Optimum Exposures Redefines OOH in Nigeria

Optimum Exposures Redefines OOH in Nigeria

 Recent developments in the practice of Out-Of-Home advertising in Nigeria has shown clearly that the industry has come of age with the calibre of players who have proved their worth in the display of sophisticated billboards scattered across the country.

In fact, one of the leading outdoor advertising companies that stand tall with the introduction of various innovations in the sector is Optimum Exposures. This has indeed made it a pacesetter and agenda setting company for other competitors in the business of Out-of-Home in the country.

The company got incorporated and started business in 1984 under the name Klinsite Outdoor Services Limited mainly to provide conventional outdoor advertising services to various clients and advertising agencies, the company’s first eight years of operation was enough time for the company to grow and become the second biggest outdoor advertising company in Nigeria. However in 1992, a need arose for a radical change in focus due to the yearnings of its clients for innovation in outdoor advertising practice.

This not only led to a change in its name to Optimum Exposures, but also led to a total re-organisation and a complete change in focus. All these have launched the company into entirely new outdoor advertising multi-media which we believe it is where the future lies. Today, with its contributions in the business of Out-of-Home advertising, Optimum Exposures is no doubt in the vanguard of originality, professionalism which can be compared to the Out-of-Home practice in other advanced societies. This has also made it to become known and respected as an innovative company in the Nigeria Outdoor Advertising industry.

This achievement was made possible by the company’s huge investment in Research and Development of new outdoor advertising and display products coupled with its belonging to a foremost Marketing Communications group - The Troyka Holdings. Optimum Exposure has a knack for development of standard panels some of which are adequately maintained and strategically located to provide optimal visibility to vehicular and human traffic.

The company has invested huge amount of money to develop a network of display sites and panels which are then leased out to advertisers.