World OOH News May 17th 2024

World OOH News May 17th 2024


Top Huawei executive Jas Cai on how OOH media can enhance the consumer's mindset

Jas Cai, Media Director, Chief Expert of Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) MKT Procurement, will discuss how OOH media enhance the consumer’s mind-set. Jas has over 18 years’ experience in the advertising media industry, starting her career in Publics and working her way up to Investment Director of WPP before joining the client side about ten years ago. 


Michael Provenzano on going global, Jean-Christophe Conti on Programmatic DOOH 2.0

Vistar co-founder and CEO Michael Provenzano will discuss the potential for Out of Home to go beyond local audiences and mine significant revenue opportunities on an international scale. J-C Conti CEO of VIOOH, will dispel many of the myths affecting programmatic DOOH including the accusations that it is designed for low value inventory and programmatic will cannibalise some existing revenue streams.



WOO President Tom Goddard to address OAC 2024 in Bengaluru

Globalisation of OOH business spawns new opportunities for cross-border investments in media and technology, as well as sets the ground for collaborations in diverse streams. Will this global approach to business influence the future course of Indian OOH, and open up new avenues for media operators and specialist agencies alike? Tom Goddard, President WOO will be sharing his perspective on this dimension, and aspects related to sustainability of OOH business.


The OAAA reminds everyone to save the dates for 2025 OOH Media Conference

Save the dates! May 5-7, 2025: OAAA’s 2025 OOH Media Conference Join us next year when the OOH Media Conference heads to the historic city of Boston. Hosted at Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport is where this must-attend event for thought leaders, advertisers, agencies, media owners and creators will gather to gain invaluable knowledge and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of OOH.



Is Out-of-Home Media Too Expensive and Does Cost Concern Hinder Results?

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." This is one of my favorite quotes by Warren Buffett, and the retort I provide to marketers who state that out-of-home (OOH) media is expensive.


Make AR an Integral Part of Your Out-of-Home Advertising Strategy

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has long been a marketing staple, providing a way to capture the attention of people as they navigate their daily lives. But as the advertising landscape evolves, so must OOH strategies.


Brands are rethinking their out-of-home advertising strategies to focus less on awareness and more on conversion

Increasingly, outdoor advertising is viewed as more than just a top-of-funnel channel. Now, companies are using it to target particular groups of shoppers, and help drive sales by running OOH campaigns in areas that are close to where products are stocked.


Optimizing brand Impact: Takeover strategies for massive screens and locations

Large screens make it possible for brands to takeover of a key location and maximize their brand presence in public's mind. Explore how Digital Out-of-Home leverages this to engage audiences at the right time and place.


The great rise of retail media and the DOOH opportunity

In 2023, AI was on everyone's lips (and this year too, to be fair). And, while we're still only in the first half of 2024, if you work anywhere in marketing or media, you have no doubt heard the hum in your agency corridors: It's time for the great rise of retail media.



Hivestack by Perion Launches Global DOOH 'Green Curated Deals', powered by Scope3

Perion Network Ltd. a technology leader in connecting advertisers to consumers across all major digital channels, announced today the launch of Hivestack’s ‘Green Curated Deals’ innovative solution for DOOH on a global scale. Powered by Scope3 emissions data, Green Curated Deals give DOOH buyers direct and transparent access to lower carbon ad inventory.



How do we prove OOH does anything?

Globally, OOH appears stuck; trapped between the rise of online advertising and the steady decline of linear broadcast. While broadcast sheds viewers and online marches inexorably towards 70% adspend share, OOH stays steady between 4 to 5%.


How Route Comes Together

Each year 7,200 nationally representative adults aged 15+ are recruited face to face by Ipsos to participate in our Travel Survey. The data collection happens continuously through the year. In addition to completing a demographic questionnaire and a lifestyle questionnaire, participants agree to carry around one of our Multi-Sensor Tracking (MST) devices for a period of two weeks. 


Billups Launches AI-Powered Cookieless and Deviceless OOH Measurement Solutions

Billups, a global Out-of-Home (OOH) managed services agency helping advertisers and agencies strengthen media performance through a patented analytics and measurement platform, today announced enhanced OOH measurement solutions for marketers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their OOH advertising strategy. 


Zitcha partners with Venvee for in-store retail media measurement

Retail media platform Zitcha and US-based Venvee have partnered to deliver more targeted, effective and measurable advertising campaigns. Venvee uses spatial AI for retail media networks to understand and activate audiences and measure campaign performance based on in-store behaviour.


IOAA's out-of-home measurement tool 'Roadstar' ready to roll

After years of discussion and hard work, the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA) has devised its first-ever unified audience measurement system for the outdoor industry named RoadStar.  Based on GPS, RoadStar has been developed by Mumbai-based firm Relu AI. 



Adstruc Acquisition: Everything Starts With A Drink

On April 29, Vistar Media announced its acquisition of Adstruc, PJX Media’s tech platform. How did this all come to be?  “Everything starts with a drink,” Michael Provenzano, CEO of Vistar Media joked. He said that the conversation with Rick Robinson, CEO of PJX Media started about a year ago while they were catching up at a WOO event. 


My Love / Hate Relationship with the Omni-Channel DSPs in DOOH

As we continue the quest to grow our share of media spend from the way-too-low 4-5% to simply “more than that,” several in the industry hold the view that programmatic DOOH will be a prominent driver.  Enter the Omni-Channel DSPs. You can’t read an article about DOOH without hearing about them, how they will catalyze the growth of our format and be our knight in shining armor. 


The JCDecaux pDOOH Live Awards Retrospective

This episode of Life in Programmatic DOOH sees the hosts of the JCDecaux Programmatic DOOH Live Awards Dom Kozak, Head of Programmatic at JCDecaux UK and Justin Pearse, Editor, New Digital Age reunite to discuss the highlights of the awards and what's in store for 2025! 


Broadsign Acquires Netherlands-based DOOH DSP OutMoove

Broadsign today announced that it has acquired Netherlands-based digital OOH (DOOH) ad tech provider OutMoove. The transaction, which includes OutMoove’s business and DOOH demand-side platform (DSP) technology, will enable OutMoove to focus on scaling its unique OOH specialist agency workflows and support globally, while giving Broadsign access to OutMoove’s expertise and specialist OOH clients.



Uncommon delivers uncommonly clever Out of Home mould-breaker for The Ordinary

For years the driving force of Out of Home advertising has been digital (much like most other media) with 3D installations leading the way. Old paper-and-paste (although it probably isn’t nowadays) has taken a back seat even though it has by far the biggest share in many markets. For ‘classic’ posters to work they need that old combo of a striking image and good copy, very often in short supply now.



Crafting immersive advertising experiences with interactive DOOH and social media

Outdoor advertising has changed a lot since the old days, when simple billboards and posters were pretty much the only outdoor option. Now, digital out-of-home (DOOH) billboards show different ads at different times, and even change displays based on individual passersby.


14 digital out-of-home advertising examples that will inspire you

Combining larger-than-life screens with dynamic and 3D content makes digital out-of-home advertising one of the most creative advertising channels in the game. It's where technology meets imagination, and the possibilities are (nearly) endless.



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