World OOH News October 24th 2019

World OOH News October 24th 2019


Netherlands: Global expands European outdoor operation with MMD Media acquisition

Global, the media stable and advertising giant has bolstered its out of home holdings on the continent with the acquisition of the MMD Media.

Following its whirlwind acquisitions of Exterion Media, Primesight and Outdoor Plus late in 2018, it now adds the Dutch ‘forecourt’, petrol station network to its stable. 1,378 digital screens located in 607 petrol stations bolster its inventory.

Global is now the largest DOOH operator in the nation, with more than 2,600 screens it claims reaches 40% of the Dutch population. Across its network, GLobal says it makes "67m impacts per week across premium locations" and boasts 33% of the total OOH market in the Netherlands.

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UK: The Times transforms Westminster tube into a jungle to underscore politics credentials

Londoners travelling via Westminster station on Tuesday morning (22 October) will find themselves in the midst of lush green, vine-covered jungle, courtesy of The Times and The Sunday Times.

The News UK titles have made the tube closest to parliament the focal point of their latest 'Politics. Tamed' campaign, which aims to underscore their commitment to keeping readers well informed in "confusing political times".

Created by News UK's in-house agency Pulse Creative, the takeover will see the station rebranded to 'Westminster Jungle' for the day. It builds on a TV ad from earlier this year which potrayed politicians as animals in 'Westminster Zoo'.

Relfecting the increasingly raucous state of British politics, the animals in the campaign have now escaped the confines of the zoo, finding themselves in the wilderness of the jungle.

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Dare to digitise in OOH to drive profit

Finding evidence and return on investment solutions remains a crucial part of understanding the role and benefits of Out of Home advertising as we endeavour to provide greater accountability to clients. Talon’s latest study with Benchmarketing highlights the evolving effectiveness of digital OOH.

The move away from traditional paper and paste sites and towards more digital sites has been the cause for much debate around in particular its reach and impact outside of urban areas and the perceived ‘premium’ price positioning. But undoubtedly the marketplace has evolved, with 11,000 more DOOH screens across the UK delivering 70% more impacts in little more than two years.

This move towards digital provides the opportunity for greater accountability and in this context OOH has been shown serve client KPIs well when used in combination with traditional sites, even helping to double OOH’s effectiveness.

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Poland: Cool Burger King Campaign - DOOH Poland

Screen Network shared this colorful and dynamic Digital OOH Campaign which treated the public to discounted Burger King Oreo Shakes. 

Using their Digital OOH network in major Polish cities, Screen Network used real time data to trigger dynamic weather ads via creative response technology, meaning the creative would change based on the temperature. The greater the temperature, the greater the discount on the cost of the Burger King Oreo Shakes. This is worth the quick read and the video is just over a minute, worth seeing. Go see your BK franchisee’s today

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Portugal: MOP celebrates OOH with a campaign that challenges creative agencies

15 creative agencies will have the chance to pay tribute to OOH, with no pitch, no boundaries and no special briefing.

At a time in which the advertising industry along is living various changes and OOH passes a unique momentum, MOP has decided to pay tribute to the medium that not only is one of the first advertising mediums in history but also one of the last few that still holds a granted audience.
Today, OOH lives an historic moment: It’s the only media, other than digital, that presents a steadily growth (4,5% in 2018 worldwide and 9% in Portugal and with a 13% share of media); It’s also going through a digitalization process that will boost the creative possibilities around it while becoming more flexible; and, lastly, It will soon have its own audience measurement tool which represents a major scope for the industry in Portugal.  
Given this favorable context, there is no better time to pay tribute to OOH with an “outside of the box”  campaign ( MOP challenges the 15 leading creative agencies in Portugal to freely work on a format and create whatever they feel like. 15 agencies, 15 different formats and locations, 15 creative pieces with one purpose:   to pay tribute to OOH, with no pitch, no boundaries and no special briefing.

The first stage of the campaign surprised the 15 agencies having their 15 spaces with a message calling the agencies to action: ex: “BBDO this space is yours” or “Publicis this format is for you”…). Watch the video o the first phase. The exhibition of the 15 creativities is schedule for the last week of October.
According to Vasco Perestrelo, MOP’s CEO, “OOH is a medium that lives a spectacular “momentum” which makes an excellent timing to have the market making this tribute with 15 creative/artistic pieces“.

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USA: Boidman Makes the Case for Out of Home

PJ Solomon investment banker Mark Boidman made the case for out of home while appearing on Bloomberg Daybreak last week. 

“Disney banned Netflix from advertising on their properties…the opportunity is to continue to diversify into other out of home media channels, and out of home media is one of our favorite channels.  That’s the opportunity to reach consumers on the go…it’s billboards, it’s screens in taxis, it’s airports, it’s an incredible opportunity to reach a consumer who’s got a cell phone in their hand, on the go, they’re in purchase mode…It’s very hard to aggregate an audience today. 

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USA: MRI-Simmons Finds Adding Outdoor To Mix Can Boost Reach 100%+

Adding out-of-home media to a campaign's mix boosts weekly audience reach by as much as 100% or more depending on the medium, according to a study released Monday by the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

The study -- which was conducted by MRI-Simmons and included results from its massive Winter 2019 National Consumer Study, as well as a custom online study of 2,400 respondents -- found modest incremental audience reach from adding out-of-home to ubiquitous media such as mobile to more than double the reach of newspapers.

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USA: Vistar's Provenzano says excitement is at an overall high.

Insider sat down with Michael Provenzano, CEO and Co-Founder of Vistar Media, the automated out of home buying platform, during Digital Signage Week.

You added several programmatic partners earlier this month.

Over the last 8 years we’ve had a Demand Side Platform (“DSP”) for agencies and brands and a supply side platform for media owners in out of home.  And what’s happened over the last two years is the larger DSP’s have been looking at new channels and we’re one of them.  Out of home was on their list to look at next.  It’s finally getting exciting enough to build a solution just for that market.  They weren’t being serviced the right way.  We leveled up with these DSP’s and showed them the right way to plug in out of home.

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USA: DPAA & Prohaska Consulting launch DOOH Programmatic Training Course

Prohaska Consulting, the most-experienced and largest global programmatic consulting firm, has partnered with DPAA, the leading global organization working to drive out-of-home into its digital future, to produce the first of a global series around buying and selling of digital out-of-home advertising.

The first full-day course will take place in New York City on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Prohaska Consulting is providing all curriculum development, teaching materials, and instructors. Students will learn the basics and history of programmatic advertising, how it is similar and differs from other digital media channels, and step by step best practices on how to execute campaigns for their clients.

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USA: Sean Reilly on Anna Bager, Privacy, Digital Billboards and ESG

On Anna Bager as the new President of the OAAA

The journey that brought Anna here started a year ago.  We sent out a survey to 150 stakeholders in the industry.  It informed the search…We wanted somebody who could help the industry navigate adtech…a bigger presence among ad buyers…we got over 70 resumes…culled that to 12…interviewed 6 candidates…that pool was outstanding…At the end of the day Anna was our unanimous choice.  It should make you feel really really good that someone steeped in ad tech would choose our industry.

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UAE: BackLite Media and The Galleria Al Maryah Island to launch Abu Dhabi's largest retail signage network

BackLite Media, the premier out-of-home advertising company, has been awarded a 10-year-contract for all advertising and promotional activities across The Galleria Al Maryah Island, a luxury retail and dining destination developed by Gulf Related. 

The most sought-after retail opening in the UAE, The Galleria brings together the exceptional retail and lifestyle development competencies of Gulf Related, a joint venture of Gulf Capital and The Related Companies – the developers of Hudson Yards in New York. A premier getaway for all things retail, The Galleria is distinguished by an extraordinary combination of the best shopping, dining and entertainment in Abu Dhabi. 

The Galleria marked its grand opening on 4th September 2019, with BackLite taking on the full operational scope of the mall’s advertising and promotional requirements. The network comprises over 200 screens – making it the largest of its kind in Abu Dhabi. Advertisers will be able to take advantage of some of the most progressive signage and advertising platforms currently available on the market, allowing them to impactfully showcase their campaigns. 

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Russia: IKEA measures DOOH effectiveness with Russ Outdoor

One great challenge with digital-out-of-home or any other form of advertising is how one can measure the true effectiveness of the campaign. How can you accurately measure ROI or ROO? Many companies are attempting to answer this question with intelligent advertising campaigns, such as Russian DOOH company Russ Outdoor and furniture retailer IKEA.

The two companies recently partnered to launch a pilot project to analyze just how many customers are impacted by DOOH and if customers who saw the ads actually stepped into an IKEA location.

Russ Outdoor's billboards in Russia feature Wi-Fi sensors and photo-capture systems to capture anonymous data on who actually saw the advertising. IKEA also has a indoor analytics systems, and the two companies compared their two data sets to determine how many visitors saw the DOOH advertising.

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Australia: JCDecaux wants to bring rivals onto new trading platform

French giant JCDecaux is planning to launch a new programmatic trading platform and invite its Australian rivals, such as oOh!media and QMS, to place inventory on the service in an effort to grow the total market share of local outdoor advertising.

Global chairman and co-chief executive Jean-Francois Decaux said programmatic, where algorithms sell and adapt advertising in real time, is an area JCDecaux needs to push into.

"This platform is also meant to aggregate some third-party inventory, so it will be an open platform which will be available, subject to agreeing conditions, to our competitors," Mr Decaux told The Australian Financial Review.

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Australia: The Rise Of Programmatic Outdoor Companies With Transparency In Their DNA

Digital out of home (DOOH) is fast becoming the posterchild for programmatic ad serving. Why? Because unlike digital display, it’s not vulnerable to ad blocking, bots, low click throughs (one to four per cent) and click fraud. Digital outdoor can be immediate, it can be highly targeted, and it can still reach a mass audience. Add programmatic and you have a proven audience-led buying model.

Now that DOOH accounts for a more than half (52.3 per cent) of total net outdoor media revenue in Australia and has grown for nine consecutive years, agencies and brands are pushing for greater transparency and audience insights for their spend.

Ad Tech companies have sized-up the opportunity for programmatic outdoor and have responded with technology platforms that provide never-before-seen audience data, audience targeting and transparency on media spend.

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Australia: VMO secures rights for new screens in Sydney's north

Outdoor provider VMO has secured the rights to install two new digital screens in Sydney’s Chatswood.

VMO, Australia’s fastest growing digital out-of-home network has announced its latest domination opportunity at one of Sydney’s busiest retail and commuter hubs, Chatswood Interchange.

In a competitive win, VMO has secured the rights to install two (2) impressive 5.5m x 3m digital screens located in Chatswood Interchange that dominate the main concourse, designed for clients looking to take their brands to the next level.

These new large digital screens will complement VMO’s ten (10) existing full-motion digital portrait and landscape screens that are primed to deliver maximum engagement and cut through.

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India: Digital conversion in Kerala OOH industry will take time: Experts

Industry experts believe cities in Kerala have not fully adapted to Digital OOH since there is still a strong preference for traditional OOH advertising.

Out-of-Home Advertising or Outdoor Advertising remains one of the prime modes of advertisement in Kerala. According to industry experts, the OOH industry in the state is has a turnover of almost Rs 350-400 crore per year. Recently the state has banned flex materials made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) citing health and environmental issues. As per the order from the Department of Local Self Government, PVC flex should not be printed or used for government functions, private or religious events, cinema promotion or advertising.

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India: Ahmedabad, Indore, Chandigarh, Pune are emerging markets in OOH: Haresh Nayak, Posterscope

Nayak, Group MD of Posterscope, South Asia, India, talks about the different kinds of avenues brands tap into while leveraging OOH during the festive season.

The industry is currently is reportedly going through a major slowdown and brands are cutting costs to stay afloat in the segment but not during festivities. Yes, here comes the festive season and happy times for brands and the media industry arrives too.

We spoke to Haresh Nayak, Group MD - Posterscope- South Asia, India to understand what are the different kinds of avenues brands tap into while resorting to OOH during festivities; the emerging markets and what kind of brands are investing heavily during this time of the year and more.

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