FEPE Out of Home News 3rd March 2016

FEPE Out of Home News 3rd March 2016


57th FEPE Congress in Barcelona: More Programme Announcements

Early Bird bookings are now closed 

We will be having a series of round table panel discussions which will allow us to bring in many other OOH and industry voices to give their opinions and insights into a range of subjects.

Following on from last weeks' announcement of the "The transformation of an OOH media owner from traditional to digital" panel we are now announcing a session entitled:

"Reaching audiences in the age of ad-blocking"

This panel will be moderated by FEPE Vice President Matthew Dearden, President of Clear Channel Europe. The panel members will be announced later, but will feature representatives from across the media industry, not just OOH.

A further panel will be:

"Automation and programmatic in OOH, the Size of the Prize"

introduced and moderated by FEPE Vice President Tom Goddard, Chairman of Ocean Outdoor. Panel members to be announced later.

As announced last week, there will also be a session featuring representatives from many of the National OOH Associations.

Taking part will be Nancy Fletcher of the OAAA (USA), Rosanne Caron of OMAC (Canada), Charmaine Moldrich of OMA (Australia), Alan Brydon of Outsmart (UK) and representatives from the German and Indian Associations (TBC).

There will also be two 30 minute breakout sessions on the first day. One on Transport advertising and the other on OOH research. Details of these sessions will be announced later.

Other speakers already announced are James Murphy, CEO of adam&eveDDB and Chairman of the Advertising Association, and Mark Boidman, Managing Director of Peter J. Solomon Company.

The 57th FEPE Congress, which will be held between Wednesday June 1st and Friday June 3rd 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fira Center, Barcelona.

Hotel rooms are more limited than in previous years, so we advise booking as soon as you can if you hope to stay at the Crowne Plaza

The link for the booking form can be found on the FEPE Homepage, at www.worldooh.org 

Further details will be announced on the FEPE website, and in future newsletters.

UK: Concept’s Seven Screen Glasgow Network Seals Forrest’s Dominance

Concept Sign and Display Group has completed a groundbreaking project, featuring seven bespoke digital displays, which has seen the Birmingham-based sign and large format LED display specialist work in partnership with Scotland’s largest digital screen operator, Forrest Media.

Designed, manufactured and installed by Concept, the seven digital displays which comprise the Glasgow CityScreen Network are located in high traffic solus locations in and around the UK’s third biggest city. The project has resulted in Forrest becoming the only media owner to have screens at every major entry point into a city centre, representing a first for the UK’s highly competitive out of home advertising market.

The new network includes digital displays covering the main northern, eastern, southern and western approaches to Glasgow city centre, as well as a flagship 65 sq m digital display above Glasgow Central Station on Union Street which has an estimated 3.5 million views each fortnight. Other digital displays are located at the Quay Leisure Complex and the Glasgow Gateway on the Clyde Expressway – a key arterial route in and out of the city.

Designed to attract advertisers who want to achieve maximum impact, the digital displays are all 44 sq metres or more in size – almost three times bigger than a 48-sheet billboard – and half of them offer full motion capability.

Managing director of Concept, Sean Morrough, said: “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to build on our existing relationship with Forrest, having already successfully completed fifteen digital and signage contracts for the media owners. It was great to work on such a high profile project with unrivalled impact which clearly reflects Forrest’s ambition and commitment to quality.

“With the Glasgow CityScreen Network now part of the fabric of this major city, we look forward to working with Forrest on future landmark projects. We have provided the first three screens to the Forrest Edinburgh CityScreen Network and we are eager to work on the next phase of the Forrest expansion plan for a full digital footprint for Scotland’s capital city.”

Managing director of Forrest Media, Marc Keenan, added: “Concept is fast gaining a reputation in the highly-competitive out of home sector for providing intelligently-designed turnkey solutions to even the most challenging projects. From the outset, Sean and his team shared our excitement for the Glasgow CityScreen Network and they have confidently delivered on the brief.

“Following the completion of the final screen, Glasgow has become the only UK city where one media owner can claim to deliver a digital footprint right across town. Such clear dominance and cut-through is not achievable in other major cities, and no other media – with the exception of television – can deliver such astounding audiences to an advertiser. It is therefore fair to say we are proud of the results and look forward to taking this unique proposition to the market.”

UK: Exterion Media to launch Media for Equity financing model for London start-ups

Success of EM Ventures leads to new programme that gives unparalleled exposure in return for a share in success

EM Ventures, a division of Exterion Media focused solely on connecting start-up businesses with fast growth potential to urban audiences, will soon launch a new funding initiative for start-ups.

Since its formation in February 2015, EM Ventures has worked with more than 30 businesses, including Squadron Venture Media, TransferWise and Treatwell to offer unmatched audience exposure. This has now led to the creation of the Media for Equity programme – an alternative, flexible funding model for fast growing, exit-driven businesses. It offers valuable outdoor advertising space and other services in return for a share of equity, and marks a significant extension in Exterion Media’s support for London’s burgeoning start-up community, which encompasses more than 4,000 businesses and 251,590 jobs.

“A primary growth challenge for any fledgling company is building market awareness to not only accelerate customer take-up, but raise its profile amongst investors. We provide access to London’s 1.3 billion annual Tube passengers and 5.2 billion bus passenger journeys in the UK each year, offering unparalleled audience exposure to start-ups – just as EM Ventures has done for more than 30 businesses to date,” said Shaun Gregory, CEO at Exterion Media.

“Exterion Media is able to pioneer this model in the UK due to the success of the EM Ventures team in forging innovative, win-win partnerships with exciting new companies in their critical growth stage. It’s hugely rewarding to help growing enterprises realise their potential by sharing our insights and display network, and providing vital exposure that is normally out of reach for companies of this size.

“At the same time, we see significant potential to take a whole new approach to generating revenue from previously untapped streams and make the Out-of-Home model more efficient. It’s a more sophisticated alternative to the way advertising has traditionally been bought and sold; one where the media owner has a direct stake in the success of clients.”

The EM Ventures team is lead by senior people from within Exterion Media:

CEO Shaun Gregory leads and chairs the Media for Equity programme. He has first-hand experience of scaling an early stage company, raising funds and working with investors, having operated as CEO of a start up which ultimately exited. Shaun has also served as Chairman and non-executive director for several start ups, including UK listed companies. He is actively involved in the UK early stage scene and with a number of investors, including White Horse Capital. In his previous role he was an advisor for WAYRA, Telefónica’s global incubator programme that spanned 14 countries and invested in over 200 start ups

• In addition to working with various start-ups in a consulting or mentoring capacity, Exterion Media’s Director of Growth Programmes, Alissa Ananieva has worked with leading media for equity firm SevenVentures, on developing its investment strategy. She also spent two years at MESA, a US-based boutique investment bank focused on media and entertainment, helping start-ups raise funding and supporting their growth strategies

Details for how start-ups can apply for the programme will be announced shortly.

UK: JCDecaux launches 5,000 strong London panel, MyLondon, delivering unique insight for brands and agencies

JCDecaux launches its MyLondon panel with 5,000 respondents as well as a location-based behaviour application. Following its recent award of the TfL bus shelter advertising contract, the company is investing in new data solutions that will deliver new insight into the urban audience.

People living and working in London differ to the rest of Britain when it comes to media behaviour and opinions which is why JCDecaux has launched a dedicated London panel to help advertisers and agencies gain valuable insight into the distinct London audience.

The new panel is run by ResearchBods and allows clients to ask opted-in respondents questions via a website or the dedicated app and receive feedback within hours. Additionally, MyLondon runs surveys, polls and diaries across the year.

Respondents can also be asked questions whilst they are in specific locations. For example, MyLondon allows JCDecaux to geo-fence an area and only respondents that fit specific demographics and are in that location receive the survey questions. ResearchBods add-on app ‘Kamino’ furthermore allows JCDecaux to get insight into opted-in respondents’ movements and their app and mobile web behaviour.

In addition to the survey questions, the add-on app ‘Kamino’ prevents respondents bias by passively recording respondents’ movements. For example, ResearchBods found that 38% of Londoners spent up to 1.5 hours per day longer on apps than they claimed in a survey and a whopping 83% couldn’t identify their top 3 most used apps.

MyLondon covers both the central 33 boroughs as well as ‘Greater Greater London’ which covers people who visit London to either work or shop but don’t necessarily live within the traditional boundaries.

Chris Felton, Head of Agency Marketing at JCDecaux said: “The launch of MyLondon is part of JCDecaux’s wider commitment to further bolster its data sets and audience insight. We know that Londoners behave and think differently compared to the rest of the UK. MyLondon will give us unique new insight and combined with the location-based app, this is a powerful targeted insight tool for brands and agencies to find out more about a hard-to-reach urban audience.”

MyLondon joins JCDecaux’s existing panels MyShop and MyCommute which are part of the MyConnections suite of data solutions. MyShop is run by ResearchBods and includes 2,000 mall shoppers whereas MyCommute includes 2,000 London rail commuters and is run by OnDevice Research.

You can sign up to MyLondon here: http://london.my-connections.co.uk/

Follow @MyConnections__ @MyLondon__

UK: Now & Next: Programmatic Out-of-Home

Programmatic, as a not-so-new concept for the trading of OOH advertising, has been in the industry’s sights for quite some time now. Every year, OOH has been touted as the space to watch among the programmatic community – is 2016 the year when OOH will move from direct, negotiated buys and finally go full-on automatic?

The advantages of programmatic trading of OOH inventory are evident. As with everywhere else in the advertising ecosphere, the automation aspect and the efficiency of the programmatic targeting process speak much in favour of automated buying and selling of OOH ads. Programmatic makes planning and execution of brand campaigns easier and more reliable. On the sell-side, programmatic pushes optimisation, promising the sale of previously unsold inventory and, thus, driving revenue. It is a medium that is always on: You can’t click away a billboard or a screen – there are no ad blockers for OOH ad display.

The potential physical proximity of OOH advertising to the actual point of sale adds to its effectiveness.

Digital OOH inventory on the rise

Current numbers reflect the growing interest in OOH. According to a study by Kinetic Worldwide, OOH advertising spend in 2015 grew by 15%. And, specifically, digital OOH inventory is predicted to grow by 40% between 2015 and 2020. In the UK, OOH’s total share of media will rise from £880m in 2010 to £1.15bn by 2020, including digital revenues of almost £260m, which account for approximately 23% of the total OOH spend.

Full article here

Switzerland: APG|SGA AG aquires AlpenPlakat AG.

Business activities will be continued

As per February 24, 2016, APG|SGA AG fully acquires AlpenPlakat AG.

AlpenPlakat AG holds a high quality, analog portfolio of more than 550 poster locations in central Switzerland as well as in the cantons of Zurich, Aargau and Solothurn.

APG|SGA AG does not intend to integrate AlpenPlakat AG successfully ongoing business in the existing organization but continue the business with an unchanged strategy and employee base.

The present CEO and member of the board of directors, Christian Zimmermann, remains with the company and will, after a transition period, serve as delegate of the board of directors of AlpenPlakat AG. .


USA: Nancy Fletcher On 25 Years at The OAAA

In the outdoor business all roads lead to Nancy Fletcher. She’s been the head of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) for a remarkable 25 years. Nancy has a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law. She was President and General Manager of Naegele’s Twin Cities market before joining OAAA.

Nancy, how did you happen to enter the outdoor business?

I was honored to work for R.O. Naegele, an industry legend and mentor who left behind a question that helps guide me: “What have you done today?” In the beginning of my career, I recall telling my mother that I found work and a business that I love. I carry that passion to this moment.

How did you happen to end up at the OAAA?

At Naegele, I was involved with OAAA, especially through its legislative and regulatory work. A search committee seeking a new president asked me to take the helm, a quarter-century ago.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the OAAA in the time you’ve been involved?

Building on its traditional lobbying strength, OAAA has evolved into an effective full-service trade group that positions our medium within advertising, markets the medium, and protects our business in court and Congress. While plenty has changed, the fundamentals for a successful trade association remain in place: listen to the membership and accomplish goals – as a group – that are out of reach for individual companies.

What are some issues facing the out of home industry today and how is the OAAA involved?

OAAA’s mission is to provide leadership and clear thinking to tackle all the big issues of the day whether it is securing local digital billboard permits or connecting out of home more closely to mobile or providing proof of return on investment for dollars spent in the medium.

Full article here

USA: YESCO Electronics Rebranded Prismview

YESCO Electronics announces today that it will be rebranded as Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Company.

The name change is the result of a directive intended to better align Prismview’s identity with its new parent company Samsung Electronics. On March 3, 2015 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced its acquisition of Logan, Utah-based YESCO Electronics, LLC, a leading LED sign and display manufacturer with more than 2,000 installations across the U.S. and abroad and more than 20 years in the industry.

The acquisition reinforces Samsung’s entry into the LED display market, extending the reach of the company’s pioneering technologies and expertise beyond large-format displays (LFDs) using LCD panels, where the company has been the worldwide market leader for six consecutive years. Since the Samsung acquisition, Prismview has seen significant investments in the Logan, Utah plant in personnel, equipment, and other resources.

Prismview has also seen its international sales increase by more than 75%.

According to John Williams, CEO of Prismview, “Samsung’s vast resources have added to our existing expertise, and have positioned Prismview to become the world leader in LED digital signage.”

USA: The next phase of OOH: Smart billboards

A new set of tools lets billboards gather information on passersby

If there’s one thing media buyers and planners have long desired for out of home media it’s more in-depth measurement.

They want to know more than just how many people are seeing their advertisements. They want to know who exactly those people are – where they go, who they engage with, and what they buy.

And billboard owners see an opportunity in fulfilling that desire.

They hope that by providing more information on who’s seeing their boards, they can woo more advertisers. A number of them have been testing beacons and other devices that will help track this information.

On Monday, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas became one of the first to roll out the data to a broad audience.

The company has partnered with several companies on a new program called Radar, which will track travel patterns, behavior and other information of interest to advertisers by arming billboards with devices that tap into the data on mobile phones of passersby.

Media buyers and planners can then use that information to better target their campaigns, whether by finding the best location or tailoring the creative in a certain manner.

It’s a step beyond the basic demographic data currently offered by TAB ratings, and it comes at a time when measurement companies are under pressure to deliver better, more relevant information amid a sudden flood of big data availability.

“We’ve been advocating for the last several years how important this is,” says Mark Boidman, managing director at Peter J. Solomon and an expert in OOH media.

“In the world of online they can track you with cookies, they know where you’ve been and where you’re going next. It’s almost the same thing in real life.”

Boidman says that over the past 18 months, a number of companies have been testing similar systems. CCO will likely be one of many to roll it out. “They all have the technology in place and are continuing to test and are seeing very positive results,” he says. “With the technology, whether it’s beacons or wifi tracking, you can see how many times somebody stands in front of a display.”

Full article here

USA: NewPark Renovation Goes Digital With Curved Daktronics LED Display

Visual centerpiece surrounding lift promotes stores in bold new way Daktronics was selected to design, manufacture and install a curved LED video display surrounded by linear freeform elements that encase an elevator at NewPark in Newark, California.

The recently added video display creates a memorable visual centerpiece within the mall and offers a unique marketing opportunity for the mall’s diverse mix of leading national and local retailers. The main display measures approximately 17 feet (5.1m) high by 13 feet (3.9m) wide using tight 6 millimeter line spacing for crisp, clear imagery and viewing.

The video display is an added enhancement to the mall’s centre court and is part of a larger mall transformation occurring at the property to strengthen its competitive position. The main video display is surrounded with additional freeform LED elements to create a digital façade with ambient lighting for the ultimate viewing experience.

The entire display system is the first of its kind and demanded a fully custom, Daktronics-engineered design that covers a total of 868 square feet (80.6m). Pairing the freeform technology with the main curved display offers prime brand visibility and promotional opportunities for mall tenants as well as community and non-profit organisations.



Australia: Adshel to expand digital street furniture network in Australia and New Zealand

Also announces launch of Adsmart, giving advertisers greater control of their digital out-of-home campaigns.

Adshel has today announced two initiatives that bolster the Company’s digital capabilities:

• Adshel will be deploying an additional 365 digital screens across its Australia and New Zealand Adshel LIVE digital street furniture network, bringing the total number of digital screens across its Trans-Tasman network to 825 screens.

• Adshel is launching Adsmart, a creative ad-serving platform that gives advertisers the flexibility to enhance their digital out-of-home campaigns based on time of day, place, audience, context and business needs.

Adshel’s chief executive Rob Atkinson said: “These announcements position Adshel strongly in the robust out-of-home advertising market that is being driven by accelerated digital growth. They cement our position as the leading innovator in out-of-home advertising focused on the growth trends of digital and data.”

Expansion of Adshel LIVE

Phase two of Adshel Live will introduce 115 additional digital screens in New Zealand, extending the digital network’s reach beyond Auckland and into Christchurch and Wellington. This expansion creates the country’s largest national digital network.

Adshel Live in Australia will see an additional 250 digital screens installed nationally, boosting the Company’s already extensive network which includes roadside and rail digital screens, to more than 650 digital screens.

Mr Atkinson said: “The launch of Adshel Live transformed Adshel’s offering to Australian and New Zealand advertisers, giving them unrivalled scale and flexibility in creating engaging eye-level digital campaigns. We have been overwhelmed with the network’s success in opening up unique opportunities for advertisers.”

Following the New Zealand launch of Adshel Live in June, last year, Adshel’s revenues in H2 grew 19.6 per cent year-on-year compared to total out-of-home market growth of 14.9 per cent.*

Following the Australian launch in October last year, Adshel Q4 roadside revenues grew 21.5 per cent year-on-year outperforming a market that grew seven per cent.*

Mr Atkinson continued: “Expanding our Adshel Live network ensures we can continue to provide advertisers with flexibility at scale. In addition, the new screens will be larger offering increased innovation opportunities. I’m looking forward to working with all of our partners to ensure continued success in the product.” The expansion of Adshel Live will commence this year.

Launch of Adsmart

On the launch of Adsmart, Mr Atkinson said: “Adsmart is all about simplifying the digital out-of-home ad-serving process while simultaneously giving advertisers the opportunity to create smarter, contextually relevant campaigns. It means they can create multiple campaigns based on time, place and context and broadcast tailored, dynamic messages to specific audiences, in any Adshel Live location at any one time.

“This significant step towards greater convergence of digital strategies with digital-out-of-home strategies is a Trans-Tasman first and a powerful proposition for advertisers looking to broadcast digital messages at scale with relevance.” Adsmart will be available to Australian and New Zealand advertisers from Q2 2016.

Australia: goa celebrates THE VALLEY ICONIC launch with Australian first emoji billboards

Monday 29 February 2016 marked the first official day of operation for goa’s digital flagship screen, THE VALLEY ICONIC. Australian roadside digital pioneers, goa, are launching with a national first to celebrate the occasion with Brisbane’s residents – a campaign consisting only of emojis.

While commuters make their way to work this morning, the screen will reflect their mood with business suits, money and most importantly, coffee. Similarly THE VALLEY ICONIC will tell stories of drinks, dancing and celebrations for Friday knock-off drinks.

Everything in between will be reactive - to weather, current events as well as countless other factors - served up in real time via the goa Connect platform. Chris Tyquin, goa’s Joint Managing Director, says goa have aimed to make the campaign ‘brave, fun and clever’, something he thinks Brisbane’s residents will appreciate.

“We’re excited to be story-telling with Brisbane in a really exciting and fun way,”

“This screen alone reaches over 10 percent of Brisbane’s population every week, but unless we aim to use it to have fun with them, it could be just another digital billboard”. “By expressing the public’s mood in such a big way, we’re taking the first step toward ensuring that they notice and remember the screen”.

“And most importantly of all, that they keep looking up for it”.

THE VALLEY ICONIC is the largest in goa’s premium digital screen offering THE ICONIC SERIES at 150 square metres.

Towering above one of Brisbane’s busiest intersections, THE VALLEY ICONIC will be an architectural landmark in its own right, commanding the attention of traffic from five separate feeder roads. The screen officially launched at 5am on Monday 29 February.

Further details are available on goa’s website.


India: OAC to debut in Delhi NCR during June 17-18 this year

The 12th edition of the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) will be held at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon (Delhi / NCR) during June 17-18 this year. The annual Convention, India’s foremost OOH industry platform for knowledge sharing, business-to-business meetings, and exhibition of digital technologies, media and materials -- will be conducted for the very first time in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).

In recognition of OAC’s debut in Delhi NCR, which is one of the most important OOH markets in the country, leading OOH firm Pioneer Publicity has taken up the presenting sponsorship of the two-day event.

Pioneer Publicity has had a very close association with OAC down the years, as a sponsor of the event and through active participation in the Convention. Commenting on the decision to take up the presenting sponsorship of OAC 2016, Sunil Vasudeva, Managing Director, Pioneer Publicity, said, “We have been closely associated with OAC since its very inception. This year as the Convention is being organised in Delhi NCR, we felt it was prudent to take up the presenting sponsorship of the event and ensure its grand success. Delhi NCR is an extremely vibrant OOH market. This Convention will help the OOH industry to establish deeper engagements with all concerned stakeholders leading to accelerated OOH industry growth.”

The two-day Convention will be addressed by global OOH leaders, highly acclaimed brand marketers, planners, government officials, and accomplished creative professionals.

Keeping in view the next growth opportunities for OOH business, OAC 2016 will maintain laser focus on themes, such as, innovative ways to increase OOH share of advertising spends, use of cost-effective interactive technologies & sensors to deliver impactful OOH experiences, re-defining role of OOH in smart cities, what’s next in the transit OOH media segment, etc.

Prakash Arts, one of the biggest OOH media owning firms in the southern region, has reinforced its much valued support to the OAC by taking up the Associate Sponsorship of OAC 2016. What is truly noteworthy is that Prakash Arts has taken up this Sponsorship of OAC for the tenth year in a row.

Speaking about the firm’s unalloyed support for the annual Convention, C D V Subbarao, CEO & Director of Prakash Arts, said, “OAC is a flagship event for the Indian OOH industry. The Convention brings media owners, specialist agencies, brand marketers, and various suppliers under a single roof to discuss and deliberate upon the factors that will augment the industry’s business prospects. At each edition we have also had the opportunity to listen to global OOH experts. Knowledge is fundamental to doing business. OAC is a solid platform for knowledge sharing with respect to OOH business. Hence, we have extended our unequivocal support to this important event.”

Subbarao expressed hope that the Convention will direct attention on the best practices that may be adopted by OOH players, while also furthering the imperative of self-regulation.


Russia: Russian Advertising Market Shrinks 10% in 2015

The advertising market in Russia last year was worth 307.5 billion rubles ($4.1 billion), a decrease of 10 percent compared to 2014, the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR) said in a statement Wednesday.

The print market has been hit the hardest by the decline in advertising revenues, ACAR data revealed. Last year newspaper and magazine advertising revenues dropped by 29 percent to 23.3 billion rubles ($315 million).

Russian spending on television advertising fell by 14 percent to 136.7 billion rubles ($1.8 billion) in 2015, compared to the previous year. Radio last year received 14.2 billion ($192 million) in advertising revenue, 16 percent down from 2014.

The market of outdoor advertising fell by 21 percent to 32 billion rubles ($433 million) over the same period, ACAR said.

The only media segment that has demonstrated growth in advertising revenue is the Internet. In 2015, advertisers spent a total of 97 billion rubles ($1.3 billion) on Internet advertising which is 15 percent more than in 2014.

The advertising market in Russia has been shrinking since the end of 2014 as advertisers tend to slash their expenditures amid economic slowdown, the Vedomosti business daily reported Wednesday.