FEPE OOH News 21st June 2018

FEPE OOH News 21st June 2018



FEPE Sorrento: Kym Frank — Framing The Future — Investing In OOH Measurement


Singing the Same Tune

By Kym Frank, Geopath President

When the subject of any discussion is Italy, thoughts typically turn to enchanting vistas, exquisite wines and delicious food. This year, it was also the host of the annual FEPE International Congress, an event that brings together OOH professionals from around the world to network, compare notes and learn from one another for the betterment of the global OOH industry.

The 59th version of the Congress, dubbed “Framing Our Future,” was held earlier this month in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. For those not entirely familiar with it, the FEPE International Congress is a perfect mix of international exhibitors, compelling content, well-deserved award recognition and constructive networking among people from around the world who work in and simply love the OOH industry. This year’s Congress hosted 405 delegates representing 40 countries across the globe – a record attendance for the organization’s annual event.

I had the privilege of hosting the inaugural meeting for the Global Research Leads – a new group representing measurement organizations similar to Geopath across 10 different countries. With the goal of inspiring greater cross-border collaboration, we initiated discussions on a variety of topics.

The meeting kicked off with an update on the status of measurement in each of our regions, including data types we are utilizing, formats we are measuring, and whether or not we are integrating visibility adjustments into our metrics. (All but one of the countries represented is currently using some form of visibility adjustment.)

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UK: BT Begin Deploying 12 Ultrafast WiFi InLinkUK Kiosks in Glasgow

After deploying in London and Leeds, BT has today announced the first roll-out of 12 InLinkUK smart kiosks in Glasgow (Scotland), which claim to offer “ultrafast” 1Gbps capable free public WiFi, free UK phone calls, USB device charging and a range of other digital services to help people in the vicinity.

The first kiosk went live on Buchanan Street and others will soon follow around the city centre. Overall a total of 150 kiosks have now been rolled out to parts of London, Leeds and Glasgow. The InLinkUK kiosks reflect a partnership between BT, Intersection (LinkNYC) and advertising company Primesight.

The plan is that they will eventually replace over 1,000 pay phones in major cities across the UK. Funding for the kiosks is extracted via revenues from advertising on the large 55″ HD digital displays.

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Sweden: Stockholm Bans Sexist Outdoor Advertising

Earlier this week, the Stockholm City Council enacted a ban on sexist outdoor advertising.

The law prohibits outdoor advertising that:

  • Presents women or men as simply sex objects;
  • Shows a stereotypical image of gender roles; or
  • In any other demeaning fashion is obviously sexually discriminatory.

If an advertiser violates the law, it can be forced to remove the advertising. The law does not cover transit ads, however, which are not under the city's jurisdiction.

The law takes effect in about three weeks.

UK: ADI Celebrate 30th Shopping Centre Installation

ADI are celebrating their 30th screen installation in the shopping centre market with the launch of a new high-resolution display at the White Rose Centre in Leeds. Positioned close to anchor tenants including Debenhams and H&M, the screen is the latest digital site to join JC Decaux’s M-Vision network.

Specialists in Custom LED Solutions In the last 5 years ADI have custom-designed and manufactured a range of innovative LED installations across some of the UK’s best-known retail destinations including intu Lakeside, Highcross Leicester and Bluewater – totalling over 900 sqm of LED.

In addition to the screen at the White Rose Centre, ADI have recently created bespoke solutions for Westgate Oxford, Princes Quay Hull and intu Braehead.

From large-format DOOH displays to vast digital sculptures that interact with the general public, ADI’s in-house teams help retail clients devise the perfect solution for their venue and achieve commercial and experiential ambitions.

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UK: Out-of-home marketing trends: Media buyers ‘undervaluing ad spots’

The most effective out-of-home (OOH) advertising spots often aren’t found in the most obvious locations, according to new research. Media owners are undervaluing their inventory when it’s mapped against particular verticals. Similarly, media buyers could be opting for premium sites when their investment would deliver significantly better results at spots unlikely even to be on their radar.

Analysis conducted by real world market research specialist Huq found that, for example, the best billboard space in London for reaching ‘culture vultures’ isn’t in a high-profile West End location, it’s actually in Whitechapel, near the Jack the Ripper museum. Similarly, the most effective site for health and fitness brands to advertise can be found near East Croydon train station. Huq measures day-to-day offline behaviours in a comparable way to using online measurement.

For this study it identified Londoners that have exhibited demonstrable interest in particular verticals – in this case mapping 10,000 arts and culture enthusiasts and 10,000 and health and fitness fans. These audiences’ anonymised geo-behavioural data for three months was then overlaid on a map to pinpoint which OOH sites offer the best-value to these market segments by balancing visibility and size with pricing to create an effectiveness index.

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UK: Why you should re-evaluate your marketing in the GDPR age

The arrival of GDPR has led to a number of businesses re-evaluating their approach to marketing and there is an argument that you should probably do the same.

The reason – GDPR requires organisations to provide stringent opt-ins from consumers and the “right to explanation” on how their data is and has been used. Craig Mytton, Chief Revenue Officer at Bitposter explains that as a result, this could significantly hamper those who carry out digital marketing activity, from email to online advertising, because GDPR means that some of the data which has been used to run these campaigns will no longer be available.

So which alternative media routes should businesses be considering for their marketing campaigns in the GDPR age?

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USA: Reflections on the FEPE Congress from Global OOH Leaders

The FEPE International Congress, this year themed “Framing Our Future,” was held this month in Sorrento, Italy and was the biggest yet, with more than 400 attendees from 40 different countries. The US was well-represented by OAAA Board member Jeremy Male, who also sits on the FEPE Board of Directors, OUTFRONT Media’s Andy Sribus, and Peter J. Solomon’s Mark Boidman, among others.

Broadsign’s Stephanie Gutnik was also in attendance and earned FEPE’s Rising Star Award, alongside Tess Phillips of Australia’s Outdoor Media Association (OMA). What follows are insights taken from the Congress by three global OOH leaders: Mark Flys, FEPE; Kym Frank, Geopath; and Charmaine Moldrich, Outdoor Media Association (OMA), all of whom were in attendance.

Mark Flys, General Secretary, FEPE

Two main themes emerged: early in proceedings FEPE President Tom Goddard of Ocean Outdoor and former Posterscope Global President Annie Rickard both emphasized the need for collaboration ahead of competition, the need for the industry to find a way of combining the various digital platforms, and to offer advertisers a seamless way to reach a global audience. “Whilst the fundamentals are strong, OOH must do more as a collective to influence positive change,” said Goddard.

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USA: Nicklin’s insights from 450 ad agency visits

Steve Nicklin, the OAAA’s VP-Marketing, has visited over 450 ad agencies and met with over 2,000 media planners since 2013 to advocate for the out of home (OOH) business.

Insider asked Nicklin to talk about OOH and offer insights about today’s agencies.

What are the questions you get asked by agencies about OOH?

The range of questions is broad, but it’s our OOH research that invokes the most dialogue because agencies are focused on effectiveness and results. We’ve never had better proof points on the value of OOH, so their engagement with the research is a strategic win for the industry. Recently I’ve been mentioning our forthcoming research on attribution (to be released later this year), and the reception is very positive.

What does the OOH business need to better communicate to agencies to get a bigger share of ad spend?

OOH’s ability to maximize any agency media investment. Today, most competitive ad channels struggle to deliver massive reach, but OOH still delivers it and can ignite the impact of all other media. Particularly with digital media, OOH truly is an amplifier, such as our ability to increase the ROI of search by 40 percent. Plus, our recent Benchmarketing media mix optimization study revealed how OOH should be increased across the board to maximize overall media plans.

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USA: Media Case Study Analysis Reaffirms Power of OOH

In a new strategy report using insights from award-winning media case studies, OOH was found to be a lead media channel.

Of the campaigns that won the 2017 WARC Media Awards, OOH was used more as a lead media channel than any other medium except TV. OOH tied with social media, both more popular than mobile, online display, and video. A focus on emotion and storytelling were two of the top three creative strategies used by brands in many of the winning campaigns.

Recent research by Ebiquity shows how more established media such as OOH and TV are the most effective at triggering an emotional response, with paid social media, online display, and online video less effective. “Emotion and storytelling are prime reasons brands use OOH as part of the media mix,” said Stephen Fretias, OAAA’s chief marketing officer. “OOH is creatively impactful through the use of big, bold storytelling.”

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Australia: JCDecaux submits indicative and non-binding proposal to acquire 100% of APN Outdoor Group Limited

JCDecaux SA announces that it has submitted an indicative and non-binding proposal to acquire 100% of APN Outdoor Group Limited share capital based on its current business assets, via a scheme of arrangement, for A$6.52 per share in cash representing a premium of 30.0% over the 6 months VWAP and corresponding to approximately A$1.1 billion / €0.7 billion (the Proposal).

Australia is the 7th largest advertising market worldwide, with a growing share of out-of-home advertising having now reached 6% of advertising spend, of which almost 50% is digital.

APN Outdoor Group Limited is a leading out-of-home media company in Australia that primarily operates in the large format billboard segment, as well as in the transit, rail and airport segments.

APN Outdoor would be complementary to JCDecaux's existing out-of-home media assets in Australia, which are primarily in the street furniture segment. JCDecaux is one of the leading street furniture players in the Australian market, having recently won the advertising rights for Yarra Trams in Melbourne and Telstra under long-term contracts.

JCDecaux entered the Australian market with the street furniture contract of Sydney before the Olympic Games in 2000 and since then has been developing a strong outdoor advertising franchise in Australia on an organic basis. Today, JCDecaux has a large portfolio of premium assets in Australia's largest metropolitan areas that would significantly enhance APN Outdoor's existing network.

The Proposal is subject to due diligence, applicable regulatory approvals (e.g. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Foreign Investment Review Board) and other customary conditions. The Proposal is also conditional on entry into a definitive scheme implementation agreement between JCDecaux and APN Outdoor, under which APN Outdoor would put to its shareholders the contemplated scheme to implement the Proposal. It is not intended to constitute, and does not constitute, a proposal to make a takeover bid for the purposes of section 631 of the Corporations Act.

At this early stage, no agreement has been reached between the parties, and there is no certainty that the Proposal will result in any transaction.

Goldman Sachs is acting as JCDecaux's financial advisor in relation to the Proposal.

Australia: Zenith: Mobile Ad Spend To Exceed 30% By 2020

Mobile advertising will account for 30.5 per cent of global advertising expenditure in 2020, up from 19.2 per cent in 2017, according to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.

Expenditure on mobile advertising will total US$187bn in 2020, more than twice the US$88bn spent on desktop advertising, and just US$5bn behind the US$192bn spent on television advertising.

At the current rate of growth mobile advertising will comfortably overtake television in 2021. As internet users switch from desktop to mobile devices – and new users go straight to mobile – online advertising is making the same switch.

Advertising on mobile devices is rising at a meteoric rate, and is taking market share from all most other media.

Mobile ad spend grew 35 per cent in 2017, and we expect it to grow at an average rate of 21 per cent a year to 2020.

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Australia: How does… out of home audience targeting work?

We've asked some of the industry's most knowledgable boffins to break down industry jargon to help you through those confusing meetings and indecipherable conferences. This week, Adshel's Melanie Lindquist explains how out of home audience targeting works.

Audience targeting is now significantly more sophisticated than ever before. The days of tagging a street directory with panel IDs to show advertising locations has evolved into a complex audience-led model, with millions invested in understanding who these audiences are, what they think and how they move.

The technique starts with a base of audience intelligence, a source of consumer information like Roy Morgan data. This base intelligence is not just about where audiences are located, but also matched with hundreds of insights including demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, transactional and behavioural information.

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Australia: APN Outdoor Congratulates Cannes Lions Grand Prix Outdoor Winners

APN Outdoor congratulates the Grand Prix winners in the Outdoor Lions category at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival of Creativity: McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada and Comedy Central.

McDonald’s minimalist campaign, “Follow The Arches”, was created by the Canadian agency Cossette and was described by Outdoor Jury president Chris Garbutt (Global Chief Creative Officer at TBWA), as “pure and iconic”. The campaign was based on the restaurant chain’s logo and directed drivers to follow the curves of the “M” in the arches in whichever direction they need to go, with messages such as “Next Exit”, “On Your Left” and “Just Missed Us”.

Comedy Central’s winning entry was less traditional. Its Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library was a satirical museum experience showcasing Trump’s relationship with Twitter. The free pop-up was created via Pop2Life and situated near Trump Tower in New York. Insights into both Grand Prix winners and comments for Jury members can be found at www.canneslens.com.au, APN Outdoor’s daily look at the ground-breaking moments, award-winning ideas and industry insights from the world’s biggest and most influential advertising festival. (APN Outdoor is the official Australian representative of the Cannes festival.)

APN Outdoor General Manager, Marketing, Charlotte Valente, said: “While it’s disappointing our Australian entrants didn’t take home Gold, Outdoor still enjoyed the highest number of entries, with twice as many entries as any other category. “The campaign from McDonald’s is a fantastic example of less is more.

The brand leveraged its iconic logo to create something that is instantly recognisable yet never revealed the brand in its entirety to provide an informative message. Sometimes breaking the rules to cut through makes sense.”


Nigeria: Turning Trains to Moving Billboards

With the gradual revamp of the rail transportation system in Nigeria, advertisers are beginning to see the platform as another viable way to reach their target audience.

Though with humble beginning traced to 1928, when UAC established what is today known as Lintas, to provide marketing services to the activities of the colonial masters, advertising in Nigeria has since evolved and given birth to various platforms. In the early years, the only viable platform was the outdoor, followed by print and television commercials.

Few years ago, bus branding crept in and got instant acceptability. With the revolution of the digital media, the out-of-home sub sector blossomed with many agencies introducing digital platforms and LCD, which has today become a major innovative platform for brands that want to remain relevant. However, between 2011 and 2015, the regime of former President Goodluck Jonathan began to invest in rail system as a solution to perennial transportation challenges facing the country.

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