World OOH News March 15th 2024

World OOH News March 15th 2024


Out of Home is back on track says WOO President Tom Goddard

Global Out of Home revenue looks set to exceed 2022's $36.8bn, a full recovery from the pandemic, with six factors set to drive further growth in 2024 and beyond, World Out of Home Organization President Tom Goddard said, opening WOO's first in-person Africa Forum in Cape Town this week.

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Cape Town successfully balances outdoor signage expansion with preservation of city's natural and cultural heritage

Ald. Andrews, Deputy Mayor of the city of Cape Town, South Africa in his special address to the 1st World Out of Home Organization (WOO) Forum organised in Cape Town this week spoke the pivotal role of OOH in reshaping cityscapes and fostering economic prosperity throughout the continent.


Measure what matters, Ocean Group CEO Tim Bleakley tells the OOH industry

Addressing the WOO Africa Forum, Tim points out that turning of DOOH into an accessible, entertainment channel with experiences that can be shared beyond the physical realm is attracting top brands to locations they may not have previously considered.



Your chance as a member to make a nomination for the World Out of Home Organization Awards 2024 - JUST OVER TWO WEEKS UNTIL NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON MARCH 31ST

The WOO Awards 2024 will be presented during the next Annual Congress (June 5th -7th) in HONG KONG  on the first full day of Congress – Thursday June 6th. JUST OVER TWO WEEKS UNTIL NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON MARCH 31ST



Beyond Static...

Traditional out-of-home advertising has undergone a seismic shift. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) has transformed billboards, bus shelters, and in-store displays into canvases for dynamic storytelling. With stunning visuals, interactive elements, and the power of programmatic technology, DOOH is redefining how brands connect with consumers in the real world. 


Brands are rethinking their out-of-home advertising strategies to focus less on awareness and more on conversion

For years, startup brands have used out-of-home advertising campaigns in major cities to get people talking about them. From Thinx’s provocative subway ads to Casper’s Broadway-inspired billboard campaigns, the goal for many out-of-home campaigns has long been to get more people to remember their brand, share photos of the activations in social media, and, hopefully, ink some sales down the line.


5 Ways Retailtainment is Reshaping OOH Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has played an integral role in the media mix for decades due to its influence and impact. The vast majority (88%) of U.S. adults have noticed an OOH ad within a one-month period and 78% of these consumers took some sort of action after, according to research from Morning Consult and the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). 


Why Combining Out of Home and Mobile Advertising Unlocks the Power of Audiences

When we say great out of home campaigns are powered by audiences, what does that mean? In its purest essence, it means the most important detail of any OOH campaign is who an advertiser wants to see it.


Ocean UK CEO Phil Hall: why I'm bullish about the future of Out of Home

The Out of Home industry seems to have recovered well from the pandemic and subsequent economic difficulties with money flooding into digital and also some outstanding creative work in both digital and classic. How do you see the next five years developing?


Have Digital Displays Become Commodities?

Have digital displays become a commodity? Is this a good or a bad thing? Who is it good for? To really dive into this first let’s consider the definition of commodity from the Cambridge English Dictionary: “a product that is the same as other products of the same type from other producers or manufacturers”.



Everything is connected : OOH's critical role in the rise of smart and sustainable cities

Ecological thinkers use Leonardo Da Vinci's quote 'everything connects to everything else' as a guiding principle in addressing the environmental crisis the world is facing today. 


The Green Digital: blowUP media Germany is expanding its Green Media portfolio with a new flagship in Dusseldorf

blowUP media Germany, a Ströer Group company and expert in large-format outdoor advertising, is launching a new DOOH screen in Düsseldorf, thereby expanding its sustainability portfolio: The Green Digital, a Vertical Garden® with an embedded digital screen, is now available to advertisers in downtown Düsseldorf. 


Digital media sustainability is due its own front-page moment

Remember 2017's headlines on brand risk? Until we make sustainability business-critical, a similar moment could be coming for carbon-heavy digital media investments.



OMA: 2023 financial results show growth in all categories

The OMA’s full-year net media revenue results for the out of home (OOH) industry have shown a total increase of 12.23% on net media revenue in 2023. This week, the category breakdowns have been released.


How big data and AI are transforming out-of-home and advertising | The Fold podcast

David Owen, Research and Insights director at nationwide out-of-home media group oOh!media and Tori Colebourne, CMO at Black Pearl Group, an NZX listed SAAS / cloud business join Duncan Greive on The Fold to talk about the role of data in media and communications decision-making in 2024 and beyond.


3 ways to get the most out of your DOOH campaigns with enhanced targeting and attribution

The ad industry's cookie addiction has historically given online advertising an unfair advantage over mass medium ad channels. They’ve provided a wealth of real-time audience data, allowing media buyers to pinpoint when a person viewed an ad. But, as the third-party cookie crumbles, the industry is in for a roller coaster ride. 


Fast Fact - Top OOH Spenders of 2023

This week, Geopath released two new OOH spending reports into our geekOUT Library: the top spenders in OOH for Q4 of 2023, and the top spenders in OOH across all of 2023. These reports leverage Vivvix (formerly known as Kantar) data to provide a synopsis of OOH ad spending across 100+ DMAs nationwide.




VIOOH Ranks #2 in MarTech 50 2024

VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform, announced it has placed second in the Martech 50 ranking for 2024, a leap of 12 places since 2023 when it ranked fourteenth.


Perion Taps into the World's Largest DOOH Market, Estimated at $5.2B through a new partnership with, its First Domestic DSP in China

We are pleased to announce that Hivestack, our digital out-of-home (DOOH) platform, has partnered with, China, marking our first domestic Demand Side Platform (DSP) collaboration in China. 


Programmatic digital Out-of-Home: a guide to outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising (DOOH) adds to its massiveness and brand recognition, the ability to reach audiences with precision and measuring results to lower costs. How these elements get the most out of your campaigns?, we explain in this quick four-step guide.




Outdoor Network's rotating digital billboard network goes national

Outdoor Network, which is part of the Provantage family of companies, has announced that it has achieved national presence with its digital rotator network — having launched an additional rotating site in Kimberley. 


How EYE Indonesia is shaping out-of-home media in the region

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising isn’t a new trend in the Indonesian market. Still, recent advancements in technology – namely, the ability to deliver personalized and contextual content – have ushered in a new era of possibilities for advertisers.



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