World OOH News March 19th 2021

World OOH News March 19th 2021


World Out of Home Organization boosts global footprint with seven new members since the start of 2021

The World Out of home Organization has increased its global representation with seven new members, three from Italy. The new members are Out of Home media owners Red Tape Media in Pakistan and Impres in Bulgaria and, from the technology sector, BLIMP, XuniPlay and Pladway (all Italy) and Absen (China.) 

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May 18 is first stop on World Out of Home Organization World Tour 2021/22

A virtual one-day European Regional Event, hosted from London, is the first stop on the World Out of Home Organization’s 2021/22 World Tour which will also see other events in the APAC region later in the year and Africa in early 2022.

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Why it's time to bounce back with out of home

As we approach a whole year since the first UK national lockdown, life in 2021 is finally looking up. Despite entering 2021 under further restictions, over 20 million Brits (and rising) have received the vaccine, smashing the first milestone of the vaccination process.

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Stephen Freitas on 4 Trends Which Benefit Out of Home

In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Richard III, the title character himself conveys the mood of the play with the line, “Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun.” It is a metaphor in which Richard expresses sadness like winter, turned into celebration like summer.

For all of us, the cold truth of a year-long pandemic has brought despair to some, heartache to others, and a yearning to move on for most.

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A panel discussion with some of the OOH industry's top female leaders

In honour of International Women’s Day, we had the privilege of hosting an all-star female panel at our company all-hands. Since we loved what our industry leaders had to say, we thought we’d share our internal chat with the rest of the OOH world!

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TikTok rolls into DOOH

How will TikTok and its short-form videos transform DOOH? How are short-form videos making an impact already? To learn more about this topic, Digital Signage Today spoke with Norm Chait, director of OOH product for Ubimo, a Quotient brand.

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Out-of-home advertising: The big fashion comeback?

Just ask anyone — consumers worldwide are experiencing digital fatigue from so much screen time during the pandemic. That opens up a new opportunity for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, particularly as lockdowns draw to a close.

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Piecing together the omnichannel puzzle

Rather than funnel significant spend into connected TV (CTV)  such a nascent channel because it’s the trendy thing to do, a smarter approach is to balance spend across digital, CTV and breakout channels like out-of-home (OOH) via an omnichannel strategy.

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In-Vehicle Ads an Opportunity for Out of Home?

I’m seeing more prototype cars with giant screens in the dash… what’s this going to mean for OOH when these become production models? Can the industry grab this close-up in-person space? That’s some darn nice ad real estate right there.

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A key culinary ingredient

Route Research's CEO, Robert Ray states the case for industry-wide investment in independent OOH data. 

As a JIC (Joint Industry Currency), we provide an independent measure of reach and impacts across multiple environments and formats. These include both ‘classic’ posters and digital OOH formats 

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oOh!media launches new tool for insights into OOH audiences

oOh!media has launched a new online data resource to provide clients with insights for engaging with Out-Of-Home (OOH) audiences. The Audience Intelligence Hub provides data from over 4,000 OOH locations nationally for insights 

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What Are the Prospects for a Spending Revival for Out-of-Home and Direct Mail Advertising?

“OOH’s value remains high—but value and price and revenue are not necessarily related in a downturn,” Wieser said. “Spending by advertisers fell at an historic pace. It’s not an unreasonable outcome, given the degree to which people have prized staying at home throughout the year.

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How OOH can help brands with consumer insights in today's market environment

OOH industry leaders say that strategies like location-based data, acceleration of DOOH, and geofencing will lead the consumer on a path of purchase

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AdMobilize and LiveDOOH Signkick launch a powerful automated feature for programmatic DOOH

AdMobilize, the world’s number one audience intelligence company and LiveDOOH Signkick, Out-of-Home’s most advanced media owner platform have today released a new integration that signals a significant next step towards a fully automated future for DOOH.

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Hivestack demonstrates full transparency in data and financial controls for its Ad Server and SSP platform through SOC 1 and 2 certifications

Hivestack is a full stack platform processing substantial volumes of geotemporal data to optimize DOOH campaigns in real-time and deliver against client objectives. The rigorous independent audit behind the certification demonstrates Hivestack's suitability in maintaining high levels of information security and risk management.

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Moving Walls launches dedicated portal - answers marketers' calls for affordable, accessible, and measurable VideOOH deals

Moving Walls group, the leading provider of location-based and Out-of-Home (OOH) media technology in Asia, has launched VideOOH.Deals, an e-commerce platform that connects all advertisers to curated audience-based deals for real-world video advertising on Out-of-Home (OOH) media. 

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Feeding The Content Beast With "Machine-Generated Creative"

Feeding the content beast – steadily dealing with the insatiable appetite of a digital signage network – has been an issue for as long as the industry has been around, and one that’s still not really solved.

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AMV brands Air Quality to make the invisible visible

AMV has created a hard-hitting national campaign launching the system which visualizes the damage invisible air pollution causes. The campaign centres on geo-targeted animated digital ads featuring spiky typography which ‘breathes’ according to the air pollution at that location and runs across 651 DOOH screens around the UK.

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Make Your Message 'Go Viral' with Out of Home Advertising

When you think about the marketing channels pushing brand messages and campaigns to ‘go viral,’ it wouldn’t be a surprise if your mind wandered toward social media first. After all, social media is, in large part, to thank for what we call viral marketing today.

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The Moment for trust

Clear Channel and JCDecaux are jointly hosting an industry webinar omn March 23rd, to launch our new insight which discusses the importance of brand trust.

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