Switzerland: SPR+ implements MobNat

Switzerland: SPR+ implements MobNat

Switzerland: SPR+ implements MobNat

In addition to APG, Clear Channel Switzerland is also backing and co-funding the SPR+ designed research concept.

The results will be made available to the market in 2014 via the SPR+ Expert OOH planning tool. After SPR+ successfully implemented a pilot project for post-surveying mobility and for the development of a national model in 2010, the main MobNat study is now being initiated.

As an extension of the current scope, the model will also incorporate the plannability of territories outside the 55 Swiss conurbations and the inter-conurbation mobility of the population. The new integrated model is based on traffic surveys,census and microcensus data as well as GPS and structural metrics that meanwhile are available for all parts of Switzerland or are being collected by SPR+.

This data will be mapped into a "national atlas" with traffic frequencies for each road segment in Switzerland and into a "national path model" for the country's resident population. MobNat complies with the Global Guidelines on Outdoor Audience Measurement. In 2014, the research results for planning multi-provider campaigns will be activated in the SPR+ Expert tool for users registered with SPR+.

APG's CEO Daniel Hofer comments: "The implementation of MobNat and the renewed involvement of Clear Channel are two important OOH research milestones in Switzerland and will thus strengthen this medium in the competitive intermedia context."

Jürg Rötheli, CEO of Clear Channel Switzerland, adds: "The Swiss media market legitimately wants one currency that measures the performance of poster campaigns. Since SPR+ is opening up a new dimension with its MobNat concept, we are eager to participate."

"First of all, we will now acquaint the Research Advisory Council of SPR+ with MobNat in detail. Then, we will invite industry stakeholders to attend a presentation," notes Felix H. Mende, Managing Director of SPR+, in outlining the next steps.