World Out Of Home Organization Newsletter May 17th 2019

World Out Of Home Organization Newsletter May 17th 2019


JCDecaux Co-Chairman Jean-Charles Decaux on the bright future for Out of Home

The key issue for Out of Home in the next decade is maintaining and, if possible, growing its share of the $635bn worldwide ad market as this world moves online.

JCDecaux Co-chairman Jean-Charles Decaux addressed this in a masterly Keynote opening the 60th FEPE International Congress in Dubai (FEPE subsequently announced its rebrand to the World Out of Home Organization), on the theme “the clock is ticking.”

Jean-Charles painted a picture in which television and digital were converging rapidly with the current generation of consumers (and therefore advertisers ultimately) viewing them as completely interchangeable. In which case a gigantic medium accounting for about 80 per cent of world adspend will be created.

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See you all in Toronto for WOO 2020

Do u bai or Do u sell….a week on and it was the last FEPE Congress as we all know it after President Tom Goddard and Heavenly’s Richard Sunderland announced its rebranding to the World Out Of Home Organization. FEPE is that rare, special blend of intimacy and camaraderie of people from all around the world, bound together with a passion for all things out-of- home. I probably wasn’t alone some five or six years ago when I thought to myself “what on earth am I doing here?”

But, as we know, passion is infectious. And so as you bump into Australian Olympic sailors who are now out-of-home entrepreneurs, or the Picasso artisans who have built thriving OOH businesses in some difficult territories across the Middle East, you really begin to feel part of a unique wider international community of likeminded people.

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UK: Talon Launches AdTech Platforms for OOH

Talon has developed proprietary technology platforms that allow internal users and external customers to engage seamlessly with Out-of-Home (OOH) to deliver meaningful outcomes.  

The two platforms simplify a fragmented and complex medium by bridging the gap between advertisers’ demands and existing capability in the OOH market place. They will be instrumental to delivering more advanced capabilities to advertisers as part of an integrated ecosystem with media owners, agencies, advertisers and measurement and data providers. A fundamental requirement to scale the industry beyond the current growth curve. 

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UK: Ad giant JCDecaux turns to Location Sciences for accurate location data

Billboard advertising giant JCDecaux UK is to use Location Sciences Group PLC’s (LON:LSAI) location data as it looks to make its customers’ campaigns “more impactful”.

JCDecaux will incorporate Location Sciences’ data into its wider dataset, helping it to verify the accuracy of location data signals in footfall, competitor and catchment area analysis. Location Sciences said the tie-up represented a “significant milestone” and underlined the value of its location data to the UK ad industry.

“JCDecaux UK is at the forefront of advertising innovation and we are thrilled to be powering their offer with quality location data,” said chief executive Mark Slade.

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UK: Have we finally joined the dots between mobile and Out-of-Home?

As the recent Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure report revealed, digital media is dominating the advertising industry, now accounting for over half of total UK ad spend. As part of that, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is one of the fastest growing digital channels, predicted to grow 13 per cent by 2020 and now worth around 50 per cent of total OOH ad spend (Source: Outsmart). Mobile is also growing at pace. According to eMarketer, there are more than 4.68bn mobile users globally as of January 2019 (an increase of approximately 100m from 2018) and accounted for 52.2 per cent of total internet traffic in 2018. 

For marketers, their point of conversion – location – offers an arguably unparalleled opportunity to reach consumers in a way which feels intuitive to them. By leveraging the location-based insights each channel offers, and layering them upon one another, brands will be able to create and launch campaigns based upon a much richer understanding of the consumer. 

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UK: Measurement Standards - Find out about the current state of Proof of Play in DOOH

Creative agility and growing automation are bringing digital out of home (DOOH) media more in line with other digital channels. It’s never been easier for brands to activate and optimise creative on-the-go, reacting to news, events, and other relevant real-time data signals. It’s no surprise then that digital heavy weights such as Google, Apple and Amazon are some of DOOH’s biggest spenders.

But, if DOOH is going to continue to grow and establish itself as a significant voice in the digital conversation we need to be programmatic ready with automated, independent, transparent reporting. To truly open up the medium to advertisers across the spectrum - independently verified playout is essential. We need to enable DOOH to be traded alongside other digital platforms, in metrics that advertisers can understand and trust.

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UK: Ocean Outdoor wins Glasgow Out of Home contract

Out of Home media owner Ocean has been awarded long term agreements with City Property (Glasgow) Investments LLP, working in partnership with Glasgow City Council, to redevelop and introduce new roadside and city centre digital advertising screens.
This is Ocean’s second major council win of the year following its agreement with Southampton City Council in January. The Glasgow contract, which is for selected premium locations, was awarded following a competitive tender.

Ocean was successful in a number of the locations offered, cementing the company’s position as a leader in super-premium and roadside screens powered by new responsive technology. Ocean also operates the Piccadilly Lights in London’s West End.

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USA: Digital billboards could float by city beaches this summer

Floating billboards that are an eyesore on the Hudson and East rivers could make an appearance at the city's beaches this summer.

Ballyhoo Media, which made headlines in March after the city filed a lawsuit against the company for its alleged violation of zoning rules prohibiting advertising on waterways, has no plans to leave the city, and "the company's CEO won't rule out the possibility of crashing the city's beaches this summer," Gothamist reported.

The billboard company, which has been operating "Times Square-style" billboards on barges on city waterways, was barred from operating within 1,500 feet of the shoreline in a preliminary injunction as the case proceeds.

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USA: 3 Takeaways From Last Week's IBOUSA Convention

Terrific convention for the IBOUSA in Savannah last week. Congratulations to Chris Cowlbeck and the IBO staff for all their hard work. Insider noticed three things that we wanted to point out as highlights to the convention.

Programmatic is no longer a foreign language to the IBOUSA membership 

How often over the past two years have you read an article on programmatic and you found yourself quickly becoming confused trying to understand what seemed a very technical concept.  From this convention, it became very clear that the programmatic providers and the independent outdoor operators are beginning to speak the same language. 

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USA: Ubimo Location Intelligence Allows Kinetic to Connect the Digital and Physical Worlds

Ubimo, a leading location intelligence technology company will enable Kinetic US, the leading digital innovator in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, to provide real-time audience segmentation to any geographic entity to improve OOH campaign performance for their clients.

By incorporating Ubimo's technology, Kinetic will be able to apply any digital data set to the location of OOH and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) properties, optimize plans and access audience segmentation and insights at the individual place level. Leveraging these capabilities, Kinetic can connect digital data, audience movement and physical locations across the U.S., ranging from OOH properties to stores, venues and other points of interest (POIs). The platform will also enable Kinetic to attribute foot traffic lift to OOH campaigns.

"Ubimo's platform will empower Kinetic to better align our clients' OOH and DOOH campaigns to the dominant digital strategies, tactics and measurement they rely upon to produce their best results.  We expect to develop more impactful, effective plans that work with mobile to deliver optimized solutions that exceed our clients' business and marketing objectives." said Michael Lieberman, co-CEO of Kinetic US.

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Canada: Programmatic digital OOH does not spell the death of traditional, static outdoor

As advertising evolves to increasingly embrace digital trends, with the increase in data availability in real-time, personalized, automated out of home moves closer to reality.  Ahead of Programmatic Punch New York, The Drum spoke to Adam Green, senior vice president and general manager of Broadsign Reach around how automated digital advertising can be taken outdoor and why moving to more open market transactions will benefit the industry.

How can we take programmatic advertising outdoor?

We’re at an interesting point in the evolution of programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) where the tech is ready, but the people and business processes haven’t caught up.

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Australia: Aussie Study Finds Digital Billboards Don't Impair Driving

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) of Australia just released an independent digital billboard safety study conducted by the Australian Road Research Board with encouraging results.  Here’s what Insider learned after reading the study.

Where was the study performed:

Two traffic intersections in Australia:  Gladstone, Queensland and Surfers Paradise, Queensland.  Both intersections were busy, urban environments with plenty of pedestrian and car traffic.

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Australia: Ooh!media says post election business bookings have picked up

Out of home advertising group Ooh!media has reported a rise in business bookings post the federal election this weekend.

Adland has been reporting a weak market as advertisers pause their campaigns during the NSW election followed by the federal poll this weekend.

Standard Media Index (SMI) numbers have fallen for six months in a row. ASX-listed companies in the industry, including WPP AUNZ, have reported falls.

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India: Laqshya Media Group takes up title sponsorship of OAC 2019

Laqshya Media Group, one of India’s foremost OOH advertising entities with diverse businesses ranging from traditional and transit media ownership, and media planning and buying solutions to experiential solutions, and integrated media solutions, has taken up the title sponsorship of the upcoming Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) that will be held at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Powai, Mumbai during July 26-27, 2019. Laqshya Media has actively participated in the preceding editions of the annual OAC, contributing to the industry’s thought leadership.

Sharing his perspective on Laqshya Media taking up the title sponsorship of OAC 2019, Alok Jalan, Managing Director, Laqshya Media Group told Media4Growth that the knowledge leadership the convention provides to the Indian OOH industry resonates with his group’s concerted efforts to maintain the highest OOH business standards in delivering key solutions to the advertising clients through continuous learning, knowledge exchanges, competitive benchmarking of business practices and creative thinking. 

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Lebanon: Trueform Digital, Pikasso Sign OOH Retail Partnership in Africa and Asia

Trueform Digital, designer, manufacturer and installer of indoor and outdoor DooH displays, has signed a major contract with leading OOH advertising firm Pikasso, to build, supply and support a range of bespoke ‘state of the art’ multipurpose displays inside shopping centers in Africa and Asia. 

Pikasso is the number one OOH advertising company for Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq), North and West Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali), managing a portfolio of more than 13,000 advertising faces in 367 cities, across eight different countries

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