World Out Of Home Organization Newsletter June 6th 2019

World Out Of Home Organization Newsletter June 6th 2019


Belgium: After Paris, Clear Channel now wins Brussels

Clear Channel International – the international business division of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc.– today announces a new contract win in the Belgian capital city of Brussels, following the global outdoor advertising leader recently announcing a significant tender win in the City of Paris, France.

Four of the five lots of advertising tenders of the local public transport operator in the city of Brussels, STIB (the Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles), have been awarded to Clear Channel Belgium, including the Brussels City Centre lot. The decision by STIB’s Board of Directors sees Clear Channel win about 90% of the advertising space that was up for tender under this contract, doubling the company’s presence in the region.

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UK: City to Sea urges people to ditch single-use plastic

City to Sea and 23red are encouraging people to use refill stations and reusable water bottles in an out-of-home campaign that turns three full-motion screens into "hydration stations" as the environmental campaigning organisation aims to get people to ditch single-use-plastic water bottles.

The screens feature a looped "waiting mode" animated film, showing a captive fish trapped inside a plastic bottle floating in a polluted ocean. The screens carry a request to passers-by to use the water fountain positioned in front of the screen. When the fountain is used, it triggers the release of the fish by making the bottle it is trapped in disappear. Once free, the fish thanks the user and swims away.

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Ireland: ORB Takes Part in European Digital First for DOOH

The Irish digital media company ORB took part in a European media first as part of a Hungarian music festival Sziget which saw DOOH and mobile DSP capabilities across three countries and seven cities come together for the first time.

The fully programmatic campaign utilised cross-channel integration with consumers being served rich-media video ads to their mobile devices within 60 metres of booked DOOH locations.

Sziget Festival, through Harvest Digital, partnered with Jaduda’s Splicky a leading DSP, Broadsign Reach’s SSP and Irish media owners ORB, to simultaneously plan and book the campaign programmatically across DOOH and mobile, all based on targeting key audiences in hand selected cities.

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Germany: Stroer: A Hidden Dividend Champion In A Growing Market With A Crown Jewel That Competitors Do Not Have

Stroeer Out Of Home Media AG is a leading German provider of out-of-home media. 2018 was a pretty good year with organic growth and the commitment to sustainable investor-friendly dividend policy. 1Q 2019 was even greater.

Stroeer focuses on the core business. This includes the underrated and unique jewel which will drive share price in the future. Compared to its competitors JCDecauX, Lamar, Outfront Media, and The Trade Desk, Stroeer is fair valued and has a decidedly shareholder-friendly dividend policy.

An investment in Stroeer offers an asymmetric risk/reward relation and is a great way to diversify your own portfolio.

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Netherlands: Interbest, part of Ocean, expands digital roadside advertising offer with acquisition of Beyond Outdoor

Beyond Outdoor, a digital out-of-home roadside operator in the Netherlands, has been acquired by Interbest. The deal concludes discussions which were underway when Ocean acquired Interbest and Ngage Media in March this year. All three Dutch companies now form part of the Ocean Group.

Beyond Outdoor is a pure digital player operating eight sites and 11 screens in prime locations on the busiest road and motorway networks. Its portfolio covers the Randstad megalopolis of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

The acquisition augments Interbest’s extensive premium national distribution network, providing enhanced targeting for advertisers. This transaction includes plans to develop three new locations.

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USA: Wells says Clear Channel Outdoor leverage 'a big focus area'

Clear Channel Outdoor Americas CEO Scott Wells appeared at the Cowen and Company 47th Annual Technology, Media and Telecom conference yesterday.  Here are the highlights.

Have you been surprised by the strength in US out of home

No, not at all…2016 was a pretty good year, 2017 was pretty tough, 2018 was a good year, it seems like 2019 we’re on a good path.

On the economics of digital billboards.

The maintenance capexp isn’t that bad.  The signs keep getting better.  When we first started doing this we thought we were going to get 7 years out of them and we’re getting more than 10…there is capexp but it’s a lot less than when you convert them…conversion involves a more robust foundation, a more robust pole, and the head is a third of what the cost is.

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USA: Smart Media Platform Firefly Raises $30 Million, Buys Digital Operations Of STRONG Outdoor

Firefly, a company that works with taxi companies and ride-sharing drivers for installing proprietary advertising displays atop vehicles, announced it has raised $30 million in Series A funding led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) with participation from NFX. Plus Firefly also announced it acquired the digital operations of STRONG Outdoor, which marks the company’s expansion to New York City. Including this round of funding, Firefly has raised a total of $51.5 million.

Launched by Kaan Gunay (CEO) and Onur Kardesler (CTO) out of stealth mode in December 2018, Firefly signed notable brands like Brex, Segment, Caviar, and Zumper for quickly adopting its proprietary vehicle-mounted media platform for driving campaign results.

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USA: OUTFRONT Media Expands Out-Of-Home Assets in Philadelphia With USA: New Bike Share Partnership

New Exclusive Partnership With The Operator of Philadelphia's Indego Bike Share Program Adds More Than One Hundred Bike Stations To OUTFRONT Media's Inventory

OUTFRONT Media Inc.  announced the expansion of its urban advertising offering in Philadelphia with the addition of 133 bike share stations in partnership with Bicycle Transit Systems, operators of Philadelphia's Indego bike share program. Through this partnership, OUTFRONT Media is primed to impact socially responsible, health-conscious demographics during a crucial time when the environment is at the forefront of both state and federal conversations. This new offering will give OUTFRONT Media brand partners the opportunity to strategically target and engage hard-to-reach audiences, including millennials and business people.

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USA: How location data and analytics are revolutionizing JCDecaux's OOH business

There’s probably no other media segment that has benefitted from the advent of location intelligence as much as out-of-home (OOH). The availability of mobile-location data for better audience targeting and offline attribution helped transformed industry into the only traditional channel whose growth is accelerating.

That’s good news for JCDecaux (JCD), the leading outdoor advertising company worldwide. Founded in 1964, the company has placements — either street furniture, transportation advertising, airports or billboards — in more than 80 countries, which reach 410 million people in 4,031 cities. It’s now working with location data in multiple ways to define and segment audiences, inform media placements, optimize campaigns and measure their real-world impact on store visitation — and eventually purchases.

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USA: First Look: Giant New LED Board At One Times Square In NYC

Here’s a shot of the just completed, and by the way massive, LED board at One Times Square – the NYC building that is home on its top to the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop.

The sections way up high are 16mm Prismview (Samsung) LED cabinets while the lower and largest face is 8mm. In all, it is 11,639 square feet of media canvas and more than 11 million pixels.

Looks great. Blacks look pretty darn black (important for contrast).



Australia: MOVE looks to neuroscience-based metric for outdoor advertising

The Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure (MOVE) board is funding a neuroscience project study (NPS) with the goal of creating a new metric to measure digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

MOVE has partnered with research firm, Neuro-Insight, to conduct the NPS, assessing audience engagement with digital and traditional OOH across formats, environments and travel modes. It is part of a plan, launched in 2018 by MOVE, to more accurately measure audiences for DOOH signs through investigating international models and conducting the neuroscience pilot study.

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Australia: Courting controversy outdoors: how to stand out without getting in the way

In October 2018, hundreds of protesters gathered around the Sydney Opera House to oppose a controversial piece of advertising for the Everest horse race.

The ad’s approval had been a subject of national and international debate for days, with the ultimate decision falling to Sydney premier Gladys Berejiklian. After various on-air rants, including a call from Alan Jones to have Opera House chief executive Louise Herron sacked, the promotion was eventually given the go-ahead.

In response, a crowd of protesters shone torches onto the building in an attempt to obscure the projection, held up posters with slogans including “sails not sales”, and booed.

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New Zealand: New standard in transparency

NZ out-of-home company Lumo has forged a partnership with Melbourne-based specialist Seedooh to create an independent campaign delivery reporting function that works seamlessly end-to-end.

Lumo co-founder/ceo Phil Clemas said: “It will allow advertisers to access near real-time proof of their digital OOH campaign delivery and receive rich data to help evaluate campaign performance across Lumo’s digital media network.

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India; Moving Walls Launches Outdoor Advertising Measurement Solution in India

Close to 50 Indian brands have signed up to get their billboard campaigns analysed through the 'Three Billboards' challenge. The campaign is an initiative by Moving Walls, an advertising technology company that is bringing transparency and automation to outdoor advertising across Asia.

OOH (Out-of-Home) is the fastest growing traditional media channel globally. However, the medium still lacks measurement to help marketers evaluate and improve their campaigns. Moving Walls is setting OOH audience measurement standards in multiple Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Having recently expanded to India, the tech company is working with Rapport WW (IPG) and Outdoor Advertising Professionals (OAP), two of the largest outdoor advertising agencies, to introduce similar audience measurement technology.

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India: Out-of-home advertising goes digital; as brands try to lure consumers

As advertisers slowly latch on to the power of OOH, India is set to see a boom in digital OOH in the next couple of years

A few days ago, US based social media celebrity and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner’s company, Kylie Skin commissioned out-of-home (OOH) ad platform Adomni to launch what the latter claims is the largest-ever programmatic OOH campaign. 

The targetted displays which included over 5,800 digital video, was aired across 1,000 US cities. Following promotion on social media, the new product set got sold out in six minutes. This was impressive even for Jenner, a social media star, who’s no stranger to record sales. So, how is OOH in India doing? Experts believe there will be an explosion in digital OOH over the next two years, as brands realise that content on digital is quite effective.

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