World OOH News 19th September 2019

World OOH News 19th September 2019

Top Stories This Week

USA: OOH Front and Center at Advertising Week New York

OAAA and OOH will have a large presence at this year’s Advertising Week New York, September 23-26.

The event takes place at the AMC Lincoln Square 13 movie theater, which OAAA will dominate and surround with the launch of the OOH industry’s latest campaign. OOH is Real, a re-imagining of the successful Feel the Real campaign in 2015, will target agency and advertiser executives with messaging about the authenticity of the OOH media in today’s digital and mobile world. OOH assets in and around the Advertising Week venue will feature campaign creative, driving audiences to where they will find resources and proof points about the power of OOH.

Directly across the street from the venue, the OOH is Real mobile lounge will offer attendees an opportunity to unwind from the conference, relax in comfortable seating with a view, and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

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Argentina: Latin American Digital OOH Industry To Gather Next Week In Buenos Aires

People working in the digital OOH sector in central and South America – and those supplying into it – might want to book a trip next week to Buenos Aires for that region’s major industry conference – called the ALOOH LATAM FORUM.

This will be the 2nd annual event – with the 2018 version in Bogota, Colombia attracting more than 150 out of home people from 14 countries in the region. The event is billed as a “meeting platform that allows reaching higher standards in our practices and boosting higher levels of participation in advertising investments in our environment.”

The event is supported by the World Out of Home Organization and will have several people from outside the region speaking, including Tom Goddard of Ocean Outdoor, SmartBomb Media’s Sheldon Silverman (who is driving the Digital Signage Federation’s digital OOH activity, and Geopath president Kym Frank, who is Silverman’s co-chair for the DSF’s Global DOOH Council.

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UK: Ocean Outdoor marches on with European DOOH grab as it acquires Visual Art Media

Ocean Outdoor has acquired digital out-of-home (DOOH) company Visual Art Media for €63m (£56m) as the company continues its European takeover.

With Visual Art Media operating out of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany, Ocean Outdoor is looking to strengthen its hold on Europe.

Visual Art Media has more than 260 locations in Sweden, across a mix of retail, rail and airport and leisure destinations across key cities including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

It also operates in Denmark and Finland and is a partner of Unibail-Radamco-Westfield in Germany. Visual Art Media has the exclusive contract for 15 shopping malls in key cities including Berlin and Munich.

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UK: OOH industry comes together for missing persons charity

The UK's OOH advertising industry has come together today in support of the charity Missing People. The initiative, organised by DOOH specialist QDOT, is publicising targeted appeals around the UK to help in the hunt for missing people. It resurrects a campaign originally launched in 2012, in which OOH providers ran weekly appeals.

The targeting is provided by OpenLoop, the dynamic creative optimisation server from QDOT. The campaign also makes use of PlayTrack, the company's measurement platform. JCDecaux, Maxx Media, Limited Space, and Perfect Fit Media are amongst the OOH owners participating.

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UK: Nostalgic Spotify ads hark back to hits over the decades

Did you used to party to UB40 in the 1980s but now just drink red, red wine on your sofa? Have you found yourself dedicating more time to smashing avocados than Smashing Pumpkins?

A new Spotify campaign aims to tap into music nostalgia with a reminder that while people's lives may have changed, their music taste hasn't.

The "Listen like you used to" campaign comprises billboards and posters across London and Manchester, featuring word plays on popular lyrics and tracks people grew up with between 1979 and 1999.

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UK: Talon's 4-step approach to safeguarding consumer privacy in the era of intelligent digital Out of Home

With the media press picking up on the potential pitfalls around consumer privacy and GDPR last week, Talon’s Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Conway outlines how Talon is actively addressing concerns as Out of Home AdTech develops apace.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently published a report on the AdTech sector, which focused heavily on data protection and real-time bidding in online advertising. In the ICO’s view, real-time bidding creates several issues under data protection laws, linked to challenges with providing genuine transparency to consumers, the lawful bases for data processing activities and the use of special category data containing health, ethnicity or religious information.

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Sweden: McDonald's is turning its billboards into bee hotels

In Sweden, McDonald's has adapted its billboard advertising to make it a little more eco-friendly. In May we reported on the McHive, a tiny McDonald's restaurant for bees (actually a fully functioning beehive), and now it looks like the insects of Sweden will have their accommodation sorted too, with several billboards around the country being converted into mini hotels. 

Many of Sweden's wild bees are under threat due to a lack of resting areas. The new campaign includes dedicated wooden billboards with holes drilled into them for wild bees and other insects to make their nests in. 

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USA: Anna Bager - Why I Joined OAAA

Today is my first day as the new President & CEO of OAAA, and I am super excited to take on this new role.

During my first 90 days, I’ll work with CEO Emeritus Nancy Fletcher and the OAAA staff to get up to speed as quickly as possible about the important work we do to support the OOH industry. In the coming weeks, I’ll be traveling around the country on a nationwide listening tour – meeting OAAA members, agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and government officials. I am 100 percent committed to listen first and then to lead. The most important priority in my first 90 days will be to hear the vision and perspectives of the entire OOH ecosystem.

When I was first contacted about the CEO job, I was immediately interested. As the former executive vice president at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), I spent over eight years working with a wide range of media owners to support and promote online, mobile, video, audio, social, and even digital OOH advertising. From where I was sitting, I knew that OOH advertising was “hot.” Not hot in a trendy sort of way. Hot in a “systematic shift in the way advertisers see OOH” sort of way.

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USA: The Future Of OOH Measurement Starts Here - Must Read

As the OOH industry prepares for the launch of the new Geopath Insights, business as usual will no longer be business as usual. To ensure a smooth transition, Geopath worked collaboratively with its Futures Council to develop a set of Best Practices, Standards, and Protocols to serve as guidelines for planning, buying, and selling OOH as the industry begins to adopt Geopath’s new insights and measurement.

The goal of this document is to establish broad-level guidelines across buyers and sellers for how to use the new Insights. It provides a set of agreed-upon standards that can be referenced where the buyers and sellers intersect. This document will serve as a clearly defined road-map to ensure an efficient exchange of information throughout the buying and selling of OOH media.

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USA: OpenRTB is Coming to Out of Home. Now What?

When the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab released the newest version of the standards that define programmatic transactions, known as the OpenRTB 3.0 specifications, it was the largest overhaul of RTB since the start in 2010. And significantly, for the first time the revamped bidding guidelines expanded to include digital out of home (DOOH). So, a defined programmatic spec is coming to our medium.

DOOH can already be purchased today via a biddable auction in both open and private marketplaces – a real, true programmatic experience. Yet less than 5% of DOOH is bought programmatically. Thanks to the rise of mobile location data –enabling DOOH to be targeted and measured in the same manner as other digital media channels –the adoption of programmatic is accelerating. Akin to digital advertising, advertisers will be able to employ their data assets to make planning and buying decisions and more accurately understand the ROI of OOH. 

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USA: Start-up Gets US Patent For Powering Screens Via Transparent Solar Film

A Silicon Valley-based MIT spin-out has been granted a patent for technology that would potentially integrate solar power harvesting and usage within outdoor digital signage displays.

Ubiquitous Energy says the new US patent extends the coverage of its ClearView Power technology to display applications. The patent, U.S. Patent 10,403,774, describes a method in which solar technology can be seamlessly integrated with displays to provide power without visual impact.

“This patent is a great utilization of our transparent solar technology’s wavelength-selective absorption. This allows product designers to create products integrated with solar energy harvesting while maintaining great aesthetics,” says founder and CTO Miles Barr.

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Canada: From Brexit to Bernier: Why the old-fashioned billboard is still going strong

Canadians can expect to see more billboard advertising in the 2019 federal election cycle — and it could be because billboards are one form of advertisement that can't be blocked or easily ignored.

Even though the official election campaign is only a few days old, political battles have already been drawn in public spaces high above the ground this summer. An anti-immigration billboard featuring the People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier sparked outrage in Halifax in August.

Two weeks after the controversial billboard came down, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce teamed up with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and EduNova to erect nine pro-immigration ads in the Halifax area. 

A billboard featuring Maxime Bernier pictured in late August 2019 in Toronto. (Moe Doiron/Reuters)
Elsewhere in the country, anti-Trudeau billboards were up in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, urging voters to "send [Liberal Leader Justin] Trudeau a message" by ousting Liberal MPs.

Liberal candidate Ralph Goodale called the ads an "ugly American way of campaigning."

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Canada: Captivate and Hivestack Partner, Opening Up New Programmatic Channels for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with location-based martech company Hivestack, enabling programmatic buying of Captivate’s network of premier office media inventory through Hivestack’s private marketplace (PMP) and ad exchange. 

Hivestack’s custom audience targeting is based on real-world behaviors, making it an excellent partner for Captivate in the digital out of home space and diversifying options for advertisers to reach Captivate’s influential audience of professionals during the workday, when most business and consumer purchasing decisions are made. 

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Australia: Has oOh! Media just fractured the OOH sector or set a new benchmark for the world?

Global market-mix modelling firm Analytics Partners says the Australian OOH industry leads the globe. Now an audacious data play by oOh Media! is aiming to advance that reputation, arguing it should become a “primary” medium alongside TV and digital. But will advertisers and agencies embrace the existential shift?

Five years ago oOh! Media CEO Brendon Cook figured the OOH industry had a problem if it continued with blunt demographics, impressions and basic reach and frequency modelling as the basis for future sector growth.

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Australia: Programmatic lessons for the OOH industry

Digital out of home (DOOH) has long been identified as the next channel set to go through a programmatically powered evolution. Earlier this year the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) announced that, for the first time, DOOH revenue now accounts for the majority of the total OOH market. With this continuing to scale, the viability of programmatic solutions increases.

This scalability, coupled with a maturation of the data and technology available to the market, provides buyers with the opportunity to begin to deliver on this potential. However, the industry is still in its infancy, with agreed ways of working programmatically yet to be established between buyers and sellers.


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Australia and New Zealand: AdSparc partners with Indian programmatic DOOH start-up Lemma

ndian programmatic DOOH start-up Lemma and Australian programmatic yield specialist AdSparc have joined forces to launch a new end to end programmatic solution in Australia and New Zealand to overcome programmatic barriers in the digital out of home (DOOH) industry.

AdSparc will be backed by Lemma’s proprietary ad exchange platform to cater to the growing demand of programmatic DOOH whilst eliminating the friction the industry is currently facing.


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Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Airport Advertising: Smart, engaging, and intelligent OOH

Hong Kong International Airport is a strategic gateway between China and the world.  Serving 74.7 million passengers in 2018, in terms of passenger traffic it is APAC’s busiest international airport and the third busiest international airport in the world.

Though it would be easy to simply bask in the overwhelming potential  Hong Kong International Airport offers as a premium and prime out-of-home (OOH) location, Hong Kong International Airport Advertising has chosen to build on that potential. It has invested hugely in the latest digital technologies to turn prime sites into an incredible experience for air passengers while presenting unparalleled chances for brands and advertisers to connect.

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India: Through its latest marketing innovation, ALTBalaji takes OOH route for Mission on Mars

Home-grown OTT platform ALTBalaji, has launched a campaign by adopting an innovative OOH (out-of-home advertising) hoarding to promote its recent original M-O-M: Mission on Mars, the company said on Monday.

"Marketing the show, that has science in its core element, in a never-seen-before manner, lies perfectly in sync with adopting new-age technology that appeals to our target audience. The innovation hoarding doesn’t just grab eyeballs, but registers in the minds of the audience owing to its novel concept.With each show the challenge is to break the mould and do something new appealing to the audience," Divya Dixit, senior VP and head marketing, ALTBalaji, said.

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Malaysia: Rodeo turns heads with 3D OOH ad featuring chicken on a car

Malaysian out-of-home advertising (OOH) company Rodeo has rolled out 3D model with mechanical engineering on vehicles, in a bid to create innovative and creative ways to boost OOH advertising. The new form of execution is currently being used by Kenny Rogers Roasters, which placed a 3D chicken on a rotating grill skew on top of cars. The 3D display also shows a fire lighting system to enhance an reinforce a grilling effect. The 3D advertisements have been rolled out in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.

The 3D campaign is supported by RodeoGO, Rodeo’s crowdsourcing gamification ads application, to enhance the engagement and strength of its reach beyond offline. According to Rodeo, marketers will be guaranteed a 30% return on investment on RodeoGO through vouchers awarded to users.

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