World OOH News April 26th 2024

World OOH News April 26th 2024


The US and China: Exclusive analysis of the world's two biggest OOH markets set for WOO Global Congress in June

The US and China are vying for the position of the world's biggest Out of Home market and two experts will deliver an exclusive analysis of both countries at the World Out of Home Organization Global Congress on June 5-7 in Hong Kong.



How Cost-Effective is Out of Home Media?

How cost-effective is Out of Home media? It’s an important question for marketers as they build their media plans and have to justify their choices. It’s a fair question and one we’ve heard before.


Got FOMO yet? The current Dynamic in OOH

GroupM’s recent OOH: The Year Ahead 2024 presentation revealed that between 2022 and 2023, there was a 53% growth in Dynamic campaigns. Just looking at one of our clients, for example, we are on our 59th campaign with Tesco, and over half of their campaigns incorporate Dynamic in their ads.


OOH: A clients point of view with Terri Johnson

Join us for an informative episode featuring Terri Johnson, a VIP guest sharing her perspective on Out of Home advertising. Discover what clients seek in OOH campaigns and essential factors for media suppliers to consider. Tune in for actionable strategies to enhance client-supplier partnerships and drive success in the OOH landscape.



4ocean and ECN Forge Powerful Partnership to Drive Sustainable Change

4ocean, a global leader in ocean cleanup, and Executive Channel Network (ECN), a world leading digital out of home (DOOH) office media publisher have joined
forces in a groundbreaking strategic partnership aimed at advancing environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.


Out \ Look: OOH is 'most sustainable ad platform'

OOH produces the lowest amount of carbon emissions per impression compared with other major media channels, according to a new UK study.. The study by KPMG measured the power consumption and carbon footprint of six main advertising media channels: email, OOH, online, print, radio and TV.


OVO Energy Case Study

Leading UK energy supplier activated a programmatic DOOH campaign only when the national grid was being powered by a higher proportion of renewable energy sources.



AI and OOH Advertising: AiThority Tech Bytes Interview with Billups' Stephanie Gutnik

Last week, we spoke to advertising technology (ad tech) experts on the new-age AI-led strategies for display and programmatic advertising. Advertisers and publishers have set their eyes on AI and OOH advertising in 2024. From content creation and ad personalization to real-time ad fraud detection intelligence tools,



OOH 2024 Alooh Event in Mexico | Future of Outdoor Advertising

Discover the highlights of Latin America's most influential OOH outdoor advertising event in its 6th edition, with Taggify in the spotlight at Alooh Latam Mexico. Explore the future of the Out-of-Home industry here.



Seven new companies join Audioutdoor: Alessi, A.P.A., Mediamond, Pikasso, Quadro Advertising, Pubbliesse and LLInvestments

Seven new companies operating in the out of home sector have joined Audioutdoor for the audience measurement of roadside, dynamic, airport, metro stations, and highways advertising.


Geopath President Dylan Mabin to step down after three years at the helm

The official statement: “After dedicating more than 16 years to Geopath, with the last three as President, Dylan Mabin has decided to embark on the next chapter of his career.


UK Advertising Reports £36.6BN Spend in 2023

The latest Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report, published today, shows that the UK’s ad market recorded a 6.1% increase in investment to a total of £36.6bn in 2023; the 13th annual expansion recorded in the last 14 years. The new survey data also shows that online formats now account for over three-quarters of all UK ad spend for the first time.



Route's day out (of home) at Adwanted's Future of Brands

Last week, Denise Turner, Route Chief Executive, and Eda Incekara, Route Marketing and Insight Manager attended the Future of Brands event hosted by Adwanted at County Hall. As Great Britain’s leading provider of audience measurement for out-of-home advertising, Route wouldn’t want to miss an event like this.


Central Force completes Plan B OOH commissioned study to deliver OOH audience impressions data for Singapore market

Central Force International – an established research firm, since 1996 – has completed a study commissioned by Plan B OOH in Singapore, to deliver audience impressions data for out of home (OOH) media.


Nailed It - Mobilytics and BillboardPlanet

Yesterday at the AdAi conference in Miami Mobilytics and BillboardPlanet unveiled their new partnership to offer Mobilytics Real-Time Audience Data as part of the BillboardPlanet’ Quantum Platform. Collaboration efforts across leading industry platforms is essential to innovation and growth in the OOH sector.


JCDecaux gains Ipsos validation for its global metro audience measurement

JCDecaux, announces today that Ipsos has validated “Metro Audience Metrix”, its international audience measurement for metro networks. Developed by JCDecaux’s global data division, Metro Audience Metrix (MAM) is based upon algorithms calculating the main components of audience measurement, in particular the number of unique passengers, reach, frequency of the advertising message and the total number of viewed impressions delivered.



Programmatic DOOH: The Gateway to Revenue Growth for Media Owners

In the rapidly changing world of advertising, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with innovative ways to connect with modern audiences. Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) advertising is a transformative tool that can revolutionize how media owners use their assets. 


VIOOH Launches Programmatic Sales for Digital Out-of-Home with Beijing Metro

VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform, announced its second programmatic media owner partnership in mainland China. 


Vistar Media drives OOH advertising growth across Southeast Asia

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of technology solutions for out-of-home (OOH) media, has identified Southeast Asia (SEA) as a key growth market following significant investment from both advertisers and media owners across the region. 



Q&A: introducing London's newest 3D DOOH on Oxford St

Earlier this month, Luxury British fashion retailer FLANNELS launched London’s newest 3D DOOH destination on Oxford Circus in partnership with immersive experience studio Pixel Artworks and official media partner London Lites. The multidimensional platform on Oxford Street is the first of its kind for brands, providing exposure to half a million consumers daily on Europe’s busiest high street.


Ask BOB: 75Media Launches Bespoke Software to Help OOH Campaign Planning

Proprietary software will give agencies, brands and individual businesses access information on 540+ 75Media sites to help plan campaigns. We are excited to announce that we have launched a proprietary piece of planning software, designed to make planning an OOH campaign even easier.



StopPress exclusive Q&A - oOh! Creativity for Impact

In oOh!media’s 2023 NZ Benchmark Survey, a significant shift was noticed in the priorities of advertising agencies regarding Out of Home (OOH) advertising. For the first time, ‘Impact’ surpassed ‘Reach’ as the most important indicator of a successful campaign.



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