World OOH News November 10th 2023

World OOH News November 10th 2023


Asia Pacific region leading the way as Out of Home recovery gathers speed says WOO President Tom Goddard - WATCH PRESENTATION

Asia Pacific has the world's largest young population, a bigger GDP than either the US or Europe and the most flourishing Out of Home business said World Out of Home Organization President Tom Goddard greeting a record-breaking 350 delegates at WOO's second Asia Forum in Bali this week. APAC is home to four of the world's biggest OOH markets. WATCH PRESENTATION



Prioritise creativity, tailor content for relevancy: Jay Young, CCO, Grand Visual/Talon

In his presentation on the theme of ‘DOOH Creativity’ in the 2nd World Out of Home Organization (WOO) APAC Forum organised in Bali, Indonesia on November 2-3, Jay Young, Chief Client Officer, Grand Visual / Talon shared valuable insights gleaned from an analysis of 500 marketing campaigns, revealing that creativity has played a paramount role in driving benefit.


Uniting media environments for data-driven buying decisions: Chloe Neo, CEO, OMG Singapore

Chloe Neo, CEO of Omnicom Media Group in Singapore, in her presentation on the theme of ‘Cross Media Measurement’ in the 2nd World Out of Home Organization (WOO) APAC Forum organised in Bali, shared an ambitious vision for an adtech audience management platform that could potentially revolutionise the OOH advertising industry. 


Prescriptive briefs, technical committees, cost efficiency, industry standards must for best outcomes from audience measurement

Gideon Adey of World Out of Home Organization, Maud Moawad, CEO, Seventh Decimal, Kristina Rudoman, Chief Commercial Officer, Allunite, Jun Sakurai, CEO, LIVE BOARD, and Daniel Wong-Chi-Man, Chief Commercial Officer – Audience Measurement, Ipsos discuss the theme of audience measurement in the WOO Bali meet.


OOH sales teams need to get up to speed with rapidly evolving tech: Melanie Lindquist & Veronica Ong

Veronica Ong, Southeast Asia Sales Director at Broadsign and Melanie Lindquist, Managing Director, Talon Asia Pacific, discuss the challenges and opportunities media owners face in an ever-evolving landscape, with a specific focus on the impact of technology on sales teams.


WOO APAC Forum in Bali directs laser focus on sustainability & OOH business

In the session on ‘Sustainability OOH'S drive to net zero, initiatives and progress’ held in the 2nd WOO APAC Forum in Bali, Richard Saturley, the Chief Marketing Officer of WOO, in his opening remarks emphasised the importance of sustainability in OOH business. He spoke about the impact of climate change on individuals and businesses and highlighted the role of sustainability. 



OOH Uncut Podcast: Tom Goddard

Tom Goddard, President, World Out of Home Organization, joins host Rick Robinson, CEO, PJX Media, on OOH Uncut, the 5-minute podcast featuring leaders in the Out of Home advertising world discussing OOH media industry topics.


The Power of Subliminal OOH Integration

In the ever-evolving advertising world, the quest to capture an audience's attention has evolved into an art form. While integrating brands into content has been a practice for years, often referred to as product placements, it's essential to understand why utilizing Out-Of-Home (OOH) media as a subliminal advertising strategy offers distinct advantages.


Spotlight on static campaign management : Highlights from our latest Broadsign Platform webinar

In case you missed it, we recently held a product-focused webinar highlighting how the Broadsign Platform for static management can help you break silos between your teams, drive more revenue, centralize your operations and make data-driven decisions. Hosted by our Product Marketing Specialist, Catherine Lee, she discussed with our in-house static experts.


The Dynamic Duo: Digital Out of Home Advertising Enhances Static OOH

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in this ever-evolving world of advertising. There is an increasing worry that Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) will supplant Static Out-of-Home (OOH). While static Out of Home (OOH) advertising has been a stalwart in the industry for decades, the rise of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising has not signaled the end of traditional billboards and posters. 


How Out of Home helps scale-up businesses build a brand

Start ups in the modern world are changing markets by using technology and data to develop highly customer-centric services and moving the dial on expectations. They succeed because they directly meet a customer need, real or perceived. 


OOH Industry Snapshot: BackLite's James Harrison

BackLite’s transition from traditional static billboards to dynamic digital screens has marked a transformative era in content delivery.



OOH Measurement: A journey of standardisation

This has been a pivotal year in accelerating the measurement and data discussion on OOH, says Seventh Decimal’s Maud Moawad. Streach today is endorsed by the majority of OOH stakeholders on both demand and supply side. 2,695 planning jobs were created and 1,648 campaigns were measured for more than 576 clients.


The Road to Digital Excellence in SA is Paved with Insights, Data and Creativity

The last few years have been anything but predictable. How and where we work, the types of advertising that prevail, technological innovations and managing the complexities of state privacy legislation, amongst others, have challenged the old regime of doing business. 


Guaranteed DOOH: QMS goes hard on audience accountability and transparency with post-campaign audience analysis tool, Performance+

Traditionally, out of home (OOH) advertising has relied heavily on play based post analysis to report on the delivery of bought media. But two months ago, QMS changed the paradigm to audience based post analysis with the launch of Performance+, demonstrating that it's not just about guaranteeing the asset and ad plays – it's about ensuring that the audience you aimed to reach is actually delivered.


How impression multipliers improve OOH campaign effectiveness

From static roadside billboards to digital billboards and DOOH screens in urban landscapes, OOH advertising adapts to engage busy individuals. Its role in building brand awareness and fostering offline engagement remains significant, even in the digital age. 



OBIE Awards by OAAA are open for entries

Since 1942, the OBIE Awards have honored the best, most innovative, and breathtaking activations in our industry. Short for “obelisk” – the ancient Egyptian stone pillars that are the foundation of modern advertising – the OBIEs are a celebration of the best designs in the out of home (OOH) industry.



blowUP media introduces 4K technology on Amsterdam's first digital screen

Rembrandtplein, one of the Netherlands’ most famous squares, has played a major role in the city’s cultural and social life over the centuries. It is therefore with pride that this square is home to Amsterdam’s first full-motion screen, ‘The Capital®’.


IRT Media retains media rights to MyCiTi network for 11th year

IRT (Integrated Rapid Transport) Media, part of the Provantage family, has been awarded the exclusive advertising and media rights for the City of Cape Town's highly successful MyCiTi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service for the 11th consecutive year. 



Stormzy, but Not? Out-of-Home Secrets

LBB speaks to Ben Gardiner, head of client services at Grand Visual, to find out how they helped to pull off one of the most impressive and ambitious out-of-home projects we’ve seen.



Dom Kozak of JCDecaux UK Explores Attention as a Paramount KPI in pDOOH's Efficacy

Dom Kozak, head of programmatic, JCDecaux UK, delves into all things programmatic DOOH and attention, including metrics associated with pDOOH, and advancements of omnichannel strategies.


Pikasso Jordan teaming up with Carrefour to launch the Supermarket 2m2 Network

Pikasso Jordan is joining forces with Carrefour, one of Jordan's leading retail companies, to introduce the highly anticipated Carrefour Supermarket 2m2 Network, the first Out-of-Home (OOH) Channel dedicated to retail in Jordan.



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