Australia: On the road with the Outdoor Media Association

Australia: On the road with the Outdoor Media Association

Australia: On the road with the Outdoor Media Association

The Mind and Mood Report (formerly the Ipsos Mackay Report) has, for 35 years, captured the values, attitudes and behaviours of Australians and transformed them into social insights. Audiences around the country were treated to the latest insights about what is currently uppermost in Australians’ psyche.

Australians, unlike themselves 10 years ago, are in love with technology and look forward to the next incarnation or new gadget. Seventy five percent of people would not leave home without their mobile devices.

Australians are, in all ages, relating to the outdoors more – they see the outdoors as part of their “Australianness” and aspire to live outdoors all year round.

When it comes to media they are curating their own content, cutting out the advertising and concentrating on beaming the content.

Australians in their 20s are unstoppable downloaders and when it comes to content, have no barriers in using whatever source is available to get what they want.

Lifestyle is important, so important that Australians are no longer buying a home – they are buying a lifestyle. Young parents are very involved in filling their children’s spare time with organised activity. Dads are playing an active role in their kids’ lives and are more involved in shopping and tiring out the kids on the weekends. Young families see outdoor activity and grocery shopping as a shared family activity.

Following on from the Mind and Mood research, OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich presented bespoke industry research that looked at how the media environment is changing consumer behaviour. Research conducted with consumers and agencies, through the OMA’s audience measurement system MOVE, looked at how Out-of-Home (OOH) performs as a stand-alone medium and in relation to other media channels.

Drawing on research from three studies across almost 10,000 people, the following key insights were uncovered

1. Consumers believe that while OOH drives awareness and impacts them in the path to purchase, it is also fast becoming a channel that creates desire and drives them to search, try and buy.

2. Outdoor and Online are the two channels that are consumed the most prior to purchase and with the mobile device in consumers’ hands, supercharges OOH advertising.

3. Technology is making OOH stronger, because it allows advertisers using outdoor to have a dialogue with consumers through the new digital plant, through add-ons like crowdsourcing, NFC, QR codes etc., and by using the mobile to make the static board come to life.

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