Thursday Morning - Madrid Gallery

FEPE Madrid Congress opening session
Karl Javurek, Eric Marotel and Antonio Vincenti
Outgoing President Christian Kauter hands over to new President Barry Sayer
FEPE Madrid Congress opening sessions
Key Note Speaker Gerd Leonard
Our host Eric Marotel of CEMUSA welcomes the Congress to Madrid
The Key Systems exhibition stand at the Fepe Madrid Congress
Exhibitor Phillip Chou of Litetronix at the FEPE Madrid Congress
Ayuda Systems exhibiting at the FEPE Madrid Congress
Annarita Rondelli of Vodafone Italy presents at the FEPE Congress in Madrid
Antonio Morales of CEMUSA Spain
Simon Crisp of Kinetic Worldwide
Gerry Thorley of Eye Corp, Australia
Lech Kaczon from the Polish Economic Chamber for Outdoor Advertising
Dennis Sullivan