Poland. OOH protest against Media Tax Info.

Poland. OOH protest against Media Tax Info.

Poland. OOH protest against Media Tax Info.

The Polish Government introduced a project of a new tax law, so called “media tax” ("advertising tax”) in the beginning of February 2021. Due to this project broadcasters and digital media, press and OOH media should pay at least 7,5 per cent of their income if that exceeds 1mln zloty (+/- 250 000 Euro) a year.

This situation could put in danger many OOH companies in Poland. Besides some of international chains most of them are Polish private firms started their business from micro-companies back in 90-tees of 20th century.

The other argument against “media tax” is that from legislation point of view it looks like double taxing. In February 10 independent media decided to stop broadcasting their programs for the whole day. Instead of that an information about the protest was on. It was joined also by some of OOH companies showing on their DOOH media the main slogan of that action: “Media without a choice”underlying the fact that less money means less valuable content.

Meanwhile Outdoor Advertising Chamber of Commerce submitted its statement and wrote a letter to the Ministry of Finance explaining all the disadvantages for the OOH branch and also Polish citizens (increase of prices of products and services).

Last week starting from the 1th of March the protest campaign of OOH have started on DOOH media and followed by traditional OOH media. Design of the campaign is kept simple: just white and red letters on black background. That makes the picture similar looking to the previous protest “Media without a choice.”

OOH protest campaign uses 3 headlines and unites with simple message against the “media tax”

You going to pay. NO for media tax!
Collapse of Polish companies. NO for media tax! New tax instead of help. NO for media tax!

The campaign was introduced by few companies and jointed soon by others from different cities all over the country and the number of them is still growing:

“The number of OOH sale dropped in 2020 by almost 40% comparing to previous year. If income is the basis for tax calculation it is going to simply ruin many companies. We know that in normal, not pandemic, circumstances the average profit is about 5%. So additional 7,5-15% tax on income will cause permanent unprofitability of the OOH industry.” - says Lech Kaczon The President of IGRZ (Outdoor Advertising Chamber of Commerce).

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