FEPE OOH News 16th March 2017

FEPE OOH News 16th March 2017



FEPE Stockholm Congress: Carat Global President William Swayne to be Keynote Speaker

Keynote Address on navigating a time of media change

Carat global president William Swayne will deliver the Keynote Address at this year’s FEPE International Congress in Stockholm on the Congress theme: "A Time of Revolution – Earning the Right to Win".

Out of home has proved to be the most successful global advertising medium in the digital era - the only one aside from online to increase its share of the global market - but further progress depends on meeting a number of challenges.

This year’s Congress, in Stockholm from June 7 (pre-Congress) to 9 will build on the four pillars outlined by President Matthew Dearden at last year’s Congress in Barcelona.

Key Themes will be:

1. Making the case for OOH in a digital world;

2. Taking the digital revolution out of home;

3. How can OOH reclaim our creative crown;

4. Making OOH easier to plan, buy and deliver.

In his Keynote William Swayne, who has extensive experience of major global advertisers including Adidas and Procter & Gamble, will describe the challenges Out of Home faces over the next few years and the tactics and strategies required to maintain and increase growth in an increasingly complex and competitive global market.

Swayne says: “These are exciting times for Out of Home in a rapidly changing and exciting market and I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to explore them at Congress.”

FEPE International President Matthew Dearden says: “We’re excited to have William Swayne as our Keynote speaker. He will provide a great start and context for our Congress and help to place the challenges facing Out of Home in a truly global media marketplace.”

Further speakers and panelists for Stockholm will be announced in the coming weeks.

Delegate booking form is available on the FEPE Homepage

UK: Posterscope 'evolves' digital OOH offering with AI-driven, programmatic ad-serving

Posterscope has today (15 March) debuted its Dynamic Scheduling service, which offers clients – including early adopters Charlotte Tilbury and Santander – access to programmatic ad serving across all digital out-of-home campaigns.

Powered by Liveposter, the platform is ‘programmatic’ in the sense that different creative from the same campaign is served based on time, place and audience.

Digital billboard ads can be optimised hourly by location to target a specific audience within an area through artificial intelligence. A so-called ‘genetic algorithm’ can compare efficiently compare millions of locations and their hourly audiences in order to identify the optimum content schedule.

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France: The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile and JCDecaux launch the first worldwide outdoor campaign on road safety

The President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Jean Todt, and the Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, Jean-Charles Decaux, were in Paris today to launch the first worldwide outdoor campaign on road safety.

Supported by famous ambassadors, the campaign promotes simple and universal messages to save lives on roads. Road crashes are responsible for 3 500 deaths a day worldwide.

A Public Health Issue

Everyday, 3 500 people die in car crashes worldwide, which means 1.25 million every year. A particularly alarming situation for 15-29 year-olds, for whom traffic related fatalities are the first cause of mortality. If this trend goes on, by 2030 car crashes could become the first cause of mortality worldwide with nearly 2 million deaths a year. As a genuine public health issue, road safety is a major challenge and a priority issue for every state and citizen around the world.

Pope Francis has offered his support to this campaign, and to the cause, when he met with Jean Todt at the Vatican on 25th February 2017.

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UK: JC Decaux to launch ‘The Gold Channel’ in Heathrow’s Terminal 5

This May will see the launch of Heathrow’s most exclusive advertising opportunity yet, offering premium brands a unique chance to immerse, engage and influence the world’s elite.

Located throughout the exclusive passenger route in Terminal 5 to the British Airways First Class Lounge, The T5 Gold Channel offers the unparalleled opportunity to showcase a brand’s proposition in a sumptuous, relaxed and private environment.

The Gold Channel is comprised of two digital opportunities:

UK: Posterscope MD, Glen Wilson shares his view on how DOOH provides a canvas for creativity

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Germany: AdCity Germany: Havas Group Launches Data-driven Out of Home Solution

Following its successful establishment on the French market in 2015, Adcity, a proprietary brand of Havas Group has now been launched globally. In recent months more than 25 subsidiaries with 300 experts have been opened. The launch for the German market is scheduled for April 1st. Adcity specializes in the usage of Out-Of-Home media (OOH) and local cross-media communications.

By developing local and multi-local solutions for customers, Adcity offers a 360° geolocation solution from a single source. Customers with specific local marketing needs can now rely on a networked planning by Adcity. The following three content elements are made by Adcity:

• Data & Technology: Exclusive, proprietary data and technology platform Adcity Solution combines data and media to allow an efficient profile-based modulation. It integrates sociodemographic, behavioral, mobility and media data.

• Interactive Experiences: OOH has evolved as a mass medium. New technologies, such as NFC or Mobile Image Recognition, have transformed OOH into a truly interactive medium, offering fully engaging, one-to-one communication experiences for consumers. Adcity combines the best available solutions in this area for Havas Group clients.

• Multi-Device Amplification: By utilizing synergies and a know-how-transfer within Havas Group, extensive cross-media solutions can be created. These provide the best link of media coverage and consumer activation.

For Steffen Ansorge, Head of the German planning unit, Adcity will focus primarily on an improved management of campaigns using cross-media and profile-based data: ‘We are building upon our unique technology, Adcity Solution. It enables us to combine our know-how about the target group as well as individual customer messages with the reach of a mass medium such as Out-Of-Home. The close cooperation with our local digital specialists from Socialyse (Social Media Communications), Mobext (Mobile Marketing) and Ecselis (Performance Marketing) is a clear USP against other agencies on the market. In the face of the rapid development of programmatic advertising, Adcity will utilize these unique links. In 2017, hyperlocal planning over all media channels will clearly be the focus of our work.’

Jan Tran, Head of Mobext Germany adds: ‘Together, Mobext and Adcity can link “mOOHbile” campaigns intelligently and offer extensive activation potential for advertisers as well as added value in approaching target groups. The combined use of media offers a high potential for involvement with consumers.’

Matthieu Habra, Head of Global Network, Adcity explains: “We are very proud to open Adcity in Germany, a very important market for Havas Group. After France (2015), APAC (July 2016) and Spain (September 2016), this step enhances our global expansion in Europe. We are now able to provide clients with a new data-driven, audience planning approach with a real capability to lead local or worldwide OOH strategies.”

Switzerland: Swiss Poster Award 2016: The main prize for the Poster of the Year goes to the emotionally charged campaign “Animals as rubbish”

The winners of the Swiss Poster Award 2016 have been chosen. They were presented at the APG|SGA Poster Night in Zurich on 9 March 2017. From over 340 creations entered, 14 walked away with one of the gold, silver or bronze trophies. The title of “Poster of the Year” was awarded to Stiftung für das Tier im Recht with its outstanding campaign “Animals as rubbish”.

This year’s “Poster of the Year” award goes to an emotional poster campaign from the Ruf Lanz advertising agency. Animals are often thrown away like rubbish by their owners. This tragic reality in many households is depicted on the outstandingly designed posters by Stiftung Tier im Recht to raise awareness of cruelty to animals.

“The “Animals as rubbish” series makes injustice visible, triggers emotions, appeals to our conscience, and spurs us to take action,” said jury president Christian Brändle. That’s why the jury chose the campaign as this year’s winner.

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USA: Should You Be Using Out-of-Home Analytics?

By Kym Frank, President, Geopath

With the proliferation of geolocation, the OOH industry is in the midst of a data revolution. This new access to insights puts OOH advertising in a position to be one of the most well-measured and reactive channels for marketers. Since 1933, Geopath, (formerly the Traffic Audit Bureau), has provided measurement of Out-of- Home advertising (OOH). The OOH industry made a major investment in data and development this year to harness the power of geolocation data.

In conjunction with Streetlytics, a joint partnership between AirSage and Citilabs, Geopath is rolling out a new methodology called MORE. With the proliferation of geolocation, the OOH industry is in the midst of a data revolution. A medium that was once considered “difficult to measure” now has access to incredibly granular information about who is consuming the content, when, and for how long. This new access to insights puts OOH advertising in a position to be one of the most well-measured and reactive channels for marketers. Utilizing data from mobile phones, GPS devices and connected cars, MORE measures the location of audiences throughout the United States.

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USA: Daktronics Releases Latest Billboard Technology

Daktronics has released the DB-6400, the latest addition to their DB-6000 digital billboard series. This new series pairs the most reliable billboard to date with a host of features that enhance lifetime image quality including Snap auto-blending calibration and a 10-year brightness guarantee.

“We understand that outdoor companies have a number of business drivers, but when it comes to digital billboard technology there are two that highly impact revenue – product reliability and lifetime image quality,” said Collin Huber, Daktronics OOH sales manager.

“Our new DB-6400 makes it easy for display owners to maximize revenue on day one and for the life of their display.” Because display uptime is a critical component to retaining advertisers and generating revenue, Daktronics digital billboard owners can expect unmatched display reliability.

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USA: 50 Years Later, Heinz Approves Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ Ads and Is Actually Running Them

It was a compelling idea, even if the client wasn’t convinced at the time.

Fifty years ago, in the fictional world of Mad Men, Don Draper pitched a daring ad campaign to Heinz execs, for the brand’s ketchup, that proposed not showing the product at all. Instead, the ads would show close-ups of foods that go great with ketchup—french fries, a cheeseburger, a slice of steak—but without any ketchup in sight.

Don’s proposed tagline: “Pass the Heinz.”

The campaign’s “Got Milk?”-like strategy of creating a craving for a product through its absence was apparently too far ahead of its time. Don didn’t get the account. (Nor, for that matter, did Peggy Olson, who, pitching for a competing agency, presented a much more product-centric campaign right after Don.)

But now, in 2017, the time for “Pass the Heinz” has come.

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USA: Polaris and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas Launch Anti-Human Trafficking Digital Billboard Campaign Across Chicago

Four Week Campaign Will Run On Over 20 Digital Billboards in Chicago and Chicago O’Hare International Airport to Alert Human Trafficking Victims How to Reach Out for Help

Polaris and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas together with Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, today launched a four week anti-human trafficking awareness campaign to run on over 20 digital billboards across the city of Chicago and throughout Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

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Australia: Heineken taps Bachelor contestant for interactive F1 billboard stunt

Heineken has released its first campaign for Formula 1 since partnering with the auto race featuring an live and interactive billboards, the first of their kind in Australia.

Heineken has launched an interactive outdoor campaign to kick off its partnership with Formula 1. Working with JCDecaux and Momentum, the out-of-home (OOH) campaign will see several interactive billboards placed in high footfall CBD locations throughout Australia.

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Australia: ACCC postpones APN oOh! decision

The ACCC has rescheduled the announcement for its decision on the proposed oOh! Media and APN Outdoor merger to May 4, originally scheduled for March 16.

On the new date it will either give the go ahead or release a statement of issues. The ACCC says it has extended the date to enable further information to be provided to and considered by the commission in assessing the merger. As a result, the companies have agreed to an extension of the scheme timetable under the Scheme Implementation Deed and oOh! now expects to dispatch its scheme booklet to shareholders in late May, with a vote on the merger to be held in late June, and implementation in July.

The media giants will form a $1.6bn company if successful. oOh! Media has a network of 5,000 digital signs and an interactive network of 6,500 signs with QR codes or near field communication capabilities. APN claims it is the largest supplier of billboards in Australia’s most affluent areas.

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South Africa: prOOH: Buying out of home, programmatically

It is too early to tell whether programmatic as a way of buying will take over completely, but we can be sure that it will represent a part of the way OOH is bought in the future. Programmatic buying is often described as the future of online advertising and debate is raging around whether it is the future of all media buying, OOH included.

It is growing massively and, globally, the big media groups are buying up as much programmatic capability as they can get their hands on. It is too early to tell whether programmatic as a way of buying will take over completely, but we can be sure that it will represent a part of the way OOH is bought in the future (in fact, there have already been some programmatic OOH purchases in other markets). So at the very least we should all have an idea of what it is and maybe give some thought as to how OOH locally might participate or even compete.

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India: Times OOH Wins Gold at the Digital Signage Awards 2017

Times OOH has won Gold for its digital out of home advertising project (at T2 domestic, phase-2) Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, in the “Transport & Travel” Sector at the Digital Signage Awards 2017.

Based in UK, the Digital Signage Awards (commonly known as DOOHDAS), recognise the world's most exceptional digital screen media projects, innovations, content, creativity and technology. Entries were invited from across the world and participants were being judged by industry experts on creativity and the usage of technology. Times OOH operates one of India’s largest network of digital screens at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Terminal 2, in Mumbai.

This includes 350 HD screens & 4 video walls. Along with Times OOH, joining the elite rank of winners are RMG Networks, JC Decaux Paris Airports, Esprit Digital, Cineplex Digital Media, Pixel Inspiration, ONELAN, AddReality and UTG Digital Media, who each won a category award. In addition, Sharp Electronics Corporation secured a win for overall achievement as a manufacturer.

“We continuously strive to be ahead of the technological curve and to always offer the best and in-trend DOOH options to our esteemed clients. In this regard, the digital screen network at Mumbai Airport is truly world class. It is indeed a moment of pride for us to have been awarded this prestigious honor on a global scale”, stated - Mr. Arghya Chakravarty, CEO, Times OOH.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Tramways hands ad contract to Cody

Cody outdoor international (Hong Kong) has secured a big win over tram shelters advertising concession, and will be representing Hong Kong Tramways on all advertising bookings for a five-year period starting 1 May, 2017.

This means the tram company is going to end its long-standing partnership with its former exclusive media contracting agency of tram shelters POAD since 2004.

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