mark Costa as Chief Digital Officer for JCDecaux North America.

Mr. Costa will be responsible for further enhancing digital products and services for JCDecaux North America. His focus will be on strengthening the company's data platform, and automation capabilities as the Out-of-Home industry moves into an era of the Internet of Things (IoT). He will also be addressing the increasing mobility of consumers and a need for improved measurement and automation within the Digital Out-of-Home ecosystem.

Full story here

USA: Gone too soon: Billboards pay tribute to Prince

When word first began to leak out on Twitter that Prince had died, it seemed like just another social media hoax.

Every other week it seems a false rumor of a star’s death starts trending. You can’t believe them, as people start them as jokes and then the stars themselves eventually hop on Twitter to show they’re still alive or have their publicist issue a statement.

But soon trusted resources such as the Associated Press were confirming that The Purple One had actually passed.

And then Twitter and other social media sites really lit up. How could a man so vibrant, so incredibly alive with his guitar playing, so very intense and deliberate with his sound, be gone?

People posted links to his best riffs (the one he played honoring the late George Harrison was a favorite, as was his Super Bowl performance) and offered eulogies.

Media companies began cobbling together tributes. One particularly clever idea: Weather Channel and Weather Underground changed all of their rain icons to purple, in honor of “Purple Rain.” The out-of-home companies also assembled their own tributes on billboards.



New Zealand: oOh!media continues New Zealand digital signage expansion

oOh!media New Zealand will provide advertisers with even greater opportunities to reach the country’s shoppers, following its success in securing new long-term advertising rights for eight retail centres across New Zealand.

As the country’s leading retail Out Of Home specialist, oOh! New Zealand has rapidly expanded its retail portfolio, growing its number of centres by more than 50 percent since the beginning of 2015.

oOh! General Manager of New Zealand, Adam McGregor, said the contract wins for shopping centres owned by NZRPG, Lend Lease and Kiwi Property took its retail network to 37 centres, providing a significant additional footprint to New Zealand’s most extensive retail Out of Home network and further enhancing oOh!’s largest national digital network.

“At the beginning of 2015, oOh! gave a clear commitment to increasing the quality and spread of advanced retail media solutions across New Zealand and these eight new centres are a demonstration of that,” Mr McGregor said.

“These new agreements significantly boost the audience that advertisers can reach through our exciting and fast growing retail portfolio. “We have expanded our reach in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch, and for the first time give our advertisers the opportunity to use our retail solutions in New Zealand’s seventh-largest city, Dunedin.”

The eight new shopping centres include:

· Four NZRPG Management centres – Milford Shopping Centre (North Shore, Auckland), Highbury Shopping Centre (North Shore, Auckland), Westgate Shopping Centre (West Auckland) and Fraser Cove (Tauranga)

· Three Lend Lease centres: Dress Smart Onehunga (Onehunga, Auckland), Dress Smart Mall (Hornby, Christchurch) and Meridian Mall (Dunedin); and

· One Kiwi Property centre: Sylvia Park Lifestyle (Sylvia Park, Auckland)

The company will this week start rolling out a mix of static and digital displays covering these centres’ internal and external environments.


Australia: APN, Nine in talks over potential $1.6bn merger

Nine Entertainment Co and APN News & Media have held talks about a potential $1.6 billion ­merger that would create a free-to-air television, radio and outdoor advertising conglomerate. It’s understood the two companies held preliminary and informal talks about a potential merger in the past four to six weeks. While there is no guarantee of a deal, APN appears to be readying to participate in major media ­consolidation.

The company is working through a spin-off of its New ­Zealand business, NZME, which is largely made up of structurally challenged newspapers and has been weighing on the company’s share price. APN is also selling its Australian regional newspaper business, Australian Regional Media, as it seeks to pay down debt.

If those two deals are executed, APN would be left with radio and outdoor advertising assets, which have been the two best performing traditional media categories over the past three years. This would potentially be an ­attractive proposition for Nine, which has become almost solely a metropolitan free-to-air television business following the divestment in recent years of its Nine Live events division and ACP Magazines, now Bauer Media Group.

Full story here


South Africa: Making sense of the city

JCDecaux acquired Continental Outdoor Media in June last year.

At a recent function at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Gauteng, Jean Sébastien Decaux, CEO Southern Europe, Belgium and Luxemburg, Africa and Israel welcomed the industry and stakeholders as well as media to this new start. “Five years ago we started to develop our vision for Out of Home (OOH) in South Africa.

We were excited and through this we could bring something to the market. However, it was not to be and we realised that what we had envisaged was not possible and that we would have to find another way,” he told the gathering. This led them to Continental and to change their business model and vision from the inside, by operating businesses. However, what we want to achieve has not changed - “a sustainable business model and with high quality products in the public domain that will change the name of the game”.

Hugely important in this is that citizens see OOH in a positive light, that advertisers utilise it and that authorities want it, he says. “We operate where people are and we need to be part of developments such as mobile apps going forward. We must ensure that we add context through data and connectivity though communities and especially in Africa which in the future, with its growing population, will demand better service and more value.”

He adds if OOH operators do not do this, then citizens will view OOH negatively and then the operators will struggle.

The power of OOH

OOH is resilient says Xavier Dupré, MD Sales, JCDecaux OneWorld, who addressed the audience on OOH as a smart medium. “Not only is it resilient but it is growing and the reason for this is that the world is in an urbanisation phase. “OOH works in these active spaces where people are in the right frame of mind and mood and therefore are receptive to these message.”

Full article here


Thailand: Thai Outdoor Advertiser Eyes Cambodia

Master Ad, Thailand’s largest outdoor advertising firm, will expand its media business in ASEAN, especially Cambodia, the Bangkok Post has reported.

As well as Cambodia, the company is eyeing Laos and Vietnam after expanding into Malaysia last year, the Post quoted chairman Noppadol Tansalarak as saying. He would not say which country would be next for expansion, but said all three new markets had strong potential. Malaysia will serve as the model for the next expansion in a strategy which focuses on forging partnerships with local and international companies.

He did not give any figures on expected investment. Outdoor advertising, also known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, targets the consumer when they are outside their home, including using billboards, advertising on public transport or in waiting rooms. Mr. Noppadol said using local partners was a good strategy because of their experience and established relationships.

He said the next expansion would be a joint venture. “Creating a partnership will benefit us in the long term because the OOH media industry is growing on a regional basis,” Mr. Noppadol said, adding that expansion in ASEAN is a form of risk management. He said neighboring countries presented massive opportunities for Master Ad’s regional investment because of their relaxed regulations.

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