Cemusa starts marketing “rambla digital”

Cemusa starts marketing “rambla digital”

Barcelona City Council is behind the plan to renew the image of all news kiosks along the pedestrian Las Ramblas in Barcelona, expanding the number of products which can be sold and developing the inclusion of new public interest services related to information technology, with the aim of improving citizen information and service facilities, for example by means of Internet access points, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmitters, etc.

The improvements covered include updating the advertising platforms of the kiosks and fitting them with the latest features of the outdoor advertising market, such as digital screens.

A total of eleven news kiosks have been remodelled, and each of them has been fitted with a LED screen measuring 4.6 metres wide by 1.5 metres high (close on seven square metres) along with a LED screen on top of the structure measuring 38 cm high by 13.9 metres long, around the entire perimeter of the kiosk.

Las Ramblas is Barcelona's most well-known and commercially active area. It is a major thoroughfare connecting the city's nerve centre, the Plaça de Catalunya, with the seafront district around the Plaça de Colón. Almost all visitors arrive here with a purchase in mind, turning the area into a huge open-air shopping mall which each year attracts more than seventy-eight million people.

Given that this is one of the main thoroughfares of the "Barcelona Shopping Line", it is the best possible place to launch advertising messages using such high-impact urban platforms as "Rambla Digital", a product which allows CEMUSA's clients to achieve a swift and striking presence in one of Barcelona's booming areas.

The format offers a simple, eye-catching approach guaranteeing considerable levels of impact in the most dynamic and cosmopolitan open-air shopping mall in Spain.

This new urban revitalisation project underpins CEMUSA's outdoor digital advertising portfolio as an addition to its existing presence in Madrid, where the Clear Channel-Cemusa joint venture has in place 15 single column hoardings with 50-square-metre screens positioned on the main arteries leading into, out of and around the city, along with news kiosks in Times Square in New York, with screens which make up the first large-format urban digital network to be installed in the Big Apple.