Ayuda announce new clients at FEPE Milan

Ayuda announce new clients at FEPE Milan

Ayuda Media Systems and Cemusa, leading international street furniture company headquartered in Spain, announced that Cemusa has chosen Ayuda’s comprehensive Platform to consolidate and streamline its business workflow across its European businesses. The initial elements of the extensive Ayuda Platform selected by Cemusa will, for the first time, enable Cemusa to fully manage their inventory, sales, charting and operations in BMSTM, as well as invoicing, on one Platform. Cemusa’s clients will track the performance of their campaigns online on the Cemusa website using Ayuda’s Proof of Performance product, part of the ImpressTM suite. Cemusa’s sales team will be empowered with a customised CRM product, JuiceTM, designed specifically for the OOH market and fully integrated with their sales platform. Cemusa’s Executives will be able to monitor, forecast and deep dive into their business data using Ayuda’s Business Intelligence platform.

“Cemusa had been searching for a suitable partner with whom we could establish a long term relationship to enable future growth,” said Eric Marotel, CEO at Cemusa, further remarking that “Cemusa’s Management Team was impressed by Ayuda from their first meeting, commenting on their deep understanding of the OOH market and their robust, comprehensive and technologically advanced Platform”. Eric went on to say “Cemusa are delighted to announce that we will be using Ayuda’s platform to manage our entire business workflow from end to end, providing business benefits and an increased added value to our relationship with customers.”

“Cemusa will enjoy many benefits working with Ayuda and by choosing our BMS Platform, Proof of Posting and Juice, they will be able to remove duplicate effort, reduce risk and run a leaner, more efficient operation which will have huge benefits, not only internally within Cemusa but for their clients too.” Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda Media Systems’ CEO, was keen to add. “For instance, Cemusa has always been keen to offer flexible posting, with weekly posting cycles, so the adoption of Ayuda’s BMS platform and the ability to show their clients that Cemusa have delivered their campaigns using Ayuda’s Proof of Posting portal on the Cemusa website will demonstrate Cemusa’s commitment to the highest of operational standards.”

Having provided comprehensive media workflow management software to some of the world’s largest OOH networks for almost a decade, Ayuda is well positioned to assist Cemusa achieve the same level of efficiency, managing their entire operations from a single system.

EYE Chooses Ayuda Platform for Worldwide Operations

Ayuda Media Systems also announced that leading Out-of-Home media operator, EYE Corp, has selected Ayuda’s comprehensive Platform to manage its entire business spanning three continents. The Ayuda Platform consists of multiple integrated products for OOH advertising operators: Juice™ (sales tools for CRM, availability checking, and instant proposal generation), BMS™ (for scheduling, operations, and inventory management), Finance (for invoicing and leasing) and POP (for proof of performance). The worldwide rollout of the Ayuda Platform builds on EYE’s existing use of Ayuda’s POP functionality, currently available from the EYE website and marketed as “Eye Proof”.

EYE, whose OOH offerings span multiple networks – including retail, airport, university, and roadside – in multiple countries, had been searching for an integrated platform to efficiently run their entire operations, as well as automate core media business functions. Selecting a proven platform like Ayuda’s was imperative to help streamline operational processes, and enable growth.

“Our existing systems are being strained with our current processes, let alone support our anticipated growth. Over the last few years, we have evaluated multiple products to help us streamline operations and manage our sales processes,” says Gerry Thorley, CEO at EYE. “Ayuda’s is the only platform that has demonstrated it can handle all of the various facets of running a multi-national OOH company. The Ayuda Platform will provide us with a single-vendor, integrated solution that will enable us to efficiently streamline the way we run our entire business. EYE will benefit tremendously from the full workflow functionality available in the Ayuda Platform.”

Having provided comprehensive media management software to some of the world’s largest OOH companies for almost a decade, Ayuda is perfectly positioned to assist EYE in achieving the levels of efficiency they require to fuel future growth. Specifically, the Ayuda Platform will provide EYE with functions from sales & pipeline management in Juice™, to scheduling & operations in BMS™, to billing & invoicing in Finance, and online proof of performance in POP.

“From our first deployment of POP to EYE in the US over 4 years ago, Ayuda has been working closely with EYE to understand how they could leverage more of the Ayuda Platform,” recalls Andreas Soupliotis, President & CEO of Ayuda. “Over the years, we have built a solid relationship with EYE, and have spent countless months analyzing their business processes and workflows to help understand how EYE could benefit from migrating from multiple legacy systems to a single, consolidated platform. We are pleased that the end result is EYE’s decision to migrate their entire business onto the Ayuda Platform for their worldwide operations.”