World OOH News 9th May 2019 and Dubai Congress Round up

World OOH News 9th May 2019 and Dubai Congress Round up


FEPE International to rebrand as World Out of Home Organization

FEPE International, the global organisation representing Out of Home media owners, national associations, specialist agencies and suppliers to the industry, is to rebrand as the World Out of Home Organization (WOO)

The move, to reflect the changed nature of the Association from a European-based entity to a genuinely global body, was announced at FEPE International’s 60th Annual congress in Dubai on May 1-3. 

FEPE International President Tom Goddard says: “It’s fitting that this change is announced at our 60th Annual Congress, a record-breaking event with over 400 delegates from across the world, held outside Europe.” 

“Moving on from FEPE is like saying goodbye to a much-loved old friend but Out of Home is a truly global and rapidly-changing industry in 2019 and moving from FEPE to the World Out of Home Organization reflects these seismic changes.”

FEPE (Federation European Publicite Exterieur) was founded in Paris by French outdoor pioneer Jacques Dauphin 60 years ago and initially comprised the national outdoor advertising federations of France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands. It now has members (including many national associations) from the US, UK, Australia, Latin America, India and China.

The new name, logo and other related visual materials were developed with the help of UK brand consultancy Heavenly.

Heavenly CEO Richard Sunderland says: "Heavenly was engaged to help modernise the FEPE brand, ensuring it better reflected the unprecedented level of innovation that is now transforming the Out of Home sector. 

"The name itself had become an acronym that not many could decode, even among the membership and one that did not truly reflect the international role the organization now plays."

FEPE international will transform to the World of Out Home Organization (WOO) over the coming months. 

Dubai Congress Overview

FEPE becomes World Out of Home Organization - next stop Toronto

FEPE International is to become the World Out of Home Organization - announced at last week’s Congress in Dubai - and its next Congress, the first as WOO, the 61st for FEPE -  will be held in Toronto.

Dates and venue to be confirmed.

425 delegates from across the world gathered in Dubai to hear from an impressive line-up of speakers from all sides of the industry on the theme The Fame Game.

A masterly Keynote Address from Jean-Charles Decaux on the first morning set the tone for an event which analysed the big global issues facing Out of Home, in particular the need to boost its share of the $635bn global advertising market from its current 6.7 per cent.

Barry Cupples, the new global CEO of Out of Home specialist agency Talon and a former head of investment at Omnicom’s OMD, said progress shouldn’t stop at ten per cent but should aim even higher.

Other first day speakers included Tim Delaney, Chairman of creative agency Leagas Delaney, who provided an invaluable leading creative’s perspective on the medium, in particular how to use it for best effect.

Stephen Whyte, Global CEO of Posterscope, said the medium needed to become more dynamic while Christof Baron, Global Head of Media at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, said the medium needed to “connect the dots” to win its rightful share of global ad budgets.

Nancy Fletcher, the outgoing President and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) provided a long view for the medium with her customary insight and grace while Peter Egart, Vice President International Regions of Daktronics, looked at the journey of digital Out of Home in the Middle East.

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Stories of an OOH Evangelist - Excerpts from Nancy Fletcher's Congress Speech

Congratulations on the 60th Anniversary of FEPE, and thank you for inviting me to speak today.

I’m honored you’ve asked me to share my perspective based on almost 30 years as president and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), and more than 40 years working in the OOH industry.

I’d like to share a few stories that shaped my thinking and could also help guide the industry in meeting future challenges.

Since I spoke to my first global audience in Sorrento in 1994, the changes in our marketplace have been dramatic. OOH media revenue in the US has tripled since then to $8 billion a year. Apple is the top OOH advertiser rather than Marlboro. 


FEPE International announces 2019 Awards winners

International Out of Home Association FEPE International has announced the winners of its 2019 Awards, presented at its annual Congress in Dubai on May 2.

Creative Awards

These are awarded in two categories: Classic and Digital.

The Classic Award goes to Mexican beer brand Corona for its UK campaign for World Oceans Day, a “Wave of Waste” sculpture at London’s Old Street Roundabout. Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, Vizeum and Posterscope organised a special build on Primesight’s Domination site.

The Digital Award goes jointly to Clear Channel Sweden for its Stockholm Out of Home Project and the Open University Netherlands for its Platform College tour.

Working with Prime Weber Shandwick, Clear Channel’s screens delivered real time messages for Stockholm’s homeless, advising them of their nearest emergency shelters.

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FEPE: Programmatic will bring in new money to OOH: Jean-Christophe Conti

Jean- Christophe Conti, CEO of VIOOH drove home the significance of programmatic OOH and the future of DOOH at the 60th FEPE International Congress
On the 2nd day of 60th FEPE International Congress held in Dubai, Jean- Christophe Conti, CEO of VIOOH talked about new-age OOH i.e. Programmatic and the future of DOOH. He began his session by highlighting that DOOH was the 2nd fastest growing media channel in 2018 where it grew from $ 5.7 billion to $ 14.6 billion the previous year. On the same note, he added that every medium had grown by getting digitized therefore one could expect programming to bring a shift in OOH. According to him, globally 68% of spends in 2020 will be on DOOH and programmatic spends will grow to 19% in 2019 globally.

He summed up the future of DOOH through the following points: -

•   DOOH & Programmatic will drive OOH growth
•   Programmatic will bring new buyers to DOOH
•   Efficiency & flexibility will be the most desired features
•   Next focus will be on biddable technology
•   DOOH complements and amplifies other formats
•   Programmatic empowers greater campaign creativity

He closed his session on an emphatic note with these words, “Programmatic will bring new money and flexibility, and accessibility and transparency will be the rules of the game.”


FEPE: 'Business outcomes real measure of OOH success'

Barry Cupples, Global CEO, Talon also says that OOH is best placed to usher in AI

Speaking on the theme “Is OOH the evidence economy?” at the 60th FEPE International Congress held in Dubai, Barry Cupples, Global CEO, Talon said that delivering business outcomes is the effective measure of OOH success. To achieve this, it is important for OOH to have the media agencies and creative agencies aligned to further OOH success.

Talking about technology adoption, Barry stated emphatically that OOH is “best to make artificial intelligence (AI) real”. He also said that OOH will become even more dominant as cites change, new cities come up, and smart cities develop.

Urging the industry to become more competitive, he said that “to win the race, you have to be in the race.” “We have to be braver,” he added.

“Reach, impact, fame will always be delivered,” said Barry. “Put money where your ambition is,” he said on a concluding note.


The Dubai Congress - Tori Hirst - This years 'Rising Star'

FEPE was first introduced to me when I joined blowUP media in 2012 as a Sales and Marketing Assistant fresh out of university. Over the years, I have always arranged the production and delivery of the congress bags (which are made out of blowUP banner material) and handed out to all the delegates, and I’d debrief the highlights of the congress afterwards from our MD Simon Russell, who attends every year.

This year however, I was asked by Katrin Robertson, our CEO and FEPE board member, to not only create the bags for the congress but to join the team in Dubai and assist with FEPE’s social media updates. This was a particularly good year to be invited along as I had been entered into the ‘Rising Star’ award category, not that I’d be shouting about that fact!

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UK: Clear Channel promotes Justin Cochrane to Europe-wide job

Clear Channel is returning to treating Europe as a single region, following the outdoor media company’s separation from iHeartMedia.

The change, led by worldwide chief executive William Eccleshare, departs from the previous arrangement of having southern Europe reporting to Latin America president Aris De Juan.

Eccleshare has promoted Justin Cochrane to Europe chief executive from UK and Ireland boss, giving him overall responsibility for strategy in the region.

Cochrane will still oversee the UK, which will be led by new joint managing directors Richard Bon and Will Ramage, formerly chief revenue officer and chief investment officer respectively.

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UK: Outdoor advertising media owners to provide up to £15m of space a year to healthy living campaigns

Outsmart, the Out of Home (OOH) advertising media owners trade body, today launched its ‘Get Smart, Outside’ campaign to work in partnership with public authorities to promote healthy living campaigns in their areas. Outsmart members have pledged to provide unsold advertising space to the value of up to £15m annually to support the campaign. A new website containing further details about the campaign has also been launched at

The initiative recognises the importance of the problem of childhood obesity and builds on previous moves by the industry to tackle the issue such as voluntarily removing advertising of food and drink products high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) close by schools.

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UK: Primesight launches luxury ad screens in London's poshest area

Digital out of home specialist Primesight has launched thirteen state-of-the-art digital screens located in prime retail areas in London’s most affluent and desirable borough - Kensington and Chelsea.

The screens, which were developed through Primesight’s InLink joint venture, will only host high-end advertising spots, and have been branded as The Luxury Edit. 

InLink now has over 850 screens in prime city centre locations across the UK - including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle and Aberdeen. 

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USA: Outfront's 10% growth rate is propelled by local advertising but national is trending

Outfront Media CEO Jeremy Male was upbeat on this week’s earnings conference call  He expects Outfront’s revenue growth to accelerate above the first quarter’s 10% rate. You can read a transcript of his comments at Seeking Alpha.

Outfront’s 10% growth rate is propelled by local advertising but national is trending

Local was up 12% and drove most of our growth and once again, it’s worth noting that this is the highest local growth rate we’ve ever experienced. National was up 4.9% which was a good start to 2019. And we’re currently seeing very positive trends in national advertising, particularly in transit.

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USA: Examples of How Digital Billboards Communicate With The Public During Emergencies.

Last Friday’s story on Ashby St’s tornado warning network illustrates how digital billboards perform a huge public service by allowing government agencies to communicate with the public in an emergency.  Ashby St isn’t the only out of home company which uses digital billboards to help communicate with the public in an emergency.  Here’s a list Insider compiled with the help of the OAAA.  You should make sure your regulatory and government agencies know about how digital billboards benefit the community.

Clear Channel posted emergency info after the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis in 2007.

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Canada: Broadsign Acquires Leading Canadian Digital Out-of-Home Programmatic Exchange Campsite to Improve Buyer Access to DOOH Inventory |

Broadsign, the leading out-of-home marketing platform, today announced that it has acquired Campsite, the innovative Canadian digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad exchange that automates the buying and selling of DOOH inventory. This news follows the recent announcement that Broadsign has acquired the industry’s premier out-of-home enterprise business solution, Ayuda Media Systems. Both transactions have closed.

For DOOH media owners, the combination of Broadsign and Campsite will further automate the buying and selling of media inventory making it easier for agencies and media buyers to find, plan, and book DOOH advertising campaigns. According to eMarketer, programmatic buying represented more than 80% of US digital media transactions in 2018, highlighting the need to modernize buying in the $40 billion global out-of-home industry to drive future growth.  

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Australia and New Zealand: oOh!media: transforming billboard digitisation across Australia and New Zealand

oOh!Media’s journey from on-premise legacy to cloud native has been achieved in a relatively short time thanks to committed leadership, agile implementation and skilful teamwork.

Out of Home, or public space media as its practitioners are coming to call it, is attractive to advertisers because it gives them access to a stable, growing cross section of the population. Only a recluse can fail to be aware of the messages that sit on roadside billboards, retail centres, airports and bus shelters. Sit is the wrong word though – modern technology allows these messages to be dynamic, varied, attractive and immersive. Not surprisingly public space media advertising is growing faster than any other kind, and media dollars are steadily moving towards it and away from print, TV and even online.

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Abu Dhabi: JCDecaux snaps up exclusive ten-year advertising contract for Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal

JCDecaux Abu Dhabi has been awarded a ten-year exclusive advertising concession for the new Midfield Terminal (MTB) at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The MTB is likely to open in 2020, though the original extended deadline of Q4 2019 remains a possibility.

JCDecaux Abu Dhabi is a subsidiary of JCDecaux SA, the world’s number one outdoor and transport facility advertising company.

JCDecaux said that it will roll out a unique media platform at the Midfield Terminal, including exclusive VIP networks and deploying the latest generation of digital media.

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Singapore: Mastercard uses contextual OOH ads to target public based on time of day and weather in Singapore

Mastercard launched a campaign in Singapore that saw it use real-time feeds at bus stops in the country’s Central Business District and shopping district, Orchard Road, to promote new travel-based payment products.

The activation, which was part of Mastercard’s Tap & Go campaign and created with the help of JCDecaux Singapore, Posterscope and Carat, wanted to raise awareness for the launch of the brand's transit solutions, which allows commuters to use their Mastercard contactless cards or mobile wallet to pay for bus and train rides in Singapore.

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Phillipines: Dataxu to offer programmatic DOOH in Philippines

The partnership will make Dataxu the first company to offer the ability to buy programmatic DOOH inventory in Southeast Asia. Dataxu is partnering with Philippines-based digital out-of-home provider Aircast to offer brands and agencies the ability to buy outdoor media programmatically in Southeast Asia for the first time.

The partnership will provide Dataxu clients with exclusive access to Aircast’s 150 DOOH screens across the Philippines, with the majority located in metropolitan Manila. The sites have a daily viewership of over 120,000 consumers. Advertisers will be able to target audiences by selected tourist destinations or cities, by time and date, and specific live weather conditions.

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