World OOH News 4th October 2019

World OOH News 4th October 2019


WOO: President Tom Goddard hails dynamic Alooh! trade body at second Latin America industry gathering

World Out of Home Organization President Tom Goddard joined more than 250 delegates at the second Alooh! Forum, organised by the Latin American Association of Out of Home in Buenos Aires on September 25, 26 and 27.  Goddard said:  “This is my second Alooh !Forum and it’s great see how the organisation has grown in the last year both in size and confidence.  “WOO is proud to have Alooh! as a member and to be able support this dynamic young organisation as it establishes it’s important place and role in Latin American Out of Home.” 

In his presentation Goddard spoke of Out of Home as “the Renaissance Medium,” emphasising its ability to thrive in a digital dominated advertising world. Out of Home, he said, had moved from classic static posters via digital to a data-enhanced medium which has enabled it to grow faster than any other advertising medium with the exception of mobile internet.

Goddard also focused on WOO’s mission to help establish Best Practice in the industry, championing Out of Home to the marketing community and provide support for national OOH associations and stakeholders from all sides of the industry.  He concluded by extending an invitation to all delegates to WOO’s next Congress in Toronto June 3-5, 2020.



UK: Clear Channel goes On The Record: A platform for Brands and a platform for Good

Leading Out of Home media owner Clear Channel UK have announced their ambitious plans for the year ahead and beyond, committing to a substantial nationwide programme of investment, along with a focus on social and environmental projects, embedded as part of every format.

Speaking at the music-themed event, hosted at The Vinyl Factory Soho, UK & Europe CEO Justin Cochrane said, “Every A-Side must be accompanied by its B-Side – the goal is to accompany every new product we install with a social or environmental project or feature, benefitting the local community. Nothing token. No greenwashing.”

Adshel Live, the UK’s largest digital Out of home network, will take a giant leap forward in the coming months, growing by 50% before the end of 2020, and providing a wealth of new flexible and creative opportunities for brands.

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UK: Dare to digitise in OOH to drive profit

A new study aggregating econometric model evidence over five years for Out of Home (OOH) across 112 brands highlights the profitability of OOH and Digital OOH (DOOH) campaigns as the medium achieves critical mass in terms of reach, audience and location.

Results from the study showed that DOOH delivers strongly against its premium price point, with significant increases in campaign profit seen when campaigns used a higher share of DOOH.

We found that profit return increased by 11 per cent for each ten points of DOOH used as a percentage of OOH. This equates to an incremental ROI of 46p for every £1 spent. In other words, if you increased your digital share of OOH budget from 60 per cent to say 70 per cent you would expect a 22 per cent increase in profit.

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USA: Twitter Ups OOH Spending, Experiences

Twitter is using OOH to connect with users in the real world. Over the summer, the social media channel launched the Me on Twitter campaign. Creative comprised of 31 tweets illustrating how people use Twitter versus other social media platforms appeared in six subway stations in New York and San Francisco, with a total of 128 placements.

To amplify the OOH, Twitter unfollowed everyone and only followed users highlighted in the campaign.

This month Twitter introduced new creative work. Twitter Is aims to further the platform as “the one place where all people can express themselves in a truly authentic way and to erase any line that exists between what happens on Twitter and what happens in the real world,” according to Forbes.

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USA: Geopath Launches New Learning Lab! The training curriculum will serve to educate members on the new Geopath Insights

Geopath is excited to announce the launch of its new online learning platform for the release of the Geopath Insights on October 1st. The set of training materials have been developed internally, with the full curriculum vetted by Geopath’s Futures Council. Our ultimate goal was to create a comprehensive, yet flexible and easy-to-use training platform for all of our members.

The curriculum was designed to be beneficial to all members whether they are brand new to the OOH industry, or have been in the industry for years and just want a refresher. It covers three key learning tracts that allow members to learn more about the fundamentals of OOH media measurement, how to use our new tools, as well as how to apply all the new insights available through Geopath.

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USA: Video Everywhere Summit Comes to Broadway - and Broadway Comes to the Summit!

DPAA, which previously announced that this year’s Video Everywhere Summit on October 15 was moving to Broadway at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, revealed today that Broadway also will be coming to the Summit. Cast members from the electrifying musical, Ain’t Too Proud - The Life and Times of The Temptations, will perform selections from the show in a private event for Summit attendees.

Ain’t Too Proud, playing at the Imperial Theatre, was nominated for 12 Tony Awards. The musical follows The Temptations’ extraordinary journey from the streets of Detroit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. With their signature dance moves and unmistakable harmonies, The Temptations rose to the top of the charts, creating an amazing 42 Top Ten Hits with 14 reaching number one. 

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USA: DSF's Oct. 15th Coffee & Controversy Focused On Privacy And Proof

The always popular – even with me involved – Coffee and Controversy event put on by the Digital Signage Federation is coming up fast. It’s less than two weeks from today in New York.

This year’s morning event will be Oct. 15th at Microsoft’s Training Facility at 11 Times Square, and the subject is Privacy and Proof.

Like last year, I am the moderator. Despite that, if you are in NYC the event is still worth attending. Here’s why: we’re going to talk about the interdependencies – and potential privacy implications – at play regarding audience measurement and monetization strategies within ad and marketing-driven digital signage and DOOH networks.

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Canada: How our climate march DOOH messaging went from a simple idea to live on screens in two hours

The Climate March is happening today right outside our Montreal and Toronto offices, and with walking shoes in hand, the Broadsign team was ready to go. But with an early-morning creative spark, one Broadsigner thought we could do a little more: why not use outdoor screens to further promote the cause?

We had only a few hours before people started to head downtown for the march, but other than an exciting idea, we had nothing ready…no creative concept, no messaging, no screen time booked. So with rushed 8 AM phone calls and a Slack channel that wouldn’t stop buzzing, we set to work! 

For rushed campaigns, social media is usually the way to go. But what many don’t realize is that programmatic DOOH can have a very similar result. So once the marketing team had our creatives ready, we logged into the Campsite DSP to check out what inventory was available. 

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Australia: Assessing the distinct attributes of DOOH sites

Not all DOOH sites are created equal and new research from Australia suggests that an understanding of the attributes of individual sites provides an additional means to not only quantify these sites but could also become a key discriminator for advertisers.

In The positive halo of digital out of home, a paper written exclusively for WARC, authors Anne Parsons (of QMS Outdoor), Peter Pynta and Dr Shaun Seixas (both of Neuro-Insight) argue that DOOH sites, like television programmes, have distinct attributes.

That being the case, “This would expand the current impact of DOOH beyond the existing convention of physical dimensions or the associated technology to quantify the individuality of the panels in the context of their surrounding and different environments,” they say.

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Australia: Out of Home and ROI: You're missing the bigger picture

Without TV and Out of Home advertising to perform the heavy lifting, digital campaign effectiveness is halved: return on investment can fall by 50 per cent.

That is the key finding of an independent study based on $9bn of Australian marketing spend by 140 brands across 350 campaigns.
A second crucial finding is that sticking a TV still on a billboard is a waste of money: Creative and copy represents around 40 per cent of Out of Home ROI, underlining the need for creative, planning and buying to align.Anything less is misspent marketing budget.

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New Zealand: Out-of-home advertising on the move to get clearer results

Out-of-home advertising has a new innovation with real-time traffic sight reports. This new report will help advertisers use metrics and the data collected to get the best effects possible with out-of-home activations.

Released by Lumo Digital Outdoor, the report is setting a new benchmark for this kind of reporting, giving advertisers a clear honest review about their influence and who are seeing their work out in the wild.

Phil Clemas, CEO and co-founder of Lumo, says this inaugural report is a sign of faith towards its clients that it is providing true metrics.

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South Africa: Primedia Outdoor and Menlyn Park Shopping Centre create new possibilities for local entrepreneurs in Tshwane

To celebrate local tourism attractions offered by the City of Tshwane, Primedia Outdoor and Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, in partnership with Tshwane Tourism Association, joined forces to host a four-day in-mall exhibition for the first time ever, running from 26-29 September 2019.
Primedia Outdoor and Menlyn Park Shopping Centre create new possibilities for local entrepreneurs in Tshwane

With just over 36 exhibitors showcasing their unique tourism offerings to shoppers, the expo was initiated to drive support for local businesses within the tourism industry and illustrate what the City of Tshwane has to offer in terms of tourism. Amongst the exhibitors was Voortrekker Monument – the second most visited tourism destination in South Africa (Trip Advisor South Africa), Freedom Park, Xplore Tshwane, Mangwanani Spa as well as Dinokeng Game Reserve, the only residential Big Five game reserve in Gauteng.

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Japan: MCDecaux wins a 20 years exclusive Street Furniture digital advertising contract in Nagoya (Japan)

JCDecaux announced today that its Japanese subsidiary MCDecaux (JCDecaux: 85%; Mitsubishi Corporation: 15%) has signed a contract following a public tender to become the exclusive operator of Smart Digital City Information Panels (CIPs) with advertising in the center of Nagoya City (the fourth-largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, with 2.3 million inhabitants).

Under this 20-year contract agreement, MCDecaux will design, install and maintain at least 150 CIPs and have the exclusive right to advertise on 1 fixed, scrolling or 85’’ (or similar) digital face per CIP.

The aim of the CIPs is to enhance the cultural and touristic appeal of the city of Nagoya. They will provide a full range of innovative services including maps and tourist information, free Wi-Fi hotspots, digital multi-service touch screens (tourist information, local route calculator etc.), USB charging stations, street name plates and Emergency Message Alerts (EMA) in case of emergencies (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.).

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China: With the opening of the Beijng Daxing International Airport, Beijing becomes China's second dual airport operating city.

At the same time as the celebration of the National Day in 2019, the Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) was officially launched on 9/30, with simultaneous service at Beijing Capital International Airport.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport, the second in Beijing, the world’s largest single-building airport terminal, was designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects in the shape of a starfish with five connected concourses.  At 700,000 sq metres, with four runways, it is expected to be able to handle 72 million passengers a year by 2025. By 2040, the airport is expected to expand to eight runways and accommodate 100 million passengers a year.  It would replace Beijing Capital International Airport (which had 83 million passengers in 2013, second most in the world) as the main airport of Beijing, and be the largest in China.

The Beijing Daxing Interantioanl airport is 46 kilometres (29 mi) south of Tiananmen Square and 65 kilometres (40 mi) south of Beijing Capital International Airport, and is expected to serve Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. The new airport will be accessible via new subway line Daxing Airport Express, high-speed rail, inter-city rail, and highway.   Passengers using the new Daxing Airport can expect a self-service and paperless travel experience via the self-check-in and automatic bag-drop kiosks and facial recognition, as well as radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for luggage tracking.

 PKX serves as a hub for SkyTeam alliance airlines and some Oneworld members, while Star Alliance members will stay at Beijing Capital International Airport.  At present, media has achieved comprehensive coverage of departure and arrival, including 108 digital OOH media and 110 traditional ones, which will be operated by 8 OOH media vendors.  With the further expansion of the airport, the increasing number of flights and passengers, more airport media will be developed.