World OOH News 22nd August 2019

World OOH News 22nd August 2019

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USA: 4 Ways Anna Bager's Position With the OAAA Marks a New Era for Out of Home

I’m excited about the Out of Home Advertising Association of America’s (OAAA) decision to appoint the IAB’s Anna Bager as its president and CEO. The appointment of a tenured digital executive is a promising sign of the exciting road ahead for the OOH medium as technology and data both fuel channel growth and present entirely new possibilities for advertisers.

Anna is joining our industry at a time when OOH has experienced 35 consecutive quarters of growth, reaching $8 billion in 2018 based on figures released by OAAA. The digitalization of OOH has been swift in the past few years, and media owners and programmatic marketplaces alike are investing in technology to replicate the digital experience via biddable auction, a true programmatic experience, on street corners, highways, bus stops, gyms and bars.

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UK: Global secures ad exclusivity on Newcastle's Tyne And Wear Metro

Global has secured the Tyne And Wear Metro outdoor advertising contract, one of the largest outside of London, in effect adding 36 million potential viewers to network.

The media and advertising company has added 60 stations to its remit after a competitive pitch, this includes four of the major city-center stations in Newcastle, Central, Monument, St James and Haymarket.

There are also plans to build 30 new premium digital displays at the largest stations. As the exclusive outdoor advertising partner, it reaches an annual footfall of over 36 million passengers.

Global now holds the outdoor advertising contracts for Metro systems in London, Liverpool and Newcastle. Programmatic company Nexus will help the group deliver relevant digital creative in realtime. Global will also handle 21 large format roadside sites previously managed by JCDecaux.

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UK: Transport for London launches programmatic Out-of-Home campaign

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a dynamic programmatic Out-of-Home campaign, which encourages people to tap into the wonderful world of off-peak travel using context-specific recommendations of what to do and see in the capital. 

The campaign is the first of its kind to utilise the VIOOH platform, serving viewed impressions every hour across JCDecaux UK’s Roadside, Rail, Mall and Tesco D6 channels in London. The optimised sites will display dynamic copy, which will adapt automatically according to the day of the week, time of day, location and weather. These ads aim to inspire people to visit different areas of London, with content derived from the current TfL partnership with Time Out.

The Wonderful World of Off-Peak campaign, which was created and developed in collaboration with Wavemaker and VCCP, will be featured in areas of London with a high concentration of drivers. 

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UK: Ocean Outdoor teams up with ITV Sport to air Rugby World Cup action

Premium digital out-of-home (DOOH) media operator Ocean Outdoor has secured a new partnership with ITV Sport to broadcast highlights and live England games from the Rugby World Cup 2019 as it happens in Japan.

Under the terms of the deal, highlights will be carried across multiple large format digital screens in six UK cities, giving sports fans and supporters unprecedented access via DOOH.

Sixty second clips will appear throughout the 2019 World Cup, starting on September 20 when Japan plays Russia, up to and including the final on November 2.

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UK: Co-op uses dynamic data for summer DOOH campaign

UK grocery chain, the Co-op, has launched a nationwide dynamic digital out of home campaign that uses weather, time of day and location data, along with major events, to trigger contextually relevant ads for more than 20 of its summer food products.

Devised by out-of-home (OOH) and location marketing specialist Posterscope, in collaboration with Carat, the campaign aims to reach people looking for tasty foods as they plan to entertain friends and family at key moments throughout the summer months.

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USA: What if US Out of Home Gains 2% Points Market Share?

How would you feel if your out of home company revenues increased by 50%?

The US out of home industry did $8 billion in revenue last year which equates to 4% of the US advertising spend.   Out of home advertising averages 6% of the global ad spend.   See this chart from The August 12, 2019 OAAA Outlook.

If the US out of home industry increases out of home’s share of the total US ad spend from 4% to 6% with better attribution automated buying and more sophisticated ad targeting,  industry revenues would improve by 50% or nearly $4 billion.  See the calculations below.

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USA: 2020 Political Billboards Have Begun

Political ad spending in 2020 is expected to hit $10 billion, with presidential election spend to reach record levels, surpassing $2.7 billion.

According to data published by Advertising Analytics, about two-thirds of the presidential ad spending will come from President Trump and the Democratic nominee during the general election, while the remaining one-third, or roughly $917 million, will be spent during the primary. That’s a 71 percent increased compared to the 2016 presidential primary.

A majority of the political ad spend is expected to be concentrated in the first quarter of 2020, with candidates buying ads in the first two primary states: Iowa and New Hampshire. In total, about $160 million is expected to be spent in these two states in the third and fourth quarters.

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USA: Vistar Media's Michael Provenzano On The Rise Of Programmatic DOOH

Programmatic media buying and selling for the digital out of home marketplace has been going on for many years now, and grown a lot more sophisticated, and a lot more used. 

Just as the digital OOH business has matured and expanded in the last few years, so have some of the key players – notably New York City-based Vistar Media, which has been at it now for eight years and is seeing crazy-good growth these days.

I spoke with co-founder Michael Provenzano about the online roots of his business, and how he took much of the same approach into a medium and supporting tech business that was, at the start, kind of all over the place.

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USA: Granular Audience Visibility for Maximum Engagement

We bring the proverbial ‘at the touch of a button’ experience to life in both the traditional out-of-home (OOH) and digital OOH (DOOH) advertising world,” says Benjamin Billups, Founder and CEO of Billups. Started as an OOH media specialist in 2003, Billups has evolved into a premier ad tech company that is racing to empower its clients with digital transformation. Billups’s maxim is to drive transparency in planning and reporting of OOH and DOOH advertising using a single platform. 
We are uniquely positioned to redefine the traditional OOH and DOOH advertising using a combination of technologies, including computer vision, AI, machine learning, and location observation, as the foundation

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USA: Online Services Drive Awareness, Business with OOH

“Using mobile in conjunction with OOH is gold,” according to Sruti Dhulipala, senior strategist at global creative shop Stink Studios.

The “combination of scale and trustworthiness, especially at a time when digital channels are under increasing scrutiny for their lack of transparency and data misuse, makes OOH a hugely powerful tool,” she told

Dhulipala knows this from experience, working with start-ups and online brands to increase awareness and amplify marketing efforts with OOH.

Research supports the power of OOH to drive online engagement. According to a recent Nielsen study, 66 percent of OOH viewers used their smartphone in response to seeing an OOH ad. Over 40 percent have searched the brand using their smartphone, 32 percent have visited an advertiser’s website, and 21 percent have downloaded an app after seeing an OOH ad.

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South Africa: Tractor Outdoor announces the upcoming release of four new digital builds

With DOOH virtually on the verge of being "the" new media type, Tractor Outdoor has been working tirelessly on converting and building brand new roadside digital screens within Cape Town and Johannesburg.

“The digital environment is constantly influenced by changing trends and global forces that define how we interact with our clients and respond to competition within our industry. Therefore the approach was to look at the sentiments towards DOOH and the digital transformation to see what future digitals or locations we had in the pipeline that we could convert or build. Thus the 4 new builds came into play namely Craighall, Peter Place, Upper Loop and M5 Garlandale all located in Cape Town and Johannesburg,” says Michael Brits, Development Manager at Tractor Outdoor. 

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China: Advertisers tighten their belts

Worries over an unstable economic situation has dampened spending across all categories of advertising in the first half, with total expenditure down 8.8 percent in the first half against an increase of 9.3 percent a year ago, CTR research says.

In 2018, total ad spending edged up 2.9 percent.

As new brands seek a market, the performance of digital media and outdoor media shrank as most advertisers seek balanced and integrated campaigns.

Digital advertising, once a bright spot, suffered losses of 4.3 percent amid general uncertainty over economic performance.

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China: Tech giants invest in elevator ad providers is the latest Chinese tech giant to invest in an elevator ad provider, pumping RMB1bn (US$141m) in cash into Xinchao Media Group as it looks to tap an underexploited area.

This follows Baidu's investment of RMB2.1 billion (US$300m) in the Chengdu-based company in November 2018, FinanceAsia reported.

Owning 700,000 elevators in about 100 Chinese cities, Xinchao is competing with market leader Focus Media – backed by another Chinese internet giant, Alibaba. Focus Media landed a RMB15 billion (US$2.2bn) sum from Alibaba in July last year, and now controls 2.75 million elevators as of the first quarter in 2019.

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India: Xtreme Media set to launch eco-friendly digital screens

Known as the Earth Series, it is a green initiative that reduces the heat generated by the displays and causes lower power consumption.  
Xtreme Media Digital display solution provider Xtreme Media is all set to make a ‘green-revolutionize’ the DOOH hardware segment offering by launching eco-friendly DOOH screens called the Earth Series.

While there has been a gradual shift from flex to digital, there haven’t been sustained efforts towards curbing the carbon footprints released by displays, hence the need for an eco-friendly solution. Advertisers have also been concerned about the high power consumption by media. Digital display manufactures have thus come up with this new line of products that consumes less electricity without compromising on the output. 

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India: Signpost India pledges to donate Rs 5 lakh for flood relief, road safety

Signpost India, a digital out-of-home advertising enterprise and independent media infrastructure company, has embarked upon initiatives to help put flood victims by giving a clarion call to employees to donate a part of their salary for flood relief and road safety. The company also aims to raise funds through a photo contest that commences on World Photography Day on August 19.

 “The agency has given a clarion call to its over 300 compassionate employees to donate part of salary to raise Rs 5 lakh towards Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for the rehabilitation work of natural calamities and road safety across the country as part of their individual social responsibility,” said Shripad Ashtekar, Managing Director, Signpost India Private Ltd.

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Singapore: Electric car sharing firm BlueSG looks to move into OOH ad space

Electric car sharing company BlueSG is working with sister company Havas Group. Havas Group’s OOH brand AdCity will act as a consultant for BlueSG, which is open to be used as an OOH ad platform, and has a fleet of 470 cars in Singapore. Currently, BlueSG has 220 self-service stations located in public housing, city center and commercial estates around Singapore. By end 2020, the company aims to have 500 stations island-wide and 1,000 cars.

Launched two years ago in Singapore, BlueSG is a subsidiary of the French transportation company Bolloré Group. Both Bolloré  and Havas are in the Vivendi family of companies.

Jenny Lim, commercial and network director from BlueSG said its business value-proposition is rooted in addressing environmental concerns through sustainability and a sharing economy. With this initiative, the company looks to take a step further to create a unique opportunity for

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